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There's a wide variety of enemies, so it helps to know how to deal with them effectively.



Enemies have different ranks, with higher ranks being much stronger. Higher ranked enemies are more likely to drop better items.


Visitors are parasites that take control of other monsters. These monsters are strengthened and become more difficult than usual. Monsters that have been "possessed" have a "V" icon below their HP gauges.

Elemental Weakness

Every enemy has a particular elemental vulnerability. Attacking a enemy with its weak element will deal more damage and make it easier to inflict status effects. If you hit an enemy with an ability that attacks using this weak element, a "WEAK!" sign will appear at the bottom right of the enemy's HP gauge.

Monster Summoning

There are some monsters that have the ability to summon other monsters. If monsters seem to keep appearing after you defeat them, there's probably a summoner-type enemy nearby. In most cases, this is a stationary, non-attacking enemy.

Defeating this summoner will keep more monsters from being summoned. Also, there's a maximum limit as to how many monsters can be summoned, so you can eventually stop the summoning by defeating them all.


Most monsters won't respawn if you kill them, so if you clear a map of enemies, it stays like that. The only way for enemies to respawn is to switch acts, or reset the game. However, not all enemies will respawn. The enemies affected by this are usually story bosses, and won't respawn. But, some bosses may come back as "ghosts". These "ghosts" are the same as the real enemy (drops included), but are gray-colored and have no special boss music.


When a enemy loses HP, it may turn red and go into Rage status. This gives the enemy:


This essentially makes them much more powerful, but able to take more damage from attacks. Be very careful around enemies in Rage status, as they can deal major damage, but you can take advantage of this and deal more damage to them. However, bosses can overpower you very quickly in this state. In that case, run!


Some of the more powerful monsters in the game protect themselves from damage using a barrier known as Protect. This comes in two types:

Image:SB_KingWojek1.PNG Example of a Protect barrier when hit

Enemies with Protect show crystal-like objects when hit, and makes a sort of "deflected" sound. The only way to get rid of these barriers is to perform a full Break. This won't occur until the enemy has lost around 1/4 to 1/3 of its HP (assuming you keep up constant damage), so use your strongest attacks!

Legend Monster List

Legend Monsters are pretty much rare monsters. They're usually a lot stronger than the normal monsters, and may drop nice goodies. Some even have specific armor/weapon drops. But, they are unique and can only be found in specific areas. You'll know when you encounter one of these, since the music will change.

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