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One of the draws of SaGa Frontier is that you can stop progressing each character's main storyline to go out adventuring. Most of the places you can go adventuring, however, are places another character will go for a storyline event. You can enter these places and explore them; however, you won't be able to trigger their storyline events, and you may or may not have to fight the bosses that reside in the dungeons.

This Side Quests page will provide walkthroughs posted here for sidequests that are not part of any character's mandatory quests, as well as how to find and beat each optional boss in the game.


Side Quests

Sei's Tomb

Preparations: 400-500 HP; Defense in 40-45 range; shields for all characters

(Note: While Sei's Tomb is an event in Riki's scenario, you never have to fight King Sei. So, here's a brief recap of the walkthrough for Sei's Tomb, complete with a boss strategy.

Head over to Shrike, and enter Sei's Tomb in the north. The first screen is outside; you'll have to do a bit of hopping around to get inside.

Once inside, follow the path to the second screen. You'll want to remember this second screen; it's the altar. You need to find the three artifacts inside the tomb and bring them back here. Anyways, advance right, to the third screen. This screen is also important; let's call it "Main Screen." From this room, you can reach any of the three artifacts. When you reach an artifact, you'll have to fight a battle before you can take it. Let's begin.

Artifact 1. From the way you originally entered the Main Screen, walk down the short staircase and immediately go straight left; you'll fall to a lower floor via a crack.

Here's a picture of said crack - it's dark in there, after all.

Walk to the right and you'll find the sword artifact, Murakumo. For completion's sake, I'll remind you that you have to fight a short battle before you can take it.

There's the Murakumo. Pretty cool, huh?

After you take it, continue past where you pulled out the sword to jump to the floor, and then exit the room via the staircase to the north.

Artifact 2. Now that you have one artifact, go to the upper-right corner of the main screen and take the second artifact, Mizukagami. If you try to get this one before you hold at least one of the artifacts, you'll fall through a crack in the floor.

You probably can't tell by the picture, but it's a shield - a really good one, at that.

Artifact 3. From the Main Screen, enter the room in the lower left. In this room, go north at the fork into the NEXT room. In here, go right, and at the fork, you should see a Yin-Yang-looking artifact on the northern wall; that's the final Artifact, Magatama.

My picture gatherer has the cool ability to switch main characters at will. No joke.

Now, go back to the Altar and place the artifacts on the pedestals, and a pathway will open.

This is the altar, and those are the pedestals. The path will open on the top end of the screen.

Enter it, and walk up to the coffin. King Sei's corpse will jump out, get mad, and try to kill you.

Boss Fight: DeathLord, DeadKnight x4 -- The first thing I should mention is that these are more powerful than the normal DeadKnights - they can take a beating of a bit over 1000 HP a piece.

This battle goes in two phases:

1. The DeadKnights are alive (ha ha): The fight always starts with all the enemies attacking the character in your first position, doing about 350 HP total if your character doesn't block anything.

The DeadKnights will each do a few unimpressive sword attacks, the damage ranging from about 25-125. DeathLord's main form os attack will be HPDrain (125-200 HP), but will also use BattleSong (STR up for EVERYONE), and StunGaze. The DeadKnights can Deflect a lot of attacks, while DeathLord has a very good shield.

2. The DeadKnights are dead (har har): Phase 2 will kick off with DeathLord using MinionStrike before the round begins (125-150 HP to all). He will continue to use HPDrain and MinionStrike, but he will now start using CharmGaze and SacredSong (400-500 HP to all!).

Both of these phases are pretty dangerous. Phase 1 is more dangerous than it sounds, mostly because of the enemies' inclination to make combination attacks; they will almost definitely kill any character that doesn't have 500 HP. So, you'll want to get rid of the DeadKnights pretty fast...but, most single target attacks won't do well, since they have so many chances to Deflect your attacks. So, you'll have to use combo attacks of your own, or multi-target attacks. In phase 2, DeathLord stops fucking around: MinionStrike is dangerous simply because he uses it a lot. DeathLord rarely uses SacredSong, but it's a doozy when he does, so you'll want to end the fight VERY quickly after entering phase 2.

There are three general ways to fight this battle:

- The normal way: Go nuts with multi-target attacks until all the DeadKnights go down, and then run through DeathLord with your most powerful techs and spells. This is probably not the safest way, but it definitely works. Just remember to heal anyone that falls below 200 HP.

- The safe way: Pick off three of the DeadKnights as quickly as you can; then, heal your party before killing off the DeadKnight and continuing on to DeathLord. This can make phase 1 a bit harder, but you won't have to enter phase 2 on the defensive this way.

- The cheap way: Pick off three of the DeadKnights; then, kill off DeathLord before killing the final DeadKnight. This effectively avoids phase 2 altogether, and any DeadKnights still alive will die automatically making the fight pretty easy.

Other than that, what can I say...have healing ready; one person with a Backpack and some cures, along with a caster with StarlightHeal will do the trick. Also, if you have any Mystics, MirrorShade is excellent in this fight. Good luck!

Why should I do this side quest: After the fight, you have the option to either have him join, or take his sword, the Kusanagi. Its attack power is 66(!!), but it replaces the normal sword slash with a 2 WP tech. It's a nice sword, as long as you have a different one on hand for when you're grinding.

What a sore loser! Choose wisely (i.e choose the Kusanagi)

Furdo's Workspace

Preparations: 300+ HP; 30+ Defense & any shields; a few SnakeOils or Arcane "Grail" would be nice; at least one uncounterable attack for everyone.

Head to the Magic Kingdom. When you leave the port, go to the far, far, far left side of town and you'll get to a new screen; it should be the outside of a white building with some benches and stained-glass windows. This is Furdo's Workspace; enter.

When you enter, you might notice that absolutely everything is frozen. You can use this time to take a look around, but to go through this dungeon, you have to unfreeze everything. To do that, head right from the entrance and follow the path until you reach the room with just a robot and a treasure chest. Head immediately left from here, and you should be in a room where you can see some fairies in the upper floor. Examine the structure in the center of the room and the fairies will come to life.

This is the 'structure' I was talking about. I couldn't think of a better way to describe it.

What the fairies do is essentially bring everything you see to life. So, now if you go into a new room, you'll find a fairy bringing any monster to life, or allowing you to pick up any treasure.

Anyways, when you're ready, head back into the previous room (robot & treasure chest room), head up the stairs and take the left exit. Now, you should be upstairs where the fairies were before they came to life. One of the archways where they were standing before is actually a staircase leading further into the dungeon. Enter.

Here's the staircase. SaGa Frontier gets off on making things too dark to be distinguishable, so don't feel bad if you had trouble finding it without a visual aid.

From here, it's just a staight path to the boss (there is one fork, but it leads to a dead end immediately).

Boss Fight: Furdo -- For an optional boss, Furdo is absurdly easy. What keeps him from being a real threat is that he neither gets multiple attacks in a turn, nor does he have any way of attacking the entire party.

Furdo will kick off the fight almost every time with GlassShield. If you get counterattacked by this spell, it will definitely kill one of your guys, so be ready to attack with uncounterable attacks at first. Furdo will cast GlassShield a lot in the first stretch of the fight.

After you do enough damage, he will say "Hey, you ain't half bad" or something like that. Afterwards, he stops casting GlassShield as much and moves on to his normal attacks. His favorite attack, and probably most potent, is StoneGas (AoE Cone, 100+HP, chance to induce 'Stone'). The biggest worry is the potential to be turned into stone, but if you have a few SnakeOils, it shouldn't be a big deal. Other than that, he will use SunRay (175+HP), PhantasmShot (200-ishHP), and his Mystic Weapons (100+HP, chance to Faint). Most of these will not be enough to actually kill you before you can kill him, so it's not a big deal. As long as you have a few Cures and SnakeOils, you'll have to be caught sleeping to lose this fight. Just make sure to start off the fight using uncounterable attacks only!

Once you've beat him, you can just turn around and leave. That's it!

Why should I do this side quest: Absolutely no reason. It's kind of nice to get the stuff if you really want it, but otherwise, it's pointless. Furdo's Workspace was originally meant to be a part of Asellus's main scenario. That part of the story was cut for whatever reason, but the dungeon remained in the game.

Bio Research Lab

Preparations: 600+ HP (I reccomend 650+, but you can do it at 600); Best equipment and shields you can get (Defense for humans should be 60+); Sword users with Deflect; Many MaxCures

Head to Shrike, and go to the southeast corner of the map to find the Bio Research Lab; enter it.

It might not look like there are any monsters here, but in actuality, every scientist is a monster. The monsters here tend to be the toughest monsters you can find anywhere, by the way, so be careful.

After entering, head all the way to the end of the hall and up the stairs. On the second screen, head all the way down the hall and into the last door.

In this room, there should be a bookcase directly across from you; examine it to reveal a secret door.

Enter it, and follow the path until you get to the flight of stairs. Going up will cause you to find a miniboss. If you beat the miniboss, the monster, Cotton, will join you. If you go down the stairs, you continue to the rest of the dungeon.

Head up at the staircase to find this room. After killing a really weak enemy, this hedgehog-peacock will start following you around everywhere. ...Cool.

In this screen, there will be a lot of plants growing everywhere, with four fooms you can enter: one to your left, one to your right, one in the upper left, and one in the upper right. The upper left room is your ultimate goal, but it's locked right now. You can unlock it by going to the upper right room. To do that, head right and follow the path.

Once inside the upper right room, go up the ladder and you'll see a lady standing by a control panel. You don't actually have to fight the lady - just walk to the right of her, and examine the control panel to unlock the upper left room.

I swear there's usually an enemy there. She got deaded, though.

Now, go back to the plant room, and head to the left of the staircase to reach the upper left door.

When you enter, save. Talk to the lady standing in the room and a boss fight will ensue.

She's not nice. Don't talk to her.

Boss Fight: EarthDragon -- Oh, this boss. I hope you took my preparation advice to heart, or else you will be having a very sad time. The EarthDragon is a sort of random boss fight. On one hand, it has really lame attacks like Grasp (75-ish HP), Trample (250-ish HP), and FangCrush. On the other hand, it also has some fairly decent multi-target attacks, like GasFlame (100-225 HP) and Quake (200+ HP). All these are negligible, but here's what really makes the EarthDragon hard:

1. It can block ANY attack, and it probably will, and 2. It's favorite attack is IronBall - 325+ HP to one target. Did I mention, he can use it anywhere from two to SIX times in a turn?

If you're reading this and thinking, "Man, he can probably kill three of my characters in one turn if I'm unlucky," you're right. However, the recommended preparations will make this a very manageable fight, in spite of all this. Having ExcelShields and Deflect will stave off almost every attack except GasFlame and Quake, having the high defense will assure that it's not easy to be killed so fast. Also, having MaxCures will make it very easy to bring characters back into the fight. Since the EarthDragon doesn't have any terribly threatening multi-target attacks, it's not a daunting task to bring a character back to life in this fight. Other than that, just be ready for it to be a very long fight, since EarthDragon can, and will, block several of your attacks. If you have any good combination attacks with your best skills, use the hell out of them.

After the fight, you're done! Congrats!

Why should I do this side quest: After the fight, you can grab the treasure chest in the back of the room to find a DragonShield! The DragonShield is one of the best shields in the game, as it blocks EVERY kind of attack. The only shield better than that is the DurahanShield, which is way more of a pain in the ass to get than this one.

Optional Bosses

The boss strategies listed here are bosses that aren't the main bosses of their dungeon; in fact, you can easily beat SaGa Frontier without ever knowing of their existence. So, here are the two optional boss strategies, complete with details on how to find them.


Preparation: 450-550 HP; Best armor/shields you can possibly get (Defense should be at least in 45+ range); Some sort of armor that resists water attacks (PearlHeart/SeaStone/BlueElf); for skills, have good magic/long range/uncounterable attacks.

Where to find: Mosperiburg, during the Shield Card quest.

How to find: On the very first screen of the mountain, there will be a fairy enemy; kill it. Progress further up the mountain, and there should be a clearing with three boar-type enemies. On this screen, if you head to the very bottom, you might find a huge snowman. If you do, walk up to it to engage in battle with Jotnar. If you don't see it, you can keep heading back to the beginning and killing the fairy until Jotnar shows up.

Boss Fight: Jotnar -- Ugh. This fight is really obnoxious. For starters, Jotnar has a permanent Ice Barrier, meaning you can't hit it with any close range attacks. Other than that, Jotnar is totally random. He has a bunch of unimpressive attacks, like Flash (blind to all), DivingPress (250-350 HP), and ArcticBreath (AoE, 100-300 HP). The only things that he does that are really dangerous are IceSmash (450+ HP), WaterCannon x3 (400+ HP x3!), and WindBlast...which just does too much. If Jotnar does WindBlast, and you'll probably die unless you come up here with much better stats; however, it's definitely possible to kill him at 450+ HP. The only real strategies I can give you are to go nuts on combination attacks, and be sure to have good uncounterable attacks for sword users. In fact, Sword users are wonderful to take to this fight in general, because they can Deflect attacks like IceSmash and DivingPress.

An alternate way of defeating Jotnar: If you're playing any scenario where you can recruit Zozma (Emelia, Asellus) or Dr. Nusakan (Riki, Blue), you can kill Jotnar by using Arcane Magic 'Death', or Evil Magic 'DeathCurse.'

Why should I fight this boss: If you beat Jotnar, you can recruit the monster, Suzaku. Simply head back one screen, and take the right-side fork. If you came here before, you would have seen Suzaku frozen in ice; now, however, he's freed. Simply walk up to him to have him join.


Preparation: 600+ HP; Best armor/shields you can possibly get; several MaxCures

Where to find: Shingrow, in the Ancient Ship (upper left ruins)

How to find: When you enter the Ancient Ship, you will have an up/down fork; take the up one until you reach a screen with two bat enemies and a mec enemy. In this room, continuously kill the bat enemies, leave, and re-enter. Eventually, when you enter the room, there won't be any enemies; the first step you take will cause the Abyssbat to attack you.

Boss Fight: Abyssbat -- All I can say is, good gravy. What you need to know about this fight is that Abyssbat has several ways of killing you in one hit. For one, DeathTouch is an instant KO. Tornado will probablly kill anyone in one hit, as it generally does 700+ damage to any human character. And, best of all, MagneticStorm will kill. EVERYONE. Seriously. It does like 900+ damage to everyone. Good luck with that.

That being said, the big reason that I recommend 600+ HP and a bunch of that stuff is because there are plenty of attacks that you can survive. Some of its favorite attacks, like GliderSpike (350+ HP), FireKiss (300-400 HP, Charm), and LightBall (250-350 HP to all) are suddenly not so devastating. The biggest thing to look out for is that it can use DeathTouch, FireKiss, and LifeSteal (1 LP Damage, Palsy) all in one turn. The last attack I've yet to mention is PoisonMist, an AoE poison attack.

So, it goes without saying that any human is going to DIE in this fight. A lot. The worst part about this is that it's very possible for the Abyssbat to use MagneticStorm TWICE IN A ROW!! You can stave off the deathfest for a while by having good shields and some sword users. It also helps if you have a Mystic with MirrorShade in this fight, to at least TRY to take the heat for MagneticStorm. If you have a DragonShield or DurahanShield, you can block MagneticStorm. I don't think it's worth it to farm DurahanShields, but it's a very short trek to go get the DragonShield.

Basically, the only real strategy I have for this fight beyond the preparation is to never_stop_attacking. The only reason you should stop attacking is to bring someone back to life, or to use MirrorShade/ShadowServant. Abyssbat's only real weakness is that his HP is disproportionately low compared to his ability to kill you. So, it's plausible to kill the Abyssbat without it ever using MagneticStorm (though not likely). Just be ready to hit it hard and fast, and cure a lot. There's no genius strategy here - just kill or be killed.

Here's a random piece of info: You can fight the Abyssbat again after you've beaten it.

Why should I fight this boss: No reason at all, other than the satisfaction of beating the hardest optional boss in the game. Congrats!

2nd Div. Special Bosses

After you've beaten all seven scenarios - and provided you've updated your System Data each time - you will be able to do go the 2nd Division - the developer room. In here, you can fight any last boss of any scenario, and there are two optional bosses for you to fight, as well.

The last character you finish the game with will be taken to 2nd Div. automatically after updating the System Data; after this happens, you can beat the game with any character and they will be taken to 2nd Div. as well. So, if you beat Riki's scenario last, but you have a save at Emelia's final boss, you can load Emelia's file real quick, beat her last boss, and go to 2nd Div.

The additional bosses here are some of the hardest bosses in the game. I would recommend a good deal of preparation if you want to go to 2nd Div. and take on the bosses. Here's what I suggest:

- 800+ HP. All party members. No exceptions. - Powerful uncounterable attacks and powerful multi-target attacks for all characters. - Best equipment you can get your grubby hands on. Take the time to go spelunking for the extra-good stuff, like the Kusanagi and DragonShield. If you're feeling frisky, you can grab the Asura, but I wouldn't. - Some very specific accessories: PearlHearts/SeaStones, BloodChalices, PurpleEyes - Have a whole bunch of MaxCures and SnakeOils. If you think you have waaay too much, get about 30 more. - If you have some magic-users, here are some good spells to have: ShadowServant, MirrorShade (to take hits without taking damage), any powerful Time Magic spell

Once you've prepared thusly, you'll be ready to take on the optional bosses. So, here they are:

The seven final bosses

From the beginning of 2nd. Div, go to the north end of the screen and take the center fork. This screen should look like the hold of a ship; find the staircase going up, and take it. You should now be in a room that looks like Virgil's room in Mosperiburg. In here are sprites representing each final boss:

Joker: Diva (Emelia's final boss)
Leonard: GenocideHeart (T260's final boss)
Mei-Ling: MasterRing (Riki's final boss)
Angel sprite: Hell'sLord (Blue's final boss)
Orlogue: Orlogue (Asellus's final boss)
BlackX: BossX (Red's final boss)
Mondo: Spriggan (Lute's final boss)

Refer to each character's individual strategy guides for some ideas on how to fight each. Although, if you made it here, you probably have at least a vague idea of what to do! However, if you don't want to do all the reading, here's a very abridged strategy for each boss:

Diva: Give everyone a PurpleEye (and I assume you have ExcelShields for everyone) and lay into it with your best attacks. Having DodgeThunder for any humans is wonderful, as well.

GenocideHeart: Make sure everyone has a BloodChalice equipped, and as many MaxCures as possible. GenocideHeart has no shortage of powerful all-target attacks, so have a dedicated healer.

MasterRing: Use your most powerful multi-target attacks to kill off as many of the smaller enemies as possible; if MasterRing never leaves the battlefield, its defense never goes up! Be sure to leave one enemy alive if you can, so that MasterRing never uses its most powerful attack.

Hell'sLord: Kick off the fight with some sort of magic spell, as it lowers Hell'sLord's defense. If your HP falls below 400 when Hell'sLord is in 'heaven' form, heal yourself immediately! Otherwise, having good counterattack capabilities will be pretty useful in this fight.

Orlouge: If you have anything that guards against Sonic attacks, it can be useful in this fight. Be sure to never stop attacking until all three spirits come out, unless a character is dead. Afterwards, shift one character to full healing duty, and make sure no one is left under 350 HP.

BossX: Make sure everyone has a MaxCure on them, since BossX's single target attacks are very intense. Make sure that whoever is on healing duty never has below 500 HP.

Spriggan: Go absolutely nuts. As soon as Spriggan uses CounterECM, just make sure that you don't let anyone fall below 300 HP. Otherwise, just lay it on thick.


From the beginning of 2nd. Div, go to the north end of the screen and take the right fork. You should be in a screen that looks like the Fighting Arena in Junk. You should see a Dr. Klein sprite on the opposite side of the counter in that room. Talk to him, and when given the prompt, choose "Rumble!" to engage.

Boss Fight: MegaTitan -- Did you, by chance, fight the EarthDragon boss? MegaTitan is a lot like a supercharged version of the EarthDragon. For one, it doesn't block anything; however, it will counter any counterable attack with BervaCounter (300+ HP). So, from the get go, you're limited to what attacks you can use.

MegaTitan always starts the fight by raising his Strength, Quickness, and then casting MysteryTap (Mess to all characters). After that, the pummeling begins. His bread and butter is PowerBomb, a single target attack that hits for 375+ HP, and can be used from two to six times in a turn! Besides that, he has a variety of physical attacks, such as DivingPress (200+HP, 2 times max), GodHand (600+HP!), PowerBeat (400+HP), and Dash (AoE Line, 250+ HP, 500+ to target). Also, however rare, he can even use Maelstrom (350+ to all targets, chance to Faint)! As you can see, MegaTitan does NOT mess around. I do hope you took my preparations to heart!

To recap, you should of course have the best equipment you can possibly have, and 800+ HP, so that you can survive at least two of MegaTitan's physical attacks at once. Having a good shield is wonderful, because most of MegaTitan's attacks can be blocked (or Deflected if you have sword-users). Make sure everyone has as many MaxCures as they can hold, and a PearlHeart/SeaStone equipped. If you have a caster, ShadowServant is going to be your best friend, as it will completely save them from at least one attack.

The actual strategy to beating MegaTitan is easy - it's just a matter of having all the preparations. Simply lay into it with your best uncounterable attacks. Thankfully, most of the best attacks in the game (LifeSprinkler, BoundSHot, MegaWindblast) are uncounterable. Other than that, cure anyone who dies, and make sure the dedicated healer has full HP all the time. This boss is incredibly resilient, but if you're prepared, you're almost guarunteed to win! Good luck!


From the beginning of 2nd. Div, go to the north end of the screen and take the center fork. This screen should look like the hold of a ship; find the staircase going up, and take it. You should now be in a room that looks like Virgil's room in Mosperiburg. From here, there should be a small staircase on the right side. Go up the staircase, and talk to the Zozma sprite, and a battle will ensue.

Boss Fight: MasterRing, Butch, IceWorm, Kraken, Kylin, Mariche, Skullsaurus, Shrieker, Snowfolk, SuzakuJr -- Alright. So, I hope you are strong enough to beat the normal MasterRing, cos this will make you cry otherwise. Here's my strategy, with some parts of it quoted from my strategy in Riki's scenario:

Okay...Here's how this fight works... The fight begins with MasterRing, accompanied by any four random monsters of nine possible. After damaging MasterRing a certain amount, or after killing one of the enemies, the enemy party will scatter, and a new group of monsters (sans MasterRing) will come out; you'll have to defeat about three or four more before MasterRing comes back out again (Depending on how you did it, you might have to repeat this process again). Any time that you kill a monster, MasterRing gains the ability to use any one of their attacks - though, in actuality, he gains the ability to do an attack from one of the monsters in the original fight, which was a different set. Every time MasterRing comes back into the group (it has to be absent from the party and then return), it'll have better defense; how its defense develops (whether or not it's more resistant to physical or magic damage, and to what extent) IS dependant on which monsters you kill; however, the difference it makes by the end of the fight is very infinitesimal, so it's not worth it to get caught up on which monsters you should kill to alter Master Ring's defense ratings. WHen there are only four monsters left (not including MasterRing), the background will shift into some scary-looking background, and MasterRing will begin to get multiple attacks per turn. If you kill all the monsters, MasterRing will start doing Revolution9 after one or two turns - it's his uber attack that hits everyone for pretty fair damage (250+) - not exactly what you'd expect from a final boss; however, the catch is that Master Ring will do it every turn until it dies, and it'll still get in a normal attack in the process. This can be a lot to handle if you didn't prepare for it.

Here's a brief rundown of what you can expect from the various monsters:

Butch - A bunch of weak attacks, and Spoil, which will frequently miss anyways. So, I guess nothing :P IceWorm: It can use IceSmash and TailHit, but it can most importantly use MightyCyclone, which will do a good chunk of damage to one of your party members. Mariche: She can use gaze attacks. I'm not sure if she could do this in the fight in Riki's scenario, but she can also use SacredSong, which will wreck your party. So, be careful. Kraken: Thunderbolt and Feeler do moderate damage, but mostly unthreatening. Kylin: I have never, EVER, seen this Kylin do anything but attack. Skullsaurus: Some unthreatening stuff, and BoltBlast, which does stupidly low damage. Shrieker: SuperSonic and Spore do moderate damage. Thus one can be annoying to have around over time. Snowfolk: Possibly the most dangerous of them all, he can use ArcticBreath, Silf, StunTouch (Palsy) and even WindBlast! Kill this one immediately. SuzakuJr: It can use FireBreath and HeatWave, both of which suck to deal with.

Unlike the original MasterRing, where the majority of enemies were based on Sonic and Gaze attacks, there are a variety of attacks here. Still, like the original fight, there are plenty of enemies that are not dangerous at all, and most of the enemies here have incredibly low HP.

So, to prepare, make sure you've got anything you can that will resist Sonic and Gaze attacks (which are still dangerous in this fight), and make sure you've got the best multi-target attacks you can.

Secondly, decide how you wanna fight Master Ring. There are a few different ways to take on this fight:

- You can go completely after Master Ring until it ducks out, and then kill as many guys as you can until it comes back

- You can concentrate entirely on killing the monsters until there's only a few left

- You can tactically decide which monsters to kill (or to look at it another way, you can decide which monsters to keep alive)

- A viable tactic, but a little hard to employ: If you kill two or three monsters in a turn while Master Ring is in, he won't leave battle, meaning his defense won't raise. If you can do this consistently, then you can finish the fight very quickly, because then Master Ring's defense will never raise, and Master Ring only has about 50,000 - 60,000 hp (about half that of standard final boss HP).

Here's what I suggest:

Start out the fight by going all-out with multi-target attacks: GaleSlash, GaleAttack, Haze-To-Wheel, MegaWindblast...anything you've got that hits everyone. Anyone who doesn't have attacks that hit all enemies should just focus on Master Ring. Keep doing this until the enemy party scrambles.

If they scramble and Master Ring comes back, just keep employing that first strategy; keep doing this until either Master Ring isn't in the enemy party, or until all enemies are destroyed. Then, kill Master Ring; since it never left the party, its defense is low. In fact, it's probably almost dead.

If Master Ring eventually leaves, decide which people you want to kill. In this iteration of the fight, you'll want to get rid of the enemies that have powerful multi-target attacks (Mariche, Snowfolk, SuzakuJr), followed by those who have AoE attacks (Shrieker, IceWorm, Skullsaurus). After that, how you kill the remaining three is up to you, as they won't be able to do significant damage to you. I would kill the Kraken before either the Butch or the Kylin. If you're highly resistant to status effects, kill the Kyling and leave the Butch. Otherwise, if Spoil seems to work on you a lot, kill the Butch and leave the Kylin alive.

Now, when Master Ring comes back, employ the first strategy if there are plenty of monsters left, but do NOT kill all of them. Since its defense is raised, you don't want to deal with Revolution9, because fighting Master Ring will be kind of slow from here on out. If there are only a few monsters left (three or less), pick them off strategically using that tier list I gave in the previous paragraph. Leave one monster alive.

I suppose, I succinct way of putting the strategy is this: Hit everyone when Master Ring is in battle, strategically kill monsters when Master Ring isn't in battle, leave one alive if Master Ring left battle.

Well, that was a bit long of a strategy. I'm a sucker for info, and I hope you are, too. Good luck!