SaGa Frontier/Rei

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Race Mystics
Gender Female

Emelia T260 Riki Blue Asellus Red Lute


Common recruitment method

There is no common way to recruit Rei.

Special recruitment methods


Before leaving Facinaturu in the beginning of the game, visit Princess Rei's tomb (the tomb in the lower left of the castle) with White Rose (make sure Ildon is not in the party).

Later in the scenario, after completing the Labyrinth of Darkness, head to Devin, and go to the shrine - it's all the way to the right, and up the stairs. Talk to the girl there with purple hair, and you will find out that she is Princess Rei, and she will join you.

Character Analysis

By Skankin' Garbage: For such an obscure recruitment method - not to mention you can ONLY recruit her in one scenario - I don't really see what the big deal is. Her Mystic Armor is the terribly obnoxious MysticMail, she comes with the gift of Mirage Magic - the most inept magic in the whole game - and you'll probably have twice the max HP that she does by the time you recruit her.

If you're reading these point I've leveled against her, and are thinking, "So what? I'll just specialize in physical-based attacks with Rei", then, to you I say, "Good Luck." I have two big problems with Rei:

1. Her initial stats upon recruitment more or less shove a magic build down your throat, what with her near 70JP and less than TEN WP. Keep in mind that when you recruit her, the only thing left to do is go to the final dungeon.

2. Her incredibly low base VIT (8!), coupled with her MysticMail and her incredibly low starting HP gives me a tough time keeping her alive (Nevermind her whopping 6 LP, making the threat of death even more obnoxious).

Combining these two factors together, you get a character that basically forces you into using magic. And, honestly, if you want to use a caster with incredibly low HP THAT badly, why not pick Rouge? At least you can recruit Rouge early. The beauty of using Mystics is the combination of their excellent casting abilities and physical attacks. Rei cuts out half the equation, and sticks you with an underleveled character at the tail end of a quest where you might have already gotten impatient and learned the gift for the cool magics you want, anyways. Oh, and she'll have yet to learn any spells, either. So, my personal recommendation is to use Rouge if you want a better version of the same experience, or to just use any of the other really good Mystics you get in Asellus's scenario (Ildon, Zozma).

If you ignored everything I just said and chose to use Rei anyways, you might as well go with a Snowfolk x3 build. This will exceed the 99 INT cap by a longshot, and you'll have 98 VIT, making her not die so bad.