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Race Human
Gender Male

Emelia T260 Riki Blue Asellus Red Lute


Common recruitment method

During the Arcane Magic quest - specifically, in search of the Shield Card - go to the IRPO and ask about the Shield Card. Fuse will agree to give you the Shield Card if you help him pick a flower that grows on top of a mountain in Mosperiburg. He will join you temporarily for this quest - You don't get game over if you lose to the boss, and he will leave your party if you do; however, upon completing the quest, he will join your party permanently.

Special recruitment methods


This is actually a glitch, but after starting the Shield Card quest, you can just leave the mountain with the Region Map. Doing so will allow you to keep Fuse in the party without actually completing the Shield Card quest! You can go back to IRPO and try again at any time.


When searching for Cindy Campbell, you can go find Fuse in the Mall in Manhattan; he will join you right away.

Note: You can still recruit Fuse in the normal way if you so choose; however, a neat effect of having him join you in Manhattan is that he will GIVE you the Shield Card when you go to IRPO!