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You'll be coming into the menu a lot to change equipment, change stats and abilities, and so on. It's best to get used to it and know the ins and outs of the menu.

Stats and Numbers


Stats play an important part in figuring the statistics for your characters. Every time you level up, you gain 3 AP and 3 CP. CP (Character Points) are used to increase your base stats, which you also edit at the beginning of the game. The max for your primary stats caps at 255.

STR: Strength - Determines physical attack capabilities. The higher your STR, the more your Attack goes up.
MAG: Magic - Determines magical attack capabilities. The higher your MAG, the more your Max SP and Magic Attack increases.
VIT: Vitality - Determines health/defensive capablities. The higher your VIT, the more your Max HP and Defense increases.
SKL: Skill - Determines evasiveness ability and primary attack for Gunners. The higher your skill, the better your Accuracy and Evade. Also helps in Blocking and Guarding.

Secondary Stats

HP: Hit Points. Basically your heath condition. If you run out of HP, you lose some EXP and get sent back to base, leaving behind a tombstone with some EXP you can pick back up. HP goes up every level and is affected by VIT.
SP: Soma Points. SP is needed to use skills and magic. It slowly recovers as you move along. SP also goes up every level and is affected by MAG.

Attack: (ATK) See STR. The higher your Attack, the more damage you do to enemies. Keep in mind you can have different Attack values for each hand.
Defense: (DEF) Gauges your defense. The higher your defense, the less damage you take and less likely to be Broken.
Accuracy: (ACC) Determines Accuracy. Higher accuracy allows you to hit more and not to miss evasive enemies.
Evade: (EVD) Determines Evasiveness. Higher evasion allows enemies to hit you less. Magical attacks can't be evaded though.

Attack Speed: (AtkSpd) Determines Attack Speed. Higher attack speed allows you to attack faster and have less lag time between attacks. Maxes at 170%
Movement Speed: (MovSpd) Allows you to move faster. Maxes at 180%.

Elemental Resistances: Determines resistance against the elements. There's one for each element (Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Light, Dark). Higher resistances allow for better resistance to elemental attacks and associated status effects. Negative resistances (applicable in higher difficulties) means you take more damage from elements and are more susceptible to status effects.

Computer Allies

Luckily, you don't have to do everything by yourself. Shorty into the Prologue, you're given two computer controlled allies to help you fight off enemies, heal you, or buff. Lucky for you, the AI for your allies is pretty smart, as they'll heal themselves (or you) as needed, and back off if they take too much damage. If you manage to go too far out of their range, they'll teleport right next to you. You can change your allies by talking to Myrtle. Each of your teammates have different abilities, so choose the ones that best compliment you.

They also "level-up" alongside you. As you obtain higher ranks, your allies get more form abilities, changing their equipment and skills. Obviously, choose the best form for the situation. Contrary to what you may believe, you cannot buy equipment for anyone but yourself. If your allies fall in battle though, head back to Myrtle and you'll have to pay a little cash to revive them.

Break System

Break is very important in dealing damage to powerful enemies. While under Break, the target can't move and takes heavily increased damage. Whenever anything (even you) takes damage, you receive Break damage. As the damage racks up, a "!" sign appears. When "!!" appears, you're about to go into Break, and when "!!!" appears, a Break happens.

Using Break to Your Advantage

Skillful use of Break can wear down tough enemies and Bosses and deal massive damage. Targets take increased damage, and are unable to move. Juggling the enemy with attacks during Break can deal a LOT of damage if performed correctly. Some abilities have Break Effects that can move the enemy to make it easier to combo them for more damage. The enemy can also be knockbacked into other monsters causing more damage.

Counter and S-Break

When you attack an enemy when it's preparing for an attack, it'll take more Break damage than usual. If you break an enemy using a Counter, you'll perform an S-Break, essentially letting you deal even more damage than a normal Break. Keep in mind this also applies to you as well.

Status Effects

Like in most RPGs, there's status effects. Each status effect is associated with an element, and the chance that they will be caused by an attack depends on the target's resistance to that element. So if you're suffering from status effects from monsters, raise your resistances.


Everybody likes treasure chests! Occasionally, you might find a chest in the open, or an enemy might leave one behind after being defeated. There are several types of chests that hold different types of items.

Bag: A small bag. Usually contains money and consumables.
Brown: A brown chest. Contains money, items, and up to Magic (Blue) equipment.
Silver: A silver chest. Contains money, items, and up to Legendary (Yellow) equipment.
Gold: A gold chest. The best chest! Contains money, items, and up to Green and Red level equipment.


The best part of the game! Now you can play co-op with your friends using Wireless Play (not Wi-Fi!!!). From the start screen, choose Multiplayer and you'll be brought to the DS Wireless Play screen. From here, you have the option of creating a group or joining a friend's group. To make things even better, you can also advance your story progress in this mode (assuming you're not ahead of the leader in the story).

There are a few differences in Multiplayer than the regular game.

Basically, the more players there are, the stronger the monsters will get, but you'll get more items as a result. Also, as long as you're on the same map as an ally, you'll get EXP for monsters they kill (and vice-versa). However, if your ally's level is too high, you won't get as much EXP (aka EXP Correction). Players can also share Soma Gates and use them to travel without them disappearing (good for getting allies together quickly). Allies can also be located when you select the Map option from the Main Menu.

You can also trade items with other players by talking to Myrtle and selecting the Trade option to view the Trading Boxes. Deposit the items to trade in your box, and then collect any items you want to receive from your partner's box to complete the exchange.