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Lute: A young upstart with his lute in hand leaves home in search of adventure.

Skankin' Garbage's analysis: Really, really easy. The gimmick of Lute's scenario is that he has no scenario. If you know how to reach the end of his quest, you can fight the last boss before you've even played for fifteen minutes! The point of Lute's scenario is to go nuts on sidequests and have fun. You don't get many uncommon characters in Lute's scenario, but the ones you can get will suffice. To top it off, Lute has the easiest last boss in the game by a longshot, making this scenario a cakewalk. I reccomend doing this scenario as soon as you feel comfortable with the workings of the game, because if you save it for last, you'll probably be sick of doing sidequests, and Lute's scenario will be nothing more than a four hour-long grind.


1. Scenario sets you loose immediately
2. If you really hate Lute, you can remove him from the party (I don't)
3. Easiest last boss in the game


1. Lute starts out pretty weak
1. Lute himself is not a particularly good character
2. Can't recruit Mystics, but you have to go out of your way to do so
3. If you don't like doing sidequests, this scenario will be very painful

Intro - From the beginning to the end

After the opening dialogue, you have to name Lute, giving this scenario the distinction of being one of the only two scenarios where you can name the main character. Neat.

Anyways, as soon as you can move, you'll see two guys waiting slightly to the north of you (If you've played other scenarios, you'll know the road they're blocking as the entrance to the port in this town) Go talk to them, and they'll try not to let you on the ship at first, but their captain will come and tell them to let you on. The ship goes to the region of Manhattan.


Here, in Manhattan, you can go to the shopping mall, and there's a restaurant on the second floor; you can talk to the people in there (Leonard & Fuse), and they'll have some interesting stuff to say to you - I'd go check it out really quick, though it's optional. On the subject of optional, you can go back to Yorkland and recruit Thunder - your brother - now, if you'd like.

When you're ready, go back to the port and go to Koorong, and from there, to Owmi.

At Owmi, go to the restaurant (It's the building just across the bridge) and talk to the girl in the green. Lute will somehow deduct that she's from Nelson (I don't get exactly how), and she'll say that you should see the ship some time - appearantly, she's the captain.

Go to Owmi, head to the restaurant, and talk to this lady. You're already halfway through Lute's quest!

So, without further ado, head to Nelson; this will cause you to board that captain lady's ship.

Just in case you don't know, you can only get to Nelson from the port of Owmi. See?

Onboard the ship (The ship's called the Victoria), there's absolutely nothing to see - besides the person steering the ship, no one will even talk to you. Just head inside to the captains quarters. Talk to the captain (Captain Hamilton), and she'll tell you all KINDSA stuff about your dad, and Mondo, and all that crazy shit, and will convince Lute to join her in the fight against Mondo.

I bet you're not ready. Seriously, don't do it.

Preparation - This is the entire scenario

...Aaaaand, that's it. You are ALREADY at the final dungeon. You'd be crazy to go in until you're strong, but you've completed the scenario, for all intents and purposes. Whenever you're ready to go to the last boss, head to Nelson from Owmi, and go talk to Captain Hamilton and tell her you're ready.

Before you do that, make the necessary preparations.

- Prepare a final party. When making a final party, it might be a good thing to keep in mind that Lute's scenario is the only scenario where you can actually REMOVE him from the main party! So, if you don't like using Lute, you don't have to use him. I use him, though.

Some other suggestions: Captain Hamilton comes at a huge head start if you get her early, making her a nice choice. As for what to do with her, you can't go wrong with either Guns or Swords, but she's better with Guns. If you want a mage, Rouge would be the best choice. Recruiting Fei-On isn't a half bad idea, either, if you're going to do the Rune Quest (I usually don't).

More than anything, though, Sword-users are top tier in Lute's final battle, cos almost every one of the final boss's attacks can be Deflected. I would recommend at least two sword-users in the final party, but a team of all Swords would be a fun way to really cheese the last boss - I'd suggest Lute, Hamilton, Gen, Annie, and/or Emelia.

- Get to the 700 HP range, with (obviously) good spells and techs to boot.

- Get good equipment - particularly, ExcelShields/DullahanShields/DragonShield. Any will do - just make sure you have a good shield for everyone.

- If you get bored, you could try doing a magic quest (I would definitely do the Light Magic quest if you're getting any magic users). Doing Lute's scenario is also a good excuse to do some of the sidequests, like Furdo's Workspace (300+ HP) or the Bio Laboratory (700+ HP), or go spelunking in any random dungeon from any other scenario (i.e Shingrow Ruins, Lord Manor in Owmi, Backstreets in Koorong, Sei's Tomb in Shrike, etc.)

Finale - The dungeon is about as interesting as the rest of the quest

When you finally tell Captain Hamilton you're ready to go to the Mondo Base, you...get to the Mondo Base. This dungeon is retardedly basic.

If you don't recruit Gen, look at all the dialogue you're missing out on!

In this first screen, follow the path into the second screen.

On this screen is an elevator - you activate it by pressing the switch in the upper right corner of it.

That thing's the switch. I dunno about you, but every time I play Lute's scenario after a long time, I look for it on the opposite side.

Now, when the elevator stops, there's a room you can enter; enter it. Inside is a staircase leading to a catwalk. at the end of the catwalk is a box; you grab the box simply by walking over it.

I'm not sure how the box actually lets you go down to the next floor. Maybe the maximum load for the elevators is deceptively low?

After you've grabbed it, go back to the elevator and go down to the next floor. Here, you do the exact same thing as you did in the previous floor.

Of course, it'll be a different box. You didn't think it was gonna be the same box, did you?

Now, on the final floor, enter the room where the elevator stops, and in that room, there should be an exit to the northeast. Entering that room triggers the final boss fight.

Boss Fight: Spriggan -- I tried. I tried VERY hard to figure out exactly what makes this boss hard. I even fought the fight using 0 WP/JP techs once, so that I could see exactly WHAT it did, and what happens at which part of the fight. I *won* when I did this.

Here's the skinny on this fight:

Spriggan has five forms; each of them has about 20,000 HP. It has a few basic attacks which change from form to form, such as Vulcan, a Rail Gun attack, Blade, Dash, and Hyper Bazooka; these attacks get stronger as Spriggan changes forms. Also, each form has some unique attacks - the first form has SuperSonic (which will do just short of 200 HP), the third form has MecSonata (200-ish HP on all party members).

The fourth form is where things start to get rough. First off, it has Shoot-All (150-ish damage on all party members), as well as a bunch of powerful single target attacks (damage ranges from 200-400 HP); it also marks when Spriggan can finally start using its ultimate attack, Buster Launcher (area-of-effect attack, 200-ish damage, 1000+ damage on one target!). It will use it rarely on the fourth form; however, the fifth form uses it liberally.

Some other things to note:

- When changing to the second form, Spriggan uses ECM, which makes it impossible to hit it with Missile attacks. It also marks the starting of Spriggan recieving support attacks (Enemy fire, which does unnecesarily low damage, and Iron Pole, which does about 100-ish HP to all party members).

- The third form can block physical attacks.

- The fourth form's first two attacks are scripted: first, it uses CounterECM, which negates all ECM effects, including its own. second, it uses Shoot-All.

- Lastly, the last two forms of Spriggan have notably lower defense than the first three.

- Spriggan gets about two attacks per turn; the fourth and fifth form can sometimes get three attacks.

This all might sound a bit daunting, but what mainly makes this boss easy is that almost all of its attacks can be blocked with a shield; Vulcan, Blade, Rail Gun, Dash, Trample, HeatSmash, IceSmash, BrainCrush, even Shoot-All can be blocked! If that isn't enough, the first two forms do inconsequentially low damage, anyways. Things pick up on the third form, mostly because you'll be slowed down by its ability to block attacks. Also, no form stays out in play too long - you should be packing enough heat to do at least 10,000 HP per turn, which means that you can take out the forms very quickly.

Here's what I do:

First off, to prepare, I make sure everyone has a MaxCure in all their available slots. If you don't have your party equipped with some form of cures, then you're in for a spot of trouble later in the fight (as if that weren't true for almost every last boss, though).

For the first two forms, just brute force your way through - don't even bother healing unless one of your party members gets KO'ed.

When the third form starts up, remember that you're fighting a boss, and take some time to quickly heal anyone below 300 HP. After that, continue brute forcing.

When the fourth form arrives, you have one full turn where Spriggan won't even be attacking you. If all your party members are above 300 HP, just keep attacking; otherwise, use this first turn to cure them, and then brute force your way through to the final form.

For the fifth and final form, you are gonna want to FINALLY be very cautious; cure anyone who gets KO'd or falls below 300 HP immediately; three attacks per turn is nothing to scoff at. Although your momentum may slow down considerably, its low defense will more than make up for the sudden shift in tactics.

Well, that should be it. Good luck! I hope you had fun with Lute's scenario - they made it extra boring and easy, just for you!