SaGa Frontier/Slime

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Race Monster (Slime)
Gender Neutral

Emelia T260 Riki Blue Asellus Red Lute

Common recruitment method

During the Rune Magic quest - specifically, when searching for the Vitality Rune - enter Tanzer. Upon completing the Vitality Rune quest, the Slime will join you automatically.

Special recruitment methods

There is no special way of recruiting Slime.

Character Analysis

By J Bugaboo: Slime can be thought of two ways: a terrible, unwanted character that forces itself into your party, or a blank canvas to paint a beautiful construct of a creature upon.

OK, well I tried!

There aren't many people that are happy to have Slime in their party after completing the Rune Magic side quest. It's painfully difficult for someone new to the game to craft an end-game monster from scratch, and the quest that can use monsters better than any other (Riki’s) doesn’t even allow you to recruit Slime.

My best advice if you want to do something with this character is to dump its skills immediately and keep absorbing until you get a key skill you like; then, follow that path.