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Unlock Idea: Beat the game once with any character. Idea can be used in a New Game. Note that Idea will start by herself in the Prologue without allies.
Unlock EX Dungeons 2-4: Beat the game with any character (Note: Can only be used with Clear data.)
Unlock Expert Mode: Beat the game on Normal with a character. (Note: Can only be done with Clear data.) Elemental Resists are lowered by 30%, and equipment and enemies are stronger than before.
Unlock Master Mode: Beat the game on Expert with a character. (Note: Can only be done with Clear data.) Elemental Resists are lowered even more by 60%, and equipment and enemies are much stronger than before.
Unlock Alternate Character Colors: Beat the game on Normal with a character. (Note: Can only be used with Clear data.) Lets you choose from 10 different color schemes for your character.

Image:ModeSelect.PNG Image:IdeaSelect.PNG Image:ColorSelect.PNG

Extra Characters?

Dissatisfied with the regular cast? Want to play as your favorite bad guy? It's possible! Check out for details. It mostly involves model swapping the regular characters with different model sets. You can play as the majority of the humanoid characters (sorry, you can't be a monster).

Image:SB_Model.png Image:SB_Model2.png Image:SB_Model3.png

Optional Bosses

The following are optional bosses located in the main game. It's not necessary to fight them, but you will be rewarded with lots of EXP, and some very good items if you manage to defeat them. They're all Epic monsters (they're also the ONLY Epic monsters), and are MUCH stronger than the normal enemies/bosses. They all also have Protect on, so it'll be difficult to do much damage at first. Interestingly enough, three of the five Epic bosses drop unique weapons, all Dual-type weapons. (Diragiel isn't considered an Epic boss.)

Regned Saber Soul

Location: Act 3
Weak vs. Light, Fire, Wind
Possible Drop: Cross Edge (Dual)


The first Epic boss you're likely to encounter. He's in the room ahead of where you find the Saint's Blood. (See Quest 3.1) He's mostly melee-focused, and hits pretty hard. If you get Broken, watch out for combo attacks! Also, be careful when fighting him in melee-range, since he might let loose with a Frost Nova (Slow). When he finally gets low on health (and/or goes into Rage), he'll start using the Arcane-level spell, End Of Babel, which has huge range and hits multiple times (along with chances of Petrification). So make sure to run away from him while he's casting. Earth Resistance helps here.

Queen Asia

Location: Act 4
Weak vs. Dark, Fire, Earth

Image:SB_QueenAsia.PNG Image:SB_QueenAsia2.PNG

You'll find Queen Asia on a side path before the Gate leading to the last boss of the Act. There's a Gate nearby where she's located. (2nd to last on the list) She's a dragon, meaning she can be outmaneuvered if slowed down (or you're fast enough). She also loves to spew ice breath and flap up some very damaging gusts of wind. She'll also throw in the occasional Sanctuary spell (continuous Light damage + Stun). Be careful when she gets low on health, as she'll start spamming the Arcane-level spell, Poseidon (Heavy Ice Damage + chance of Freezing) so move! Ice Resistance definitely comes in handy here.

Voljaga Blood Moon

Location: Teve Flame Path, Act 5
Weak vs. Water, Light, Wind
Possible Drop: Needle Edge (Dual)

Image:Vol3.PNG Image:Vol2.PNG Image:Vol1.PNG

From the Teve Gate, head Southwest until you exit from the South. The map you end up in should resemble a cross. Go south and fight off some enemies, and continue down to get some nice spoils. Head back up and Voljaga Blood Moon will appear. He's pretty similar to Regned Saber Soul in that he's primarily offensive with melee attacks. He also likes to use some pretty nasty combo attacks, and if left alone too long, will buff up his attack power. However, he will cast a spell every now and then when low on health (Meteor Rain mostly), so be careful.

King Wojek

Location: Dominas Waterfall, Act 6
Weak vs. Dark, Water, Earth

Image:SB_KingWojek1.PNG Image:SB_KingWojek2.PNG

See Quest 6.2. Basically, he's another Dragon, however, you don't have much room to fight him in, and it doesn't help that he hits like a truck! Generally, his attacks consist of breathing fire, swooping up wind, some physical attacks, and casting Arcane-level spells. Fire resistance is helpful in this fight. Be very cautious when he goes into Rage, as he'll do way more damage than normal to you, but you can do the same to him, so take advantage of that! Watch out for the Arcane-level spell, Valkyrie (Heavy Wind Dmg, multiple hits), as it'll hit hard and has wide range to boot.

Here's a nice vid of the fight:

Lord Zebel

Location: Mt. Winnipeg, B41F (EX Dungeon 4)
Possible Drop: Blood Hook (Dual)

Image:SB_LordZebel.PNG Image:SB_LordZebel2.PNG Image:SB_LordZebel3.PNG

The final Epic monster! From the B40F Gate, go to the next floor and search the map. (The map is random, but he'll almost always be there.) Like the others, he's a pain to beat, and that Protect doesn't help things. Pretty similar to Voljaga Blood Moon, but loves to attack using Poison and Dark-type attacks, so watch out! Hits hard and has vicious combos, so make sure to heal quickly and maneuver. May occasionally cast a spell and rain meteors on your head, so move quickly. Dark Resistance will help to reduce damage from most of his attacks.


Location: Mt. Winnipeg, Last Floor
Weak vs. Water
Possible Drop: God-Challenger* (Must defeat in Master mode)


While technically not an Epic monster, he's sure as hell strong as one. He even has the massive HP and attack to boot. Like King Wojek and Queen Asia before him, he's a dragon. One that specializes mostly in Dark/Poison attacks. Aside from spewing dark breath and flapping up wind, Diragiel will also go in for physical attacks and cast spells. The most dangerous of which is Bandersnatch (Arcane-Level), which completely stops time for several seconds, allowing Diragiel to get in free attacks! Another dangerous spell he has is able to reflect physical damage. There's not much of an indicator for this move other than a short spell animation. This can be somewhat fatal, since you can almost kill yourself if you hit him (if you're really strong anyhow). This can be a particularly troublesome fight on higher difficulties. On the plus side, Diragiel also drops one of the best accessories in the game, though you must beat him on Master mode to get it.

Here's a good look of what you're up against: