SaGa Frontier/Cotton

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Race Monsters (Tidi)
Gender Neutral

Emelia T260 Riki Blue Asellus Red Lute

Common recruitment method

Go to Shrike, and enter the Bio Research Lab. Head to the second floor and enter the library room. There is a hidden switch on the bookcase across from the room's entrance; press the switch and head further inside the lab until you reach a flight of stairs. Head up the stairs and you will find a room where some scientists are experimenting on a monster (Cotton). Fight the scientists, and Cotton will join you automatically afterwards.

Just for fun: Try recruiting Cotton after recruiting Fuse, just to see a fun little snippet of dialogue.

Special recruitment methods

There is no special way to recruit Cotton.

Character Analysis

By J Bugaboo: Cotton is most valuable in Red's quest where the hero has little recruitment options early on. Otherwise he (she?) is a forgettable character. Like any monster, you can craft any form you want with the right skills in your inventory, but Cotton's starting package has little to offer. Assist and Heal are nice early on, and if you add Spore to Supersonic you into a Shrieker, a pretty good form, provided you meet your HP requirement. But, you can do the same thing and save a skill slot with Scream. MagicHeal or LifeRain is a must as always.

Riki's quest is the only one where I recruit Cotton anymore, as I like to field a five-monster party for that story, and I don’t feel like completing the Arcane Magic side-quest to get Kylin. Cotton is my designated Mariche in that scenario, because the other four I use (Riki, Sei, Suzaku, Thunder) have skills that already point them towards a powerful form.