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Blue: A Master Magician from the Magic Kingdom sets out to study magic abroad, in preparation for a fatal duel with his brother.

Skankin' Garbage's analysis: Hard...sort of. Blue naturally comes across plenty of good characters in his quest for magic, including a few that aren't recruited normally (Liza, Dr. Nusakan). Also, by the end of the game, Blue will be, quite true to his name, a MASTER Magician, which is very fun to have at your disposal. Beyond that, Blue's quest is probably the hardest. A lot of his quests require pretty extreme grinding, and a lot of the later boss fights hinge almost entirely on if/how often a boss uses their ultimate attack. The last boss also requires the highest amount of level building to beat comfortably. ...But, on the other hand, there are a lot of braindead-easy ways to beat every hard boss in the game, even the last boss. In this walkthrough, I'll list the quickest, easiest ways of mastering all magics, as well as a few other neat tricks, including easy and 'legit' ways of beating every boss that can - and will - give you a hard time.


1. Will have all spells attainable by a Human at the end of the game, including Life Magic; if you're insane, you can even get some Mystic Magic.
2. Blue is the only character that can master both Rune and Time Magic, allowing him to exploit the most broken glitch in the game
3. Can recruit Dr. Nusakan early; since Nusakan knows the spell "Death", he can kill many tough bosses instantly
4. Multiple paths of progressing through the scenario


1. If you fight the bosses without using dirty tricks, Blue's scenario requires the most grinding out of all seven quests
2. A few boss fights are completely at the mercy of randomness
2. Can't enter the Magic Kingdom; as a result, Blue can not buy anything specific to the MKingdom shops, nor can he complete the Furdo's Workspace sidequest
3. Uncontestably lame ending. You'll see


Graduation day!

So, the intro will explain the premise of Blue's scenario: Blue just graudated from the Magic Kingdom's school of magic. The MagKingdom thinks that Blue pwnz way more than his brother, Rouge. So, to prove it, you have to leave the MagKingdom and learn new magics, and then

PWNZ Rouge! Hellz yeah!

After that, you're whisked away to something called the "Region Map", which is specific only to Blue. Basically, after you've visited a particular Region, you can transport there immediately by selecting the Region Map from your inventory. At the moment, you can only access two regions: Devin and Luminous. Go to either one, and begin your quest...sort of.

Preparing to go abroad (optional)

So, here's how Blue's scenario works: From here on out, you are trying to master various types of magic. If you've played other scenarios, you probably have an idea of how to do this. You will need to acquire the gift the following magics:

- Light OR Shadow magic

- Arcane OR Rune magic

- Space OR Time magic

When you acquire the gift for one type of magic, Rouge will automatically acquire the gift for its opposing magic (i.e, learning Light Magic causes Rouge to learn Shadow, learning Arcane causes Rouge to learn Rune, etc.). You can immediately get either Light/Shadow or Arcane/Rune, but to start learning Space/Time, you need to have acquired the gift for two other magics first. As soon as Blue has acquired the gift for three magics, he will have to fight Rouge.

Before you even think about what magics you want to learn, know this: Blue will be a super ultra mega magic-user by the end of the scenario, so you don't need a lot of specialization in your party. In fact, I make a group of Blue and four other Sword-users, generally. Good choices are Gen, Emilia, Fuse, Roufas, Lute, and Annie. Liza isn't a bad choice, either, and can make the first half a whole hell of a lot easier. You can also recruit Dr. Nusakan in Blue's scenario, which is kind of amusing. Generally, though, I m make a party of Blue, Gen, Lute, Fuse, and Emilia. In order to recruit most of the characters, what you'll have to do is go to Devin and start both the Rune and Arcane magic quests (though note that you can only COMPLETE one of the two). From there on, Blue will be able to recruit all of these people through their usual means.

Now, you have to think about what magic you want to learn. If you were fighting an opponent that had three different types of magic, which ones would give you the advantage? For example, Arcane has a hell of a lot more practical uses than Rune. On the other hand, the bosses you have to fight to learn Rune magic are much easier than the one boss you need to fight for Arcane magic.. These are all things you should think about.

In any case, I'll cover how to get every single type of magic (begrudgingly). I recommend, however, that you learn Light, Arcane, and Space; Light is just too good (Shadow Magic is better, ironically, for non-magic users). Beyond that, Arcane and Space magic are just MUCH easier to get. They also have more practical spells to use during the fight with Rouge, making it easier than if you got the opposite three spells.

Lastly, for the purpose of convenience, you should just travel to every single region you can right away; that way, you never have to use the port again - you'll only need the Region Map to get around.

Anyways, make a party, then start leveling up and gathering good equipment. I recommend getting Light/Shadow Magic first. So, if you're getting Shadow Magic, you should probably get your party up to 200+ HP. Otherwise, you don't even need a party for Light Magic, since you can acquire the gift of Light Magic without engaging in any combat.

Lastly, your Backpack. Normally, I recommend giving it to your main character; however, Blue isn't very resilient, and will quickly fall behind in max HP. So, give it to someone else you like.

Do you believe in magic?, Part 1A - Light Magic: You don't have to turn on the red light...or the blue light

Go to Luminous. When you leave the port, head to the left. There will be a lady who will ask you if you want to "Challenge" the Luminous Labyrinth and learn Light Magic. Say "Yes" if you want to learn it (I'll assume that's why you're reading this), and you will be teleported to the Luminous Labyrinth.

On the first screen, just head up into the next screen. On the second screen, there are some light reflectors; touch the ones in the middle and on the left to go to the next screen. On the third screen there are three reflectors, and three dome thingies; the trick to the dome thingies is that only one can be on at a time (the middle one is currently on). Turn the middle dome off, and turn the bottom-most dome on; then, touch every reflector and the way should open.

On the final screen, there will be many reflectors, dome thingies, and even some prism thingies that cause the light to change color. When a certain color of light hits the back wall of the room, you can approach it and certain things will happen. Here's how to make them all happen:

Blue (battle): Just touch the top right reflector.

Light Blue (Moonlight Robe): Touch the top left and top right reflectors.

Red (battle): Touch the bottom reflector and the top right reflector.

Yellow (400 Credits): Touch the bottom reflector and both of the top reflectors.

Purple (Sanctuary Stone): Turn off the lower dome, then turn on the upper dome; then, touch the bottom and top right reflectors.

White (Exit): Turn off the lower dome, then turn on the upper dome; then, touch the bottom reflector and both of the top reflectors.

I personally don't recommend fighting either of the battles, cos they're a little hard, and just not worth it. Anyways, once you're done, you'll have Light Magic. Wasn't that easy?

Do you believe in magic?, Part 1B - Shadow Magic: Darkness Called...but I was in Omble

Go to Luminous. When you leave the port, head to the left. There will be a lady who will tell you about Shadow Magic. Choose "Ask about Shadow Magic", then "Ask about the gift", and she will ask you if you want to head to the Shadow Region, Omble. Choose "Yes" and you will set out on a magical journey to Omble.

Once in Omble, your Shadow will run away. Your goal is pretty simple - get it back. In the first screen, if you head left, you will find the Shadow of Silence, a mystic who works with IRPO. If you choose to help Silence's shadow, you can recruit Silence when you get back to Luminous. Anyways, from the starting point, go up the first staircase you see, which should take you through a door on the left side of the screen.

You will now be inside of a building. Walk towards the bottom of the screen, and there will be a short staircase to the left (with 200 credits) and a longer staircase to the right. Once you get to the top of the longer staircase, there will be a fork in the path; exit the screen taking the left fork.

In this screen, there is a three way fork (left, right, center); the right fork takes you to a shop. I wouldn't buy anything there, personally. Anyways, you want to take the left fork first (it's a little hard to see). Through here, follow a path until you reach a dead end room with many shadows (look closely, and you'll notice that they're the shadows of the seven main characters of the game). The goal here is to touch your shadow only. Then, head back to the room with the three-way fork, and take the center fork. In the next room, tag your shadow (any other shadow you tagged in that room in the left fork will be here, too), and then follow it into the next room. Finally, when you approach your shadow in this dead end, you will have to fight a carbon copy of your current party. Naturally, they can kill you just as fast as you can kill them, so use your strongest attacks right away to kill them. Once that's done, you've learned Shadow Magic. Whopee!

Preparing for the wide world of magic (optional)

So, you got Light or Shadow Magic. Good job; but, it's gonna take a lot more to finish the Arcane/Rune quests. I will cover how to get both magics in the best, easiest, fastest way. The walkthrough will be in the order which I recommend completing the quests; however, you can do the quests in any order you like.

Something strange worth noting: Before you've received any Tarot Cards or Runes, you can do every quest, and recruit characters related to both the Arcane and Rune quests; however, once you've got one of either Tarot Card or Rune, you're committed to that quest. Ironically, when you're done with one quest, you can complete the other in its entirety (i.e. If you finish the Arcane quest, you can then go back and do all the Rune quests; but you will still be a master of Arcane Magic, since you did those first).

Anyways, without further ado, here is adequate preparation for each quest:

If you're doing Arcane:

- Try to get the best equipment you can from the Junk Shop in Scrap. Check in periodically.

- Before getting the Gold Card, get 4 Gold Ingots at Nelson (2000 credits).

- Before getting the Shield Card, level up your party to 450+ HP, or make sure you have Dr. Nusakan in your party.

If you're doing Rune:

- Immediately level up your party to about 300+ HP.

- Try to get the best equipment you can from the Junk Shop in Scrap. Check in periodically.

- Before getting the Hide Rune, buy Jet Boots for your party in Koorong.

- Before getting the Freedom Rune, buy a LaserScope in Koorong.

- Be very cautious about traveling via ship - you might be forced to do the Tanzer quest.

Do You believe in magic?, Part 2A, Act 1 - Arcane Magic: Blue and the Holy Grail Card

We'll start with this one, cos it's super easy. Go to Yorkland. Once you leave the port, there are four paths you can take; take the one to the lower left. The people here know all about the Grail card, but to get their info, you have to humour them by drinking their alcohol. Go into all five houses (that's two on the left, one in the middle, and two on the right), and the last one will tell you to go to the Liquor Shrine in the swamp.

Now that you've done this, when you go to the swamp, Blue and co. will be drunk. You will move slower, and you will periodically move in a random direction. Thoretically, all you have to do is follow the path to the end, but if you get close to any of those eyes you see, they will attack you. The fights are moderately hard (they get worse as you level up, making this one a better quest to do earlier than later), and at the beginning of each fight, your party will be induced with random status effects.

A good idea given to me by contributor CM1772PF: If you have your Mecs armed to the teeth, you can send teams consisting entirely of Mecs into battle - who won't be affected by the status effects!

Luckily, once you reach the shrine, all you have to do is head for the back, and you're done. Nice!

Do You believe in magic?, Part 2A, Act 2 - Arcane Magic: Gold Card? Yes, we accept all major credit cards!

This one is also pretty easy, but you're going to need 4 Gold Ingots to do get this card. You can get 4 Gold Ingots at Nelson for 2000 Credits. If you don't have 2000 Credits, you can skip this card and come back later. If you want to make this money quickly, I recommend going to Shingrow, and exploring the ruins on the upper left side; there is a DuelGun and HyperScale in there somewhere that you can sell at the Junk Shop in Scrap for a total of 5500 Credits. Anyways, once you have four Gold Ingots, you're ready to go.

Head to Baccarat (If you head there with the Region Map, take the elevator up to the "Hotel." From here, go up one floor, and you should find a lady in a Purple Bunny costume. Talk to her, and you will see a Gnome walk by. You and the girl will follow it up one floor. Continue to follow it until you see it head off in an elevator, then head back down the stairs to another elevator, and take it to the Parking Lot. From here, head south until you see a manhole. When you attempt to head down the manhole, the Purple Bunny will run after you, introduce herself as Emilia, and try to join your party (Or, if you're me, you already completed this part before you even started collecting magic, cos Emilia rules). Now, head down into the manhole.

The sewer is a little confusing, but don't despair. I've got instructions! Just turn up your TV's brightness if you're having trouble. :P First, on this first screen, there's an exit on the bottom left. Exit from there, into the second screen. Now, on the second screen, immediately head left. You won't notice, probably, but there's an exit right there, that'll take you exactly where you need to go. :P Now, on the third screen, Head towards the northern exit. In here are the Gnomes! When you ask them for the Gold Card, they tell you that they can't just give it to you - they want GOLD!!!! LOTS of it! So, give them 4 Gold Ingots, cos apparently that's LOTS of gold, and they'll give you the card. Cool.

(NOTE: If you come back to Baccarat via the Region map, you might have to enter the Casino and head back to the Parking Lot for the manhole to open again.)

Do You believe in magic?, Part 2A, Act 3 - Arcane Magic: There's nothing funny about Wakatu, neither figuratively nor literally

Let's get the Saber Card! This one is not hard to get, but it does require a little preparation. You see, in order to travel to Wakatu, you need someone FROM Wakatu to guide you. So, go to Koorong. From the port, head outside and down the stairs. There is someone down here that will tell you about a guy who could sever a rope with an iron pipe, and says that the guy who did it must be from Wakatu. He tells you that you can find him in a bar in Scrap, and that his name is Gen. So, go to Scrap, and find Gen and recruit him. Head back to Koorong (use the Region Map so you don't have to pay 100 Credits!) and go to the port. Now, you can go to Wakatu no problem.

The first thing you need to do is talk to the Skeleton. He will take you across a moat. Now, head upstairs into the palace.

Once inside the palace, take a left. On the next screen, head up and take your first right.

You should now be at a screen with some stairs; Head up the stairs, and exit the screen to the north.

On this screen, take an immediate right. Follow the path for the next two screens until Gen pops up to tell you where to go again. When he does, follow him into the next screen, where he says, "We'll go in from here." Notice that he's looking towards the northwest side of the screen - head in that direction and you should find an exit into the next screen.

If you went the right way, you should be in another building-type structure. Notice that there are some stairs in the upper right - head up those stairs. Now, circle around the building to go up another staircase.

You'll be on a screen with three skeleton monsters. Head up the staircase on this screen, and you will be in the Saber Chamber.

Stand between the three candles. Gen explains that certain apparitions will appear randomly above you. Press the Circle button to make them stop (like a reel machine). If the apparitions appear as three sabers, you will get the Saber Card. This one is really easy - all you have to do is press the Circle button when you hear the noise. If you mess up, you might see monster or bunny apparitions. If three bunnies appear, you simply get to try again; however, if a monster apparition appears, you'll start a mandatory battle before trying again, but they're not all that hard. Just keep trying til' you get the card, and that's a wrap.

Do You believe in magic?, Part 2A, Act 4 - Arcane Magic: What does this flower have to do with patrol work, again?

Head to the IRPO. When you ask the secretary about the Shield Card, she'll have you wait in an office. A patrolman, Fuse, comes out and tells you that he needs help on partol duty before he can give you the Shield Card. So, you agree to help him. He takes you to a mountain on Mosperiburg; there's a flower that only grows on the top of this mountain, and he intends to get it.

(NOTE: If you lose to the boss at the top, you will not get Game Over; however, you will have to start at the bottom of the mountain, and Fuse will leave your party until you attempt the mountain again. If you want to recruit Fuse without attempting the quest, you can use the Region map to leave the mountain with Fuse!

Also, if you like to recruit Suzaku, you're in luck; Suzaku is easy to recruit early in Blue's scenario, because Jotnar - the boss you have to defeat to recruit Suzaku - is susceptible to 'Death', which Dr. Nusakan has.)

So, the mountain is actually a very straightforward dungeon. On the second and third screens are some diversions that you don't need to worry about, and that's it. Once you reach the top, you fight a boss.

Boss Fight: Suzaku -- This one can be a real doozy. Suzaku can hit you with single attacks for good damage, but can also hit you with HeatWave, which hits everyone for a stupidly large amount of damage. As if that wasn't enough, Suzaku is permanently surrounded by a Fire Barrier, which means you can only hit him safely with Magic/Gun/Quick attacks. If you're at 450+ HP, you can brute force him pretty easily; just be careful what sword techs you use!

An alternate way of killing Suzaku very early: If you have Dr. Nusakan in your party, give him the 'Death' spell; Suzaku is susceptible to Death.

Anyways, upon completing that, Fuse will have permanently joined your party, and you will get the Shield Card. Congrats! You've learned Arcane Magic! End of Event.

Do you believe in magic? Part 2B, Act 1 - Rune Magic: Runes in a tomb? Okay, I can buy that...

Go to Shrike, then head to Mu's Tomb. Okay. You're at the dungeon now. :P

(NOTE: If you'd like, head west from the entrance, and you can find Roufas and recruit him.)

From the entrance, head east into the next screen. Here, enter the stone door on your left (you have to examine it) to enter the next screen. Now, head south for two screens. You should get to a screen with a LOT of monsters; head right, then down the stairs into the next screen. On this screen, head southwest to find an exit (it should be guarded be a TON of enemies). Once you enter that door, you can head north until you find a boss.

Boss Fight: Bone - which turns into - Skulldrake -- Have all non-magic users spend the fight round defending. You can have Blue do any number of things, like cast stat-up spells, or, if you got Shadow Magic, Shadow Servant is a nice spell to use. After the first round, the Bone turns into Skulldrake, and you can fight it.

Skulldrake is a real pushover; he does a lot of weak physical attacks that can be blocked, and FlameBlast, which is an AOE fire attack that hits for about 200-300 HP. He also regenerates a bit of HP every round, but it's not so much that it makes the battle difficult by any stretch. If you've taken the time to get good shields, and have leveled up to 350+ HP (both of which I recommended), this fight will be done very, very quickly.

Upon your victory, you will receive...the Victory Rune. Sweet! End of Event.

Do you believe in magic? Part 2B, Act 2 - Rune Magic: Wait. Runes in a mountain beyond a sewer? Uhh..well, okay.

The Hide Rune is in Koorong. Normally, you have to traverse the backstreets, which I find to be terribly obnoxious; however, there's a wonderful shortcut to get to the Hide Rune very, very quickly. Go to Mosperiburg, and when you talk to Virgil, say "Nothing", then "No, I didn't". He will get pissed and throw you off into oblivion...and by that, I mean the mountains in Koorong where the Hide Rune is. Way easier, huh?

(NOTE: Before doing so, you can recruit two people for this quest: The first is Dr. Nusakan, who you can find in the southern backstreets of Koorong. Also, you can find Liza to recruit in the restaurant, if you've already recruited Roufas.)

From the place you land, jump down (you have to be at a running start), and exit through the 'door' on the right. On this screen, exit north into the next screen. From here, you can follow the path straight to the boss - there will be no more diversions.

Boss Fight: QuakeWorm, WormBrood x3 -- This fight is kind of obnoxious. The three WormBroods get in the way of the QuakeWorm, meaning you have to clear a path to hit the QuakeWorm. As if that wasn't enough, the WormBroods can use MagicHeal, Assist, and can regenerate a bit of HP. The QuakeWorm will hit you with a few physical attacks, including Trample (200+ HP), and will eventually start casting Quake at the end of every turn (80+ HP to all members).

Thus, my strategy for winning is this: First, kill the WormBroods; focus all the attacks at one at a time. Don't bother with AOE attacks, because it's faster to just tackle one enemy at a time. Afterwards, just go nuts on the QuakeWorm. If you have JetBoots, equip them, and make sure you have a good Shield and are at 350+ HP. QuakeWorm will go down pretty fast.

After winning this battle, you'll get the Hide Rune. End of Event.

Do you believe in magic? Part 2B, Act 3 - Rune Magic: ...Whoa. Hold up. Runes in a Prison? Seriously?

In Koorong, talk to the informant (Even though he will tell you about Dr. Nusakan). Then, go talk to Annie (the girl standing outside the restaurant). She will tell you that she can help you get into Despair to find the Freedom Rune. When you're ready, tell her, and she helps you sneak in as some sort of maintenance guys.

Once inside, head right, into the next screen. Now, climb up the ladder in front of you into the next screen. On this screen, just follow the path into the next screen. Here, you'll want to head right - however, you'll fall if you don't take the short ladder up. Take the short ladder up and over the pit, and then head right, into the next screen. In this screen, just head down the ladder, then jump down to the lower ledge, and enter the door. In here, jump down the boxes to the floor, and then go up the elevator. At the top, there's a room with a ShellShield. Grab it, and then head out the door, into the next screen. Here, follow the path until you get to the next screen. You should now be in a locker room. Head left, into the next screen. You might recognize this place - it's the first screen after the entrance! Anyways, there's a garbage chute right in front of you; enter it. Now, in this screen, exit the cage, and there should be a manhole to the left. Enter it. From here, just head left for two more screens. You should be in a room with a conveyor belt. Jump down to the level where it is, but do NOT ride the conveyor belt. There is a flight of stairs to your left; go down them. Here, you'll have to go through laser security! If you touch any of the infared lasers, you'll have to fight a battle. After having done the Rune quest many times, I'm convinced that the pattern changes every time. Thus, if you didn't bring a LaserScope, just find the way through via trial & error - the fights you get into aren't all that tough.

Now, in this screen, go up the ladder and through the pipehole. In this last screen, just walk forward and inspect the grate. You'll now fight a boss.

Boss Fight: Nidheg -- Probly the hardest boss in the Rune Magic Quest, this guy still isn't all that hard. He does a lot of physical attacks that do fair damage (100+), but the only big deal to watch out for is Scream (AOE, 200+ HP). There's not much to say; just have 350+ HP and a good shield, and you can brute force this guy.

After winning, you'll hop through the grate with Annie. Touch the rock in the middle to get the Freedom Rune. End of Event.

Do you believe in magic? Part 2B, Act 4 - Rune Magic: It's official: These Rune guys are stupid.

Seriously, what kinds of magicians put their Runes inside of monsters? That's not even magical!

Anyways, you have to enter Tanzer to get the last Rune. I save this part for last because it's quite possibly the most obnoxious thing to have to do in all of SaGa Frontier. To get to Tanzer, head to the Koorong port and head back and forth to Shrike until your ship gets swallowed up by Tanzer (who is a region AND a monster, wooo). Upon getting there, Some gangsters will start attacking the ship passengers, and a bunch of weird stuff that doesn't matter happens. Lord, I hate this part.

So yeah. As soon as you can move, talk to the bald-headed dude (Fei-On), and then follow him; you'll eventually reach a village inside of Tanzer. There are three 'houses' in this village, and the one on the far right is where you can find Fei-On. Talk to him once, and then when you talk to him again, say "Yes", Fei-On will help you reach the Vitality Rune.

Once you leave the village, head left, and up the ladders; exit north into the next screen. On this screen, head north and enter a door (it actually sucks you in) to get to the next screen. Here, exit north (NOT through the sucky door!) into the next screen.

If you went the right way, you should 'hear' Fei-On say "This way." From here, head right and exit north. On this screen, you will see Fei-On waiting in front of the sucky door you need to enter; enter it. From here, there's a straightfoward, no diversions path for a few screens.

The next time you hear Fei-On say "This Way", Head east into a sucky door, then north into a sucky door. On this screen, there will be a purple thing in the center; enter it.

This is the room where the Vitality Rune is; but, getting there is mildly complicated, as there are a bunch of one-way slides.

So, here's how to arrive at the Vitality Rune: First, slide all the way down to the bottom of the room, and then enter the door. Next, take the slide on the left, and then take one more slide. From here, head to the right, and get a running start to hop to another platform. Now, keep sliding down the slides until you reach the last one. Before you go down, Fei-On will stop you and ask you if you're ready. Prepare, and then go down the slide and fight the boss.

Boss Fight: HugeSlime, BigSlime x3 -- This is a weird boss fight. You're not in any danger of dying whatsoever; but, the trick is, to win this fight, you have to 'Touch' the Vitality Rune, which is behind the slimes (Touch should be an option in battle for all Humans and Mystics). The slimes also regenerate every turn or so, so you have to just waste them really quick. If you can see the Vitality Rune (HugeSlime is dead), check if you can touch it. Once you do, the fight's over.

Afterwards, a slime will join your party, and Blue will be like "Fuck this" and teleport out. I don't blame him. Congrats, you've got Rune Magic!

Preparing for the wider world of magic (optional)

So, depending on what kind of magics you picked up, it's possible to have engaged in as few as two battles. So, if that's the case, now is the time to REALLY start preparing.

The first thing I like to do is just complete the beginning of the Time Magic sequence, so that you can get to Facinaturu from the Region Map.

Also, if you're fucking nuts, you can discard Realm magic at this point, learn the three spells you can buy of Mystic Magic. But, that's optional.

Beyond that, here's a few pointers for specific preparation:

If you're doing Space:

- Get everyone to 650+ HP.

- You should go get some really good equipment; try doing the Gold trick so you can get the best equipment possible.

- Make sure Blue has the Realm Magic 'Psychic Prison.'

If you're doing Time:

- Get everyone to at least 500+ HP; I recommend 700+.

- Get the following equipment for everyone: ExcelShield, WarlordArmor, Hyperwear, CyberGloves, and Jet Boots. The Jet Boots are the most important part of the ensemble.

- If you learned Rune Magic, the spell 'FreedomRune' comes in handy, big time. Otherwise, if you have Arcane, make sure you buy the spell 'Grail'.

- Buy a lot of MaxCures and SnakeOils.

Do you believe in magic?, Part 3A, Space Magic - Candyland has nothing to do with Space Magic

Go to Devin. If you go all the way to the right, and head north, you will find a girl at the top of some steps that can tell you about Space Magic. Choose "Ask about Magic", then "Ask about Space Magic", and she will take you to the Region 'Paradise', where Kylin, the lord of Space Magic, lives.

UGH. I postponed writing this walkthrough for a long time for two reasons: 1. I really hate getting Shadow, Rune, and Time Magics, and 2. I dreaded writing the walkthrough for Space Magic. Even if you know exactly what to do, it's very hard to explain.

Anyways. When you arrive in Paradise, you'll be outside. If you go south, you can talk to the only kid standing still, and she will allow you to leave the place (She sends you to a random part of the Koorong sewers; vindictive, eh?). Otherwise, if you go to the Northeast part of the screen, there will be a building with a candy cane sticking out of the top. It doesn't look like there's any entrance; but, if you approach the center of the building, it will open up. In here, you will find Kylin. If you talk to him, he will say that he needs to test you before he can listen to what you have to say (WTF?). If you say 'Yes', you will be whisked away to Kylin's maze. Otherwise, he will teleport you to the mall in Manhattan (What is with these people?). Anyways, say 'Yes' to advance.

Okay. Please forgive me if these instructions are hard to follow...

Screen 1: Just follow the parth northeast into the next screen.

Screen 2 (Fork Screen 1): Head left into the next screen. (You'll come back through here later)

Screen 3 (Fork Screen 2): First, head up, and follow the path until you find a key (you will change screens a few times). Pick it up, go back to this screen, and head left.

Screen 4 (Fork Screen 3): Follow the path into the next screen. (You can't enter any other doors, but you will come back through here later)

Screen 5: Follow the path until you reach a fork; the correct door to enter is the one with the gate on it. You can unlock it with the key you found earlier. Enter the door. You will now be UNDER where you just were (you'll appear upside-down); follow the path into the next screen.

Screen 6: Follow the path unto the next screen.

Screen 7: There should be a door here that puts you back in rightside-up mode. Enter it. You should also see a flower vase; touch the flower vase in order to shrink. Now (obviously), you can enter the small doors. You should remain shrunk for the remainder of this maze. Exit through the small door into the next screen.

Screen 8 (Fork Screen 1): There should be a small door on the right side of the screen; exit through that door.

Screen 9 (Fork Screen 4): First, head left, and follow the path until you find a switch (you will change screens a few times). Press the switch, go back to this screen, and head down.

Screen 10 (Fork Screen 3): There should be a small door towards the southeast end of the screen; exit through this door.

Screen 11: In here, enter the teacup, and it should teleport you into another screen.

Screen 12: Head north towards the exit.

Phew! You're done! You should now be back in the room where Kylin is. I should note that if you leave Paradise, you'll have to do the maze all over again. Anyways, prepare for battle, and then talk to Kylin.

Boss Fight: Kylin -- Oh boy...Can you imagine, that this is the EASIER of the two battles between getting Space or Time Magic?

Kylin always kicks off the fight with Light Shift, which gives him regenerative properties (he gets back 1000 HP a round). Beyond that, he has a few attacks that hit for 200+, as well as MysteryTap (Mess to the entire party). The BIG things to watch out for in this fight are ReverseGravity (500+ to the entire party, plus Stun!) and SacredSong (600+ to the WHOLE party!).

That being said, there's a very easy way to finish this fight. First off, make sure you've met the level requirements I set forth (650+ HP, and the best equipment you can buy...If you think that's a hefty order, you need to do better to beat the TimeLord, and you were gonna have to level up this much anyways to beat the last boss). After that, here's what you do:

1. Have Blue spam Psychic Prison every round, and

2. Attack with everyone else.

Seriously. This will null every magic attack of Kylin's, including ReverseGravity. The only thing you'll have to watch out for is SacredSong, but if you leveled up properly, then SOMEBODY should be able to survive it. As long as about three people survive, you should be good. Besides that, it's possible to kill him without him ever using SacredSong, so you can shoot for that. This fight is susceptible to a little bit of randomness, but it's really not all that hard.

Once you beat Kylin, you get the gift for Space Magic. Before you do ANYTHING, stop, and equip whatever magic you want to use to fight Rouge, because it's about to happen. Once you're ready, step outside, and you will see Paradise begin to vanish. Blue says that he's finally ready to duel with Rouge. End of Event.

Do you believe in magic?, Part 3B, Time Magic - Like sands through the hourglass...

Head to Mosperiburg. Talk to Virgil, and 'Ask about Time Magic'. He will talk crap about the Time Lord, and then send you to his realm (seriously).

In the Time Lord's realm, there are no real diversions from the main path. Just follow the path until you find a broken hourglass. Examine it (Fine sand spills over your hand...), and then head back to the entrance.

You should be thrown back into Mosperiburg. Go talk to Virgil again, and he will tell you that Time Sand should fix the hourglass. He tells you that there's someone in Facinaturu that can help you, and asks if you want to go to Facinaturu. Say 'Yes' and you will be whisked away to Facinaturu (People really have a fancy for whisking you in this scenario).

(NOTE: Even if you don't want to get Time Magic, I usually complete this much of the Time Magic quest, just in case I want to buy something from here).

Once in Facinaturu, head south to get to the meat of the town. There's not much here; a building in the east side sells Mystic Magic, if you're insane enough to discard all your Realm Magic. Other than that, the center building is the one you want. Talk to the guy in there, and he can make you items in exchange for LP.

Let me reiterate: You have to sacrifice LP permanently to get anything from his shop. Blue has pretty low LP as is, so you might want to think hard about whether or not you want to get anything from here, especially if you're going to do the Space Magic quest anyways. However, if you DO want to do the Time Magic quest, buy a SandVessel (1 LP), and you're good.

Now, there's two ways to leave Facinaturu:

- The conventional way: Enter the building in the northwest part of town, and ask him how to get out of Facinaturu. He will tell you that he hid a ship underground, and that you should find him. So, leave the building and enter the door at the foot of the stairs. Talk to the slime inside the house, and a secret passageway should open. Follow the path to the end, and you will find the guy and his ship. He will take you to Koorong. This is everyone but Blue has to do the Time Magic quest.

- The easy way: Select the Region Map and leave. :P

Anyways, once you have the SandVessel, go back to Mosperiburg and talk to Virgil...Well, he won't say anything, he'll just send you to the Time Lord's region immediately.

Once in the Time Lord's region, to back to the broken hourglass and examine it (collected Time Sand in the SandVessel). Then, head to the top of the stairs, and Blue will jump over to the top of the broken hourglass and fix it. Once this happens, time will have unfrozen.

Anyways, once you've done that, you can continue through to the end of the Time Lord's region (the drawbridge that used to not move will now open for you as you approach it). Prepare your party, and then talk to the Time Lord for a boss fight.

Boss Fight: TimeLord -- Most people find this fight to be easier than Kylin, but I'm gonna have to disagree heavily. TimeLord can use a few different physical attacks (200+), as well as any Mystic Magic - Glass Shield's counterattack is a guarunteed one-hit KO to any party member, and Phantasm Shot hits for 250+ HP and can cause petrify or instant death. As if that wasn't enough, TimeLord also has (duh) Time Magic, which will rock you. Time Eclipse will petrify any party member, and Chaos Stream does very random damage, as well as random status effects, including petrification (30-300 HP to the whole party!).

At around the halfway point, TimeLord will use Overdrive, giving him SIX attacks in a row! If you survive that, he will begin to use PsyNet (Palsy to all allies), and his ultimate attack, Quicksand (350+ HP to all party members!). I suppose that you can beat the TimeLord with less leveling up, but when people say this fight is easier than Kylin...I try not to laugh.

So, what can you do? Well, the best way to beat TimeLord is to beat Kylin. If you do, then Rouge beats the TimeLord instead of you! But, if you want to try some INFERIOR way of beating the TimeLord, here's a few things:

- Get JetBoots for the whole party - they will render Quicksand inept. To top it off, you're gonna want good armor that you can use with the JetBoots, since PoweredSuits won't do the trick...So, be sure to get WarLordArmor, Hyperwear, and CyberGloves for the entire party, as well. Oh, good shields are nice, too.

- If you have have Rune Magic, be sure to cast FreedomRune on everyone, so as to avoid petrification. If you have Arcane, you can just take care of this by giving Blue Grail, while giving the Backpack to someone more resilient than Blue. Also, make sure everyone in the party has one MaxCure and one SnakeOil.

- Make sure everyone has at LEAST 500 HP, but you can't go wrong with more...I recommend MORE!

Is that enough preparation for you? So, here's my strat: First things first, if you have Rune Magic, get FreedomRune casted on EVERYONE - of course, you should start with Blue. You could even just give FreedomRune to everyone.

Otherwise, just have Blue spam PsychicPrison. Why do this? Because PsychicPrison will cause Overdrive to backfire. As far as I've ever seen, TimeLord will only cast OverDrive once, so if you dodge it, and you have JetBoots...well, your chances of dying are much lower.

You want your character with the Backpack to be taking care of all the healing they possibly can. Of course, curing Blue is the top priority. If your Backpack person dies/gets petrified, have someone else besides Blue get them back in the fight. Having Blue cease to cast Psychic Prison should ONLY be a last resort.

If you manage not to cause OverDrive to backfire (which is, unfortunately, very possible), the fight will be subject to a heavy bit of randomness. I've seen TimeLord squander all his turns on physical attacks (which, by the way, can be blocked by shields during Overdrive!), and I've also seen him use ChaosStream six times in a row, which probably no one will survive. If you DO survive, get everyone's HP up quick - TimeLord can still cast it, you know! If you survive this, and you've got JetBoots on, you're probably in the clear. This fight relies so heavily on dodging or surviving OverDrive. Good luck!

One last thing: The reason people probably find this fight easier is because you don't HAVE to spam PsychicPrison to win (you're pretty much screwed if you don't use this tactic vs. Kylin). I think it's too hard and too random not to use it, but if you think you can win without can discard your Realm Magic for Mystic Magic. This might seem absolutely crazy to you, but just trust me. If you DO try this, the only real strategy you can use is brute force, while giving everyone a MaxCure and a SnakeOil. Blue's most cost-effective way of dealing damage would be Shadow Servant + Dark Sphere; this is also a good combination, because Shadow Servant will absorb one attack, making it handy against Overdrive.

After you've beaten the TimeLord, stop right there, and prepare what spells and equipment you want for the coming battle with Rouge. Once you're ready, turn around and head to the entrance of the TimeLord's region. When you make it there, Blue will comment about how he's finally ready to duel with Rouge. End of Event.

The ultimate denouement of sibling rivalry

After you finish either Space or Time Magic events, the battle with Rouge will begin immediately.

Boss Battle: Rouge -- This is one of the most fun fights in the game, just because of the sheer number of ways you can win it. Here's how it works: Rouge has the same amount of HP that you do, and 7 LP (which is weird, because you'd think he'd have 6 LP if he got Time Magic, but anyways), and all the magic that you don't (i.e if you have Light Magic, he has Shadow); the only common magic you guys share is Realm Magic. Every few turns, the "Magisphere" will change to a different type of magic; the effects of that magic are augmented. When you kill Rouge/are kill by Rouge, he/you will lose a Life Point. The battle ends when one of you loses are their LP.

Now...There are three general ways to handle this fight:

- The way you were probably expected to do it: Winning by using the magics you picked to your advantage.

This way is actually the hardest way to win. Rouge just seems to have the most killer magic defense, making it super hard to kill him by using powerful magic. The problem is that strong spells usually only to 1/2 - 1/3 of his health; in other words, you're going to run out of JP way before you kill him.

The only really easy way to win like this, in my opinion, is to use your Time/Space Magic; ReverseGravity is a VERY powerful attack, and it only takes 6 JP. It's about as effective as any other high-level attack spell, but costs the least amount. As for Time Magic, well...when the Magisphere becomes Time Magic, Overdrive, then Chaos Stream xN. Other than that, take advantage of the Magisphere when it shifts to a magic that you possess.

- The quick and dirty ways: Use a powerful Sword and Magic Stones, while using Magic only when it's advantageous; use Death.

Rouge will not hit you with physical attacks or Magic Stones often, if ever (I've heard stories of him spamming Kick, but I've never had it happen to me). On the other hand, physical attacks and Magic Stones absolutely WRECK Rouge. If you have any Magic Stones, now is a good time to use them. Also, if you have a strong sword, you can hit him for a physical attack that will do comparable damage to any high-level spell you can throw at him. This is, by far, the easiest way to win the fight.

Beyond that, another quick and dirty way to win is with the Death spell. Remember that guy? He probably saved your ass when you fought Suzaku? Well, Death is back, and he works every single time you cast him on Rouge. Easily the fastest way to win. The only thing to note when fighting Rouge like this is, since you don't actually KILL Rouge, taking an LP away will not cancel his turn like it would if you depleted his HP. Therefore, it's still more advantageous to use the Magisphere when it shifts to a Magic that you can use.

- The unexpected way: Lose

That's right. This is sort of a big plot twist, but you don't have to win the fight. Upon winning OR losing, you will find out that Blue and Rouge were two halves of the same person, and the winner became the dominant persona. So, if you lose, you will finish the scenario as Rouge. No matter what the outcome, you will progress the story.

So, how do you lose? The best way is to have Space Magic. If Rouge uses an attack that petrifies you, you automatically lose. For that matter, Overdrive (if he ever uses it - almost never) is bound to cost you a few LP. Lastly, you can unequip everything on your person, giving you the lowest defense values possible.


You might be thinking, "Are there any differences/advantages/disadvantages to having either Blue or Rouge?" First off, there are one or two things in the final dungeon that are altered depending on whether or not you are Blue or Rouge; also, your stats can possibly be different depending on whether or not you come out of the battle as Blue or Rouge.

Here's a side-by-side comparison of what I came out with on the same save file, both winning and losing:

   Blue               Rouge
HP  493                493
STR 11                   9
QUI 34                  23
INT 99                  99
WIL 99                  99
PSY 99                  99
VIT 8                   8
CHA 20                  15
WP  0                    0
JP  174                174
LP  6                    7

So, here's the rundown of what actually happens:

- Win or lose, your INT, WIL, PSY, and JP stats will double; your HP will be the same as well (i.e if Blue had 493 HP and lost, Rouge will have 493 HP). You will also have all the spells of every type of magic that Rouge learned (i.e if Rouge had Light, Rune, and Time, you will have every spell for those types already learned), as well as Life Magic - a magic that can only be learned by mastering Light and Shadow Magic! r0x0r.

- If you win, your STR, QUI, VIT, CHA, WP and LP remain the same; however, if you lose, all of those stats return to their default values at the beginning of the game...even LP! Yes, if you get all the stupid crap from Gozarus in Facinaturu and lose (which you probably will), you'll go back to having 7 LP with Rouge!

- If you lose, Blue loses anything he has equipped. Rouge comes equipped with his default equipment (A Master Robe and Magicwear). Theoretically, you could unequip all of Blue's stuff if you want him to die.

So, what's better to do? Well, for starters, the puzzle that changes in the last dungeon is pretty inconsequential; Blue does it in a particular order, Rouge does it in the reverse order. Beyond that, it's usually advantageous to keep Blue; since you don't run any risk of losing equipment, or any non-magic-related stats you've leveled up. If none of that matters to you, you can throw away all your LP to Gozarus and throw the fight on purpose (sending Blue in with no equipment), so you can reap all the benefits of Gozarus's shop without losing any LP.


Anyways, back to the story. Blue/Rouge, upon having the epiphany that he never had a twin, decides to go back to the Magic Kingdom to find out what the hell is going on. You will now be able to travel to the Magic Kingdom via the Region Map (and for once, you can NOT reach it by ship). End of Event.

Do you believe in Magic?, Part 4 - Mind Magic (Optional)

Now that Blue and Rouge are one person, you can learn Mind Magic (you might have noticed that you couldn't before). Go to Kyo, and go to the -Doujou- in the upper left. Talk to the lady there, and "Ask about Mind Magic", then "Ask about the gift". She'll tell you that you have to train. Tell her that you're ready to train, then go into the next room.

The way the training works is that your party members will be able to semi-randomly engage a monster in a one-on-one battle. You only get one chance; if you win, you get the gift of Mind Magic. If you lose, you miss out forever. If you see a hard monster, try sending someone you don't use against the monster. The most important thing here is that Blue learns the magic, so send him up against someone really easy and use Tower or something else cool that will guaruntee a kill.

Once you've done that, you've mastered every possible magic you can master with Blue! If you managed to get Mystic Magic on top of that, then congrats - you have every single possible spell for Blue at your disposal! All you need to do is learn the remaining Mind Magic spells. End of Event.

Homecoming from hell

No, I'm not talking about all of YOUR highschool homecomings. When Blue/Rouge (hereafter "Blue") enters the Magic Kingdom, it's trashed. Wtf? Anyways, head northeast across the bridge, and you'll be forced to fight a monster. I've never encountered anything besides a Dullahan, but I suppose it COULD be something else (btw, you'll have to fight this battle every time you leave and come back). Once you've beat him, you can look around, but there's nothing to see. When you're ready, head to the northern end of the screen; there should be a ladder, which leads up to a pipe. On the pipe, you can find a rope that will take you underground, into the next screen.

Once inside, you can ask one of the people lying on the ground what happened. Climb down south into the next screen. From here, there is a fork; if you go down the right side, you will reach a dead end with some monsters, and a puzzle. There are three jewels; you need to grab them in the correct order, which is Left, Right, Center (Or, if you're Rouge, it's Right, Left, Center). Once you're done with that, go back to the fork and take the left side. You will recieve a Norn's Bangle for this. Not very useful in combat, but you need it to advance this part of the story.

When you go down the left side, you should climb over the large status of the angels. When you get to the screen where you can see there faces close up, examine them, and you will be (!) whisked away into some room with cloning equipment. After some conversation, you'll have to fight a monster. Talk to the people in there again, before they die, and then leave the room. Continue climbing down the statue. At the end of the path is someone who can send you to where the demons are coming from - Hell. But First!

Preparing for a hell of a time (optional)

Strangely enough, talking to the very last person in the Magic Kingdom before entering Hell is this scenario's point of no return. You probably aren't ready yet, but here's how you can be:

- If you haven't got the best equipment you can yet, do so.

- Get the entire party to 750+ HP (Blue 600+). Admittedly, this is a bit optional, because there is a very easy glitch to beat the final boss; however, I believe that you should be able to survive two of the final boss's ultimate attacks in a row (and in fact, it usually kicks off the fight by doing just that), so get your party up to 750+.

- Take some time to get all the Mind Magic spells...for completion's sake! Otherwise, make sure you have all the spells learned from all the other schools of magic. Some spells you're going to want: MegaWindBlast (Light), StasisRune (Rune), and Tower (Arcane). Every other important spell should not require leveling up to learn.

Lastly, while I normally recommend getting a Sanctuary Stone before entering the final dungeon, the person you talk to in order to enter hell gives you a Sanctuary Stone (which is odd, because no one ever tells you; I never even realized it until I wrote this walkthrough, and I've beaten Blue's scenario more times than I can count). So, you don't need to worry about that.

Once you've got this all squared away, you can charge into Hell looking for a fight.

Finale - Hell's Angels

Seriously. You'll probably think the same thing if this is your first time going to SaGa Frontier.

Anyways, here's this dungeon is one of the easier final dungeons in the game...follow the straightforward path until you hit a mini-boss. Kill them miniboss, then continue. The next screen has you hopping from platform to platform, but there are no forks here, either(but, there are three chests, one, being a monster, one containing a BloodChalice and one containing a MaxCure; just cross into the next screen. On this screen, there will be two spiral staircases that take you into the next screen; both of them take you to the same room, and to the same spot, so take whichever one you like. On this screen, head up until you reach the top, and then take the teleporter in the upper right (before you do, there is ONE fork here; you can find a room that leads to a mini-boss, which is guarding a DragonSword. Not worth it, in my opinion). Anyways, you should now be in a room with a black staircase and fire torches. This should be sort of a big hint, but this is where the last boss is, so prepare before walking up the steps.

Boss Fight: Hell'sLord -- What a fight. Depending on how you prepared, and how you feel about using the Overdrive/Stasis trick, this fight goes from hysterically difficult to superfluously easy.

Here's the rundown: Hell'sLord has two forms: Bipedal/Heaven Mode, and Quadrapedal/Hell Mode.

The fight starts out in Heaven Mode, where Hell'sLord has three different attack patterns:

- LifeSteal (Attacks enemy for 1 LP; regain's HP equal to character's HP Max), followed by IllStorm (venom + palsy on all allies)

- Smile (Palsy on all allies), and

- Sabers (Hell'sLord's ultimate attack, 400+ to the entire party!)

Hell'sLord's Heaven form boasts very high defense, until being hit by any magic attack, whereupon his defense drops to slightly below average. after having been in Heaven Form for a certain amount of time, Hell'sLord switches to Hell Mode.

Hell Mode is not quite as threatening, as Hell'sLord only has two attack patterns:

- Four physical attacks in a turn (100+ damage),

- GasFlame and PoisonGas (100+ HP), and

- FireBreath, BoltBreath, & ArcticBreath (AOE 200+; BoltBreath does 400+).

After taking a certain amount of damage in Hell Mode (I think it's about 20,000 HP), Hell'sLord reverts to Heaven Mode for a few turns, repeating the cycle.

Needless to say, if you didn't prepare a lot for this battle, it's going to be retardedly hard. Here's my reccomended preparation. I reccomend doing all these, but they are a lot more negligable if you're doing Overdrive/Stasis:

- Give someone that ISN'T Blue the Backpack!

- Get everyone to 800+ HP. It's definitely possible to win this battle without fulfilling this requirement, but the fight gets noticably easier if you can survive Hell'sLord's Sabers attack twice. If you don't believe me, try fighting Hell'sLord at about 780 average HP, and then go back and fight him with an 810 HP average.

- Give two MaxCures to everyone.

- Make sure you have great shields; if you have sword users, Deflect and Kasumi are your best friends.

- Give the following spells to Blue: EnergyChain, MegaWindBlast, ShadowServant, and Sacrifice (and of course, Overdrive and StasisRune, if you're going to do that).

Now, there are two ways to beat Hell'sLord:

The usual way (Overdrive/Stasis):

If you don't know what this is, I'll fill you in briefly: If you use the spell Overdrive, and use StasisRune as your last spell, you will come out of Stasis in a state of perpetual Overdrive; that is, you will always be getting eight attacks every turn. I'm willing to bet that most people beat Hell'sLord like this. Here is, in my opinion, the easiest way to do it:

The fight starts out in Heaven Mode. Always kick off the first turn by having Blue cast EnergyChain, while having other party members use low WP/JP attacks (so as not to waste WP/JP on attacks that won't hurt Hell'sLord very much). From here on, you should cut into Hell'sLord with your strongest attacks until he uses Sabers. As SOON as Hell'sLord uses Sabers, you have to continue defending until Hell's Lord changes forms! That's the best way to survive.

As soon as Hell'sLord switches to Hell Mode, have Blue cast Overdrive. Once in Overdrive, cast ShadowServant, MegaWindBlastx6, and end with StasisRune. Once that's over with, Blue and Hell'sLord should remain in Stasis (if you kicked off the round with Overdrive, Hell'sLord would leave Stasis and Blue would not; lame!). Have everyone use a MaxCure on themselves, and then either defend or use 0 WP attacks on Hell'sLord's frozen body (you can actually spark techs this way; rock!). Eventually, Blue and Hell'sLord will leave Stasis, in which case, you want to have someone with a Backpack use a MaxCure on Blue, and have Blue use ShadowServant, MegaWindBlastx7.

When Hell'sLord switches back to Heaven Mode, have anyone below 400 HP heal themselves, the exception being that whoever has the Backpack should heal Blue immediately. Hell'sLord should only last about two more turns at this rate.

The more common way is to just have Blue cast OverDrive on the first turn. It does seem like a better option, because you can do more damage with OverDrive this way on average than my way. Hell'sLord to come out of Stasis prematurely, allowing you to attack him with the rest of your party earlier. My way, however, is a lot safer, and to my own surprise, a lot faster (if you choose to defend until Blue and Hell'sLord leave Stasis).

The not-a-cheater way:

I doubt most people beat Hell'sLord like this, because the Overdrive/Stasis glitch is such a widely-known glitch, and this is the only time when you can really exploit it. Either way, if you feel cheapened for beating him with that tactic, here's how to do it without OverDrive/Stasis:

The fight starts out in Heaven Mode. Always kick off the first turn by having Blue cast EnergyChain, while having other party members use low WP/JP attacks (so as not to waste WP/JP on attacks that won't hurt Hell'sLord very much). From here on, you should cut into Hell'sLord with your strongest attacks until he uses Sabers. As SOON as Hell'sLord uses Sabers, you have to continue defending until Hell's Lord changes forms! That's the best way to survive.

As soon as Hell'sLord switches to Hell Mode, go all out on Hell'sLord, while whomever has the Backpack heals the party; priority should go to Blue, then the Backpack user, then to dead characters, then finally, other characters in critical condition. Do NOT let Blue die, or you will risk having him lose a lot of LP, since Hell'sLord gets so many attacks per turn. Also, do NOT use Sacrifice unless you're in a total pinch. You need to make sure Blue keeps as much LP as possible! Dying to LP damage is very plausible in this battle!

When Hell'sLord switches back to Heaven Mode, have anyone below 400 HP heal themselves immediately. If Blue has over 400 HP, have him cast EnergyChain; other characters with above 400 HP should use 0 WP attacks. From this point, just repeat the process until you win.


Anyways, after you do enough damage to Hell'sLord,'ll see.