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Riki: A Lummox Beast who sets out to find the rings of lore in order to save his homeworld from dying.

Skankin' Garbage's analysis: Moderate-to-hard. Riki's scenario will get a monster or two in your party, and it's one of the only scenarios where you can get an ally of every different race. However, if you don't know how to build a Monster properly, Riki's scenario can be downright hard. It doesn't help that Riki's opening quests (i.e. all the mandatory stuff you have to do before you're let loose on the world) is the hardest of all scenarios. To top it off, some of the most difficult, frustrating fights of SaGa Frontier are right at the tail end of his scenario. Don't worry, though; my walkthrough will give detailed information on how to find the best monster skills and builds, as well as detailed information on a lot of the harder fights in the game.


1. Riki can come with a lot of skills absorbed if you're already beat a few scenarios
2. Riki comes with one of the three skills needed for one of the best monster forms in the game
3. Since Riki is unable to enter the Luminous Labyrinth or Omble, acquiring the Gift for Light and Shadow magic takes literally two seconds
4. Mission-based progression makes it impossible to get lost


1. Scenario contains some of the hardest boss fights in the game
2. Monsters take a lot of patience to level up properly
2. Can't recruit Rouge :(
3. Unable to reach the TimeLord; as a result, no characters can learn Time Magic
4. Unable to finish the Rune Magic quest, as you are unable to start it before going to Tanzer
5. Hardest opening quests of all seven characters


Intro; or, I like hitting little girl lummoxes

So, this scenario starts out with a view of a NASTY-looking landscape, and then OH MY GOD AN EARTHQUAKE! Phew... Anyways, Riki then narrates the fact that his name is Riki, and talks about this place - Margmel. It's dying, because appearantly regions in SaGa Frontier can DIE. He begins to talk about his Grandma, or whatever. Anyways, eventually, you can move. There's not much to do here at first...the only thing you can do here is go north to see the Elder, or talk to those pink lummoxes that are shaking their heads everywhere. By doing so, you can fight them, and absorb skills with them. You can absorb Chop, ElfShot, Feint, and Claw from them; however, they are hard-fought to cought up Feint and Claw, so I would reccomend sitting there just until you get ElfShot. Whenever you're ready, go north to talk to the Elder. The Elder will show you some ring that's supposedly saved Margmel from COUNTLESS treacheries; however, on the ring is some inscription that's all like "Yo, get my bros, we can totally save Margmel!" So, the Elder sends Riki of all people on a quest to find the remaining rings...Because if the inscription says there are more rings, it MUST be true! Anyways, Riki leaves Margmel and lands in Scrap.

How do I do monsters, yo

If this is your first time using monsters, you might find monsters to be quite complicated. To put it briefly, they gain HP with each new skill absorbed, and they change forms based on what abilities they have in their repertoire, as well as their HP range. You'll want to try and absorb as many skills as possible, especially early on; however, you'll want to also balance that with finding a powerful form. I'll give you some help here and there, but you will probably want to do your own research on planning for different forms on your own.

Also, because beating a scenario and saving it to system data will slightly raise the starting stats of any character in a new scenario from then on, Riki has different skills pre-absorbed based on whether or not you've beaten a scenario already. Here's the breakdown:

- If you haven't completed at least one scenario and saved it to the System Data (72 HP) - Tail, TailHit, Heal

- If you have completed at least one scenario and saved it to the System Data (104 HP) Tail, TailHit, Heal, Photosynthesis, Deathsynthesis, BoomerangHook, CentipedeCrush, PoisonGun, LifeRain, Ignis, and either Kusanagi or Kylin's Song.

Even though the second form doesn't have a lot of those skills equipped, if you absorb that skill later in the game, you won't gain any HP for it. The positive is, a lot of those skills, like Kusanagi or BoomerangHook, are either impossible to get in Riki's scenario, or so hard that it might as well BE impossible.

Bored of the Rings, Part 1 - Bad People and Garbage? I Can't Wait!

The first thing Riki does when he reaches Scrap is walk into the bar. The first thing you should do is talk to the girl with purple hair (Mei-Ling). She'll introduce herself, and you'll find out that she's also looking for the ring. She also realizes quickly that Riki is kind of dumb. Either way, they agree to help each other search for the rings.

Before you leave the bar, you can also recruit Lute (the blue-haired guy in the lower right), and T260 (the robot in the lower left). You'll be able to recruit Gen (the guy sitting with T260) by talking to him; as you leave the bar, he'll come with you.

Now, go to the building called Office (north side of town). In there, this guy named Caballero (who appearantly has a ring), is a complete dick (You might already know this, if you've played T260's scenario). He tells Mei-Ling that he'll give her the ring if she...y'know...y'know? Anyways, Mei-Ling obliges, which is outrageous.

Back at the bar, Gen (in a surprisingly not-so-drunk moment) will spearhead a plan to attack Caballero's factory. Whenever you're ready, talk to Gen and say "Ready!" At that moment, Lute will come back with Recon info - nobody's guarding the rear of the factory. The plan is that Gen and T260 will act as decoys, while Riki and Lute enter from the back and save Mei-Ling.

To watch this all happen, go to the factory. Riki and Lute will jump into the building where Mei-Ling is held just as she's slapping the crap out of Caballero. Anyways, you've now rescued Mei-Ling. Grab the 400 credits and exit the room to regroup with Gen and T260. Caballero's waiting in the factory, but there's cool stuff to be grabbed in the side rooms.

From the factory entrance, go to the upper left. The entrance is slightly obscured. Inside is another 400 Credits.

Now, from the factory entrance, go directly to the left. In here is a Kukri Blade.

There's a side room directly to the right of the entrance, but there's nothing in it.

Now, make a few minor preparations. I would give Lute the Kukri Blade, and then give the Knife to T260, as it ups his stats. Then, give the Backpack to Gen. Whenever you're ready, enter Caballero's factory.

Here's how the main building works: There's a bunch of monsters, and at the end is Caballero. That's simple enough, but if you look up, you'll notice a bunch of guys with guns. When you get into a fight near those guys, they provide the enemies with cover fire at the beginning of each turn. I've seen the damage range from about 10-60 HP. In any case, it's really obnoxious. :P Never fear, though! Within the factory are these little buttons that operate the cranes. You can use those to take out the gunners. Since they're kind of hard to see (To be completely honest, when I first played through the game, I found out about them by complete fluke), I've provided some screenshots.

As you enter, the first switch is just to the right of you, as shown here:

After that, exit to the right...the exit is hard to see, so lemme show you:

I would refrain from taking this path again though, as it causes the enemies to respawn. Anyways, head up and into the next screen, and you should be on the upper level. The next switch is there right as you walk in:

...Poor guy. :P Anyways, continue left and you'll find two switches. One of them is important, but you can't use it yet. Just hit this switch for now:

You'll see that the crane moved a box out of the way where a switch was. Go downstairs and head to the left to hit that switch:

This switch makes the crane move left and right. Line it up with the gunner, and then press the Circle button to drop the crane. If you miss, an enemy jumps out and attacks you (With cover fire from that damn gunner :P) Anyways. After that, head to the upper left section, and hit the switch you see there:

That moves a box to the upper floor. Now, this is the important one. Remember the switch up top, that I told you to come back to later? You know...this one?

With that box on the upper floor now, you can use that switch to take out the last gunner. :D

Now that THAT'S all taken care of, just go ahead and beat the crap out of all the enemies. You don't have to worry about getting gunned down anymore :P Try not to leave the factory if you can help it, btw; if you do, the gunners respawn. Also, you might notice some crates that are flashing; those are treasures. Be sure to grab them before you leave; within them are a Power Cure, and a SteelAmulet.

After you're done with all that, just go to the top and confront Caballero...Well, kind of. Caballero sends a crazy robot at you.

Boss Fight: Vulcan II, D-Tractor x3 -- You probly won't be able to hit Vulcan II right away, so get rid of the D-Tractors right away. Vulcan II will use an attack called "Vulcan" (haha! I get it!) that will really put the hurt on some of your characters. Try to keep Mei-Ling alive, so she can use Starlight Heal in case someone dies (She came with it on; you still have it on, right? :P) As soon as a character can start hitting Vulcan II, immediately have them do that. Only focus on the D-Tractors with characters that can't hit Vulcan II. After you kill them, clean up the D-Tractors, and you're done. You'll recieve 650 credits upon victory.

Afterwards, Mei-Ling forces Caballero to sell off the ring for 100 credits. Woo-hoo! That's one ring down! Afterwards, leave Scrap for Kooring. End of Event.

Bored of the Rings, Part 2 - Be careful or you'll get sucked into somewhere you don't wanna be.

(NOTE: Some skills you might want to keep that you may or may not have - Tail, TailHit, Heal, Spore. Some skills you might wanna ditch - Chop, ElfShot. You might considering ditching DeathSynthesis until your HP is higher.)

In Koorong, Riki and Mei-Ling plan on where to go next. Mei-Ling knows all sorts of different places where the rings might be. You can pick and choose however you like, but it's pretty irrelevant - remember how Mei-Ling mentioned that someone carrying a ring was swallowed by a monster called Tanzer? That's where you're going next, whether or not you like it. Get in a ship at the port and fly off - you'll be swallowed up by Tanzer.

Right away, some gangsters come out of an orifice or vein or something and start attacking people - it's the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen. Anyways, Riki must think it's retarded too, cos he goes and engages them in combat. The combat is actually pretty standard fare - nothing to worry about. Anyways, after that some chick comes out and explains that you're in Tanzer. THEN, some crazy Kung-Fu-lookin' guy comes out and says that SHE'S an infamous crime boss, Nomad. Anyways, she plays it cool and leaves.

Now, go talk to that Kung-Fu guy. Mei-Ling recognizes him as Fei-On, an old boyfriend or something, right away. She gets upset and leaves, and Riki follows. Talk to her, and then head southward into the dungeon.

This first screen, no matter how involved it looks, only has one exit - it's to the west. Go there. In the second screen, Fei-On is waiting at the exit to the south; follow him that way into the village.

In the village, there's three buildings. You can rest in the middle building, and the building in the right is where Fei-On is. Talk to him about the rings, and he'll mention that Nomad might know something about it. When you're ready to go to Nomad's lair, talk to him, and he'll escort you there.

From here on, you're pretty much just following Fei-On. Don't go through any exit that he doesn't tell you to go through. If you don't see him, or he doesn't call to you, my advice is always 'Go North.' There's no path that takes you outrageously far away; just back to the previous room.

Anyways, you eventually get to Nomad's place. Here, Nomad comes out, and seems to realize you have the rings. Because she kidnapped Fei-On's villagers, Fei-On runs after her, and all of Nomad's goons attack you. You don't have to fight them...but I did, heh. :D Either way, once you're ready, the exit's to the north.

In here, there are a bunch of forks where you have to juke a whole bunch of guys to get stuff. In the room on the right is a Magi-Water. In the room on the upper-right is a MissilePod. There's nothing in the upper-left. When you're ready to move on, enter the room in the lower-left, and you'll fight a boss.

Boss Fight: Platyhooks, Razorback -- The Razorback may or may not have more HP than a normal Razorback; it's still a pretty damn simple fight. Kill the Razorback first, because Platyhooks doesn't hit hard at all.

Anyways, after that, if you attempt to follow Nomad into the manhole, Fei-On comes after you. Tell him you aren't ready yet, and then talk to him - he'll join you. I suggest that you switch him in for Mei-Ling RIGHT AWAY. Now, enter the manhole.

Follow the path, and at the end is a boss fight.

Boss Fight: Tanzer -- This one is actually pretty hard for such an early boss fight. Basically, Tanzer (the heart that you're attacking) will do one attack, and the one of other plant-looking things will get another attack per turn. Tanzer's heart will always using AcidBreath, which hits really hard (it'll likely kill anyone in one hit, or damn close.), or IllStorm, which poisons the entire party. The plants don't do much, either - if one of the ones on the right or left get an attack, they'll do Spore (area attack, moderate damage), and if the one in the center gets an attack, it'll use Needles (single target, moderate damage). This fight is just kind of annoying, because of how likely it is the someone will die quickly. As a precautionary, make sure everyone has at least one cure on them. Only cure someone when they fall - you'll wanna keep attacking, because if you just spend a lot of time curing, your resources will be exhausted. Also, notice how Nomad's being swallowed? If you take too much time, Tanzer will finish swallowing her. It doesn't actually make any difference, though - you'll still get the thief ring upon victory.

Afterwards, Tanzer goes crazy, and everyone goes back to the ship, speculating that Tanzer might spit the ship out. Good thing they were right! End of event.

Preparation - They did the Monster Mash! (Optional)

From here on out, you can pursue any of the remaining five rings in almost any order you choose (the second ring you get after leaving Tanzer will always be the one in Baccarat, and you have to get the one in Mosperiburg last); simply find Mei-Ling just outside of the port in Koorong and tell her where you want to go. Obviously, some are much harder than others. You can't do the one in Mosperiburg until you've gotten all the rest of the rings. The remains of the walkthrough are simply the order that I would recommend.

Also, you should start forming a party, as well as trying to decide what endgame monster you want Riki to be, so you can start acquiring the right abilities.

Some recommendations for parties:

- Keep Gen and Fei-On in your party. Gen is probably already pretty strong, and he's one of the better sword-users in the game. Fei-On is incredibly powerful, and if you have a Martial Artist in your group for Riki's scenario, you can cheese your way through one of the more frustrating boss fights of the scenario (nay, one of the most frustrating boss fights in the game). Other than that, I wouldn't recommend using any more Monsters (one's a handful, in my opinion!) or Mecs (I really dislike Mecs unless it's T260's scenario). Personally, I start the Arcane Quest and grab Emelia, and I do the Yorkland Ring quest pretty early to grab Dr. Nusakan - he's a very powerful Mystic. This will give you a very powerful and diverse party.

- Ditch Mei-Ling. You can't use her in the final boss fight.

- After you've formed your party, get Light Magic. You don't have to go through the dungeon, since Riki can't enter it anyways.

- Also, after you've formed your party, you might wanna get invest in some good equipment. I suggest the Junk Shop glitch.

- This might sound like a weird thing to say, but, unless you want to fight an extra boss when you go to get the ring in Despair, DO NOT start the Rune quest! You can't finish the Rune quest in Riki's quest, anyways - even if you go to where the Vitality Rune is when you're inside Tanzer, you don't get the Rune.

- Lastly, make sure SOMEONE in your main party has the Backpack equipped! I usually make it a point to say, "Equip the Backpack" right at the first point you can do anything in a walkthrough, and I did this time, too; however, I usually tell you to give it to your main character, and Riki can't hold the Backpack. So, this is just a friendly reminder.

Some recommendations for endgame monsters:

- Ogre Lord (GroundHit/DoubleAxe, Thunderbolt) - Black Dragon (TailHit, Fang, StoneGas) - Mariche (StunGaze, CharmGaze, StoneGaze, DeathGaze)

Ogre Lord is very easy to get; and the Mariche is a particular favorite of most people. Riki already has TailHit, which is necessary to get the Black Dragon form, and you probably have already got Fang or can get it again. If you want to not think very hard about it, Ogre Lord is the way to go; otherwise, you should start planning early.

Bored of the Rings, Part 3 - ...The King!

Tell Mei-Ling that you want to get the ring in Shrike, and then go to Shrike. If you go to the area called 'Street' and ask around, your leads will direct you to Sei's Tomb. Go to Sei's Tomb in the upper part of the map. If you're wondering how to get in, you need to run towards the rocks in the water to hop over them. If you can't figure it out for some reason, you can pay one of the kids in the 'Street' 10 credits, although some of them might not help you ("Why don't you find out yourself, foo'?" roflmao!).

Once inside, follow the path to the second screen. You'll want to remember this second screen; it's the altar. You need to find the three artifacts inside the tomb and bring them back here. Anyways, advance right, to the third screen. This screen is also important; let's call it "Main Screen." From this room, you can reach any of the three artifacts. When you reach an artifact, you'll have to fight a battle before you can take it. Let's begin.

Artifact 1. From the way you originally entered the Main Screen, walk down the short staircase and immediately go straight left; you'll fall to a lower floor via a crack. Walk to the right and you'll find the sword artifact, Murakumo. After you take it, continue past where you pulled out the sword to jump to the floor, and then exit the room via the staircase to the north.

Artifact 2. Now that you have one artifact, go to the upper-right corner of the main screen and take the second artifact, Mizukagami. If you try to get this one before you hold at least one of the artifacts, you'll fall through a crack in the floor.

Artifact 3. From the Main Screen, enter the room in the lower-right. In this room, go north at the fork into the NEXT room. In here, go right, and at the fork, you should see a Yin-Yang-looking artifact on the northern wall; that's the final Artifact, Magatama.

Now, go back to the Altar and place the artifacts on the pedestals, and a pathway will open. Enter it, and walk up to the coffin. King Sei's corpse will jump out and get mad, but then Riki's and Sei's ring have a heart-to-heart, and then Sei allows you to take the ring, on the condition that he can join you. Cool...I guess. End of Event.

Bored of the Rings, Part 4 - Nobody says anything really funny or stupid in this one

This event appears to be mandatory - it seems to happen after the first ring you acquire after leaving Tanzer.

Go talk to Mei-Ling...she'll tell you that a billionare from Scrap wants to sell her one of the rings, so you guys go to Baccarat.

Once in Baccarat, head downstairs to the hotels - you'll know you're there, because the music quiets down a bit. Once there, it's the very first door you come across. When you enter, you'll see a man about to commit suicide! Riki and Mei-Ling stop him. He explains that he lost his money by gambling, and that he was going to sell the ring to get some money back, but the safe that he kept the ring in was opened. When you look into it, a mouse seems to have the ring...cos, I guess a mouse can open safes and retrieve rings. Anyways, the gang follows it outside, and all the way up through the casino. Eventually, Riki will follow it up on a chandelier, which will fall all the way down into the parking lot. The mouse enters the sewer; follow it.

From here on out, you're simply just trying to corner the mouse and grab it. Once you do, that's the end of the event. Follow it around and try to corner it somewhere. If you don't, it might eventually wander into one particular room...

Boss Fight: Gargantu -- I've got some bad news and good news. The bad news is, just about all this guys attacks hit for about 200 HP, including Quake, which hits EVERYONE for 200+ HP. The good news is, Gargantu doesn't have too much HP...maybe 3000, 3500 tops. Just, equip some Jet Boots if you have them to dodge the Quake, and just wail on him with your best attacks.

If you had to fight this battle, you'll automatically get the ring from the mouse afterwards. End of Event.

Bored of the Rings, Part 5 - Looks Like Fun!

Talk to Mei-Ling, and tell her you want to get the ring in Yorkland. Then, hop on a ship to Yorkland. Here, take the fork leading to the lower-right to get to town. Enter the Billionare's house - you'll be able to find his house by the distinction of his house being the only one you can actually enter.

Inside, you'll find out that this guy's daughter is posessed. Go check it out, and you'll get into a fight. There's nothing to mention about this fight right now, though - after one turn, it runs away. Mei-Ling hypothesizes that the ring the girl holds keeps her alive. She also says she knows of a specialist for this kind of stuff who lives in Koorong.

Funny thing is, she doesn't lead you to him. If you ask the info guy in Koorong, he'll mention a doctor who's stationed in the back alley. Anyways, here's how to get there: Leave the port. Go downstairs. Head straight left into the back alley. Here, go downstairs, and then hook north and there'll be a building there. Enter it. Talk to the guy sitting in the chair, and then enter the door in the back. Talk to the guy (Dr. Nusakan), and you'll explain to him the situation (and the MONEY!!!!) and he'll come with you. Now, go back to Yorkland.

Talk to the billionare, and go into the room. Nusakan offers an explanation on how to beat him, but I can do it, now...

Boss Fight: Mollasite -- Okay, the first thing you do is...don't hit it very hard at all. Avoid doing ANYTHING that hits for 1000+ damage. If you hit it too hard, it'll run away. After a few turns, Mollasite 'possesses' the girl - you'll know when that happens because the bed disappears. After that, Mollasite actually starts removing 1 LP from the girl at the end of each turn. Anyways, once the bed disappears, rip into it with your strongest stuff. there's nothing noteworthy to mention about this boss - the 'run away' gimmick is the only thing you have to worry about. Once that's over with, it shouldn't take more than a turn or two until it's dead.

Afterwards, the chick gives you the Healer Ring. A funny thing you can do now is, you can continue to talk to the billionare, who will give you 500 credits. You can keep talking to him until you've gotten 2500 credits out of the guy! Then he runs away, lol. End of Event.

Bored of the Rings, Part 6 - I don't know how to fix pipes!

Tell Mei-Ling that you want to get the Ring in Despair. Some girl (Liza) will mention that there's a 'chick' who hangs out by the restaurant that knows a lot about Despair that can help you out. After that, you're given the option of whether or not you want to trust her. You'll get into Despair whether or not you say Yes, but I'd say Yes, just because going in with this girl means you'll have a guide.

Anyways, if you say yes, head down the stairs, curve left and go up the other stairs. Talk to the girl standing in front of the restaurant (Annie). Mei-Ling will convince her to come with you.

Anyways, after that, y'all will sneak into despair. Once inside Mei-Ling will change out of the jumpsuit, and that's where my point of reference for beginning the dungeon walkthrough will be. If you have Annie, she'll point you in the right direction; however, for the sake of making sure that some poor chump who didn't recruit Annie will be able to use this walkthrough, I'm going to do it as if I didn't recruit Annie.

Once inside, head right, into the next screen. Now, climb up the ladder in front of you into the next screen. On this screen, just follow the path into the next screen. Here, you'll want to head right - however, you'll fall if you don't take the short ladder up. Take the short ladder up and over the pit, and then head right, into the next screen. In this screen, just head down the ladder, and up the ladder into the next screen. Here, head right, and then take the ladder up, into the next screen. Here, head right and down the stairs until you reach the green door with the clock over it. Enter it - the Warden will be there. He is the prisoner sentenced to a million years. He gives you the Hermit Ring for visiting him. End of event.


You started the Rune Quest for some reason. If you did, you have to go get the Freedom Rune before the event ends. Again, because it's possible that people actually started the Rune Quest before coming here, I'll explain what to do.

Leave the Warden's room and head back to the previous room. Climb down the ladder and jump down to the lower part that you didn't go to yet, and enter the door. In here, jump down the boxes to the floor, and then go up the elevator. At the top, there's a room with a ShellShield. Grab it, and then head out the door, into the next screen. Here, follow the path until you get to the next screen. You should now be in a locker room. Head left, into the next screen. You might recognize this place - it's the first screen after the entrance! Anyways, there's a garbage chute right in front of you; enter it. Now, in this screen, exit the cage, and there should be a manhole to the left. Enter it. From here, just head left for two more screens. You should be in a room with a conveyor belt. Jump down to the level where it is, but do NOT ride the conveyor belt. There is a flight of stairs to your left; go down them. Here, you'll have to go through laser security! If you have a LaserScope, you can equip it and see the lasers, but if not, here's how to get through it:

Up, right, down, right, up, right, down, down, right, up.

Now, in this screen, go up the ladder and through the pipehold. In this last screen, just walk forward and inspect the grate. You'll now fight a boss.

Boss Fight: Nidheg -- This guy uses StunGaze, sure...but other than that, he's not a threat. If your HP is around the 300+ range (and it should be by now, or better), you should have no problem withstanding this guy's attacks. The only thing that sucks about this fight is that Nidheg has a pretty high amount of HP. Considering that he'll probably NEVER kill you though, it's not a huge deal.

Anyways, after that, jump into the grate and touch the Freedom Rune. End of event. This time, I mean it!

Preparation - He did the monster mash...again! (Optional)

You're not exactly preparing for the next event, per se...however, you are probably beginning to see the next level of monsters at about this point (I'm assuming that you haven't done any leveling up at all). If so, now is a good time to go fight around in a few places and get some new skills for Riki. If you're fighting the second tier of monsters, you might be able to find Unknowns (slime enemy) - these guys can teach you almost all of the gaze attacks (Stun, Charm, Death), so if you want to turn into a Mariche, this is a good time to go find them. Also, go check and see what monster is at the Yorkland Swamps - If you want to get a Mariche, you'll want to catch Basilisks there. Lastly, I would go to the ruins in the upper right of Shingrow, and go through the dungeon until you fight the SpearValkyrie and SwordValkyrie boss. Keep fighting it until you can absorb Silf from the SpearValkyrie.

Bored of the Rings, Part 7 - Yes this is a trap and you're standing over a pit.

Tell Mei-Ling that you want to go get the ring in Manhattan, then go to Manhattan. Here at Manhattan, go to a building called "Shopping Mall" in the lower left. The the second floor is a ring and bracelet shop. Go there, and you'll find out that the ring was sold to the lord of Owmi. (NOTE: While you're here, you MIGHT wanna buy some Pearl Hearts, but it's not necessary, so don't worry.) Anyways, go to Owmi.

Head to the Lord Manor. Inside, you'll talk to the Lord, and when he hears that you're collecting the rings, too, he activates a pit trap (how convenient), and you fall into the basement dungeon.

This is a very straightforward dungeon - there's only one fork, and it leads to a completely not-dangerous, not-confusing room. Let's begin.

On this first screen, head up into the next screen.

On the next screen, grab the Pearl Heart and the Leather Boots, before advancing onto the next screen.

On THIS screen, grab the ArmorGlove (and hidden across from it, out of view, is a Jackal Sword!), Shell Bracer, two MaxCures, and the RubberShoes, and then head upstairs into the next screen.

Now, in this screen, you'll see a treasure on a table, and a huge Squid. There's also a room you can enter all the way to the left. Don't pick up the treasure - it takes you back to the beginning.

If you go into that room first, walk all the way up to the water, and a mermaid will come up (Mesarthim), and if you have a Mystic in your group (Dr. Nusakan), you'll have the option of either having her join your party, or receiving a Sea Stone. I take the Sea Stone, since this is a little late to have a new party member; besides that, the Sea Stone negates water attacks, which helps against this boss.

When you're ready, exit the room and approach the squid.

Boss Fight: DevilSquid -- This boss immediately starts off the fight with an attack called Maelstrom - heavy water damage to all targets, IF it doesn't instant-kill the person! However, on the plus side, you'll probably be able to survive it this late into the game (I was at about 400-450 HP range). Now, this guy can use Ink, Thunderbolt (heavy damage to one character), and Feeler, which he'll use twice in a turn. He can also break out with Maelstrom again, and probably will if you take a while. There's not much to be said, other than keep your party members alive and hit it with your strongest attacks. This shouldn't be very hard, this late into the game, unlike Asellus's scenario. You'll probably already have good attacks and good combos, so this guy should go down in a few turns. Just watch out for Maelstrom.

After that's done, head north, into the next screen. Unfortunately, that's just the first half of the dungeon...not that it takes long anyways. This part is really straight forward, too.

On this screen, you can find a lot of treasure - a SanctuaryStone, a Magi-Water, a RottenMeat, and a pair of Jet Boots. Regardless, there are no aberrations - simply go north to the next screen. On the first screen, just go upstairs. You're officially out of the dungeon. All you need to do is find the Lord guy now, but if you look in the basement, you can find a RubberSuit and MaxCure; and, if you look for treasure upstairs, you can find a GhostCannon and KrisKnife. Anyways, just keep looking around for the Lord guy, and when you find him, he'll drop the Schemer Ring. End of Event.

Bored of the Rings, Part 8 - Are you bored, yet?

Tell Mei-Ling that you want to go to Mosperiburg, and then go there. Go all the way up the center stairs and talk to the crazy woman-looking man (Virgil). He says that to get the ring, you need to pass some crazy eight trials, and once you have, you can challenge him for the ring. Oh, goodie.

Here's the way this works: There is a door in each corner of this room, each of them leads to two different doors. Because I've found a diagram that explains it better than any way I can think of, here's a diagram that you can use to reference which room I'm talking about:

2nd Floor          6                8
                5                      7

1st Floor          2                4
                1                      3

Anyways, you go in, and every room is a puzzle of sorts. I'll help you out.

Room 1: There are 8 graves you can search (you can't search the lower left one). If you search the wrong one, a skeleton monster will appear somehwere in the room (they are pretty tough fights, so watch out). If you search the right one, you'll find the key. The location of the key is randomly generated - so random, in fact, that I've had one occasion where the key wasn't in ANY of the gravestones! WTFmate?

Room 2: This is a short, two round tournament. I'm pretty sure the monster groups are always the same, regardless of level. From the left:

1. Manticore x4
2. Mystic, SpearValkyrie, SwordValkyrie
3. LivingSword, LivingMusket, LivingArmor
4. MecDobby100, MecDobby x4

The enemies are all a hair bit tougher than their everyday counterparts. Just finish two fights and you'll get the key.

Room 3: I would seriously wait to do this room until you've done your final boss preparation (see the next Event). Basically, you are fighting MagmaSlimes...if you hit them with normal physical attacks, you'll catch fire...but here's the REAL catch - MagmaSlimes damage your LP directly. What a great thing to put in Riki's scenario, since monsters generally have 4-6 LP. Be ready with ANY multi target attack you can (GaleSlash, Haze-To-Wheel, MegaWindblast), and ANY sword user with Deflect is good (Kasumi is good, too). There are 30 slimes in all. If Riki comes close to dying, use the ThiefRing and have Riki defend until you win, or have no choice but to fight. Good fuckin' luck - you'll need it.

Room 4: It's that time again! For another round of SUPER HI AND LOW! Yeah yeah. Basically, you look at the first and second items the guy lists, and if you think the first item costs more than the second one, say HI, and if you think it costs less, say LOW. After you get it right 8 times, you get the key. If you mess up, you have to fight a battle.

Room 5: A lot like the first room...a mouse jumps into one of the barrels. If you search the right barrel, you find the key. If you search the wrong one, you get into a fight.

Room 6: This one's kind of cool. Basically, you need to grab all the money bags while avoiding the slimes. If you touch a slime, you obviously will get into a fight (they are kind of tough - they might be good for getting monster skills). After you grab all the money bags, a treasure chest falls down; the slimes also begin to move very fast. Go to the treasure chest, and inside is the key.

Room 7: All you need to do is kill all of the enemies. You can knock some of them out without fighting them by stepping on the switches in the room, which causes little rolley-bugs to cruise down the lanes, potentially hitting the monsters. Either way, if that doesn't work out for you, just kill em'.

Room 8: So, there's spikes everywhere. There's paths on the spikes where you can walk, but if you try to touch a part you can't walk on, you can in a fight (the fights range from easy to randomly hard - it's not a huge deal, though), though thankfully, you can't get in a fight by touching the same part twice. You need to run at the spikes to get on the path. There is a chick who walks on the paths that you can take, although very slowly. There are two bags of 400 credits in here, as well as the key. Once you get the key, you're automatically taken out of the room.

Cool, now you've got all 8 keys (or perhaps, by my counsel, just 7 of them). Before you go challenge the Virgil...

Bored of the Rings - Intermission

This might seem sudden, but Mosperiburg is the last dungeon of the game. Once you fight Virgil and win, you go on to almost immediately fight the last boss; either way, Virgil is the point of no return, so you'll want to do your preparations now.

- Get everyone to the 700 HP range.

- Get good equipment; particularly, it'd be nice to have HarmoniumEarrings, and HIGHLY reccomended to have PurpleEyes.

- Get good abilities.

- Get whatever final form you want for Riki. If you haven't put ANY thought into it, I would suggest OgreLord; you can get it pretty easily in the BioLab late in the game. Otherwise, go with Mariche, or you can probably get BlackDragon pretty easily.

- If you have a Martial Artist, get DSC. Trust me.

Bored of the Rings, Part 8, Part 2 - This guy really IS the Lord of the Rings.

When you're ready for the end of the game, walk all the way up the steps, and face Virgil (or, go kill the MagmaSlimes in Room 3, head to an inn, and THEN come back and face Virgil).

Boss Fight: Virgil -- You can't damage Virgil - you need to use combos to earn 'points'. A level 3 combo gets you two points, a level 4 combo gets you three points, and a Level 5 combo gets you five points. You need ten points to win, and you can't re-use any combos, BUT, if you have a large combo (like a Level 5 or a Level 4), you can break it down into smaller parts and get points for those. After the first turn, Virgil will start to attack you. This is pretty irrelevant; you should be able to withstand most of what he throws at you. Though, it's worth noting that Virgil can cast Reaper, which has the chance to instantly kill a party member. So, make sure everyone has some Cures handy.

Basically, there's three approaches to this fight:

- The normal way: Be creative in coming up with combos within your repertoire.

- The easy way: Equip a bunch of techs that combo into themselves (BoundShot, Fist, etc.). If you don't have them, you can try and go get them.

- The easier way: If you know a Level 5 Combo, omit a part from the beginning or end to make it a Level 4 Combo, and then again for a Level 3 combo. This will net you exactly ten points.

- The DSC way: If you have a martial artist with DSC, it not only counts for combo points, but you can re-use it. Getting the first four attacks gets you two points, and getting the entire thing gets you three points. This is my personal favorite way to beat this boss.

A final note: though I don't think I've ever died because of this, you have to survive until the end of the turn to get points. So, if you do a combo that will get you your tenth point, you can still be killed off before it's added to your score. Don't cut it close.

Afterwards, Virgil gives you the Lord Ring, and everyone goes back to Margmel. Yay!

Bored of the Rings, Finale - I knew it.

Now at Margmel, the first thing I want you to do is equip the Lord Ring to someone - you can use it in the middle of battle to restore the entire party's WP and JP. It'd be a good idea to make sure that the Healer Ring is equipped, too.

Anyways, go up and talk to the Elder, and then you'll go out and tell Margmel to be reborn. The transformation actually looks pretty cool. When you can move again, head south and you'll find out that Mei-Ling was being controlled by a ring all you have to fight it/her. See? I hope you listened to me! I told you!

Boss Fight: Master Ring, Living Armor, Chimera, Gremlin, Tidi, Lich, Titania, UnicornJr, Mariche, GhostRider -- Yeah, that's a lot of guys. If you ever used a ring in battle, they all have a monster that represents them - there's one monster in here for each ring.

Okay...Here's how this fight works... The fight begins with Master Ring, accompanied by any four random monsters of nine possible. After damaging Master Ring a certain amount, or after killing one of the enemies, the enemy party will scatter, and a new group of monsters (sans Master Ring) will come out; you'll have to defeat about three or four more before MasterRing comes back out again (Depending on how you did it, you might have to repeat this process again). Any time that you kill a monster, Master Ring gains the ability to use any one of their attacks. Every time Master Ring comes back into the group (it has to be absent from the party and then return), it'll have better defense; how its defense develops (whether or not it's more resistant to physical or magic damage, and to what extent) IS dependant on which monsters you kill; however, the difference it makes by the end of the fight is very infinitesimal, so it's not worth it to get caught up on which monsters you should kill to alter Master Ring's defense ratings. If you kill all the monsters, MasterRing will start doing Revolution9 after one or two turns - it's his uber attack that hits everyone for pretty fair damage (250+) - not exactly what you'd expect from a final boss; however, the catch is that Master Ring will do it every turn until it dies, and it'll still get in a normal attack in the process. This can be a lot to handle if you didn't prepare for it.

Here's a brief rundown of what you can expect from the various monsters:

Living Armor - I don't know if Living Armors can normally do this, but this one can use StunGaze.

Chimera - This guy can do area-of-effect fire attacks, pretty strong physical attacks, and even sonic attacks. Surprisingly, his fire and sonic attacks don't hit all that hard, though.

Gremlin - He can do Thunderbolt, which can potentially do a bit of damage, I suppose...

Tidi - Nothing in particular, heh :D

Lich - CounterFear is worth noting, and Lich's sonic attacks are pretty strong. Also, he has CharmGaze and DeathTouch, which is a one-hit KO.

Titania - She has a charm attack that can hit everyone :O Careful.

UnicornJr - It can heal someone for 999Hp, but it can also hit pretty hard with physical attacks.

Mariche - Gaze attacks.

GhostRider - It can use Oscillation, which is not pretty.

Luckily, not a lot of these guys hit too hard - You'll be able to discern really quickly which ones cause you trouble based on how you've made your preparations (whether or not you can handle sonic attacks, whether or not your guys' will is high, whether or not you're immune to gaze attacks).

As you can see, there are a lot of variables that you can weigh in when fighting Master Ring, and, as such, there are a lot of different ways to approach the fight.

The first thing to do is think about preparation - The majority of the monster attacks are sonic and gaze attacks, so anything you can do to nullify those is a good idea. Other than that, having the Lord and Healer Rings equipped are good great helps in this fight. Having good multi-target attacks is useful in this fight - not common for a final boss.

Secondly, decide how you wanna fight Master Ring. There are a few different ways to take on this fight:

- You can go completely after Master Ring until it ducks out, and then kill as many guys as you can until it comes back

- You can concentrate entirely on killing the monsters until there's only a few left

- You can tactically decide which monsters to kill (or to look at it another way, you can decide which monsters to keep alive)

- A viable tactic, but a little hard to employ: If you kill two or three monsters in a turn while Master Ring is out, he won't leave battle, meaning his defense won't raise. If you can do this consistently, then you can finish the fight very quickly, because then Master Ring's defense will never raise, and Master Ring only has about 50,000 - 60,000 hp (about half that of standard final boss HP).

Here's what I suggest:

Start out the fight by going all-out with multi-target attacks: GaleSlash, GaleAttack, Haze-To-Wheel, MegaWindblast...anything you've got that hits everyone. Anyone who doesn't have attacks that hit all enemies should just focus on Master Ring. Keep doing this until the enemy party scrambles.

If they scramble and Master Ring comes back, just keep employing that first strategy; keep doing this until either Master Ring isn't in the enemy party, or until all enemies are destroyed. Then, kill Master Ring; since it never left the party, its defense is low. In fact, it's probably almost dead.

If Master Ring eventually leaves, decide which people you want to kill. If you don't have everyone immune to Gaze attacks, kill off monsters with Gaze attacks (Mariche, Living Armor, Chimera). The next thing in line would be the Titania, because she can Charm a lot of people in the party. Next in line would be people with sonic attacks (GhostRider, Lich, Chimera). After that, I kill the remaining ones, in this order: UnicornJr, Gremlin, Tidi (and if you're immune entirely to Gaze attacks, Mariche is on the bottom).

Now, when Master Ring comes back, employ the first strategy if there are plenty of monsters left, but do NOT kill all of them. Since its defense is raised, you don't want to deal with Revolution9, because fighting Master Ring will be kind of slow from here on out. If there are only a few monsters left (three or less), pick them off strategically using that tier list I gave in the previous paragraph. Leave one monster alive.

I suppose, I succinct way of putting the strategy is this: Hit everyone when Master Ring is in battle, strategically kill monsters when Master Ring isn't in battle, leave one alive if Master Ring left battle.

Well, that was a bit long of a strategy. I'm a sucker for info, and I hope you are, too. Good luck!