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Name: The name of the piece of equipment

Atk: Its attack value

Description: Any added effects of the equipment will be shown here

Found: Indicates the easiest ways to find the item, if any

Mec Effects: Shows the changes made to a Mec's stats upon equipping
NameAtkDescriptionFoundMec Effects
Asura70Str+7, Qui+7, Int+7, Wil+7, Psy+7, Vit+7, Cha+7- Regular Attack cost 3 WP, AsuraRevenge counter triggers if hit before using the 'slash' attackFacinaturu (Shop)HP+150, Str+30, Vit+30
BroadSword11Scrap (Junk Shop)HP+35, Str+7
CeramicSword22Koorong (Shop); Shingrow - Palace (Chest)HP+70, Str+13
CometBlade55Katana, Can cast MillionDollersWakatu - Received from Blade God when Gen has over 70 WPHP+250, Str+25, Qui+25
DragonSword72Hell - Chest (Blue only); Drop (Thundragon)HP+250, Str+30
FiendRod13Can cast Final StrikeDrop (DeadKnight)HP+30, Str+6, Wil+6, Psy+6
Gilrandy42Can cast Final Strike; Str+10, Qui+10, Int+10, Wil+10, Psy+10, Vit+10, Cha+10Drop (LivingSword); Possession (LivingSword)Str+9, Qui+9, Int+9, Wil+9, Psy+9, Vit+9, Cha+9
GoldenLion75Defeat LionPrincess 2nd time (Asellus only)HP+200, Str+25, Psy+25
JackalSword33Can cast Dirty FangOwmi - Lord Manor (Chest)HP+50, Str+16, Psy+16
Katana34KatanaKoorong (Shop)HP+65, Str+13, Qui+13
Knife7Scrap (Junk Shop)HP+20, Str+4, Qui+4, Wil+4
KukriBlade10KatanaScrap (Junk Shop); Scrap - Caballero Factory (T260, Riki only)HP+25, Str+5, Qui+5
Kusanagi66Regular attack costs 2 WPShrike - Sei's Tomb - Defeat DeathLordHP+250, Str+25, Qui+25
LaserKnife15Koorong (Shop); Scrap (Junk Shop)HP+40, Str+10, Qui+10, Wil+10
Lordstar51Can cast BraveheartMosperiburg - Shield Card questHP+200, Str+20, Qui+20, Wil+20
Obsidian64Drop (Giant, FatDevil, LadyBlade)HP+200, Str+25, Qui+25
Osc-Sword30Koorong (Shop); Scrap (Junk Shop)HP+60, Str+15, Wil+15
RuneSword50Can cast VictoryRune; Can cast Cockatrice if user has equipped the spell 'StasisRune'Koorong (Shop); Magic Kingdom (Shop)HP+100, Str+20, Psy+20
SamuraiSword19KatanaKoorong (Shop); Scrap (Junk Shop)HP+50, Str+10, Qui+10
ShadowDagger9Psy+3, Can cast ShadowHoldShrike - Mu's Tomb (Chest); Luminous - Omble (Shop)HP+30, Str+6, Qui+6, Psy+6
Silver Moon69KatanaFacinaturu (Chest - Asellus only); BlackRay (Chest - Asellus only); Drop (Mimic, DarkFairy)HP+200, Str+25, Qui+25
Silver Spread22Psy+22, Can cast SilverFang when paired with the Arcane Magic 'Fool'Drop (Gremlin, Airfolk)Str+5, Qui+5, Int+5, Wil+5, Psy+5, Vit+5, Cha+5
SplashSword49Can cast Element DissolveDrop (Gremlin, Mellow)HP+100, Str+20, Psy+20
Twiggy Rod52Can cast Final StrikeDrop (DeadKnight, FatDevil, Succubus)HP+80, Str+16, Qui+16
Twin Dragon41KatanaWakatu (Chest)HP+90, Str+18, Qui+18
TwinSword20Koorong (Shop); Scrap (Junk Shop); Shingrow - Ruins (Chest)HP+80, Str+10, Wil+10
Zero Sword60Nelson (Shop)HP+100, Str+20, Qui+20