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add the farming information to the enemies page and link to it from the Villagers page. also link Rescued locations to walkthrough. Clarify where are the non-chest items in the subareas of dracula's castle for the Villagers page. add a link in the walkthrough page.

alphabetic order in shrine's main page

to do: enemies that leave glyphs behind, locations blue chests, golden chests are for relics

tips: start/stylus for convos, delete from albus. add albus you can get from bosh russ (but does acerbatus stay, or removed just because of new game +?? (nope)

add category

walkthrough one for all? blue chests where? in tips? round up?

walkthrough also link the glyphs page (explain use), the villagers at some place and the tips

ecclesia blue chest and break + rpgc thread stuff

Glyph Unions

swipe through every page and interconnect it with relevant links.


a secrets page with the blue chests & broken walls (maps)?

add the advanced tricks (use items) in the large cavern section, in the dracula castle boss entry and in bosses/walkthroughs

missing pages

cluttered pages