SaGa Frontier/Kylin

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Race Monsters (Kylin)
Gender Neutral

Emelia T260 Riki Blue Asellus Red Lute

Common recruitment method

After completing the Space Magic quest, you will be able to ask Kylin to join your party.

Special recruitment methods

There is no special way to recruit Kylin.

Character Analysis

By J Bugaboo: Kylin is the only monster in the game capable of obliterating a half-decent enemy party as soon as you get it. This makes sense, as you need to jump through more hoops to recruit it than any other monster (or practically any other character). Kylin, like Sei, offers you a choice whether to recruit it or or not – or, in Kylin’s case, the option to recruit it or buy Space Magic instead. It's a hard decision, but we'll assume you choose the character.

Kylin's situation is unique compared to all other monster characters in that its inventory comes chock full of magic and skills, seven of which you won't be able to get back. In this case, your options become limited. Kylin's Song is the key skill and should be placed at the top of your skill list. The rest comes down to what you want to keep. My suggestion is to dump your two least favorite spells in exchange for MagicHeal/LifeRain and another skill that lands you a second form you like. Then, you can place PhotoSynthesis in the recorder slot and absorb other skills to raise Kylin's prime HP.