SaGa Frontier/Roufas

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Race Human
Gender Male

Emelia T260 Riki Blue Asellus Red Lute


Common recruitment method

During the Rune Magic quest - specifically, in search of the Victory Rune - enter Mu's Tomb in Shrike. If you head to the left, you will find a man with long brown hair (Roufas). Talk to him, and he'll ask you a question; say 'Yes' and he will join you.

Special recruitment methods


While you can recruit Roufas in the conventional way, Roufas will join temporarily on a few of your storyline missions. The common recruitment method will put Roufas in your group permanently while not doing storyline missions.


There are actually two special ways to recruit Roufas:

1. During the event where pirates of hijacked the Cygnus, you can find Roufas in one of the passenger rooms. Talk to him, and he will join you; however, he will leave the party at the end of the event. You can recruit him permanently later.

2. When looking for Shuzer, and after recruiting Annie, you can enter the restaurant and talk to the guy with brown hair (Roufas). Annie will help involve the organization she's with - Gradius - into helping you. As a result, you'll have the choice to recruit either Roufas or Liza. Choose Roufas (of course) to have her join.

Note: You will not be able to recruit Liza if you recruit Roufas in this manner. To recruit both, choose Liza in this situation, and then recruit Roufas using the Common recruitment method. It's imperative to have Liza join first.