SaGa Frontier/Sei

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Race Monster (DeathLord)
Gender Neutral

Emelia T260 Riki Blue Asellus Red Lute


Common recruitment method

King Sei can be found in Shrike, in Sei's Tomb (imagine that). You will need to make your way through the tomb, and find and fight King Sei. Upon defeating him, you can ask him to join you. See the Side Quests section for detailed information on how to traverse through Sei's Tomb, complete with a thorough list of preparations and strategy for fighting him.

Special recruitment methods


Going through Sei's Tomb is a mandatory part of Riki's quest; as a result, Sei will inevitably join you (you don't fight Sei in Riki's quest, either).

Character Analysis

By J Bugaboo: Sei is an underappreciated character. This is because most parties are frankly better off with the Kusanagi sword you win by beating him, or even with the unique equipment you find in his tomb - in other words, equipment you would have to forfeit by recruiting him. Sei really shines in Riki's quest where you can recruit him early on – his prime HP is ramped up by a large list of pre-absorbed skills. Sei starts with DeathSynthesis, and his natural DeathLord form assures that this is skill won't accidentally turn morph him into something unpleasant. His Kusanagi skill is both powerful and easy to combo with, and is exclusive to Sei. MinionStrike is also unique, but is not worth keeping. Some skills to think about keeping as you move forward include IceSmash, ArcticBreath, a Gaze skill (Death, Stone, Charm), and - of course - MagicHeal or LifeRain. Swap out SacredSong for similar skill (Siren comes to mind) when the DeathLord form doesn't cut it anymore.

The end-game with any monster character can be considered the same; but, taking starting packages into account, Sei is one of the best monsters in the game.