SaGa Frontier/Mesarthim

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Race Mystics
Gender Female

Emelia T260 Riki Blue Asellus Red Lute


Common recruitment method

After you have one Mystic in your party, head for the Lord Manor in Owmi. Enter the basement, and fight the DevilSquid miniboss. After defeating it, you can access a door to the left. In this room will be a small body of water; approach it, and you will be prompted to either recruit Mesarthim, or receive an item from her.

If you attempt to recruit Mesarthim with Silence in your party, she will become upset by Silence's lack of reply and leave. To remedy this, get another mystic, come back to the room and she will reappear at the edge of the water.

Special recruitment methods


During the story event in Owmi, you will Mesarthim will join your group temporarily. You can come back and recruit her at any time.

Character analysis

By Skankin' Garbage: Not worth the trouble, in most cases. Mesarthim does have a few good things going for her: Her Mystic Armor is an accessory (which nulls water attacks!), making her one of the few Mystics that can use normal armor or full-body suits. She also comes with LifeRain - a special ability that heals the entire party at the expense of one of her LP. She comes with the gift of Mystic Magic (of course), as well as Rune Magic. On the other hand, Mesarthim has the overall lowest base stats of any Mystic in the game (Remember, almost all of Mystics' base stats never go up). This isn't such a big deal, as it still doesn't make her terrible.

More importantly, however, she just takes too much effort to recruit; I like to form my final parties as quick as possible, so having to be strong enough to beat the DevilSquid before even getting to use her is bogus, in my opinion. Even if that weren't the case, in two of the scenarios where you can recruit her, you have to reach the TimeLord before you can even recruit her! If you're going to go through all that hassle, just take the TimeLord - at least he has some of the highest base stats of any Mystic, and TIME MAGIC to boot.

The only case in which I think it's not completely inane to recruit her is Riki's scenario, where using Mesarthim is the only way to have a character with the gift of Rune Magic. In this case, you'll want to really specialize in Magic with her. I recommend eventually going Snowfolk x3, giving her 99 in INT, PSY, and VIT. Basically, this will allow you to make a spellcasting tank out of her, and having both PsyNet and MysteryTap is incredibly useful at 99 PSY.