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Red: Saved from certain death by being transformed into the superhero, Alkaiser, he seeks out the criminal syndicate that took his family away from him.

Skankin' Garbage's analysis: Easy, but you can make it harder if you want. Red gets the benefit of being able to occasionally morph into Alkaiser, a superhero with heightened abilities. On top of that, he gets an excellent variety of party members. The only way to make Red's scenario hard is if you try to. When it comes time to fight the emperors of BlackX, you can do it in any order you want, so if you want to be cool and try and fight the hardest ones first, then so be it. If you do it in a reasonable order, though, Red's quest will be a cakewalk. In this scenario, I will detail how to make Red's opening quests as easy as possible, and detail the best ways to beat the BlackX Emperors, as well as give directions through one of the most FAQ-requested dungeons in SaGa Frontier - The Black Ray.


1. Morphing power is awesomely powerful, and learns some excellent skills
2. Can recruit an excellent variety of characters
3. A cool balance of mission-based and non-linear story progression
4. Can very easily get the Shield Card, making the Arcane Magic quest much less of a hassle to complete
5. One of the easiest final bosses in the game


1. Can not level up after a fight while morphed into Alkaiser
2. Able to recruit Mystics, but you have to go out of your way to do so
3. Can be difficult if you fight the BlackX Masters in a weird order


Now this is the story all about how my life got flipped, turned upside down...

The game starts off simple enough. Red Okonogi, and his father, Dr., are driving home. Dr. has some 'evidence' that links one of his old friends, Dr. Klein, to a terrorist organization called BlackX. Dr. wants to get the info to IRPO as soon as he can, so that he can prevent his old friend from commiting any more serious cr---WHOA! A crazy armored monster just jumped on my car! What the HELL!?

Red comes to, and can't find his father. He walks up to his house to find it on fire, and the dude attacks Red, and pretty much lays him out hardcore. Then...who comes up to save Red, other than the mysterious hero, Alkarl! Alkarl pretty much explains to him how the hero's code works: If you fight for any unnoble cause, you are destroyed, and if you reveal your identity, your memories are erased.

One year later, Red got a job on the region ship, Cygnus, from his dad's old friend, Hawk. Red's life is now stable, but he never forgets the day he became the hero, Alkaiser...

Finally, Red asks his co-worker, Yuria, on a date. Since Red is poor, Yuria suggests they go dutch. Girls, follow the example of this woman! :P What a very long intro...

Now you can FINALLY move. First of all, you have a BroadSword, EasyRifle, and Backpack in your inventory; equip them. Now, get yourself acquainted with the ship. I offer this next paragraph to try and help...

You start on the second floor. There's nothing really important on here...but you can go down to the first floor to find the engineering room, where you can talk to Hawk, land, and start your missions. The third floor is very important to remember, because it's where the nursing office is (important for later), and where the accounting office is. After every mission (and right now), you can talk to the person in the accounting office and recieve your check. Go there right now to get 200 credits. The fourth floor is just passenger rooms, and is useless. Just remember how to get to the accounting office, and to the engineering room.

...So, when you're ready, talk to Hawk, and begin the game, already.

Looking for BlackX (In all the wrong places)

Your first mission is in Baccarat, the casino region. Red wonders what BlackX would be doing in a casino. Hell...I wonder, too.

This place is a spiraling staircase. Start out by going upstairs to the next screen. Here, in the lower left part of the screen, you can see some BlackX Rangers sitting on the slot machines. Start talking to them, and they will run off. Go back downstairs, and take the elevator (you have to get in on the left) to the parking lot.

As you get off, the elevator Alkaiser(!) finds Shuzer, the one who killed his family, with those BlackX ranger dudes. Shuzer hightails it, and sends in the goons. Fight the four guys to try and learn some techs. It's important to note the advantages and disadvantages of playing as Alkaiser:


- Red gains 250 HP - Red automatically is equipped with the powerful "Ray Sword" - When attacking with Ray Sword or Martial Arts as Alkaiser, Red might learn Alkaiser-specific techs, such as Bright Fist, Shining Kick, Al-Blaster, KaiserWing, etc.


- Can't rely on using Alkaiser very much; can only morph when no allies are present - Red gains no experience as Alkaiser

...So, while you had no choice in this situations (and you won't in other situations), try to avoid using Alkaiser unless you're really in a pinch.

ANYWAYS, after you kill the four goons, the bug monster approaches you. Engage it; you don't have any other choice, after all :P

Boss Fight: Armorpilla, BlueFighter X2 -- Kill the BlueFighters first. This isn't a hard fight, but it is very feasible to lose if the BlueFighters are around, as they can do Level 2 Combination attacks. Afterwards, begin to attack the Armorpilla; he will eventually call to his 'master' for help. The scenery changes, and you are now in "The 4th dimension, Magisphere." This doesn't happen too often, thank the lord, but when in Magisphere, enemy attack power is raised pretty significantly. Anyways, continue tearing into the Armorpilla. If you survived a Level 2 Combination, don't be afraid to use a Cure item.

After the fight, Red gets a call from the Cygnus, which signifies that it's time to report back. Red is annoyed that he can't pursue Shuzer, and returns reluctantly. End of Event.

Like giving candy to a baby

Go get your check from the accounting office, and then talk to Hawk. Your next mission is in Shrike.

Before you start this mission, I'd recommend going to the Bio Lab and recruiting Cotton, if you haven't done so already. You'll be able to use him on your missions from now on, and you won't have the chance to recruit him, or anyone else, for a long while.

Once you land, leave the port and head to a location called "Street." There, in the playground, one of the kids will ask you if you wanna know how to get into Sei's Tomb. Appearantly, BlackX wants to know, because the immediately jump you. This fight is versus one GreenFighter, and anywhere from 1-3 BlackFighters. This CAN be a hard fight if you are playing this scenario first or without system data, since you have only 90 HP instead of 120. If you are having trouble, try using the Magic Stone in your Backpack (It's not like you'll need it for anything else, anyways :P).

Now, head for Sei's Tomb. At the tomb, the goons try to coax the kid into telling them how to get into the tomb by giving them candy, as you get the drop on them.

Boss Fight: Sphinx, GreenFighter X2 -- This fight takes place in Magisphere. If you have Cotton, use him to attack all the enemies simultaneously with SuperSonic, as Red goes after the Sphinx with his strongest attack. If you don't have Cotton, take out the GreenFighters ASAP, and then dig into the Sphinx. If you still have that Magic Stone, this would be a good time to use it.

After the fight, Red gets a call from the Cygnus. End of event.

...And this is my sidekick, Alkaiser...

Go get your check from the accounting office, and then talk to Hawk. Your next mission is in Manhattan.

...Except that there's nothing you can actually do. To progress the story, just go back to the port; you can board the Cygnus from there.

When you get back to the Cygnus, go back to the accounting room again (YEAH! :D), and then head towards the engineering bay. On the way, you'll see Yuria. Talk to her, and she will show you some weapons that were loaded into the cargo during the stop in Manhattan. Red goes back down to investigate.

At the C.T.C Building, Red tries to go in to talk to the president, and is escorted out by security...until Fuse comes in and asks to see the president. He says that Red's with him, and the guards let him go. Fuse interrogates the president, Cindy Campbell, for a while, but nothing comes out of it. The two leave.

Outside, Red is suspicious of Fuse because he didn't actually get any information. Fuse explains that his interrogation will lead Campbell to take some kind of action if she is part of something illegal.

Back in the Cygnus, on the bridge...a pirate ship is ready to collide with the Cygnus. They invade the ship. Red gets ready to defend the engine room, and the pirates come in.

Boss Fight: Guncart, Rocky -- I only called this a boss fight cos it's always the same set of monsters. Just hit them, and kill them, and stuff. :P

In the confusion of battle, one of the pirates gets in and holds up Hawk. Red, not knowing what to do, is snuck up on and knocked out. During their captivity, Fuse enters the ship, and explains that the pirates are after the cargo. They conclude that Campbell must have told the pirates about the weapons that were smuggled onto the ship. Fuse comes with you, and now you must save the ship. How cool! Kind of. :/

Upstairs where Hawk normally stands is a vent that you can use to get to the next floor without fighting anyone. Use it, and you'll be in the entertainment room (the other end of the second floor). Go up into the next screen using the RIGHTMOST exit.

In here are some pirates. If you walk down the short hall, Fuse will (nonverbally) tell you to go around to the other side, so you can surround the pirates. This will make for an easy fight. If you are spotted, a whole buttload of them will come after you. If you can enter any of the doors in this room (the ones that they are guarding), they will go away. In one of them is Yuria. Yuria tells you that the civilians are probably safe, since the pirates are only after the cargo. Leave that room, and go up into the next screen. This should be the screen where you can go either to the third floor or down to the first floor. Head up to the third floor.

Up here, you'll see a monster guarding the door to the bridge; ignore it entirely for now. Don't even walk NEAR it, or else you'll enter a fight in which you have pretty much no chance of winning. Head down into the next screen. This screen has a bunch of passenger rooms. One of the rooms in here contains Asellus and White Rose, whom you will recruit. Now go back a room and head to the fourth floor.

Up here, you can enter the center wooden door and recruit Roufas. To recruit Roufas, you have to talk to him, just in case you tend to hastily leave. While Roufas is very good, I tend not to use him, cos I like to punk his stuff. :P He has very good weapons; I'd recommend giving his SamuraiSword to Red. You can also find Blue up here, but you can't get him to join you. Oh well :/ When you're done, go back down to the third floor, but don't go the wrong way, because if you do, you will immediately enter a fight that you have pretty much no chance of winning. :P

Remember that fight I was talking about? I got some bad news and good news: The bad news is, you have to fight that fight to progress the game. The good news is, you can make it easy. When that monster sees you, he calls for help...BUT, what if his help didn't come? Well, it'd be easy, of course!

So, your first objective is to eliminate the help. The passenger rooms on the third floor that are normally the accounting and nursing office (and that room right next to them) all contain monsters. When fought one at a time, they can be pretty simple.

After you kill the monster in the middle room, you can exit and re-enter to find BJ&K, the nursing robot. Talk to it to recruit it. I would recommend using BJ&K in the party instead of Asellus; since both Fuse and BJ&K will eventually become permanent party members, this is a good way of making sure that you can take all of Roufas's, Asellus's, and White Rose's stuff before they leave. Just give BJ&K your EasyRifle, and slap on whatever spare equipment you have. BJ&K is also very handy because it can heal human party members! Cool :D

Anyways, when you're done with that, go fight the monster already.

Boss Fight: LivingGlove -- It fights you. You should fight it. You'll win; trust me.

After the fight, try to go to the bridge, and Fuse will stop you. He will tell you that entering the bridge from the front is like walking into a deathtrap, and suggest they use an alternate route. Red says there's an emergency passageway, but it's not supposed to be used in flight, the passageway is outdoors (how odd that they'd make it that way :/). You can only be outside for a few seconds, but Fuse and Red decide that it's the best solution. Go down to the second floor...

...Oh, and let me spare you the trouble of trying this out: Let's pretend you ignored the previous conversation, and entered the bridge through the front door. Even if you win the boss fight, which by the way, is more difficult, you will automatically get Game Over after you win. So, follow instructions. :P

Go down to the second floor, and try to exit the screen through the door that you normally can't go through (Emergency! Cannot Be Used In Flight). It will ask you if you're ready...Maybe you should prepare. Make sure that WhiteRose has the spell FlashFire equipped. Make sure Fuse has the spell MindHeal equipped.

When you choose "Ready", immediately hold the run button and left. If you are out on the passageway for too long, you get blown away, and it's Game Over.

Anyways, you get in the bridge, and totally sneak attack the pirates. Rock on!

Boss Fight: Platyhooks -- Pathetic boss fight. Platyhooks isn't even dangerous; he just has a lot of HP. After you deal enough damage to Platyhooks, he will send four Platoonpuses at you. They actually ARE dangerous, cos almost all their attacks do 150+ damage, they can do combination attacks, and they have Supersonic, which is an area attack. You'd do well to take them out quickly. After you've done enough damage to the Platoonpuses, Platyhooks will come back, and you can finish the job.

If you're using Asellus or WhiteRose, an alternate strategy is to absorb Platyhooks into your Mystic Sword and kill him off instantly, but you'll still have to fight the four Platoonpuses.

And, yet another alternate strategy: If you manage to kill all the Platoonpuses on the same turn, it will also end the fight, because Platyhooks won't come back for some reason.

After the boss fight, Fuse and Red pursue the pirate boss, Nomad, but she gets away. As they watch her escape in her ship, a mysterious third ship appears and obliterates Nomad's ship. Fuse identifies it as BlackX's battleship, the Black Ray. This confirms a connection between Campbell and BlackX. End of Event...sheesh. That is probably the longest event in Red's quest. :P

Man, that monk has some good stuff...

Go collect your check, but also, enter the nursing office; you can now permanently recruit BJ&K. Now, go talk to Hawk. Your next mission is in Koorong.

In Koorong, Red walks around asking about BlackX, when some guys on the street start teasing him as he walks by. After Red leaves the screen, he talks to himself, and then you can move. There's nothing you can really do, here. To progress the event, just immediately head back up the stairs. Those guys from before will say something to Red again. Red will notice that they're probly on drugs, and one of the people sitting there will turn into a monster(? what the hell?). Red jumps into the fray.

Boss Fight: Yeti -- No big deal. You've dealt with worse. Just kill him already. :P

After the boss fight, the guy reverts to normal, and Red starts interrogating them. They said that they were sold some new drug...As Red asks who sold them the drug, the girl points out some monk, who runs off to the left. Now, you've got to pursue him through the backstreets of Koorong: The most annoying thing ever. Follow him to the left, and there will be a path at the end of the street into the backstreets. Now begins the chase.

In the first screen, go down the stairs, and you will see a monk by one of the manholes; enter that one.

In here, you can go northeast or southeast. Head southeast, and at the end of the path will be an exit into the next screen. Now, just follow the path up to the manhole at the top of the screen, and enter it.

Here, head southwest into the next screen.

On THIS screen, take the whopping two steps to the left to enter the NEXT screen.

From here, you should see a ladder; climb up it. On the next screen, climb up the stairs and continue up into the next screen.

This screen should look like the end of a railroad track with a manhole; enter the manhole. Here, you should see the monk jump down cliff thingie. Follow him.

On this screen, you should find the monk's hat on the floor. There's only one exit you can take here, so just follow the path into the next screen.

This screen is the final screen: There should be a stairway leading up to a ladder. Up the ladder, be sure to exit the screen to the NORTHEAST! If you go the opposite direction, you'll wind up in the port of Koorong, you won't be able to go backwards, and will have to go through the entire thing again.

The path you took leads Red into the Cygnus. Thinking he has the monk trapped now, he realizes the ship is full of monks in identical robes. Damn. :/ End of Event.

Of Mecs and Martial Arts

Go collect your check, and then talk to Hawk. Your next mission is in Kyo.

Once you leave the port, head to a building in the northeastern part of talk called "Syoin." Inside, you will interrogate the mec about the monk. He will say some nonsense philisophical crap, and Red will begin to leave. Before he leaves, though, the mec stops him and mentions BlackX. He begins to tell him about the four emperors of BlackX, as Red receives a call from the Cygnus. Augh!

Back on the Cygnus, collect your check, and talk to Hawk. Your next mission is in Shingrow.

At the moment, the annual Martial Arts tournament is being held. Go to the Shingrow Palace, and stand in line until you get to the receptionist. He will tell you that you can't compete without a mask. You now have the choice to either Morph into Alkaiser and compete, or just watch. Think about it carefully; if you just watch, you can use your entire party for the rest of the event; but, as Alkaiser, you can get money, and maybe learn new techs during the tournament. It's up to you.

Either way, during the tournament, Red will spot Dr. Klein and pursue him.

You start in the receptionist hall. Head left one screen and up two screens. Here, you can exit to the north, northeast, or northeast; exit southeast first to grab the SanctuaryStone, then head southeast.

In this screen, you'll be jumped by BlackX goons. After you take care of them, examine the huge brown urn on the left side of the screen to reveal a secret passageway. Head down the stairs, and then on the next screen, exit right. From here, it's a straight path to the boss.

Boss Fight: Goblin, YellowFighter X2 -- This is much too easy. You fight the same boss with a much weaker party in Emilia's scenario. Just hit them until they die.

After the fight, Red begins to look for a secret passageway, as he receives a call from the Cygnus. Damnit... End of Event.

Onto bigger and better things + Preparation (Optional)

Go collect your check and talk to Hawk. Your next mission is

None. Red realizes that there's no way he can pursue BlackX if he remains part of the Cygnus crew, and resigns. Hawk drops him off in Yorkland.

You are now free to pursue BlackX in any order you wish. You can also make any preparations you want, and recruit anyone you'd like. You'll be fighting a lot less as Alkaiser from now on, and the bosses from here on stop being so simple. So, you might wanna find a party and level up a little bit before you take on anyone. To recap, here are your leads:

- After the fiasco with the pirates, there is an obvious connection to Cindy Campbell and BlackX. - In Kyo, a philosophizing mec appears to have information on BlackX. - Dr. Klein appears to have some kind of business in Shingrow.

Also, hint hint, Koorong is a hub for information.

Remember that if you have trouble taking down one BlackX Emperor, you can always try another. My walkthrough is not exactly in order from easiest to hardest; I recommend taking either Shuzer or Cindy Campbell down first because you get a sweet Alkaiser skill for beating them. If you just want to do it in order of easiest to hardest, it would be MBlack, Cindy Campbell, Shuzer/Berva (they're both about as hard, though I think most people will have more trouble with Berva).

Anyways, here's my recommendation for preparing:

For party recruitment: In Koorong, go recruit Annie. Since Annie will join you without any hassle of starting the Runes quest, since she is helping you with information on the Shuzer Base. After you recruit Annie, go inside the restaurant and talk to Roufas, and he will involve his organization, Gradius, in the mission. What this means is, you get to recruit either Roufas or Liza; I suggest Liza. Now, go to Manhattan. Go recruit Fuse, who will automatically join you without the hassle of starting the Arcane quest, since he is going to help you take down Campbell. Now, go to Devin and start the Arcane quest; afterwards, head to Baccarat and recruit Emilia. These are the characters I would use as your final party for the rest of the game.

Level and equipment: I would suggest going and leveling up until your HP is in the 400-450 range. I would also recommend doing the Junk Shop trick in Scrap before you continue. In particular, it's important to have good shields, and a few PowerCures.

Alkaiser Vs. The Power Rangers Cast, Act 1: Let the Shuzting begin

In Koorong, leave the port, and head to the screen with the armor shop and the helmet shop. There, you will see a girl with blonde hair outside of the restaurant (It has the cereal bowl thingies outside). Talk to her, and she will remember you as the guy asking about BlackX. She tells you she has some information on the location of a base, and the whereabouts of Shuzer. In exchange for the information, though, she has you take her out to dinner, hahaha. :P She also apparently drives a hard bargain, too...but, alas, afterwards, she accompanies you to show you the way to the base.

(By the way, if you head back to the restaurant afterwards, you can choose to Recruit either Liza or Roufas; If you recruit Liza, you can eventually recruit both, so my suggestion is Liza).

The way there is pretty much identical to the route you took following the monk in the backstreets last time you were here. These instructions will look pretty similar, of course (Especially since I mostly copy & pasted them. :P):

In the first screen, go down the stairs. You'll be assaulted by thugs as you walk down the stairs this time; kill em, and continue down the stairs. Enter the manhole farthest to the right. In here, you can go northeast or southeast. Head southeast, and at the end of the path will be an exit into the next screen. Here, just follow the path up to the manhole at the top of the screen, and enter it. Here, head southwest into the next screen. On THIS screen, take the whopping to steps to the left to enter the NEXT screen. In this screen, you should see a ladder; climb up it. On this screen, climb up the stairs and continue up into the next screen. This screen should look like the end of a railroad track with a manhole; enter the manhole. Here, you should see that cliff thingie the monk jumped down. Annie will direct you down the cliff; follow her. When you reach the next screen, you'll see Annie there. She'll tell you that the way to the base is across the 'bridge' right there. After you cross, Annie will lead you to a ladder that will take you up to the Shuzer Base. When you get up the top of the ladder, Annie will have followed you up! She now joins your party permanently! Awww, what a charitable lady :D Let's start with the Shuzer Base.

On the first screen, walk up the stairs and enter the door into the next screen. This room is a hallway; go to the door all the way in the back, into the next screen. In here, the back wall of the room will be broken; walk out of the room through the hole in the wall. Now, you're outside. Follow the path up to top, and as you reach the top, a monster will crash through from the floor and attack you.

Boss Fight: Cyclops -- Funny fight, this fight. The Cyclops hits rather hard, about 300 HP attacks. To top that off, your entire party starts the fight out at 1/2 max HP. But! It is incredibly vulnerable to stun attacks. Use moves like Heaven/Hell and Stun Slash in conjunction with other comboable attacks, and you will be able to kill it fairly fast without having to worry about getting attacked. The Cyclops has about 10,000 HP.

After the boss fight, walk around the hole in the floor and up the stairs into the next screen. Here, the only way to go is up; you'll know you're going the right way if you run into a BlueFighter enemy where the fight occurs in Magisphere. Walk across the board into the next building. In this screen, there will be a dead end, and two lion head statues. Examine the statue on the right to reveal the path. In here, you'll see a silhouette of Shuzer at the other side of the room. Follow him outside and engage him.

Boss Fight: Shuzer -- This guy isn't too amazingly tough. He only hits single targets for about 150-ish damage. Sometimes, his Tornado attack deals 300 damage. After you deal about 5000-ish damage, A helicopter will come and Shuzer will make his escape.

As Shuzer leaves in the helicopter, Red makes a jump for it, morphs into Alkaiser, and engages Shuzer after he lands at the heliport.

Boss Fight: Shuzer -- As if it wasn't bad that your party has been reduced to one person, Shuzer now fights even tougher. Having a good shield will help, if only a little bit. When Shuzer uses ClawBit, take it very slow; don't attack unless you have about 450+HP in this position. PowerCures are your best friend in this fight. Red will learn FinalCrusade after the fight, an Alkaiser skill - that is, provided you haven't learned it from beating Cindy Campbell first.

After the fight, Alkaiser says nothing, and walks off, completely badass. End of Event.

Alkaiser Vs. The Power Rangers Cast, Act 2: Alkaiser Vs Lord Zedd...I mean, MBlack

Head to Kyo. as you leave the port, you'll see a monk head into the Syoin building. If you go in there, though, you can't find anything! What the hell :/ Go to a location in the middle of Kyo called "Garden". There, you'll find a mec looking for "Metal Black Base." Since that's what Red is looking for, he invites the mec, Rabbit, to come with him. Now, when you go to the Syoin, Rabbit will discover a secret passage in the wall. Rock on! Examine the wall to be transported into the Metal Black Base.

From the start, go down the stairs (Be sure to pick up the 300 Credits in plain sight), and then exit into the next screen.

This room is the main hall. You're gonna want to go downstairs, and exit through the bottom exit.

In this screen, follow the path right, into the next screen. In here, you should see two GreenFighters, a door that leads into a garden, and a more obscured door to the right of it. Head into the obscured door; it is near the corner of the northern and eastern walls.

In this screen, head north, and exit through the door on the northern wall.

In this room, you'll see a few monsters, and a huge vat of green liquid. Climb up the ladder on the right side of the screen, and walk across the short catwalk to see a GreenFighter guarding the vat. After you defeat them, Red identifies the substance as what is used to make those crazy drugs. He then rigs the room with dynamite.

Now you have to leave the place; you can leave be retracing your steps exactly the way you came. As you leave the base, you hear some explosions, and are suddenly thrown into a boss fight.

Boss Fight: MBlack -- This is the philosiphizing mec from before. He takes you on just outside of the base. Most of MBlacks attacks are single target physical attacks. They are kind of strong (150-200 HP range), but can be blocked pretty easily with a good shield. MBlack's two noteworthy attacks are MoonScraper, which hits the entire party for near 200 damage, and TigerRampage, which hits a single target for 900+ (wow) damage. MBlack also has pretty damn good defense, too. You also probably won't be using Alkaiser in this fight, either, since Red doesn't morph before the fight. Don't be intimidated, though. Make sure the designated healer's HP is always up. Rip into him with your strongest attacks, since this is the main boss battle of the event. MBlack only has about 15,000 HP, so he'll go down pretty quick as long as you keep it up.

After you win the fight, that's it! End of Event.

Alkaiser Vs. The Power Rangers Cast, Act 3: Alkaiser Vs Rita...I mean, Cindy Campbell

Go to Manhattan. Go to a building on the west side of town called "Shopping Mall." Go up to the second floor, and walk all the way over to the left, and there is a restaurant you can enter. In the far back is Fuse. Fuse will tell you he's been waiting for you, and joins up with you to take down Campbell. Rock on! Now, leave the mall, and go to the C.T.C Building; it's on the far right side of town, even farther to the right than the port.

Enter and head to the receptionist desk. Talk to the receptionist, and before you get thrown out again, Campbell orders that you be let go through the loud speaker. She lets you know that she knows you're the son of Dr. Okonogi, and Red runs up the stairs.

Up on the elevator, Red and Fuse are talking, as they get attacked by BlackX goons. The PinkFighters you face here are the toughest yet; though, that's not to say they're very dangerous. After you climb out of the elevator, talk to the receptionist. The elevator is out of order. As Red tells her to leave, more BlackX goons come to fight. Kill them, and climb the ladder at the northern part of the screen, and, when you reach the top, examine the top to enter a hatch. Now begins the race up the C.T.C Building.

In the first room, you can head either left or right. Right leads to a dead end with a Missle Pod. When you're ready to progress, take the left exit. In here are 400 Credits and a WaterCannon. The exit to the next screen is hard to see, but it's in the upper right. From here, you can either enter the door right next to you, or walk down the hall to find another door. Both paths lead to the same place, but the door right next to you will lead to a room with a Light Bazooka. In any case, the room where both paths connect has two security guards and a fairy monster in the bottom right that can't move. In that screen, exit through the door on the northern part of the screen.

This screen consists of two flights of stairs with slimes all over them. At the top is a miniboss. Boss Fight: HugeSlime, PinkFighter X3 -- This fight will take place in Magisphere, but it isn't too tough. Just take out the PinkFighters immediately, and then work the HugeSlime; it shouldn't be able to do much damage to you, even in Magisphere. You'll get a MagiWater upon victory.

After the fight, continue into the next screen.

The next set of stairs will have planes coming down the stairs. At the top is another miniboss. Boss Fight: Guncart X2, PinkFighter -- This fight takes place in Magisphere, so you'll wanna take out the Guncarts pretty quick so you can hit the PinkFighter. This isn't anything to worry much about, though. If you're strong enough to come up this tower, you can probably beat this fight in one or two turns. :P You'll get an EagleGun upon victory.

After the fight, continue into the next screen.

The third flight of stairs has plant monsters on them; this is really annoying, since they're very hard to dodge AND are plentiful. At the top is - you guessed it - another miniboss. Boss Fight: Trapvine X2, PinkFighter X3 -- Same as the other two...Magisphere, kill them. You'll recieve a MaxCure upon victory.

After the fight, continue into the next screen.

The fourth flight of stairs has those rolley bugs rolling down the stairs. At the top is another miniboss.

Boss Fight: Armorpilla X3, PinkFighter X2 -- Attacks that do more damage are better than attacks that do less damage. You'll recieve a Protector upon victory.

After the fight, continue into the next screen.

The fifth and final flight of stairs has random mec and bird enemies. There's no miniboss waiting at the top, though. Rather, the receptionist waits at the top. Talk to her, and you can receive a Thunderbolt.

Walking the opposite direction from her will take you to the next screen. Before you continue onward, prepare:

- If you have a lot of cure items, you might wanna distribute them amongst your party members. - Make sure Red has FinalCrusade equipped, assuming you've already fought Shuzer.

From here, follow the path and you'll reach Campbell's office. Campbell has left someone in her office to take care of you, though. ...So I guess, technically, there WAS a miniboss waiting at the top of these stairs. Hahaha, surprise! :D

Boss Fight: Blackgarb, AutoBuffer X3 -- Blackgarb and the AutoBuffers (lol, it sounds like a band name) can hit first. The diffuculty in this fight lies in Campbell's support. In the background are three monitors. They will change their display every turn. Three big Campbell heads means she will cast HypnoFlash, which puts all your party members to sleep. Several Campbell heads means she'll cast Yell, which raises the enemies' STR and QUI. If the C.T.C logo appears, then nothing will happen. All the enemies become pretty fearful after Campbell casts Yell, so be sure to take them out quick. Whatever you do, try to converse your cures and WP. Concentrate on one AutoBuffer at a time, since they have a lot of HP. Blackgarb doesn't have too much, so you should probably have the fight in the bag once you've taken out the AutoBuffers.

After the fight, the room blacks out, and Red takes the opportunity to morph into Alkaiser! YEAH!!! Alkaiser then leads the group out to the roof of the C.T.C Building, where they engage Campbell, who...turns into a spider. Awesome.

Boss Fight: Arachne -- Arachne is pretty tough. She can do LightningWeb, which hits every party member for 150+ damage. Not helping much is the fact that it's like, her favorite attack. Her single target attacks deal damage in the 200+ range. After losing half of her life, she moves to the back row...which doesn't help her at all, by the way. :P Anyways, this is the main boss fight, so tear into her with your strongest attacks. Be sure to bring someone back to life immediately when they die, and always keep Red's life up; you don't want him to be dead in case he needs to use FinalCrusade, and trust me, it's a fair possibility that multiple party members will fall at the same time in this fight. Arachne has about 20,000 - 25,000 HP.

After you win the fight, you'll learn FinalCrusade if you haven't already beaten Shuzer. End of Event.

Alkaiser Vs. The Power Rangers Cast, Act 4: Alkaiser Vs Goldar...I mean, Berva

Go to Shingrow. If you go to the palace, you'll realize you can't find any secret door...lame. :O In the port, though, there is a girl who isn't normally there. If you approach her, she asks you if you're part of an expedition team. She explains to you that her brother got lost in the ruins, and asks for your help. So, she (her name is Doll) joins you, and you head for the ruins. Now, leave the port and head for the Ruins in the upper right. Now begins one of the most annoying dungeons in SaGa Frontier...the ruins in the upper right. :P

In the first screen, head up into the next screen. This screen is a fork; go left into the next screen. Here, climb up the stairs and enter the door. There's a huge frog in here...engage it.

Boss Fight: Gaeatoad -- You've probly already fought these before if you leveled up in the Yorkland Swamps. This is the same thing, only with a little more HP. Nothin' you can't handle.

After beating the Gaeatoad, continue into the next screen.

Go down the stairs and under the archway into the next screen. Now, head through the door on the other side, into the next screen. In here, you'll see two little girls on the stairs. Talk to them, and they'll fight you. Cool.

Boss Fight: SwordValkyrie, SpearValkyrie -- The're a little annoying, cos they can deflect attacks; but other than that, they are total pushovers. Nothin' you can't handle. :D

After the fight, continue into the next screen.

Here, go straight across (as in, don't go downstairs) into the next screen. From here, it's a straight path to the next miniboss. Before you fight them, though, you should equip any spells or abilities you have that hit multiple targets.

Boss Fight: HugeSlime, BigSlime X4 -- Your goal is to kill the HugeSlime. You can't reach it very easily, because the BigSlimes are in the way. Worse yet, they regenerate, so you have to clear the way and kill it quickly. The damage they do isn't very high, but it will begin to make a difference if you have to fight them for long. If you can spam multitarget attacks, they should all go down pretty quick. Otherwise, just hit em' hard and fast.

After the fight, approach the emblem, and examine it to reveal a secret passage. Inside, get prepared to fight the last BlackX Emperor, Berva.

Boss Fight: Berva -- This one's a doozy. One funny thing is, you don't get game over if you lose to him; I'll cover that in a moment. Berva does a lot of strong single target attacks (200+ damage), and ocassionally does Tremor, which deals 150+ damage to the entire party. He also uses Sway Back, which deflects a LOT of physical attacks at a 100% success rate. Pretty much any physical attack where you approach him is canceled, unless it moves quick (NoMoment) or is a throw move (GiantSwing). Experiment with what works, and stick to what you like. After you deal enough damage to Berva, he runs away.

Now, here lies a fork in the road...


Berva runs away. You are now put outside of the ruins. A trail of BlackX goons blocks the path to the palace, where Berva stands. Take them out, and approach Berva. Berva will run into the palace; follow him.

From the front desk head left. On this screen, head up into the next screen. There are some people in this room; one of them will heal your party. Rock on! Well, here's where you should save and prepare. When you're ready, head through the southern central exit on the screen to enter the arena and fight Berva again.

Boss Fight: Berva -- Berva is probly the hardest boss fight you've deal with thus far. This is pretty much a repeat of last fight, except for that instead of canceling attacks, he will use BervaCounter, which deals a friggin' CRAPLOAD of HP (300+). So, be absolutely sure not to do anything that you think won't work. Berva has about 40,000 HP.

After the fight, the Shingrow Palace explodes. Crazy. :O End of Event.


Red comes to in some sort of cage. He is escorted into a room, and he realizes that his fate is to become a BlackX goon if he doesn't do something, SO, he morphs into Alkaiser and he (you) beats the crap out of the guards.

(IMPORTANT NOTE: It's possible for you to leave the place and fight Berva without finding any of your friends. Don't do something that ridiculous.)

Now you can move. Exit the room. In this room, head right, and take the downstairs path. Kill the guard, and Doll will recognize Alkaiser (Who wouldn't?) Alkaiser assures her that Red is okay, and her and the rest of the party rejoins you. Make sure you check your party, as it just throws your party members back in based on who you recruited first (Meaning you'll probably have Cotton and BJ&K in your main group). Anyways, head back into the previous room, and this time, exit south from where the Yellow guard is. In this room, head straight down (don't go down the stairs!) into the next screen. From here, it's a straight path to the 'exit.'

As you continue in, you'll eventually reach the room that Red original was convinced contained a secret room (That was a while back :O). Well, funny that he was right, huh? Anyways, follow the path until you reach a room with a few people in it. One of them will heal your party (Yeahhh!!!!). Anyways, when you're ready, head through the southern central exit on the screen to enter the arena and fight Berva again.

Boss Fight: Berva -- I hope you're rethought your battle strategy since the last time you fought; Berva has more HP this time around, and is a whole lot harder; he has replaced Sway Back with BervaCounter, which deals some crazy damage to anyone who does a counterable attack (300+ HP). Berva has 40,000-50,000 HP. Good luck.

After the fight, the Shingrow Palace explodes. Crazy. :O End of Event.

Preparation: Alkaiser Permanente (Optional)

After you've beaten all 4 BlackX emperors, you can board the Cygnus at any time, from almost any port you want. BUT! I wouldn't go yet. Boarding the Cygnus is your point of no return for this scenario.

- Level up to about 700-ish HP.

- Make sure you have all the equipment you want. I'd reccomend buying lots of MaxCure and SnakeOil, and a PurpleEye for everyone.

- Also, if you want to use magic in this scenario, I'd definitely reccomend getting Arcane Magic; if you recruited Fuse at Manhattan, he will GIVE you the Shield Card when you go to IRPO.

Back in the Saddle Again.

After you've beaten all 4 BlackX emperors, you recieve a call from the Cygnus. Now, you can board the Cygnus at any time, from almost any port you want. When you're ready, talk to someone at any particular port, and board the Cygnus. It feels great to be back, huh?

On the Cygnus, there's really nothing to see. You can't even pick up a check :/ Just go see Hawk. Hawk will have found a BlackX uniform. He thanks Hawk, and, with his help, he uses it to sneak onto the BlackRay.

You're gonna start off alone in some random room. Go ahead and quicksave the game, and take a stroll around the ship. You might notice that it's not very user-friendly, and it's rather simple to get lost. There's a VERY good reason for this. :P Anyways, when you're ready...

From the starting room, go upstairs. Take the center door in the next room. In here, there should be an elevator in the middle. Take it to the third floor (VERY_IMPORTANT), and then enter the door on the upper left. Red will immediately recognize the captain of the ship as MBlack, and leave the room, wondering how he's even alive. Suddenly, an alarm goes off.

Here's how this part works: The ship has been alerted to your presence, and MBlack is on your trail. Every time you enter a new room, you wind up 1000MM closer to the BlackX Base. If you backtrack through any room you've already been through before, you will get caught and attacked by MBlack. If you are caught and attacked by MBlack before you are at the base, he will destroy the ship to take you out, even if you beat him. In other words, don't try fighting him if you're far away from the base; it's just a waste of time. :P You can use the elevator, but it doesn't bring you closer to the base. As soon as it says "About to reach BlackX Base", you can resign yourself to being caught by MBlack. Be ready to fight.

Here are the best ways to do it:

If you want the SilverMoon sword and the WarLordArmor:

10000MM From BlackX Base: Take the elevator down to 1F, then follow the path.
9000MM From BlackX Base: Follow the path.
8000MM From BlackX Base: Exit East.
7000MM From BlackX Base: Exit North.
6000MM From BlackX Base: Exit North.
5000MM From BlackX Base: Follow the path.
4000MM From BlackX Base: Exit South.
3000MM From BlackX Base: Head towards the eastern exit, but enter the door that faces south.
2000MM From BlackX Base: Exit East. (WarLordArmor)
1000MM From BlackX Base: Exit North.
About to reach BlackX Base: You're at a dead end. (SilverMoon)

If you want the SilverMoon sword and the IronClogs:

10000MM From BlackX Base: Take the elevator down to 1F, then follow the path.
9000MM From BlackX Base: Follow the path.
8000MM From BlackX Base: Exit West.
7000MM From BlackX Base: Exit North.
6000MM From BlackX Base: Exit North.
5000MM From BlackX Base: Follow the path.
4000MM From BlackX Base: Exit South.
3000MM From BlackX Base: Head towards the western exit, but enter the door that faces south.
2000MM From BlackX Base: Exit West. (IronClogs)
1000MM From BlackX Base: Exit North.
About to reach BlackX Base: You're at a dead end. (SilverMoon)

If you want the WarLordArmor, IronClogs, and the OctopusBoard:

10000MM From BlackX Base: Exit Southwest.
9000MM From BlackX Base: Exit Southwest. (WarLordArmor)
8000MM From BlackX Base: Exit North.
7000MM From BlackX Base: Exit North.
6000MM From BlackX Base: Follow the path.
5000MM From BlackX Base: There will be a door to your left as soon as you enter; exit through there.
4000MM From BlackX Base: Exit Southeast.
3000MM From BlackX Base: Exit Southeast. (IronClogs)
2000MM From BlackX Base: Exit South.
1000MM From BlackX Base: Go to the end of the hall, then enter the door that exits to the east.
About to reach BlackX Base: Exit wherever you want; you're at the base! (OctopusBoard)

If you want the WarLordArmor, IronClogs, and the SprigganSuit:

10000MM From BlackX Base: Exit Southeast.
9000MM From BlackX Base: Exit Southeast. (IronClogs)
8000MM From BlackX Base: Exit North.
7000MM From BlackX Base: Exit North.
6000MM From BlackX Base: Follow the path.
5000MM From BlackX Base: There will be a door to your right as soon as you enter; exit through there.
4000MM From BlackX Base: Exit Southwest.
3000MM From BlackX Base: Exit Southwest. (WarLordArmor)
2000MM From BlackX Base: Exit South.
1000MM From BlackX Base: Go to the end of the hall, then enter the door that exits to the west.
About to reach BlackX Base: Exit wherever you want; you're at the base! (SprigganSuit)

Out of all of these, I'd reccomend the second one. The SprigganSuit, IronClogs, and the SilverMoon are the best great treasures, and I prefer PoweredSuits over SprigganSuits; SprigganSuits have 5 more defense, but PoweredSuits raise STR and QUI. The SilverMoon is a sword that has an attack power of 69 (Stronger than anything you can buy in a store), and is also a Katana, which means you can learn and use "Sword Techniques" with it (ShadowCounter, MoonlightCut, Blizzard, TrésFlores). If you're using Armor instead of Suits, IronClogs are the best shoes in the game, and you can buy WarLordArmors and at least one OctopusBoard (which I don't like anyways).

ANYWAYS...For the more important part of this event: The boss fight vs MBlackII.

Boss Fight: MBlackII -- This guy is mostly the same...his attacks are now mainly gun and missle attacks, so you can't simply deflect most of them. The damage on them varies a lot, but the two attacks to look out for are Shoot-All and MoonScraper, which hit the entire party for about 150-200 HP. I hope you leveled up like I told you to! :P Anyways, MBlackII has about 40,000 HP, so don't let this fight drag on too long.

After the fight, MBlackII blows up the ship to try and take your party out, but you escape, since you're close to the base. As the party enters the BlackX Base, Alkaiser shows up! He tells the party that he snuck into the BlackRay, too, and that he took care of Red and made sure he was safe, hahaha. Alkaiser then joins forces with Red's party to take out BlackX for good! Yeahhh! :D

Finale - My name is Red Okonogi. You Killed My Father. Prepare To Die.

Now begins the path through the BlackX Base. You may notice that your WP/JP/LP is not restored, so watch out.

This dungeon is rather straightforward. What makes this dungeon annoying is that the hallways are narrow, and cluttered with enemies. Don't count on avoiding many fights; in fact, trying to avoid fights usually causes you to get into even more fights, somehow. This is the only final dungeon in the entire game where you have to fight pretty much every enemy; even T260's last dungeon is less tedious than this one. Enough ranting, though...

On the first screen, make the long trek upward, being sure to grab the SanctuaryStone (Just what I needed; but save it though!), and exit through the door on the top of the screen.

On this second screen, as you try to exit, the wall falls through in the center of the room, letting way to all those crazy monsters. Inside is a MaxCure, MagiWater, and a GrainCannon...but more importantly, is that the switch to unlock the door is in there. Hit it, and then continue onward to the next screen.

On this screen, make another long trek up to the next screen.

This screen looks like a cargo area; you might think there's something good here, but there's not. Just go northeast to find the exit into the next screen.

On this screen, head up the stairs to find a switch; it will lower an elevator on the west side of the screen. Go up the elevator, grab the HyperionBazooka, and exit north into the next screen.

This screen, I shall dub "Important Screen." On Important Screen, there are two pipes you can walk across, or a flight of stairs you can go down. Before you do anything else, walk across the farthest pipe away from the entrance; it will lead you to a door; enter it. Inside, Red finds his mom and sister alive and safe! Awesome! :D Approach them, and you'll tell them you're here to save them; then, talk to Red's mother and she will give you a key that she got from Dr. Klein. You can talk to her again, and she will heal your party! Rock on :D Now, go back to important screen, walk down the stairs, and enter the door.

This is it! Walk up the hall, and when you reach the back, you'll be greeted by The BlackX Boss. He doesn't waste much time in picking a fight, though. :P

Boss Fight: BlackX -- BlackX gets two attacks per turn. He uses a lot of gaze attacks (StunGaze, StoneGaze, and DeathGaze), so get ready to have someone doing a lot of healing. BlackX has about 25,000 - 30,000 HP; since this boss sequence is rather long, I'd reccomend not using any WP for this fight; this is more of a battle of endurance than anything. It's very unlikely that you'll lose this fight, as Alkaiser resists gaze attacks; you just need to keep on your toes with the healing. You recieve a PurpleEye for nice. :P

After the fight, Dr. Klein greets you, and uses his secret weapon...

Boss Fight: Berva, Arachne, Shuzer -- That's right; you have to kill all three of them. Thankfully, you don't have to fight them all at the same time. All three bosses have had their attack power souped up to keep up with your new amazing defense. Every few turns, the enemy you're fighting will switch off. Berva has some 30,000 HP, whereas Arachne and Shuzer have somewhere closer to 50,000 HP. This is no fight of endurace; you'll want to kill them quickly. Go ahead and pull out all the stops for this one.

After the fight, you can move. Get prepared. You don't need to use a SanctuaryStone if you don't want to; you will be automatically healed for this fight. When you're ready, go talk to Dr. Klein. He will now sic a new and improved (again) MBlackIII on you! THIS MBlack is appearantly the MBlack to end all MBlacks. Here goes! The second half of the final boss sequence.

Boss Fight: MBlackIII -- Well, Dr. Klein wasn't kidding - they sure pulled out all the stops with this MBlack. MBlackIII can take up to three attacks per turn, most all of his attacks hitting in the 200+ damage range. His signature attack, MoonScraper, hits everyone for about 200 HP. Some of his single attacks (TigerRampage, DarkPhoenix) hit for about 500-600 damage. Go all out on this guy; he has about 100,000 HP! You can't afford not to. :P After the fight, MBlack will heal you, anyways.

Afterwards, a crashing presence will appear in the room, and identify itself as the real master of BlackX. I guess if the leader came after you, you really did something to piss him off. :P Anyways, ready, get set...

Boss Fight: BossX -- What a creepy looking boss! It's like something out of a Gradius game. :O Anyways, this fight takes place in Magisphere, but don't let that scare you. :P This crazy boss has about 125,000 HP (!). He only takes one attack per turn, but don't let that fool you; his single target attacks do about 450+ damage :O A few other noteworthy attacks are JudgementX, which deals 500 damage to the party, HyperGaze, which deals about 150 damage to the party and induces random status effects, and Lord'sDinner, which is a drain attack for about 750 damage. Wow. Be sure to abuse FinalCrusade with Alkaiser; you won't be needing those LP anyways. :P Just be sure to keep Alkaiser's HP up, since FinalCrusade doesn't heal Alkaiser. Good luck!

Once you've finished, enjoy the ending! You deserve it after a boss sequence like that, sheesh. :P