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Name Function Found Mec Effects
Antistone Cures Stone and restores 50 HP Koorong (Shop) HP+5, CHA+1
Backpack Allows access to all items in the inventory Default Equipment - all main characters HP+5, CHA+1
Cure Restores 200 HP Koorong (Shop) HP+5, CHA+1
Flash Bomb Blinds all enemies Drop (T-Walker, MecDobby) HP+5
Life Candy Restores 1 LP Drop (Rabbat, Nightshade) HP+5, CHA+1
Lucky Coin Increases party's attack power Kyo (Shop) HP+5
Maqic Stone Attacks all enemies Kyo (Shop) HP+10, VIT+2
Magi-Water Restores a little JP Koorong (Shop) N/A - Can't equip
Max Cure Recovers all HP Koorong (Shop) HP+5, CHA+1
Power Cure Recovers 400 HP Koorong (Shop) HP+5, CHA+1
Repair Kit Restores 200 HP to Mec Shrike (Shop) HP+5, CHA+1
Rotten Meat Paralyzes the enemy Owmi - Lord Manor (Chest), Shingrow - Ancient Ship (Chest) HP+5
Sanctuary Stone Completely recovers HP/WP/JP/LP of entire party Luminous - Luminous Labyrinth (Chest), Omwi - Lord Manor (Chest), Shingrow - Ruins (Chest) N/A - Can't equip
Snake Oil Recovers from all status Koorong (Shop) HP+5, CHA+1
Stun Needle Paralyzes the enemy Drop (Hedgehog, Manticore, KillerBee, Scorpion) HP+5
Unlucky Coin Reduces enemy's attack power Kyo (Shop) HP+5
X-Magi Drink Restores a lot of JP Koorong (Shop) N/A - Can't equip