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==Orb List==
==Orb List==
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! Name !! Skill !! Description !! Max. Level !! Cost
! Name !! Skill !! Description !! Max. Level !! Cost

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What are Orbs?

Orbs are special items you can attach to weapons and armor to give them extra bonuses. You can only have one orb per piece of equipment. Most orbs you can buy eventually, but a few are only found in chests. Orbs also have levels. You can combine two similar orbs create a higher level orb, strengthening its abilities. (There are a few exceptions to this.) You can also combine other orbs, but it results in a random orb. Finally, if you want to get an orb off of an item, you'll have to use a Detach Orb. Using this will detach the orb and stick it back in your inventory. To do all of this, talk to the robot Blik in the ship. Orbs can be bought from Nie, to the right of the robot.

Orb List

Name Skill Description Max. Level Cost
ATK Orb ATK Up Raises weapon power. 3 1800
Fire Orb Fire ATK Adds fire damage to your attacks. 3 3000
Water Orb Water ATK Adds water damage to your attacks.
Freeze chance 2% Duration 2s
3 3000
Wind Orb Wind ATK Adds wind damage to your attacks. 3 3000
Earth Orb Earth ATK Adds earth damage to your attacks.
Petrify chance 2% Duration 2s
3 3000
Holy Orb Holy ATK Adds holy damage to your attacks.
Stun chance 4% Duration 1s
3 3000
Dark Orb Dark ATK Adds dark damage to your attacks.
Poison damage boost.
3 3600
DEF Orb DEF Up Raises defense. 3 3600
Red Orb Fire Res Raises fire resistance. 3 2400
Blue Orb Water Res Raises water resistance. 3 2400
Green Orb Wind Res Raises wind resistance. 3 2400
Yellow Orb Earth Res Raises earth resistance. 3 2400
White Orb Light Res Raises light resistance. 3 3000
Black Orb Dark Res Raises dark resistance. 3 3000
Rainbow Orb All Res Raises all resistances. (1% per level) 5 Dropped
STR Orb STR + Raises STR. (+1 per level) 5 1200
MAG Orb MAG + Raises MAG. (+1 per level) 5 1200
VIT Orb VIT + Raises VIT. (+1 per level) 5 1200
SKL Orb SKL + Raises SKL. (+1 per level) 5 1200
Life Orb Max HP + Raises Max HP. (+50 HP per level) 5 1500
Energy Orb Max SP + Raises Max SP. (+50 SP per level) 5 1500
Leech Orb HP Absorb x% Absorb Enemy HP. (+1% per level) 3 Dropped
Drain Orb SP Absorb x% Absorb Enemy SP. (+1% per level) 3 Dropped
Lion Orb AtkSpd Raises ATK speed and shortens cast times.
(+1% per level)
5 Dropped
Agile Orb MovSpd Raises movement speed. 5 Dropped
Gold Orb Gold Up Increases amount of gold obtained from enemies.
(+1% per level)
5 3000
Expert Orb EXP Boost Increase amount of EXP obtained from enemies.
(+1% per level)
5 Dropped
Loot Orb Loot Plus Increases the chances of better quality items
found in chests. (+1% per level)
5 Dropped
Divine Orb Abilities + Raises level of all class abilities. 1 Dropped
Detach Orb Success Rate: 95% Detaches orbs from items. 1 500