SaGa Frontier/TimeLord

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Race Mystics
Gender Male

Emelia T260 Riki Blue Asellus Red Lute

Common recruitment method

After completing the Time Magic quest, you will be able to reach TimeLord. When you talk to him, you will receive a prompt to invite him into your party, or refuse to invite him, allowing you to buy select Time Magic spells from him.

It's important to note, however, that you only have one chance to invite TimeLord into your party; if you decline to invite him once, that's it. So, make your choice wisely.

Special recruitment methods

There is no special method of recruiting TimeLord.

Character Analysis

By Skankin' Garbage: There's no denying that TimeLord is the best Mystic in the game. He has the best stats of any Mystic in the game (2nd highest WIL, Highest VIT, good enough INT), and he comes with Time Magic, the most broken magic ever. If you learned Arcane Magic to reach him, you can even go get the gift of Rune Magic in short time to make use of the Overdrive/Stasis glitch. You can build him in any way you want, and he'll kick ass and take names.

...That being said, there's one big reason I never recruit TimeLord: I rarely ever complete the Arcane/Rune Magic quests. And, by the time you do, TimeLord is definitely behind. Now, is it worth the trouble? Absolutely_YES. TimeLord is one of the best characters in the game, and you can recruit him in four of seven scenarios! However, I admit that one of my biases lies in my desire to form a final party very quickly, so I rarely take the time to recruit TimeLord. If you love doing the Magic quests, or if you're new to SaGa Frontier, you really ought to try it just once.

There are plenty of ways to deck out the TimeLord: There's the usual Genbu/Suzaku/Suzaku (balanced), or the Suzaku/Kraken/Suzaku (Kraken's TigerRampage combos into itself; an excellent build if you have multiple Mystics) ways. There's also the Snowfolk x3 (Mage Tank) build.

My personal favorite, however, is ZeroWorm x3, or Suzaku/ZeroWorm/Suzaku. Why? This gives TimeLord 90+ in QUI. The reason this is so useful for TimeLord is because, having the gift of Time Magic, he has the spell 'TimeLeap'. This spell will end ANYONE'S turn - even a final boss - and it NEVER misses. The only downside is that it's a very slow-casting spell; however, that doesn't matter too much if your QUI is 90+, does it? Food for thought.