SaGa Frontier/White Rose

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White Rose
Race Mystics
Gender Female

Emelia T260 Riki Blue Asellus Red Lute


Common recruitment method

There is no common method of recruiting White Rose.

Special recruitment methods


During your first visit to Trinity Base, you will see White Rose and Asellus as you leave Yaruto's harem. Talk to them, and a short battle will ensue. After the fight, White Rose (and Asellus) will join you.


White Rose will inevitably join your group upon your escape from Facinaturu. Spoilers!!!! However, she will leave the group permanently after the Labyrinth of Darkness.


During the event where pirates of hijacked the Cygnus, you can find White Rose and Asellus in one of the passenger rooms. Here, talk to White Rose, and she (and Asellus) will join you; however, they will leave the party permanently at the end of the event.

Character Analysis

By Skankin' Garbage: It's a real shame that you can only take her to the end of one scenario, cos White Rose is really excellent. Her overall stats are somewhat in the mid-range, but she has really good base stats in the three most important Mystic stats (INT, WIL, VIT). This makes her an overall easy character to use, and an ideal Mystic to use for getting the hang out what makes Mystics tick.

The only real problem with White Rose is that she's scarce. The only scenario where you can take her to the final boss is Emelia's, and even then, you don't get her until near the end. Granted, Emelia's scenario is easy enough that she probably won't be that far behind, but it's the principal of the thing!

Due to White Rose's balanced nature, you can pretty much do anything. The most typical end builds for a Mystic are Genbu/Suzaku/Suzaku (Balanced fighter/mage), or Snowfolk x3 (Hyper mage tank). Either of those will make for a deadly White Rose, because her balanced stat allows her to pull of either of them effectively.