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Role-playing games in general tend to have a vast array of mechanics to work with, and Saga Frontier is no exception. While much of the work uncovering formulas and the like is still underway, this page will attempt to provide, in a semi-coherent fashion, information about exactly what is known.

Numerical values in this section are presented in hexadecimal format unless otherwise noted.



The majority of extracted data has been a combination of hex editor magic and extensive-esque ingame testing. Minor work has been done with the help of a debugger, such as determining a few of the nuances to battle routines.

In addition to working with files directly off of the disc, such as monster data, a good deal of information has been obtained through the use of emulation and cheat device emulating software.

Basic Information

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Each character is assigned a single-byte value, from Emelia at 00 to RedTurnip at 27. Special cases exist beyond that, such as Alkaiser, Alkarl, Emelia's costumes, and some other Strange characters. (Refer to the above pages for further information)


Like characters, each item obtainable in the game is assigned a one-byte value, including several items which were removed from the English version, but remain functional.


Data in this section was obtained directly from the game files.


The INITDATA files (located in the MTONO folder on the disc) are where character base stats are loaded from. When a player chooses to start a new game after completing at least one (and saving to SaGa_Frontier#System_Data) it may be noted that characters start with different stats, have different skills/items equipped, etc. This is a function of INITDATA.

When you load your system data unto a new game, the initialization data is based off your previous game's Battle Rank (BR) such that:

Any new game without previous system data will result in INIT1 data.

1-3 ending BR loads INIT2 data.

4-6 ending BR loads INIT3 data.

7-9 ending BR loads INIT4 data.

Due to story-related circumstances, both Emelia and Asellus receive penalties to their initial stats in their own scenario.

Each 'block' of character data is equal to 100 (256) bytes, beginning with Emelia's data at address 00, and proceeding in the character byte order. Coherent information ends after block 27, RedTurnip, indicating that there are likely other aspects relating to INITDATA that are presently undiscovered.


The B_MDATA folder contains 258 files--a TOP.ARC and BOTTOM.ARC, whose functions are presently unknown, and 256 entries for monster/enemy data.


Data in this section has been interpreted from RAM viewing.

Field status

Character data in RAM begins at address 10000, and each character is assigned 100 bytes of data. Information on currently known/equipped abilities, equipped items, stats, and much more can be found in this block of data. (Refer to the above page for a more detailed breakdown)

Battle status

A wholly different beast--this block contains unknown data outside of battle, but once an encounter begins it is overwritten with statistics relating to the characters and the enemies they are facing. Each 'block' is 204 bytes long, starting at 1D800. The first five blocks are the player's party. Party slots are relative, meaning, for example, if there is no character in the first slot the next character down will be considered to be in slot one.

Enemy statistics then begin at 1E2C8--the purpose of the five blocks starting at 1E214 is presently unknown.