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Name: The name of the piece of equipment
Atk: Its attack value
Ammo: The amount of ammo in a gun; when a gun is fired with no ammo, the action will automatically execute at the end of the turn
Description: Any added effects of the equipment will be shown here
Found: Indicates the easiest ways to find the item, if any
Mec Effects: Shows the changes made to a Mec's stats upon equipping

NameAtkAmmoDescriptionFoundMec Effects
AGUNI-CP11213Koorong (Shop), Scrap (Junk Shop)HP+50, Qui+10, Wil+10
AGUNI-MBX3620Koorong (Shop), Scrap (Junk Shop)HP+100, Qui+16, Wil+16, Vit+16
AGUNI-SSP915Koorong (Shop), Scrap (Junk Shop)HP+25, Qui+5, Wil+5, Vit+5
BeamCannon206Laser, Hits all enemies in a lineScrap (Junk Shop)HP+80, Wil+15, Vit+15
BehemothRifle477Drop (GaeaToad, Chimera, BigDigger)HP+200, Qui+10, Wil+10, Vit+10
BigMissile444Laser, Never missesKoorong - Sewers (Shop)HP+150, Str+20, Wil+20
BoltThrower333Laser, Hits all enemies in a spray from the userShrike (Shop)HP+125, Wil+20, Vit+20
Broken Rifle1Can't be firedJunk (Fighting Arena Prize, T260 only)HP+5, Qui+1, Wil+1
DOBBY Bazooka103Laser, Randomly attacks all enemiesDrop (MecDobby100)HP+60, Str+8, Wil+8, Vit+8
Duel Gun551Shingrow - Ancient Ship (Chest)HP+50, Qui+20, Wil+20, Vit+20
Eagle Gun286Koorong (Shop), Scrap (Junk Shop)HP+75, Qui+13, Wil+13
EasyRifle138Koorong (Shop), Scrap (Junk Shop)HP+25, Qui+5, Wil+5, Vit+5
FlameThrower333Laser, Hits all enemies in a spray from the userKoorong - Sewer (Shop)HP+125, Wil+20, Vit+20
Ghost Cannon512Laser, Very effective on undead, Pushes targetOwmi - Lord Manor (Chest)HP+100, Wil+20, Psy+10
GrainCannon458LaserKoorong - Sewer (Shop)HP+150, Qui+10, Wil+30, Vit+10
HandBlaster15Laser, Hits all enemies in a line OR paralyzes all enemies OR attacks one targetDefault Equipment (Fuse, Silence, Doll)HP+40, Qui+7, Wil+7
HEAT Bazooka552Laser, Misses. ALOT.Koorong - Sewer (Shop)HP+200, Wil+30
HG-Cannon605LaserDrop (MecDobby100, BigDigger, Chariot)HP+250, Qui+30, Wil+30
HyperBlaster507Laser, Hits all enemies in a lineKoorong - Sewer (Shop)HP+175, Qui+25, Wil+25
Hyperion Bazooka852Laser, Circular area of damageTartaros (BigDigger special drop, T260 only), BlackXBase (Chest, Red only), Drop (EarthDragon)HP+250, Wil+40
IonCannon2710LaserShrike (Shop)HP+100, Qui+15, Wil+15
JunkBazooka101LaserDefault equipment (T260)HP+20, Str+5, Wil+5
KillerRifle255Drop (Gunbird, Soldier, Platyhooks, Shuzer)HP+50, Qui+10, Wil+25
LaserCarbine2510Laser, Hits all enemies in a lineShrike (Shop), Scrap (Junk Shop)HP+90, Qui+13, Wil+13
Lethal Gun605Koorong (Shop), Scrap (Junk Shop)HP+150, Qui+20, Wil+20, Vit+20
Light Bazooka204LaserScrap (Junk Shop), Drop (CancerMec)HP+70, Wil+15
LightRifle881Psy+20Drop (Abyssbat), Facinaturu - Chateau Aiguille (Chest, Asellus only)HP +150, Qui +30, Wil +30, Psy +30
LightVulcan1560Laser, Hits all enemies in a spray from the userShrike (Shop)HP+70, Qui+8, Wil+8, Vit+8
LightningCannon206Laser, Hits all enemies in a lineShrike (Shop)HP+80, Wil+15, Vit+15
LivingRifle424Wil+9Drop (LivingMusket)Str+13, Qui+13, Int+13, Wil+13, Psy+13, Vit+13
MachineVulcan3040Laser, Hits all enemies in a spray from the userKoorong - Sewer (Shop)HP+150, Qui+18, Wil+18, Vit+18
Missile Pod128Laser, Never missesShrike (Shop)HP+90, Str+15, Wil+15
Sniper Rifle316Koorong (Shop), Scrap (Junk Shop)HP+75, Qui+13, Wil+13
Sonic Cannon2516LaserKoorong - Sewer (Shop), Scrap (Junk Shop)HP+150, Qui+20, Wil+20
SuperMissile703Laser, Never missesDrop (R&R)HP+225, Str+25, Wil+25
Troop Rifle228Koorong (Shop), Scrap (Junk Shop)HP+50, Qui+10, Wil+10, Vit+10
Water Cannon20Laser, Pushes targetManhattan - C.T.C Building (Chest, Red only), Drop (K9Mec)HP+70, Wil+10, Vit+10
Zen Gun4516Psy+20Tartaros (BigDigger special drop, T260 only)HP+150, Qui+20, Wil+20, Psy+20

Notes: The word 'Laser' in the description denotes a gun that can not use/be learned to use Gun Techs; they are also unaffected by the Mec skill ShootingMastery.