SaGa Frontier/Capt. Hamilton

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Captain Hamilton
Race Human
Gender Female

Emelia T260 Riki Blue Asellus Red Lute


Common recruitment method

There is no common recruitment method for Capt. Hamilton.

Special recruitment methods


Go to Owmi and enter the restaurant. Talk to the girl in the green suit with the hat (That's Captain Hamilton), and she will tell you to 'come to Nelson and see her ship some time' or some such thing. Afterwards, head to Nelson, and you will automatically be allowed to walk around on the ship. Find the Captain's room to talk to Capt. Hamilton, and she will join you automatically.

Character Analysis

By Skankin' Garbage: It's a shame you only get to use Captain Hamilton in Lute's scenario, cos she's quite an excellent character. If you need a sword-user or a mage, she's pretty good at both, but more importantly, she's probably the best Gun-user in the entire game. A big problem with Guns, in my opinion, is that a character's HP doesn't raise as fast when they use Guns compared to Swords or Martial Arts. Captain Hamilton, however, gains HP so quickly that it won't wind up being an issue, especially if you get her really early (so that she'll have a big head start in HP to begin with). As if that wasn't enough, she learns all the Gun techs diabolically fast.

So, overall, she's pretty good at everything. My recommendation is to go pure guns, or do a Gun/Mage hybrid, giving her something like Shadow or Rune magic to supplement her techs with buff spells. I am a fan of going pure guns, myself.