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Emelia: An ex-supermodel, framed for killing her fiancee, a cop. She seeks revenge.

Skankin' Garbage's analysis: Easy-to-moderate. Emelia's scenario is an excellent scenario to get you started on SaGa Frontier, as it shows you how to use human characters. You start out immediately with Emelia, Annie, and Liza, who are excellent in using Guns, Swords, and Fists respectively. You also can get a few Monsters and Mystics on your team, for a balanced group. It also starts out your main character relatively weak, so you can build her up however you want. The funny thing is, using Emelia with Guns in her own scenario is probably the single most difficult thing about it! Emelia's relatively low starting stats make it easier to default to Swords or Fists. Lastly, Emelia's last boss can be terribly hard if you're not prepared; I don't care what anyone else says. So, you have a little bit of everything that you can expect out of SaGa Frontier in Emelia's scenario: Variety in characters, a need to level up, and one of the harder final bosses.


1. Easy scenario to you you accustomed to Humans
2. Emelia is a clean slate, allowing you to level her easily in any way you choose
3. Mission-based story progression makes it impossible to get lost in the main story
4. Essentially starts the game with 1/4 of the Rune Magic Quest completed


1. Emelia starts out very weak
2. Can't recruit Mecs
3. Last boss in disproportionately hard compared to the rest of the scenario, and will lay you flat if you're not properly prepared


Don't Despair

The first arduous task you must perform is naming Emelia. I realize this is hard. In fact, I have no strategy to give for accomplishing such a thing. I hope you can manage. :P

If you were lucky enough to get past that, you'll see the opening sequences, and find out that Emelia's fiance was killed by a man who looked like a Joker, and was convicted of the murder, and wound up in the prison, Despair, and how she meets Annie, and how the warden encourages them to escape by finding the Freedom Rune, and how Annie and her friend, Liza, for some reason, decides to help Emelia escape. Fun stuff. :P Anyways, after you jump through the hold under your bed, you can move.

The first thing you wanna do before you start is have Emelia equip the Fiber Vest and Infra Scope, as well as the Backpack. Now, for the directions.

First, head immediately down into the next screen. You'll come out through a pipehole. There is one to your left; enter it.

On this third screen, go up and to the left. You should now be on the previous screen, only farther to the left. You should see a ladder to your left. Climb up it and into the next screen.

The next room has a hole in the middle. Jump into it to enter the locker room. A guard will enter, and you'll automatically hide in a locker. You have to hide in a locker every time a guard comes in the room, cos if you're caught, it's game over. In set of lockers on the right is a Light Bazooka, which you should give to Emelia. Now head out the door on your left.

On this screen, you'll see a garbage chute (It's the white door with the up arrow on it). Jump inside of it, and you'll fall into the next screen.

From here, just head out the door into the next screen, which should be a hallway.

From here, head up and exit through the green door. Jump onto the elevator, which will take you to the next screen.

Here, grab the Shell Shield in the chest (and give it to Emelia :P), and exit the screen into another hall. Here, head to the other end of the hall, and exit through the pink door. You'll be back in the locker room.

From here, go back to the garbage chute, and go down it. This time, though, don't exit into the hall. There is a manhole on the left side of the screen; enter it.

From here, just head left for two more screens. You should be in a room with a conveyor belt. Jump down to the level where it is, but do NOT ride the conveyor belt. There is a flight of stairs to your left; go down them.

Here, you'll have to go through laser security! Don't worry though, you can see them, just don't hit them, and go to the right side of the room and exit.

In this screen, go up the ladder and through the pipehold. In this last screen, just walk forward and inspect the grate. You'll now fight a boss.

Boss Fight: Nidheg -- Just rip into it with your best attacks, and heal when necesary, Air Throw/Double Slash and Air Throw/Hard Slash are some good Level 2 Combinations. After a few turns, it will run away. Woo hoo.

Anyways, now that that's over with, the grate is opened, and the gang jumps in. Now, just walk up to the big stone (The Freedom Rune) and touch it. The warden then grants you a pardon. Yay. End of event.

Roufas's Angels

Storytime! Emelia goes back to Ren's house, perhaps not knowing what to do with her life now...and is suddenly attacked by Joker! A man (Roufas) comes to the rescue though! Joker runs away, and Emelia collapses. :O O: Roufas takes her to a restaurant in Koorong...but takes her into the basement. Here, Emelia is reunited with Annie and Liza! They reveal that they're part of a secret crime organization called Gradius. They're after Joker to stop him from getting his hands on Cube, the technology of an ancient civilization, which can harness power greater than that of Nuclear Power. Emelia is also asked to join Gradius; Emelia says she'll think about it.

Now you can move. Talk to whoever you'd like, but you can't leave until you talk to Roufas. You have to join Gradius (You can say no, but you won't progress the story at all until you join, so if you wanna FINISH the game, just join and get it over with :P). Now that you've joined, it's time for training! Uh oh :O Don't worry, it's not that hard. First, you're taken to the shooting range, where you just shoot a damn gun six times. Whee. After that, Annie forces Emelia to engage in real combat training by taking her to the sewers in Koorong. All you have to do is get back to the base. Not so hard.

Now you can move again. Go forward and you'll see a ladder, which is the right path to take...but! Don't leave so soon! That defeats the purpose of this part of the game, which is to level up a little bit with Emelia. So, be sure to kill all the enemies in this room first. Don't worry, you'll find 200 Credits in here, so it's not THAT bad. :P When you're done, just climb the ladder, and you'll be outside. Here, kill the birdies, and just walk up the flight of stairs, and you'll be back in Koorong. To get back to the restaurant, head right, and then up the stairs into the next screen. Here, you should see a building with two cereal bowls in front of it (They look like cereal bowls anyways :P). That's the restaurant; the door's to the left. Enter it, go into the basement, and talk to Roufas, and you're done.

When you're done with training, Roufas tells you that you're free to do whatever, until your next mission. Talk to him again, and he'll tell you that you should probly go looking for the Runes since you already have one. Talk to him one last time and he'll give you some money (Campaign fund! I believe it's 200 credits). If you ever wanna start up a mission, talk to the girl in the room on the left to rest, then do the target practice thingie once, then you can talk to Roufas. One last thing: During missions, you get different costumes. You can change into different costumes by talking to the guy in the left room. Each costume ALLEGEDLY speeds up the rate in which Emelia learns certain techs. Here's the little chart:

Pink Tiger: Fists Bunny Emelia: Swords Dancer Emelia: Magic Commando Emelia: Guns

Mind you, though, that there's no scientific proof of this being true as of writing this.

Prepararing for the next mission (Optional)

None of this is really necesary, but I reccomend taking time to do this, so that you're tough, and can finish missions with no struggle at all. You're free to do whatever until your next mission, and your next mission starts, well, whenever you feel like it.

A few tips:

1. You can now talk to Annie and Liza and recruit them. Liza is in the left room in the basement, and Annie is standing outside the restaurant. I highly reccomend this, as you can only take Gradius members on missions. You also take Roufas, but he doesn't help you nearly as often, and you can't get him unless you start the Rune quest, so I don't necesarily reccomend getting him (Though I do reccomend doing the Rune quests, more on that later).

2. Now is the time to decide what you want Emelia to specialize in. I've always believed that this scenario was intended to be done first, due to the fact that Annie uses swords, and Liza uses fists, and for the fact that the game implies that Emelia is best with guns. If you take this route, then you learn the gist of weapon usage, which is handy when playing the rest of the game. However, the cool thing about Emelia is, she is very good at everything. Swords, Fists, Guns, magic...whichever one you want to use, Emelia can do it well. But this is also where the scenario starts to sort of pickup, so you should try and decide on one thing now. (I personally used swords :P)

3. Decide who you want to have in your main party. Amongst the people you are about to recruit, you are also forced to get Asellus, a Half-Mystic, and two other Mystics (White Rose and Zozma). Decide who you want, and what you want them to specialize in. Hold off on getting Light Magic if you want a certain person to use magic that you don't have yet.

Now, with that in mind, there are a few things you should do. First, recruit Annie and Liza, of course. Then, go to Luminous and recruit Rouge. Afterwards, head back to Koorong, and from there, go to Scrap, and recruit Riki, Mei-Ling, and Lute. Now, finally, go back to Koorong, and from there, go to Yorkland, and recruit Thunder. (See characters page if you don't know where or how to recruit these people).

Now, go back to Koorong, and head to Scrap again. Use the Junk Shop trick to get lots of good equipment for whoever you decide to use in your party. At this point, I would reccomend Emelia, Annie, Liza, Rouge, and Lute. (See the tricks section for more info on the Junk Shop trick).

Now, finally, go back to Koorong, and from there, head to Devin and go to the Rune Magic Tent. Start up the Rune quest. Arcane and Rune magic are really not necesary in this game, and the whole point of this is to just recruit more members, and level up easily (You fight bosses with this method, which is a good way of learning techs too. Genius, if I do say so myself :P).

When you go back to Koorong, you can decide what rune you wanna get first. To recap, the Hide Rune is in Koorong, the Victory Rune is in Shrike, and the Vitality Rune is in Tanzer. You might not know what Tanzer is, but if you wanna know, fly back and forth between Koorong and Shrike a few times. :P The truth of the matter is, the Hide Rune and the Victory Rune might be just a little too hard to get at this point in time, and you'll probly automatically get sucked into Tanzer if you try and go to Shrike anyways, so just get the Vitality Rune first. When you fight the boss, be sure to switch in Thunder for Lute, because Thunder has a few techs that can take out the slimes pretty quick, and I'm betting that Lute...probably doesn't. :P Anyways, after that, go get the Victory Rune, and recruit Roufas there. The boss should be easy enough. Before going to get the Hide Rune, you might wanna make sure everyone has about 250 HP, and a few pairs of Jet Boots. The boss will be pretty easy to beat if you're about that strong. Fight this boss quick though, because the Quakeworm can use Oscillation (About 280 HP on all). And alas, the gift of Rune magic is yours. Now you can continue your quest. :P

By the time you're done, you should have about 300, MAYBE 350 HP.

Pink Tiger, Hidden Dragon?

So go ahead and start your next mission...Remember, there are two ways to make a mission start:

1. Just go out and do stuff for a while (I'm not quite sure how long), then come back and talk to Roufas

2. If you wanna just start the next mission right away, rest in the left room of the restaurant, then do the target practice once, then talk to Roufas.

So, Roufas hears that Joker will show up at a "Masked Event" at Shingrow Palace. Emelia wants to go to the "dance", and immediately joins up. So, Her and Liza hit up Shingrow. Of course, it's not a dance, and Emelia is a dumbinator :P Liza gives her the (!!!) PINK TIGER COSTUME! and, Emelia finds out that it's a Martial Arts tournament. So, get in line and talk to the announcer dude. You'll enter the tournament as (!!!) PINK TIGER! And proceed to the next room. :P

Well, I certianly hope you leveled up for this. :P If you do, and you can hold your own, this is a nice chance to learn a tech or two. If you can make it all the way to the final match, you're doing well for yourself. :D If you can BEAT the final match, :P

Anyways, after you lose or win or whatever, Emelia will spot Joker. Back in the reception room, you'll meet up with Annie and Roufas, so's you can chase after Joker. If you didn't recruit Roufas, don't worry; he'll be well equipped, so you don't have to do anything with him. Just get a move on!

From the reception desk, head left into the second screen. Follow the straight path into the third screen. From here, head up into the fourth screen.

This screen is a sort of hallway thingie, with 2 short staircases. From here, you can go straight up if you need healing, or go to the upper right to find a Sanctuary Stone (I wouldn't pass that up!). When you're ready, go to the bottom left to the rest of the dungeon.

In here, just kill the two enemies, then, check the tall brown put to the left of the door to open up a secret staircase. Continue down the staircase into the next screen.

In here, there's a sort of hole in the floor. Go to the left corner of it and inspect it (As close as you can get to the treasure), and the floor will raise. Now you can get the treasure (It's 'Ceramic Sword'). Now, continue to the right (Going down and left takes you to the beginning :P).

Kill the guys in this hallway, and move on. In this room, save, then talk to the huge monster for a boss fight.

Boss Fight: Goblin, Yellow Fighter x2 -- Unfortunately, not all your characters will be able to hit the Goblin straight off, so use some area attacks, or hit all attacks (Like Roufas's Total Shot) to get rid of the Yellow Fighters asap. The Goblin has somewhere from 2000-3000 HP, but it doesn't hit really hard, either, so you're in no danger. A few combo attacks should make short work of him.

And, after the fight, Emelia states that Joker got away (duh). :/ Oh well. End of event.

SaGa Frontier fanservice

When you start this mission, Roufas asks Emelia if she wants to go chill at the Casino. Emelia doesn't fall for the trick this time, and tries to assign the job to Liza and Annie. They are to go to Baccarat (The Casino Region :P) cos Joker's been seen there. Emelia changes her mind and asks to take the job. So, she goes with Liza and Annie.

So, now we're in Baccarat. Emelia is now sporting the (:O~) Bunny Costume! This one is good for swords. But, it's also good for collecting information, because she's a supermodel in a Bunny Outfit. :P If ogling 2D sprites is your thing, now is the time, buddy. :P So, after Annie and Liza talk her up, she goes off on her own.

Now, you can move. Just a funny note: You only get relevant information from other attractive bunny ladies. :P Sorry, I just find this funny. ANYWAYS! Go towards the upstairs, and the Bunny Lady there will tell you she saw Joker one floor up. Head upstairs. As you try to head up the NEXT flight of stairs, you'll see Joker. Follow him up. Ask the first Bunny Lady you see, and she'll tell you Joker got on the elevator. Go to the left Elevator, and you'll go down to the parking lot. Head down to the sewer manhole, and Annie and Liza will catch up to you and join you. Phew. Head down into the manhole, now.

The sewer is a little confusing, but don't despair. I've got instructions! Just turn up your TV's brightness if you're having trouble. :P On the first screen, there's an exit on the bottom left. Exit from there, into the second screen.

Now, on the second screen, immediately head left. You won't notice, probably, but there's an exit right there, that'll take you exactly where you need to go. :P

Now, on the third screen, Head towards the northern exit, and you'll find Joker. Joker is trying to scam the Gnomes for a bunch of money, and before he does, Annie and Liza catch up to Joker. Before Emelia can kill him, he throws down the gold in Emelia's direction and runs off (The gnomes of course go for it and block Emelia, so Joker can make a getaway. Blast!).

Now, from here, you can do two things. This is a little important, as it determines which ENDING you're going to get. So, here's what to do:

If you want the good ending: Retrace your steps and leave the sewer immediately. End of event.

If you want the bad ending: Leave the room with the Gnomes, and exit downward this time. From here, you'll see a little cave-like door in the middle (It's a little dark). To get to it, go right, and around. From here, it's a straight path right to the boss.

Boss Fight: Gargantu -- I've got some bad news and good news. The bad news is, just about all this guys attacks hit for about 200 HP, including Quake, which hits EVERYONE for 200+ HP. The good news is, Gargantu doesn't have too much HP...maybe 3000, 3500 tops. Just, equip some Jet Boots if you have them to dodge the Quake, make sure you've got some shields equipped, and just wail on him with your best attacks.

Upon your victory, you'll recieve a Purple Eye; it has 4 defense (Good for an accessory), and it nulls Gaze attacks. This will be very good for later. The Purple Eye was supposed to be some jewels she gave to her boyfriend. This must have tripped Emelia out quite a bit, cos it's enough to get you the bad ending. :P Anyways.

Now that you're done with that, leave the sewer, and that's the end of the event.

She's the dancing queen

When you start this mission, Roufas will ask you on your own to infiltrate Trinity Base. Joker's been seen with the commander, so Emelia is to infiltrate alone. while the rest of Gradius creates a diversion, she has to investigate the situation. Of course, she is turned off by the fact that she's qualified by her good looks (Didn't bother her before... :P). Later, Emelia and Liza are talking about it, and, suddenly, Emelia falls asleep...Long story short, Roufas slipped something in her drink, and then sold her off. Well, some shit's about to go down, now...

Anyways, at the base, Emelia is sporting the (???) Dancer Costume! And, she spots Joker immediately in Yaruto's (The trinity commander's) Harem. There's suddenly a blackout, Probably a diversion from the gang, and Joker books it.

Now, you can move. Go down. First, you'll see two people down there (They're Asellus and White Rose). Talk to them RIGHT NOW, because if you leave this screen you never have the chance to recruit them. Talk to them, and you'll engage in a fight. You'll find out that the sabotage wasn't Gradius's doing, and the work of some Mystic named Zozma. So, in order to escape, you all decide to work together. Your first task, though, is to find Zozma.

Trinity Base is really annoying and confusing, I'm aware. But don't worry, I know the way! :D Listen to my instructions carefully. On the first screen, head right, and from there, is an up staircase and a down staircase (The down staircases are always hidden from view, but move opposite the up staircases to use them). So, go up the up staircase, into the next screen.

On this screen, enter the leftmost door to find someone who needs help. Kill the enemies (Or juke them :P) and talk to the guy, and you'll find out it's Zozma in disguise. Zozma ends up joining you, and I think you'll like him :D He's pretty fucking strong already :P Now, you can book it outta here.

To leave, exit that room, and head left into the next screen.

Here, take the down staircase into the next screen.

Now, take the down staircase here and you'll be on the lower part of th screen. There's an elevator door there (It's got a red button in the middle); take it.

Now, save, then continue right, and you'll run into the miniboss. The miniboss is just a hard mec enemy. For this reason I can't give very specific tactics. You should be able to manage though, with ZOZMA in your group :P Anyways, the miniboss was guarding the door to the commander's room. Enter it, and Emelia realizes that she was being stalled! Augh, how annoying :P

Anyways, leave the Commander room and continue right. Eventually, you'll reach a down staircase. Continue going down the staircases until you reach the next screen.

On this screen, exit directly left. On this screen, go to the left, and in the first door you see, is some treasure. You'll have to fight for it, though...

Boss Fight: Living Armor, Living Axe, Living Lance -- It starts out the fight with Stampede, which is just a bitch :P Anyways, Cure with someone all the time (I chose White Rose), and have everyone else attack the Armor (The Axe and Lance are just annoyances, and you only need to kill the Armor to win). After a few turns, it should go down. You'll get an EMES Tag for your victory (It's one of the best accessories defense-wise). And, there's a SanctuaryStone in the other chest. :P Now, leave the room and let's continue.

From outside the door, go down and left, and enter the door with the Red Light over it. Now, just head left immediately, and you're OUTTA there. :D Finally. :P

Emelia goes Commando

When this mission starts, Roufas asks Emelia to infiltrate Trinity again. Yaruto was relieved of duty as commander, and Joker is already in contact with the new commander. Emelia is chosen because she knows her way around the base, now. So... Emelia infiltrates super sneaky style, and in her (heehee) Commando Costume!

Now, you can move. Climb down, and just enter the base.

Your objective is to reach the commander's room again. There's two ways to do this mission:

The super fast super hard way: Go left, and immediately head up the first up staircase you see. Go all the way up, and then go to the left, and you'll see the miniboss waiting right there. You might be able to take him, if you've got about 350 HP, some Cures, a good shield (Like an ExcelShield), and a little luck. if you can beat him, you can go straight into the commander's room.


The right way: Go left, and immediately head up the first up staircase you see. On this next screen, head right, and you'll see an elevator. Enter it.

Now, head left, all the way into the next screen. You'll probably recognize this screen as the place where the last event ended. There's a staircase just to the left of you. Enter it.

Now, in this screen, just go immediately left into the next screen.

Do things look familiar now? This is the room with the elevator you used to get to the Commander's room last time. :D Enter the elevator and head right until you reach the commander's room. Enter it to meet the new commander.

The commander is very you. :P He tells you exactly where Joker went (Yorkland), and that he's telling you this because he wants Gradius to get rid of him. Before he was Commander, he was in charge of security for Trinity, so he knows all about you guys. :P Anyways, Roufas busts in at this time, and something's going down at Trinity. You leave, but before you do, the commander gives you an Angel Broach. When you leave, you run into the rest of the gang. You tell them where Joker is headed, and Roufas tells you about the commander (His name is Mondo). Now, you have to leave. You've got the rest of the gang with you now, though, so it should be a little easier.

From where you can move, head back left until you reach the elevator, and enter it. Now, in this screen, head right, into the next screen. From here, enter the door. Finally, head down to the bottom of the screen, and exit in the center. End of event.

Preparing for the Final Mission (Optional)

You are probably not ready to finish the game with what you've got. Here's a list of things you should do before you finish the game:

1. Choose your final party, if you haven't already.

2. After you've chosen your party, take some time to learn the different types of Magic you want, if you want any at all.

3. Raise your party's HP to at least 650, I'd reccomend 700. I'd reccomend the Yorkland Swamps for leveling up.

4. Get better equipment. I'd reccomend using the Gold Ingot Trick to get this done faster. For this particular scenario, it's important to have an Excel Shield and a Purple Eye for all party members. You can get Excel Shields in the Junk Shop in Scrap, and you can get Purple Eye's in the Mall in Manhattan.

5. Some MaxCures would do nicely, too. :P

Once you're done with that, continue to the last part of the scenario...

Finale - The Dub MDs

Just an odd note, you don't need to rest or train, or wait for any time to pass to start this mission; you can just go and talk to Roufas and go. Also, all of your party members (Not just Gradius) will go on this mission. Rockin. :D

When you're ready, talk to Roufas and tell him you're ready. And you're off! To the Yorkland Mountains. :D

Honestly...While the landscape looks a little odd and confusing, the path is straight; there's only one diversion in the entire path of this dungeon, and you have to search to find it anyways. On the fourth screen or so, you'll reach a midboss. Since the midboss you fight depends on your level, I can't give much strategy, but I can say it'll be an enemy group consisting of a Grappler if you're high leveled. On the screen after the midboss, you can hop over the stones at a running start. You should eventually hit the Chapel with no problem. When you see it, make a QUICKSAVE (Don't save! You can never go back :O), use a SanctuaryStone, make sure everyone has a few Cures on hand, and go in.

After a short, inane scene that I'll let you see for yourself, a 'random' enemy attacks. Only, it's not so random, cos it's the last boss. :P least Emelia will fight it out in her (:D!) WEDDING COSTUME! ...Dress.

Boss Fight: Diva -- Boy, this one will be a little tough if you're not prepared. Diva has two forms: One that uses Magic (Lightning and Gaze attacks), and one that uses Physical attacks. For the Magic form, be prepared by having Purple Eyes equipped; they null all Gaze attacks, and there will be a lot. There's not much you can do about the lightning attacks. They will probably give your characters a Bolt Barrier, which will help some, but other than that, just have your Cures handy. The Physical attack form has some pretty intense attacks, but you can handle most of them with a good shield (Like Excel Shields). So, just keep a Purple Eye and Excel Shield for everyone, and your chances are already greatly increased! The only thing that you have no shield for (Other than lots of Cures) is her super attack, Retribution, which she does at random (300-400 damage to all). Don't sweat it too much, though. Diva has about 100,000 HP, so just keep at it and play smart!

Once you're done, enjoy the ending! Whichever one you got. :P