SaGa Frontier/Helmets

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Name: The name of the piece of equipment
Def: Its defense value
Description: Any added effects of the equipment will be shown here
Found: Indicates the easiest ways to find the item, if any
Mec Effects: Shows the changes made to a Mec's stats upon equipping

NameDefDescriptionFoundMec Effects
EggHat7Cha+5Drop (Platoonpus, AbyssBat)HP+50, Int+10, Wil+10
FiberHood6Koorong (Shop)HP+75, Int+15, Wil+15
InfraScope6Allows you to see the lasers in DespairKoorong (Shop)HP+100, Wil+20
JunkHelm4Koorong (Shop)HP+25, Qui+5, Int+5
LaserScope7Wil+10Koorong (Shop)HP+100, Int+20, Wil+20
MagiHat6Drop (Unicorn, Succubus)HP+75, Int+15
MirrorGlass8Koorong (Shop)HP+75, Int+25, Wil+25
YolkHat5Drop (Wonderdog); Default EquipmentHP+25, Int+1, Wil+1

Note: All helmets defend against the status effect "Blind"