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DSC is the ultimate Fist tech. Acquiring DSC is deceptively easy, but can take a little while to get. All you need to do to acquire DSC is to learn and equip the four following Fist techs:

- Sliding - BabelCrumble - Suplex - GiantSwing

After getting all of these, the tech 'DSC' will appear at the bottom of your list of Fist techs in battle. It costs 18 WP to use, but it's ever so worth it. DSC is a combination of the above four techs in sequence, along with a final air suplex tag-on at the end. Sometimes, DSC will not finish; it can end as early as after the first two hits; however, it will do substantial damage as long as it lands 4/5 hits. If you land all five hits, you can expect to deal damage in the ballpark of 20,000 HP! Are you convinced it's a good idea to get this yet? Good; now, go.

Extra money in Riki's scenario

After completing the Healer Ring quest, the rich man who hired you will give you 500 credits. Well, you can keep coming back and asking for money from him, for a total of 2500 credits!

Junk Shop Glitch

Function: Allow you to get infinite items from the Junk Shop in Scrap.

In the region Scrap, there is a shop that lets you choose three items at random from a variety of boxes containing weapons or armor. The big trouble with this shop is that the money you need to pay goes up over time, and you have a high chance of getting a bad item from the boxes. Well, there is a glitch that allows you to circumvent both of these problems. Here's how to do it:

1. Pay the money necessary to go into the back and look through the boxes. 2. Now, talk to the clerk again, and choose "Selling" 3. Move the cursor down to the item HyperionBazooka, and try to select it seven times.

Now, you will be able to grab seven items out of the boxes, instead of just three. As soon as you have used all seven of your selections, go back to the clerk again and repeat steps 2 and 3. You should be able to go back in and grab more items out of the boxes. You can do this an infinite amount of times until you leave the shop. If you leave, you'll have to repeat all three steps.

This glitch has a few more convenient bonuses:

1. With anyone besides T260, you have the chance of grabbing a RepairKit at random from any box. You can sell these back to the clerk for 20 Credits apiece. If you do this trick early enough, it will be easy to gain back all the money you spent.

2. If you go to the Junk Shop often enough, you might notice that the weapons and armor you get from the boxes become better over time. This is affected by the amount of credits you currently have. As such, if you sit there for a long time gathering RepairKits to sell, you can get the best equipment available at the shop on your first visit. This is pretty remarkable, as you can get stuff that's way stronger than what you should have at your disposal very early in the game.

3. When the equipment in the Junk Shop has upgraded to the strongest available, you can get Osc-Swords, which can be sold for 110 Credits apiece in Shrike, allowing you to easily get enough money to use the Infinite Money Trick (see below for more information).

The ethics of this glitch

Of all the glitches in SaGa Frontier, this one is by far the most game-breaking. Even the characters who can't immediately access Scrap can exploit this glitch heavily, being able to get an infinite amount of CyberSuits, Osc-Swords, ExcelShields(!), and LethalGuns(!!) for about 300 Credits, way before any truly hard boss in any scenario. Also, you can gather up enough Osc-Swords to use a trick that will earn you an infinite amount of money, allowing you to get EVEN better stuff almost immediately. I'll be the first to admit that SaGa Frontier has an unforgiving learning curve, but to be able to do something like this is nuts.

That being said, yes, I use the glitch. I will usually use the glitch early in the game to get decent equipment, and come back later to get the better equipment. I never stay there until the equipment levels up, and I never use it to horde up Osc-Swords to sell. How you use this glitch, however, is up to you.

Gold Ingot Trick

Function: An easy exploit that allows you to get all the money you'll ever need.

(Note: This isn't absolutely infinite; you have to have a certain amount of money to execute this trick, and it only yields a certain amount of money. You have to redo the trick after you run out of money.)

Ever look at the prices of things in the shops and go "Yeah, I'll be able to buy MAYBE one of these things throughout the game"? Well, now you can buy as many as you like. All you need to do to use this little trick is to accumulate 12500 credits (Note: You can do this with 10000 Credits, but it's a hell of a lot slower). So, here's what you do:

1. Go to Nelson. 2. Buy as many GoldIngots as you can from the shop (25 if you have 12500 credits; 20 if you have 10000) 3. Head back to Koorong, and enter the Gold Exchange shop; choose 'Sell Gold' 4. When you can move the quantity up and down with the D-Pad, move the quantity all the way down, then all the way up; then, move the cursor down until you have 13 Gold Ingots (if you did it right, the indicated price should read 520 Credits)

Do you see what's happening here? If you pay close attention, you'll see that you're actually RAISING the selling price of your gold by doing this. So, repeat steps 1-4 a few times(3 times if you started with 12500 Credits; 6 times if you started with 10000). You'll know you're on your last rep when you purchase over 51 GoldIngots at Nelson.

So, here's what you do when you go back to the Gold Exchange this time: move the quantity down to 0, then move the quantity up to 51 (the exchange should read 2040 credits). Now, move back to 13 quantity (should read 520 credits). You should now have about 49000 credits!

The thing to know about this trick, though, is that your money will, of course, run out. You can repeat this trick, however, by repeating steps 1-4 as soon as you have only 9000 credits remaining. Do this as many times as you want, to buy as much stuff as you want.

Is this a glitch?

Personally, I don't consider this a glitch. There's no way to tell if what happens in the Gold Exchange shop is an error in programming; however, I'll bet that it isn't. You can buy GoldIngots for cheaper in Nelson, so why would the shop in Koorong exist, if not to try and barter? Personally, I think this was an exploit that was meant to be found out. As such, I have no inhibitions about using this trick - not glitch.

OverDrive/StasisRune Glitch

Function: Allows your caster to get eight actions per turn

OverDrive. What a cool spell. The only trouble with OverDrive is that you only get to use it once; after using it, you run out of JP. What gives, right? Well, there's a way to get around that, if your Time Magic-user has Rune Magic as well. This trick requires someone who has mastered Time Magic (TimeLord, Blue, Rouge) who has also mastered Rune Magic.

Now, here's how to activate this glitch:

1. Take your Time Magic-user into battle with the Time Magic "OverDrive" and the Rune Magic "StasisRune" spells equipped.

2. Have your caster use OverDrive.

3. During OverDrive, make sure the last spell you cast is StasisRune.

This will enact the OverDrive/Stasis glitch. So, what does this trick do? Well, when your caster comes out of Stasis, they will be more or less stuck in 'OverDrive'; that is, they will get eight actions per turn until the battle ends!

The ethics of this glitch

I don't really like to use this glitch. It's a LOT of hassle to get Rune Magic with the TimeLord, and you'll probably just wanna beat the damn scenario you're playing, anyways. The only instance that sets up the glitch easily for you is playing through Blue's scenario, where you will inevitably get both magics. So, in Blue's scenario, it takes the wind out of the one fight you'll be using it on - the final boss.

That being said, the glitch isn't completely broken. You have to wait until your caster comes out of Stasis, which can take SEVERAL turns, making it 100% impractical to do in a random battle. Furthermore, Stasis chooses an enemy to remain in Stasis along with the caster; however, most bosses do not remain in Stasis - the final boss of Blue's scenario included. Thus, you'll be one man down for several turns while trying to enact this glitch.

Still, I don't really recommend it. It's LOADS of trouble to do in any scenario but Blue's (never mind that you can't do it in T260 or Riki's scenario), but, for all I've defended it, it's pretty much impossible to die when you use this glitch. What's the fun of a game if there's no thrilling feeling that you can lose?

Virgil/DSC Glitch

Function: Allows you to repeat an attack to get combo points in the fight against Virgil (whereas normally, you can not get combo points for the same combo more than once).

If you've ever fought Virgil, you know it's a total pain in the ass. ...Or, maybe you love it. I know some people who enjoyed coming up with a bunch of new combo attacks. Me? Hell no. I hated this fight. Which is why I was thrilled when, at age 13, I found out about this glitch. All you need to do this is a character with the Fists tech "DSC." Fei-On is a really good candidate for this.

The glitch is so simple that it doesn't even require a list, either. When in battle, just use DSC on Virgil. You may have guessed that landing multiple parts of DSC count for combo points, but here's the kicker: DSC can be reused for combo points. That's right, unlike normal combo attacks, you can use DSC over and over again until you get enough points to win the battle. Landing 4/5 hits of DSC will get you two points, and landing all five will get you three points.

The ethics of this glitch

This is a glitch, no doubt about it. However, I have no inhibitions about using it. SaGa Frontier's gameplay possibilities are vast, and thus, there are many ways one can enjoy what it has to offer. Some people really love trying to find super-awesome combination attacks, which makes the fight against Virgil a fun challenge.

I, however, have no patience for finding combo attacks, and I think if I hadn't stumbled across this glitch as a result of desperation, I would have never beat Riki's scenario to this very day. In my opinion, the Virgil boss fight is just a stupid gimmick, so why not fight fire with fire? This glitch allows you to beat a gimmick using a gimmick.

RuneSword/PurpleEye Glitch

Function: Allows your caster to simultaneously hold all store-bought Arcane Magic while having all Rune Magic; or, allows your caster to simultaneously hold all store-bought Realm Magic while having all Mystic Magic.

If you ever think to yourself, "Man, I'd really like to have Grail, while still having SoulRune," or "It sure would be nice to have EnergyChain and MirrorShade with one caster," then this glitch is for you. Personally, I NEVER think that would be cool, but this shrine isn't about me; it's about you!

So, here's how to do these glitches:

1. Acquire the gift for Rune Magic or Mystic Magic.

2. With your character who has the gift for Rune Magic, go to Devin and buy some Arcane Magic spells; for your Mystic Magic-user, go to the Magic Kingdom and buy Realm Magic spells.

Doing this will cause your casters to forfeit all spells of their opposing magic; however, they will RETAIN the gift (i.e Your caster will have Arcane/Realm spells, but will still have the gift for Rune/Mystic Magic). For this reason, you can still technically learn spells for Rune/Mystic Magic, since all you need to learn spells is the gift. All you need now is to have a way to cast a Rune/Mystic spell, so how do you do that?

3. For your Rune Magic user, buy a RuneSword; for your Mystic caster, buy a PurpleEye. Of course, you should also equip them.

4. Now, in battle, use the RuneSword's VictoryRune, or the PurpleEye's PhantasmShot. These abilties are both spells from the Rune/Mystic schools respectively, and thus, you will learn your Rune/Mystic spells while retaining the magic you bought from the opposing schools!

The ethics of this glitch

All things considered, it's a pretty lame glitch. If there was a glitch that allowed you to have Light and Shadow mastered simultaneously or something, that would be rad; however, this glitch allows you to have some of the lesser spells from two good schools of magic, while having all the magic from their opposed, crappy school. There are plenty of people who really like Rune Magic, so if you're one of them, then maybe you'll find this glitch to be useful. I, however, think it's a colossal waste of time.

Recruit Fuse glitch

Function: In Blue's scenario, you can recruit Fuse without completing the Shield Card quest.

Fuse is a cool character, because he's a jack of all trades, and pretty good at everything. There's only one problem: You have to level up to a pretty high level to beat the Shield Card quest, and Fuse will be far behind by then. Now, this doesn't matter in Red's scenario, where you can just find him in Manhattan, but for everyone else, this is a pain in the ass.

...Or is it? In Blue's scenario, you can get around this easily; as soon as you start the Shield Card quest, open the Region Map and leave. You can go back to IRPO and try the Shield Card quest again any time you like. Now, you can use Fuse before he's left in the dust.

The ethics of this glitch

A simple but useful glitch. I hardly consider this game-breaking, and in fact, I think this can make the game more fun if you like to use Fuse. So, don't feel bad about doing it - just do it!

Many CometBlades glitch

Function: Acquire more than one CometBlade.

The CometBlade is the best Katana that can be acquired by all seven characters (to make the distinction: There ARE better Katanas, just not ones that can be gotten by everyone). Strangely enough, the way you acquire it allows you to get multiple ones via this cool glitch. Here's not one, but TWO ways to do it:

Method 1

1. Complete all requirements for getting the CometBlade (Have Gen, be able to access Wakatu, have Gen at 70+ WP)

2. Go get the CometBlade, of course

3. Give the CometBlade to Rouge (recruit him, if you must); then, force Rouge out of the party by traveling to the Magic Kingdom

At this point, you can repeat steps 2 and 3 until Rouge has four CometBlades in his hands, for a total of five CometBlades (four that you gave to Rouge, and then an additional one that you can get afterwards).

If you haven't finished the Shield Card quest, you can also exploit the glitch like this:

Method 2

1. Complete all requirements for getting the CometBlade (Have Gen, be able to access Wakatu, have Gen at 70+ WP)

2. Go get the CometBlade, of course

3. Start the Shield Card quest, and give a CometBlade to Fuse

4. Travel to the top of the mountain, fight Suzaku, and lose on purpose

You will be ejected from the mountain, and Fuse will leave your party. Now, you can repeat steps 2-4 to get four extra CometBlades.

Also, keep in mind that you can use Method 1 and 2 in tandem for a total of NINE CometBlades!

The ethics of this glitch

Personally, I don't really like Katanas in the first place; their normal slash learns different (i.e crappier) techs than the normal sword slash, and you can get stronger normal swords for MUCH less hassle. However, if you absolutely can not live without having good Katanas, you might find this glitch worth the absurd amount of time it takes to do. Have fun.