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T260: An ancient Mec with no memory of it's purpose. It seeks to discover its original mission and execute it.

Skankin' Garbage's analysis: Easy. T260's scenario forces Mecs down your throat. Thankfully, Mecs are absolutely the easiest of all races to build up quickly, and, since this is the only scenario where you can get five Mecs, you can conceivably finish the scenario in about 2-3 hours. On the other hand, if you use non-mec characters, the final boss can be an absolute nightmare. Still, it's nothing you can't handle with the right preparations. Besides one spot in the scenario where you're given no indication of what to do next (Which obviously won't hinder you, since you're using this walkthrough), I think you'll find this to be one of the easier experiences of SaGa Frontier.


1. Only scenario where you can recruit a team of 5 Mecs; doing so will give you a team of killing machines that supercede the need to level up
2. Progression is fairly linear
3. T260 is able to change his body Type after a certain point, allowing for some unreal customization options
4. Never gets BrokenBumpers or Junk from the shop in Scrap
5. Since T260 can't enter the Luminous Labyrinth or Omble, acquiring The Gift for Light and Shadow Magic takes literally two seconds


1. The last boss can be hell on non-Mec characters
2. Can't recruit any Mystics
3. Can't recruit Rouge :(
4. Unable to reach the TimeLord; as a result, no characters can learn Time Magic
5. Preparing the entire party's equipment can take a LOT of money


The babysitting robot of death

After a mostly confusing story sequence (It'll of course clear itself up later), your story begins. The little kid, Thyme, has just found a robot core. He brought it back to his Uncle, Taco, and he remade it out of a bunch of junk.

Anyways, before you know it, you can move. The first thing I'd do is just equip random items. Since Mecs gain stats by their equipped items, the more crap you have on, the better. So just throw your Magic Stone and Cures on him. :P Now, talk to Thyme, and he will officially introrduce himself. You then get to name T260. Sir Taco will ask that you put a G at the end of the name, so I don't think there's much use in trying to rename him. I will not, however, call T260, T260G :P

Whatever, now you can get on with your life. :P Leave the house, and Thyme will follow you around. The only thing you should really do in town, and I'm not even sure if it's necessary, is go up from Thyme's house, and talk to the people around the big green robot of death. A short conversation will ensue, and then you're free to go. There's not much to see in town. The exit is directly to the north of the big green robot of death. :P

Anyways, if you go looking around, Thyme will talk to you about the places a bit, and you can look around for little extra tidbits of information on T260G...nothing to impressively important, though. When you're ready, go to the battle arena, in the lower right.

Thyme tells you he sneaks in here sometimes, to check stuff out. It doesn't look like it's all that impressive though :P Either way, from the reception desk, enter the door to the right. Talk to the guy sitting alone at the table. Thyme apparently knows him (You might know him as Gen, too :P), and Gen convinces Thyme to have T260 fight, since it's a combat model. To sign up for the fights, go into the door to the left of the reception desk, and talk to the slime. Tell him you're a participant, and you'll start the fighting! Woo hoo.

Battle 1: A-Tractor -- This one shouldn't be hard. Just shoot it with the JunkBazooka, then punch it. This'll only be tricky if the JunkBazooka misses. You'll receive a BrokenBumper for winning.

Now, go talk to the Slime again, to receive your prize money, but wait! Don't choose to fight again! Go back to Junk first and talk to Uncle Taco. He'll take the Broken Bumper and fix it into a Bumper! Yay, now it's got 3 Defense instead of 1. Rockin. Now, go back and do the next fight.

Battle 2: FlyMec -- This fight should go exactly the same as the first fight. Just shoot it, then punch it. :P You get Junk for winning.

Now, get your prize money, then take the Junk back to Uncle Taco, and he'll make it into an JunkHelm. Cool indeed. :D Now, go back and do the next fight.

Battle 3: Guncart -- This guy has a bit better defense, and he can also knock you back, minimizing the damage you do with your punch. You'll probably have to punch it 3-5 times to kill it. ...After you shoot it, of course. :P You get a BrokenRifle for winning. :D

Collect your prize money, and then take the BrokenRifle back to Uncle Taco and he'll fix it into an Easy Rifle! Yes! No more punching. :P

Unfortunately, all the fighting is done for today...or is it? Go back to the arena, and enter the room where Gen is. Rosemary will be waiting there for you. Hahaaa, busted. :P After a brief scolding, the sound of gunfire can be heard in the other room. Looks like the big green robot of death is a little mad. :P He's threteaning to whack anyone that disobey Caballero, and so Rosemary boldly sends T260 in after it. Greeeeaat. :P

Boss Fight: Vulcan -- This guy hits pretty hard, maybe 40-50 damage a pop. But, you've got lots of HP now, and a backup gun. As long as you don't miss with the Junk Bazooka, you'll be fine. You probably will be even if you do miss, but it'll be close. You get 50 Credits for winning! :D

Though this is not technically the end of an 'event' (Meaning you didn't get any pretty art yet), I'm breaking this even up into two parts.

Sever a rope with a pipe? I could do that, but nah...too easy.

Just an odd that Thyme isn't with you, you can enter the houses in Junk. Not that there's anything important there, though. :P Thyme left, after you were repaired, to go find some spare parts. You won't be able to find Thyme anywhere, though, so go back to the arena and talk to Gen. Rosemary somehow KNOWS exactly where you are, and rushed in to tell you that "They" has kidnapped Thyme. Whoever They is. :P So, Rosemary tells you to go help Thyme. Gen agrees to come with you, too. Rockin. :D Be sure to equip the Backpack onto him, so he can cure himself if necessary. If you ask the guy with the mohawk, he'll tell you he was probably taken to the Crater, so there's your lead. Head for the Crater!

At the Crater, you'll find Thyme's baseball cap...uh oh :O Enter the door in front of it (Yeah, it's a door, and no, you couldn't enter it before. :P), and thus begins your first dungeon.

There are no diversions in the path for the first little bit. Eventually you'll reach the outside. From here, enter the little cav-elike entrance to your left to find a Fiber Vest. After that, take the downwards path, and continue.

On the next screen, you have to press the button (You have to press the button to make elevators go up, but not down for some reason :P) to proceed. You'll be outside again. Take the next elevator to find a Sanctuary Stone, then go back outside, save, and continue upward into the cave-like entrance.

The thugs will sock up Thyme (What a buncha bitches :O), and then Gen will call em out. He also picks Iron Pipe. It's time to get down, buddy. >:D

Boss Fight: SirDemon, Xeno, Skeleton -- Gen can't hit the SirDemon straight off; he has to kill the Skeleton first. What I do is, I have T260 start on the SirDemon while having Gen pick off the Xeno and the Skeleton. Thrust is slightly more effective than HardSlash, so I'd use that. As long as you've actually been fighting the fights, you should be able to handle this one, no problem. You receive a Bone Breast and 56 Credits for winning. :D

After this, Gen displays his complete badassity by severing the rope with an Iron Pipe. Haw.

Anyways, back at Junk, T260 requests that Thyme allow him to travel to other regions, since his top priority is to find out his original mission. So, Thyme, very reluctantly agrees. Gen decides to go with T260, especially because something must be done about Caballero, too ('They' were hired by Caballero :P). So, anyways, right after Gen gets on the ship, Right after Rose tells Gen not to drink, he asks for some booze. Awesome. :P End of event.

Scrapping with Caballero

Gen lets T260 know that they've gotta talk to Caballero before they start with T260's quest. But, before you do that. Hit up the bar. Talk to everyone; you can recruit Riki and Mei-Ling. Be sure to talk to Lute, too, and the other guy at the bar. You'll have a small conversation with him, and he'll introduce himself as Shotaro Nakajima, and he'll tell you that he has a small factory in Shrike. He also tells you that he can probably help you get more information on you and your core and such if you visit him there. Awesome :D There's a lead for you, for when you start your quest. After that, talk to Gen, and then leave.

Now, head to the office. It's along the northern part of town. Gen comes in and tells Caballero to leave the people of Junk alone. Caballero recognizes T260, and calls them out. He says he'll be waiting at the factory. Another short conversation ensues, and then the party leaves the office. It's on now. Head to the factory, it's at the northernmost part of town.

Now, here, there are 4 buildings you can enter: The main building, and the three other sub-buildings. Let's tackle the sub-buildings first.

From the entrance, go immediately right to find the first building. In here, walk up to the Slime and inspect it, and a fight will ensue. After you win, Lute will suddenly enter the room. He tells you he's interested in joining up with you. Cool! Now you've got a full party :D

Now, from the entrance, head directly left to go to the second building. In here, you'll find a KukriBlade. Give it to Gen, so he can start using swords from now on. :P

Lastly, in the upper left, sort of obscured, is the last sub-building. Inside is 400 Credits, but before you pick them up, you'll be ambushed by some losers. :P Now that you're done with that, head into the main building.

Here's how the main building works: There's a bunch of monsters, and at the end is Caballero. That's simple enough, but if you look up, you'll notice a bunch of guys with guns. When you get into a fight near those guys, they provide the enemies with cover fire at the beginning of each turn. I've seen the damage range from about 10-60 HP. In any case, it's really obnoxious. :P Never fear, though! Within the factory are these little buttons that operate the cranes. You can use those to take out the gunners. Since they're kind of hard to see (To be completely honest, when I first played through the game, I found out about them by complete fluke), I've provided some screenshots. Don't hold your breath for more of them...and, try to disregard that Riki is in the screenshots, and not T260. :P

As you enter, the first switch is just to the right of you, as shown here:

After that, exit to the right...the exit is hard to see, so lemme show you:

I would refrain from taking this path again though, as it causes the enemies to respawn. Anyways, head up and into the next screen, and you should be on the upper level. The next switch is there right as you walk in:

...Poor guy. :P Anyways, continue left and you'll find two switches. One of them is important, but you can't use it yet. Just hit this switch for now:

You'll see that the crane moved a box out of the way where a switch was. Go downstairs and head to the left to hit that switch:

This switch makes the crane move left and right. Line it up with the gunner, and then press the Circle button to drop the crane. If you miss, an enemy jumps out and attacks you (With cover fire from that damn gunner :P) Anyways. After that, head to the upper left section, and hit the switch you see there:

That moves a box to the upper floor. Now, this is the important one. Remember the switch up top, that I told you to come back to later? You know...this one?

With that box on the upper floor now, you can use that switch to take out the last gunner. :D

Now that THAT'S all taken care of, just go ahead and beat the crap out of all the enemies. You don't have to worry about getting gunned down anymore :P Try not to leave the factory if you can help it, by the way; if you do, the gunners respawn. Also, you might notice some crates that are flashing; those are treasures. Be sure to grab them before you leave; within them are a PowerCure, and a SteelAmulet.

After you're done with all that, just go to the top and confront Caballero...Well, kind of. Caballero sends a crazy robot at you.

Boss Fight: Vulcan II, D-Tractor x3 -- You probly won't be able to hit Vulcan II right away, so get rid of the D-Tractors right away. Vulcan II will use an attack called "Vulcan" (haha! I get it!) that will really put the hurt on some of your characters. Try to keep Mei-Ling alive, so she can use Starlight Heal in case someone dies (She came with it on; you still have it on, right? :P) As soon as a character can start hitting Vulcan II, immediately have them do that. Only focus on the D-Tractors with characters that can't hit Vulcan II. After you kill them, clean up the D-Tractors, and you're done. You'll recieve a Light Vulcan and 325 Credits for your victory.

After the victory, Caballero agrees to stop messin' with Junk town, and gives you a pass to go to Koorong. Tiiiiiight! :D End of Event.

Your Mission, if you choose to accept it: Prologue -- All the info you need, an an Apple 2E computer

Now that you've dealt with Caballero, the rest of T260's scenario will revolve around finding data on what his mission is, and/or finding people who can analyze him and figure it out. The first thing you wanna do is, while you're in Koorong, head outside of the port, and go downstairs. On this screen, you'll see a chicken. Head behind the chicken (Should be just to the right of a staircase), and there will be a door you can go into. Head in there, and in the back should be a computer. Turn it on, and you will sift through it for various information. Some of the information is a bunch of nonsense, but some of it is important...Three things you should note are

1. A mec core of a highly ancient, highly advanced civilization was discovered in some ruins at Shingrow.

2. There is a famous machine specialist, Leonard B. Edison, who resides in Manhattan and works in the research center there.

3. Nakajima Robotics is a robotics factory in Shrike. After settling a lawsuit with Trinity, they've reopened and are planning to release a new model Mec on the market.

Now, you can do this in any order you want...But I'm gonna tell you how *I* did it. :P

Your Mission, if you choose to accept it: Part 1 -- Analyze my core, baby. You know I love it when you talk nerdy to me

Now that you've gathered that info, you can start looking. Go to the port in Koorong and go to Manhattan first. On the left side of town is a locale called "Shopping Mall." Go there. On the second floor, to the far left, is some kind of burger joint or something. Go in there. Talk to one of the people in there, and T260 will ask one of them for info on Leonard B. Edison. This will spark a conversation, and the guy takes you to Leonard's office.

When you get there, he introduces himself as Leonard (That dork! He could have just told you right away :P) He then begins looking at you in several different colors, from several different angles. Impressive. He does give you some neat info, though. He does tell you that your original core is very different from your present body type, though, and that you have some similarities to Trinity types, and many differences (Which basically means, you're pretty hi-tech :D). He couldn't really help you beyond that, but he gives you a pass so that you can see him any time...ANY time. ;) Anyways, just exit the office, and that's it! End of event.

Your Mission, if you choose to accept it: Part 2 -- These wireless mice never work like they're supposed to

Head to Shrike. There is a locale here called "Nakajima Robotics." You can recognize it because it has a yellow roof. When you get there, Nakajima tells you that there's a problem...They sent some sort of MouseMec into Trinity territory to get restricted info (No wonder they're getting lawsuits slapped on them, huh? :P); however, it lost its signal in Sei's Tomb. They ask you to go get it for them, cos the analysis is only possible with that info. Anyways, before you depart, go to the back of the room, and you'll see a mec. You can ask it to join you; do so. It is called, EngineerCar. How original :D When you're ready, talk to Nakajima, and you'll automatically be whisked away to the entrance of Sei's Tomb. How nice :D

Head in, and follow the straight path. On the third screen will be a bunch of doors you can go into. Head down the short stair case, and go immediately left, towards a crack in the floor. When you step on it, you will fall down to a lower floor. You should see the MouseMec in plain sight. Jump down to the floor (You have to run off of one of the edges), and go grab it. After that, you can leave. There's a staircase on the right side of the room that will take you up to the room you were previously in. Now, just retrace your steps and leave.

When you get back to the factory, talk to Nakajima. He'll tell you to "wait here", so just go upstairs, and into the back room, then come back out and talk to Nakajima again. He'll tell you some lame crap about their new combat model which they activated, and how great it is, and blablabla. Anyways, after he activates it, you can ask it to join you; do so. Anyways, Nakajima totally re-negs on his offer to analyze you, but he can change your body type, which is really cool. Anyways, that's that, I suppose. End of Event.

Your Mission, if you choose to accept it: Part 3 -- Oh yeah! *I* Remember this ship!

Now that you're done with Nakajima, go to Koorong, and from there, to go Shingrow. There are two ruins want the one on the upper left, it's a ruins of a spaceship. Enter.

The first screen is just outside. You have to climb up a hill on the right, and up a tree branch to enter. When you get in, a short dialogue between T260 and Gen will ensue. From this screen, head down into the next screen, and from there, head left into the next screen.

You should now be on a screen where with two birdies, a mec, and some treasure. Walk up the ramp, and enter the door right in front of you at the top of it. Now, on the next screen, just run up the ladder.

In this room, there should be some slimes that fall down onto the floor...In this screen, the proper exit is in the upper left, but there are two side rooms in the lower left that where you can find some nice treasures, including a Duel Gun and a Hyper Scale. :D Anyways, when you're ready, continue to the upper left, and into the next screen.

Upon entering this screen, T260 should say, "Energy Emission Detected." Head to the upper left, and onto the catwalk. There should be a mec enemy on the catwalk. Behind it is where you want to go. Examine the walls behind where the mec enemy was to find a secret entrance.

Inside, there will be a computer. Read everything on there. After you read everything, you will get an option called 'download', which gives T260 one tech. Choose Shooting Mastery if you do not have it already. Afterwards, the computer will die. You might not have understood the info, but T260 will have determined that his original mission was to "destroy RB3 model." He will also say that he got the mission from "HQ", and that it is probly a command base. Lovely...but you have no leads :O Well, that sucked :P Now, retrace your steps and leave.

...OR, you could be magically whisked away to Tartaros! ...Hi. ...I'm in Tartaros.

Having no idea where HQ is...the only people you have to turn two are the dudes at Nakajima Robotics, and Leonard. Go to Shrike, and at Nakajima Robotics, one of the workers will mention that Leonard was killed in some sort of assassination by an organized crime group. Oh my :O With that, though, go back to me. At Manhattan, go to the Central Gate. Walk up to the gate, and talk to them, and you will show them your pass. They will be reluctant to let you in, cos it was issued by Leonard, but they let you in anyways.

Inside, walk up to the console in the back with the red button and such, and examine it. The computer will tell you to press the a button on the console, and out from the chamber in the center will come a Mec. Go talk to it. It's...Leonard? Leonard left a copy of his mind (...Wow...that's just AWESOME :P) inside of a Mec, just in case something happened to him. Anyways, T260 tells him what's been going on lately. Leonard will mention that he attempted to investigate things, but was halted in his search by Trinity's information security program. How vague. :P In any case, He says the only way to get some classified info like that would be to just get into Trinity. He mentions a region called Tartaros, where there's a central information bank. Some of this techno babble is just so vague, huh? :P Anyways, Leonard now joins you! Awesome! Anyways, leave the lab, and you'll be outside of some sort of transport. Leonard explains that you will be sneaking in by hiding in a container. Nice. :P Anyways, when you get out, you will be just outside of the building. Exit upward to begin one of the most annoying dungeons in SaGa Frontier: Tartaros.

The very first screen is a fork. Head left into the next screen. This screen has an upstairs and downstairs walkway, as well as a door. The door doesn't work right now, but we're gonna fix that! Use the downstairs and follow the path right, into the next screen.

Now, this screen leads to what might look like a dead end...but! Look for a little red button on the side of the wall going vertical. Examine it, and it's a door leading into the next screen. Enter.

In this screen, you'll start in the lower right...head straight across to the lower left, and you'll see a red panel. Hit that switch, and you'll see a door above you open. That was the one a few screens back that didn't work. Rockin'! Before you go back that way, though, there's an Osc-Sword and a LaserCarbine for you to grab on this screen, so don't pass em up. Now head back to that door that didn't work, and enter it. From here, just head straight across, and into the door on the other side of the catwalk. Here's where the fun begins...

There is a main door you must go through, but before you open it, four switches have to be pressed. So, you'll have to do a bit of backtracking. This part is so damn annoying cos it's so hard to see all the doors. Thankfully, you have this walkthrough to tell you not only how to find them, but how to do it in the way with the least backtracking. :D Awesome! Skankin' Garbage, why are you so awesome? Oh, I don't know either. :P

First, let's go left. Take the left fork, and in the second screen will be a doorway on your left. Enter into it, and you'll see a switch. Hit it. :P By the way, in these rooms with the switches are very, very strong mecs. If you can manage to beat them, you'll get some really neat stuff.

Anyways, after that, exit the room to get back on the path, then just keep heading straight up until you find a room with the second switch. After you hit this switch, go back one room.

There should be a ladder and a wooden plank in this room; head down the ladder. From here, if you go up, you'll find a Secret Board, which is pretty awesome...but you'll also find the room with the third switch.

Head back to the ladder/plank room and head downwards into the next screen (you shouldn't have to go back up the ladder). Follow the path until you get to a dead end with a SanctuaryStone and the fourth and final switch.

Now, go back to the ladder/plank room. This time, cross the wooden plank, and then head straight downwards into a new screen (Trust me, it works; if you really don't believe me, or can't find it, head back to the first fork, and just head down the right path. It'll take you to the same place). In here is the main door. Just hit the switch and go in! Phew. Was that so hard? Well, it was for me; I had to remember where all the doors were. :P

In here, you'll see an elevator. Hop onto it, and exit right. Now just follow the path to the end. Yay! :D

Leonard examines the info terminal...only to find some cryptic numbers, and to discover that all information on T260 is top secret. Only commanders can access info on him! T260 asks about RB3, and HQ, as well. Nothing on RB3, but Leonard seems to know what HQ is. Leonard looks in the computer for info on HQ, and finds out that the numbers are travel data. Leonard hypothesizes that if a course is set based on that data, then SOMETHING will be found. Rockin'! Let's do that. End of Event.

Preparation PzkwV: What does that acronym even MEAN!? (Optional)

Now that you have Leonard in your group, and you can head to other regions, you can recruit a special party member. Head to Koorong, and enter the backstreets. As you go along, you eventually find a shop; enter. Talk to the shop owner, who is a mec. Leonard seems to know who he is. After a brief conversation, the Mec, PzkwV, asks you to take him along. I'd say do it, even if you don't want him, because you get a free HEAT Bazooka. :D I used him in my final party, though. I'd recommend just making your final party all 5 Mecs. By the way, does anyone know what that MEANS? I'd really like to know :P Anyways, after that, leave the backstreets, and head to Scrap and use the Junk Shop Glitch to stock up on better guns and armor. If they are still selling dated equipment, try selling the Repair Kits you have in stock. With those Cyber Suits and Lethal Guns, you should easily be able to make a party that can beat finish the game. If you really want to be hardcore, you can do the Gold Ingot Trick and buy Powered Suits, so that you have more Vitality, and an extra space for a Lethal Gun. This will bring pretty much the entire party to 700+ HP, and 90+ Vitality, and 99 Defense.

Also, just a note...if you are using any non-Mecs in your final party, you're gonna wanna buy Purple Eyes and BloodChalices in the Manhattan mall before going to the final dungeon, and get them to the 700+ HP range.

HQ. The final boldly go where no mec has gone before.

When you're ready to continue the game, go to the port in Manhattan. If you try to fly somewhere by ship, Leonard will ask if you want to go to HQ. Say "Ready." :P Within a few seconds, BAM. You'll be at HQ. If you ever need to restore your HP/WP/JP/LP, just hit up the guy at the start. Now, let's start HQ, one of the OTHER five most annoying dungeons in SaGa Frontier.

You may notice that the first part is pretty straight forward. Every door except the right way just leads to a room with two mec enemies and a treasure chest. There are definitely some nice things here (MemoryBoard, BehemothRifle, LaserScope, FlameThrower, HarmoniumArmor, GrainCannon, HyperBlaster, ExcelShield, HEAT Bazooka), but nothing particularly useful if you prepared beforehand. Also, you will probly notice a mec on the floor in one screen, and a computer that just says "Malfunction!' Remember that for later. If you don't... ...I'll remind you. It's my job. :P Anyways, continue down the path. You'll find the main computer. T260 says that the program shut down cos of a virus, and that he must enter the system and destroy the viruses to restart the program. When you're ready, enter cyber space.

God, this part is just obnoxious :P You have to find a certain building in here, but you have to get around the place to do it. Sometimes, you can walk into houses and into certain objects IN the house to teleport to different areas. Sometimes, your path will be blocked by viruses; you have to kill them to go on. It is a good idea to fight if you think you have to, because they are easy, and there are a lot of them, so it's a good chance to learn some abilities for your Mecs.

Anwyays, here's how to get through. First, head right into the next screen. Head into the house on the next screen, and examine the telephone to appear outside of a phone booth.

Now, push right, into the next screen. This is where the main building is. Again, a bit less annoying cos I showed you exactly how to get there. :P Enter the gate, and you'll be attacked.

Boss Fight: Virus (Infinite), HQcore -- This one is pretty easy. You'll notice at the beginning of the fight that T260 has an extra command called "Contact." All you need to do to end the fight is use that on the HQcore. You need to clear the Viruses out of the way, first; the Virus in the back center has a bit more HP than a normal virus. After you clear all the viruses out, HOcore will continue to spawn more. At the first opportunity you get, use Contact and end the fight.

Now that you've done that, head back to the very first screen; you should be able to do it by just continuously heading left, now. Anyways, on the first screen is a small wooden bridge; cross it, into the next screen. Now, enter the big house on this screen, and it's Puzzle Time! YAY. JEEZ. :P

Puzzle 1: Light up all switches and enter the door. You need to hit the Green Switch last to do this, so here's how I did it: Red, Yellow, Blue, Gray, Orange, Purple, Green. Now, enter the door, and follow the path.

Puzzle 2: There are 9 tiles, both red and blue. You need to change them all the the same color. This is easy to do...just press circle on the middle switch, then press circle on all four corners. The second one is randomized...just play around with it for a while. Once you figure it out, enter the door.

T260 will talk to the motherboard of HQ, and a short conversation will ensue. Afterwards, the gang will be back in HQ. As you walk out, you will have a talk with Gen about the information recovered by T260 about RB3, and his mission. I won't spoil this part for you...Upon leaving though, on the second screen of explanation dialogue, take note of the mec on the floor next to the computer. Go examine the computer. After you examine the computer, examine the body. This is the 'Omega Model.' You can change into it now, or just take it with you. Remember, you can change your body type at any time by going to Nakajima Robotics in Shrike. This body type is neat, but I don't like it because of the limited space, and very low Vitality. I always just stick with the original form. Anyways, just head back to the beginning, and talk to the guy who heals you, and you can leave. End of Event.

Finale - T260G vs RB3: Order it now on PayPerView

As soon as you come back, you will be at the Manhattan port. You will want to go rest somewhere if you weren't at full WP/JP/LP, cos you don't recover it after coming back from HQ for some reason. Anyways, when you guys are ready, go to the Manhattan port, and fly to RB3...the OTHER most annoying dungeon of SaGa Frontier. Seriously, why did they give three of the 5 of them to HIM?! I mean, his scenario is the SHORTEST if you know where to go, and potentially the easiest if you use 5 Mecs, sure, but jeez! Cut the poor bot some slack.

You start off in a small room. You can only exit left; do so. As you walk across the bridge on this second screen, you might notice a bunch of lasers shooting at the ground. There's where you need to go...except you need to stop the lasers first. :P So that's our first task. Continue left and you'll be inside again.

In this screen, head to a door in the upper right, and you'll see a little computer panel. Examine it to hit a switch.

Now, back on the previous screen, exit the screen on the lower left. This next screen will look exactly the same as the previous screen, except you start in the upper right this time. You'll find the switch in the lower left, and the exit in the lower right. Head past the area where the lasers were shooting, and into the next screen.

On this screen, you'll be in a hallway, and at the end is a wall you need to get past. To do so, you'll need to hit some switches. Observe: There are three ladders; one on the left that's closer to your entry point onto the screen, one on the left that's closer to the wall, and one on the right. Go up the one on the right, and hit the switch. Now, go up the first one on the left. There will be a slightly discolored tile right at the top of the ladder; that's an elevator. Step on the middle to go up. Hit the switch at the top of the elevator. Now, go back and go to the second ladder on the left, and hit the switch. Lastly, go back to the first ladder on the left, and instead of going up the elevator, go left once you get up the ladder, and hit the final switch. The wall is now out of the way, and you can advance.

This third part is mildly annoying, and no amount of walkthrough writing by me can fix that. :P This room is just a hallway with a dead end. At the end is a teleporter, which several mec enemies are coming through. You simply have to kill all of them. This takes a while, but look at this as an opportunity to get Mec techs that you don't have. When you've finally killed all those little bastards, head to the end of the path and fight the hardest boss in the scenario (If your group is all Mecs, anyways).

Boss Fight: Mec God -- Do you like absurd bosses? Well, here's an absurd one. If you don't have a party of mostly Mecs, I hope you've prepared a little. For starters, Mec God gets two attacks in one turn...not too big a deal, as long as you keep your HP up. But that's about the only bearable aspect of Mec God for non-Mecs. Mec God also can use Death Gaze twice in a turn, and can use some devastating monster attacks, like Titas Wave, Gas Flame, and most notably, Tiger Rampage :O Worst off, is the delightful Magnetic Storm, which deals about 500-ish damage to the entier party (600+ and random status effects on Mecs! :O). Oh, yeah, and he also recovers 1000 HP a turn. Sheesh.

Don't worry, though - you're not without your own precautionary measures! Non-Mecs should have Purple Eyes equipped; Losing two party members in one shot is really not cool. :P You should definitely have either Engineer Car or Leonard in this battle for their ability to heal Mecs very quickly. Also, Mec God is vulnerable to attacks that cause Stun! So, if you have any techs like Jammer or MecSonata, you can keep him from getting hitting you very often. Be sure not to hold back at all; 1000 HP recovery per turn can be brutal if you aren't dealing consistent damage. Mec God has about 25000 HP, so if you can tear into him really fast, you can minimize the hurt. Good luck!

When you're done, continue towards the end of the path, and you will be teleported inside. Continue into the next room, and T260 will explain that RB3's program must be entered from here and destroyed. Now, for the final stretch!

This part is pretty easy to explain, but annoying to do; sorry, there's no way to make this part easier. You'll start out with a 5 room dungeon, and you'll be in the center room, with 2 rooms on your left, and 2 on your right. What you have to do is win ten battles, then the far left and far right rooms will be replaced with hallways that take you to new areas. The second area is two jungle screens. Win ten more battles, and then in between the two screens of jungle will be a desert area. There are three screens of desert; the middle has all the enemies, and there are two cyberspace-looking desert rooms to the left and right of it. Win ten more battles (You can go into the middle screen of the desert and kill all the enemies there; that's ten). Afterwards, head towards the center of the screen, you will be teleported to a new area, where you will see RB3's core in the form of a single tree growing in the desert. When you are ready, engage!

Boss Fight: Genocide Heart -- This fight is random in more than one way. For starters, it'll be tough on any non-mecs in your party, and for enders, his attack patterns are randomly selected. Here's how it works:

Genocide Heart attacks with his super attack, Carnage, which deals 350+ damage to the entire party, and has a chance of automatically killing any non-mec instantly. Afterwards, Genocide Heart initiates 'Virtual Shift', which takes you to one of five different virtual environments; the different environment determines what set of attacks are used. After taking enough damage, the Virtual Shift ends, and the process is repeated again. You will have to deal with three different Virtual Shifts before Genocide Heart finally goes down. After the last Virtual Shift, Genocide Heart will have around 5000 HP left, and will begin use Carnage again.

Some things to watch out for on each Virtual Shift:

The Desert Shift can cast HeatWave, which hits all targets for high damage, and can cast TimeEclipse, which causes Stone on a target.

The Arctic Shift can cast WindBlast, which hits all targets for high damage, and can use Silf, which hits one target for high damage.

The Tidal Shift can Maelstrom, which causes high damage and has a chance of automatically killing non-mecs, and a plethora of single-target, high damage attacks, such as Tornado, Thunderbolt, and Tower(!).

The Wasteland Shift can cast Ectoplasnet, which can automatically kill one non-mec, and StoneBreath, an area attack that can cause Stone.

The Chapel Shift can cast SacredSong, which hits all enemies for outrageous damage, and SadSong, which lowers STR and WIL.

There's not much that can be said about fighting Genocide Heart; Status effects and high damage attacks abound. If you have any non-mecs in your party, make sure T260 has the Backpack equipped, and lots of Cure and SnakeOils. Just keep your HP in the 500+ range at all possible times. Good luck!