SaGa Frontier/Liza

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Race Human
Gender Female

Emelia T260 Riki Blue Asellus Red Lute


Common recruitment method

There is no common recruitment method for Liza.

Special recruitment methods


After the training mission, find Liza in the restaurant. Talk to her, and you'll have the option to invite her into your party.


During the Rune Magic Quest - Specifically, in search of the Hide Rune - you can find Liza in restaurant, if you've already recruited Roufas in Mu's Tomb. She will offer to help you find the Hide Rune, and lead you to it.


When looking for Shuzer, and after recruiting Annie, you can enter the restaurant and talk to the guy with brown hair (Roufas). Annie will help involve the organization she's with - Gradius - into helping you. As a result, you'll have the choice to recruit either Roufas or Liza. Choose Liza (of course) to have her join.

Note: You will not be able to recruit Liza in this instance if you have already recruited Roufas at Mu's Tomb; however, if you recruit Liza, you can then go to Mu's Tomb and recruit Roufas.

Character Analysis

By Skankin' Garbage: Liza is probably one of the best Martial Artists in the game. She learns three of the four techs needed for DSC (Suplex, BabelCrumble, GiantSwing) incredibly fast. Unfortunately, she learns the other one (Sliding) very slowly. This is overall not a big reason to pass up on her, though. She'll probably learn DSC fast enough that you won't care, and in the end, that's all the matters for Martial Artists.

Another mostly unspoken aspect about Liza is that she is pretty damn good with Swords, too. If I remember correctly (Damn the GameFAQs boards for deleting all the cool data that was once extracted from the game), Liza has the highest amount of 'easily learned' Sword Techs of any character in the game. So, it might be fun to try her out on Swords once or twice. Better yet, in Emelia's scenario, you could try having Emelia do Martial Arts and Liza do Swords, just for kicks. All in all, a character that you want to pick up if you need anyone who excels in physical attacks.