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A major thanks goes out to Darth Nemesis who created the inserter and translated a good portion of the game into English. And a major thank you to the many people at who helped out on the translation project.

GameFAQs - Helped get me into figuring out enemy weapon drops. - For helping me finish up a majority of the weapons and armor values, which I thought was gonna take forever. Also got a few unique drop locations out of it too. Definitely has lots of info, even if it's all in Japanese. Worth taking a look.

Ancient Weapon Drops: Many thanks go out to vanill4, Chaos_Missile, Neko_Serreah, Allthingsanime, Kelthanas, frickenmoron, Taption, and Darth Nemesis for helping find the info of the majority of these weapons. It would've been a very hard task to get info for that list without them.