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About techs: Weapon techs are used by human characters; it is what sets them apart from other races in battle. Sword,

Fist, and Dodge techs are learned by 'sparking' them; in other words, when using a certain attack, your character will

automatically use the new tech during battle as soon as it's learned, taking the place of the attack you chose. Techs that

are sparked will be set in your skill slots automatically, meaning that if you have all eight slots filled, you can't spark a


Gun Techs, like magic spells, are learned after battle; your character will announce that they learned a

spell at the end of their stat-ups. Learned Gun techs come sealed by default; you have to remember to equip them. The upside

to this is that you can always have all skill slots filled and learn a Gun tech (or magic spell).</center>


Sword Techs

Name WP Cost Special
Stun Slash 0 Stun
Double Slash 1 -
Hard Slash 2 -
Swallow Swing 2 Uncounterable
Thrust 2 -
Heaven/Hell 3 Stun
Smash 3 -
Wheel Slash 4 AoE (Cone); Uncounterable
Willow Branch 4 -
Bear Crush 5 -
Gale Slash 5 Uncounterable; Hits all enemies
Headwind 5 -
Dead End 6 Faint
No Moment 7 Uncounterable
Rising Nova 7 -
Still Stream 7 -
Triple Thrust 7 Uncounterable
Turbid Current 7 -
Rosario Impale 8 Effecive against Undead
Haze-To-Wheel 9 Uncounterable; Hits all enemies
Life Sprinkler 10 Uncounterable
Deflect 1 Block ability; Auto-Trigger; Can work on allies
Kasumi 4 Counter-Attack; Auto-Trigger
Godless 5 Command Counter
Cross Slash 2 Two Swords
2 Gale Slash 5 Two Swords
Cross Deflect 1 Command Block
Moonlight Cut 4 Sword Technique
Shadow Counter 4 Sword Technique
Blizzard 6 Sword Technique
Tres Flores 9 Sword Technique

Notes: Sword Techniques require you to use Katanas to learn them. A Katana's description will say "Can use

Sword Technique." Using a normal slash with a Katana will learn you slightly different techs than a normal sword.

'Two Swords' techniques, you will (obviously) need to have two swords equipped both to learn and use them.

Fist Techs

Name WP Cost Special
Kick 0 -
Air Throw 1 Stun
Chop 1 -
Backfist 2 Stun
Rolling Cradle 2 Stun
Sliding 2 Stun; Ineffective vs. Flying enemis
Fist 3 -
Rotation Kick 3 -
Crush Beat 4 -
Scuffle 4 -
Suplex 4 Stun
Babel Crumble 5 Stun
Locomotion G 5 See notes below.
Ogre Run 5 AoE (Line); hits ground enemies only
Giant Swing 6 Faint (See notes below.)
Gold Hand 6 Can lower an enemy's INT
Triangle Kick 7 -
Corkscrew 9 -
Lastshot 9 Faint
Sky Twister 10 -
DSC 18 See notes below.
Sway Back 1 Block ability; Auto-Trigger
KO Throw 2 Counter-attack (See notes below); Auto-Trigger
Dragon Turn 3 Counter-attack (See notes below); Auto-Trigger

Notes: GiantSwing does not actually induce Faint; rather, when using GiantSwing, the user has a probability of throwing

the enemy off the screen entirely, removing it from the fight.

KO Throw can only be learned and used against punch attacks.

Dragon Turn can only be learned and used against kick attacks. </center>

Gun Techs

Name WP Cost Special
Stun Shot 1 Stuns all enemies; Deals no damage
Sharp Shot 2 -
Trick Shot 2 See Notes Below.
Cross Shot 5 Effective vs. Undead
Focus Shot 4 Damage dependent on remaining ammo
Total Shot 4 Hits all enemies
Bound Shot 5 -
Reaction Shot 3 Counter-Attack; Auto-Trigger; Can work on allies
Quick Draw 0 Enables First Strike in battle; Always in effect
Two Guns 0 Increases damage; Two Guns; Always in effect

Notes: Guns like lasers, cannons, blasters, etc. can not be used to learn Gun Techs; only 'normal guns' can be used. To learn Two Guns, you (obviously) need to have two normal guns equipped. Since Gun Techs aren't sparked, the techs you use to learn new ones isn't as important as with Swords and Fists.

Dodge Techs

Dodge DeathGrip
Dodge Drain
Dodge Flash
Dodge Gale
Dodge Gaze
Dodge Needle
Dodge Net
Dodge Powder
Dodge Rock
Dodge Seduction
Dodge Smash
Dodge Tackle
Dodge Tail
Dodge Thunder
Dodge Touch
Dodge Tremor
Dodge Wing

Notes: Due to a programming error, Dodge Gaze can only be learned in reaction to the attack StunGaze. It will, however, dodge all gaze attacks.

All Dodge Techs activate automatically and cost 0 WP.