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Asellus: A normal girl, ran over by a carriage twelve years ago, is revived via infusion of Mystic Blood. She now begins her life as a Mystic.

Skankin' Garbage's analysis: Temperamental. Asellus's scenario is a never-ending series of boss fights. The thing is, the boss fights don´t get gradually harder; instead, they randomly just between unnecesarily hard and superfluously easy. As long as you have a good place to grind at any given time, you shouldn't have too much trouble. The only unavoidable troubles of this scenario are finding out how to trigger the boss fights, as well as dealing with the last boss fight, which I am convinced that the outcome is entirely random. In this walkthrough, I will detail when and how to trigger the many bosses in her scenario, as well as reccomendations on where to tackle them and how.


1. Can be developed as a Human, Mystic, or a devious combination of both
2. Several bosses are randomly pathetic
3. The only scenario where you can have a 5 Mystic party
4. Can recruit Rei, making it the only scenario where you can use Mirage Magic


1. Asellus starts out very weak
2. Can't recruit Mecs
3. A few bosses are randomly crazy-hard
4. The last boss is totally random; "Could be Hard" "Could be easy"
5. Very non-linear progression makes it difficult to figure out how to progress the game; it can also prohibit you from entering certain areas of the world for a short time


The mystic formerly thought of as Prince

This story makes an attempt to be told through the narration of kind of ignores her after a while, though...anyways. The story starts out with this girl, Gina, wondering about the prince of Chateau Aiguille and Rootville (If you hear someone mention Facinaturu in SaGa Frontier, they're talking about this place, by the way). Well, Gina, I hate to break it to you, but your prince is a WOMAN BABY YEAH!

(Lemme just warn you...that this first part of the game is rather long and boring. Asellus's quest picks up AFTER this long part. :/)

Switch to Asellus, who wakes up from a nightmare, with a blood-stained, torn shirt. Some crazy asshole teleports in, mentions that you're awake, acts socially inept, and then leaves. Asellus tries to remember what happened, and remembers being ran over by a carriage, which she finds ridiculous. Whatever!

Now you can move. First things first: Open up the menu, and equip the Backpack. Just keep heading downward until you reach a screen with some stairs that fork to the left and right; go left.

Now, you should be outside. Let's call this screen, the main screen. First, head to the tower on the upper right; you should be taken to a screen that looks like a bridge. Talk to the guy on the bridge, and he will talk some smack and leave. Now, go back to the main screen. Here, go to the tower in the upper left (the one with the spiral staircase leading up to the entrance). In here, just walk towards the little pond thingie in the center, and you'll be sucked in. When you reach the next room, exit. Here, while Asellus looks at the flowers, some jerk will come behind her and stab her. Up at the top of the tower, the king of the place comments on her purple blood. ...I'd comment on it too. :O

When she comes to, Asellus realizes she has no wound. Yeah, crazy. Now, go back the way you came, until you're at the main screen again. Now, go to the lower center building. Once inside, head down the stairs to the next screen. Let us call this screen, Important Screen. Here, enter the door in the center. The king of all mystics and all the cool stuff, Orlouge, will introduce himself to Asellus, and explain what happened to her, that damn Half-Mystic. He puts Ildon and WhiteRose in charge of your 'education', as you have a 'great obligation to the kingdom.'

Anyways, your first task is to get you a new dress in Rootville. Exit the room, and head south until you get to Rootville. Here, enter the southern-most house. When you enter, it winds up being the place where Gina makes dresses and such. She is dissapointed to find out that Asellus wasn't a prince. Anyways, she comes back down with a rad new suit. Now, go back to the castle and head back to the main screen.

Back at the main screen, go to the upper right tower, and head all the way inside; you should wind up in a room with a single coffin in it. Examine it, and a crazy lady with flowers in her hair will come out at you. :O She'll introduce herself as Princess White Rose, and come with you.

Now begins the fun part. If you don't know what to do at this part, you could be stuck here for a long, long time. But, that's why you have ME!

Now, you can cruise in Facinaturu with Ildon and White Rose. You can ditch them at any time to walk around by going back to your room (Upper Center). If you want to recruit them again, you can find Ildon in a screen to the right of "Important Screen", and you can find White Rose at her tomb. You'll find that there are some things you can't do, and events you can't trigger when you're hanging out with your partners, especially Ildon. Mix and match for best results.

Just so you know, here's a few things you can do with White Rose and Ildon:

- You can visit the tombs (on the Main Screen, they're the towers in the lower left and right corners) to learn about some of the princesses of Facinaturu; however, you might want to visit the lower left tomb with just White Rose...

- With Ildon, you can train and get experience. You do this in the room where you recruit him. You start the training by walking up to the top of the room; training ends when you lose a fight (or, if you lose the first fight, you have to lose a second fight). You can do this an unlimited amount of times while Ildon is in the group by exiting and re-entering the room; however, if you win enough fights consecutively, you won't be able to train again.

- With White Rose, you can go to the dungeon (On the main screen, a path on the right of Asellus's tower), though I would strongly reccomend not doing so. You can also take her to Gozarus's house (in Rootville, the centermost house) and get him to like you (he would be a dick if you had tried to talk to him before). He gives you a Charm Necklace, and you can then buy stuff from him at the cost of LP! I wouldn't recommend it...

- Eventually, while hanging out with White Rose and Ildon, you will encounter Rastaban at 'Important Screen' for some nonsense banter.

- After recruiting White Rose for a second time (when she explains what an Arch-Princess is), when you go back to your room, Zozma (that trash-talking mystic from before) will be in your room, and some nonsense banter will ensue.

That succinctly describes everything you can do. I suggest trying ALL these things out (particularly, going to Princess Rei's tomb with only White Rose), and then we can move on to the rest of the section.

Whenever you're ready to move on with the story, go ditch White Rose and/or Ildon, and head for Rootville. Enter the tailor's shop, and go upstairs and talk to Gina. Gina will get all butthurt and run upstairs; go follow her and talk to her. Now, head back up to 'Important Screen', and Ciato will be there. He'll tell you to go to the bar in Rootville if you wanna leave this place. So, now, head back to Rootville. At the far left of the Rootville map is a staircase next to a locked door - head up this staircase to reach the bar. At the bar, there'll be a dude. Talk to him about getting out, and he'll tell you that he wants money for his services. He then gives you the key to the locked door at the bottom of the stairs. Now, how to get money...? (Also, you should know that you won't be able to train with Ildon anymore after you do this)

Go to White Rose's tomb and talk to her. She says she has valuable metals that can probly be used in the exchange. Now, head out with her to the locked door. Talk to the Slime inside the room, and it'll open the path into the dungeon.

This dungeon is as simple as it gets. There are no secret paths, nor treasures to be found. Just go all the way to the end.

At the end of the path, Asellus and White Rose make their escape. End of Event.

It's like Under the Sea, except for it's a Mansion and there's no talking crab

Back at Facinaturu, Gina is all boo-hoo and stuff about Asellus leaving. It's surprising what being a Half-Mystic can do for your charisma.

Meanwhile, the pilot tells you that he won't charge you for any more flights, but that you'll have to wait a while til he prepares the next flight. Leave the port, and enter the village of Owmi.

As you walk across the bridge, Asellus notices flower petals in the water. White Rose seems to be able to read them - it says that Water Mystics are looking for a stray. If you snoop around, you'll hear that there's a Water Mystic being taken care of by the lord of this region. So, head down to the Lord's Manor (there's a path northward that leads to a huge mansion).

Inside the Lord's Manor, you will talk to the Lord, and he'll take you to the room where he's holding the Water Mystic. Talk to her, and she'll introduce herself as Mesarthim. She'll then explain to you that regardless of how well she's being treated, she wants to go home to her family. Asellus obliges, and convinces to the Lord to let them walk around in the mansion. If you explore the mansion enough, you can find a GhostCannon and KrisKnife upstairs, and downstairs in the basement, you can find a RubbetSuit and MaxCure. When you're ready, enter the door in the basement with the lock on it.

First things first - give Mesarthim the Rubber Suit, and give Asellus the Blue Elf armor; the boss here has a very strong water attack that it always uses right off the bat, and with this setup, White Rose will be the only one that takes damage. Equip the remaining weapons and accessories however you'd like, though I'd also reccomend switching Mesarthim's Shadow Dagger and Asellus's Knife.

Now, inside the dungeon...

On the first screen, just go downstairs into the next screen. On this screen, you can find a lot of treasure - a SanctuaryStone, a Magi-Water, a RottenMeat, and a pair of Jet Boots. Regardless, there are no aberrations - simply go to the next screen.

Here, quicksave immediately. When you approach this huge monster, you'll engage it.

Boss Fight: DevilSquid -- This boss immediately starts off the fight with an attack called Maelstrom - heavy water damage to all targets, IF it doesn't instant-kill the person! This is why I told you to give Asellus that Blue Elf armor. Unless you were leveling up a whole bunch, White Rose probably won't survive, either. Bring her back to life Using Mesarthim's Life Rain ability. Now, this guy can use Ink, Thunderbolt (which will probly kill any of your party members in one hit as well), and Feeler, which he'll use twice in a turn. He can also break out with Maelstrom again, and probly will. Mesarthim should try to cast VictoryRune on everybody, while keeping the party alive with LifeRain. Asellus and White Rose should be using their strongest attacks (probably PhantasmShot with WhiteRose), while Asellus should be ready to heal Mesarthim if the need arises.

Now, after you beat that boss, you can either head into the room on your left and end the event, or you can go spelunking. If you want to go spelunking, here's the walkthrough for that:

Grab the treasure on the table, and...oh, it's a trap. Now, you're at the bottom of the basement. On this screen, head up into the next screen. On THIS screen, grab the Pearl Heart and the Leather Boots, before advancing onto the next screen. On this screen, grab the ArmorGlove (and hidden across from it, out of view, is a Jackal Sword!), Shell Bracer, two MaxCures, and the RubberShoes, and then head upstairs into the next screen. Congrats! You're done spelunking.

Now, just head into the room on the left (unequip Mesarthim first!!!), and approach the water. Mesarthim will leave. End of Event.

Welcome Home

This one's a quickie.

Back at Facinaturu, Orlouge will tell Ciato to go get White Rose, using 'any means necesary.' Ciato then sends out three shadow...thingies to come get you. More on that later.

Back in Owmi, go to the port and tell the dude you wanna board the plane. You'll then go to Shrike.

(NOTE: Before you continue, you might wanna go to the Bio Research Lab and recruit Cotton; it'll help).

Here, find the building called "My House" (it's got a red roof), and enter it. After some dialogue, you'll start a boss fight with the first Shadow thingie.

Boss Fight: Fire Sage -- I'm not sure exactly what to tell you about this guy...he uses physical based attacks, some of them are fire elemental. He doesn't hit really hard, and you can kill him pretty fast with any combination attack involving PhantasmShot, or even if you just spam PhantasmShot. With Cotton, this fight becomes all kinds of easy. Upon winning this battle, you might get 'Mystic Sword' with Asellus.

(NOTE: It's possible that you'll get your first Mystic ability with Asellus - Mystic Sword. Using your Mystic abilities with Asellus directly determines which of the three endings you get - The 'Human' ending, the 'Half-Mystic' ending, or the 'Full-Mystic' ending. If you want the human ending, you should NEVER use your Mystic abilities at all - not even once. If you want the Full Mystic Ending, start using them right away. For the Half-Mystic ending, it's possible to obtain no matter which one you do, because there's actually a second variable involved, later in the game. For now, just know that whether or not you use your Mystic abilities will determine whether or not you can get the 'human' or 'full-mystic' ending.)

Afterwards, that's the end of the event.

How do I do Mystics, yo

So, you might have gotten Mystic Sword after that last fight with Asellus. If you didn't, you'll get it eventually; you can always refer to this section. This explains briefly how Mystic powers work with Asellus.

The way Half-Mystics use Mystic Abilities is a bit strange - first, you have to equip a Mystic Ability as a tech. Afterwards, upon using the ability in battle, Asellus will automatically initiate "Mystical Change", turning her into a Mystic. After changing into a Mystic, Asellus will be able to use any of the three Mystic abilities she knows already, as well as have access to any techs absorbed into them and stat buffs caused by absorbing monsters. In her human form, Asellus does not have any of these at her disposal.

ALSO, VERY IMPORTANT: You should know that the way you use your Mystic Abilities will alter which of the three endings you get. There is one ending that requires you to never use your Mystic Abilities, so if you want to see that particular ending, don't ever touch it. If you're curious, though, it's not the canonical ending.

So now, back to the show.

Preparation - I couldn't think of anything funny (Optional)

From this point on in the scenario until near the very end, you are simply biding your time until assassins come after you. I highly suggest you make a team quickly, and start powering up. I would say to keep White Rose, and recruit Lute, Rouge, and Silence. They make a pretty good team for the first part of the game.

Now, there are particular spots where assassins will confront you. You won't be stopped in the same place more than once. To initiate the next assassin coming after you, simply engage in two battles. after that, you are subject to getting attacked by one at any spot where you already haven't been attacked by one.

Here are the spots:

Koorong - In the Backstreet leading to Dr. Nusakan's office.

Shrike - Mu's Tomb, in a door left of the entrance, and in Sei's tomb in the room where you find the Shield artifact.

Luminous - Right outside the port.

Devin - The Shrine where Princess Rei is (if you don't know who Rei is, she's the girl in other scenarios that you can ask about Space Magic, if that helps)

Yorkland - The swamp.

Kyo - The Garden

Owmi - In the first room of the basement dungeon

Baccarat - In The Parking Lot

Shingrow - Entrance to the ruins in the upper-right.

Wakatu - In front of the wrecked house.

You can't get caught in the same place by an assassin more than once. I would reccomend starting either an Arcane or Rune magic quest, since a lot of the locations where you can get caught by assassins are in places you have to visit. I would highly suggest doing the Arcane quest some time before the end of the game - even if you don't use it to find assassin locations - because the spell Grail comes in a lot of handy when fighting the final boss. Also, since it's very possible that your final party might differ from its current state, I would suggest waiting to get Light Magic until you're sure of what your final party is going to be.

Anyways. I really can't give much better advice than what I've given you, other than to get a full team and start leveling up, fast. The only other help I can give you is boss strategies.

I'm coming for you! Round 1 - WaterSage

You can fight the WaterSage almost immediately...I would get a full party first.

Boss Fight: WaterSage -- You can probably beat this guy as soon as you have a full party. This guy does some physical and water attacks. If you still have that Blue Elf armor and Pearl Heart, you can nullify a few of them. He can block attacks, but overall, he's probably going to be easier than the previous boss.

After this guy, though, you BETTER start leveling up.

I'm coming for you! Round 2 - GreenSage

It won't be too long until you can fight the GreenSage. I suggest you do a bit of leveling up first...maybe get Asellus to the 300 HP range. Then, go get yourself some nice equipment (I reccomend the Junk Shop Trick). After that, I would go out and actively seek the GreenSage. I would reccomend confronting this guy in the entrance to the swamp if you haven't already confronted the WaterSage there, as this will secure you a nice place to level up for the rest of the scenario.

Boss Fight: GreenSage -- Man, even after all that preparation, this guy can be kind of a pain in the ass. The first thing to note is that hitting him with certain physical attacks will cause CounterFear, which puts you in Red Mess state (basically, that's the equivalent of confusion). Other than that, the particular attacks you might want to note are Scream (area Sonic attack, moderate damage), Ectoplasnet (one ally, instant kill), and WindBlast (all allies, high damage). Keep your HP up (leave it to White Rose and Asellus to heal), hit it with a lot of magic, and for physical attackers, use quick attacks to avoid getting CounterFear'd (Swallow Swing, Wheel Slash, Triple Thrust, etc.). Having some shields isn't a half bad idea, either.

Alright, cool! You beat the assassins, right?

I'm coming for you! Round 3 - Princess Lion

Now it's gonna get REALLY rough. Orlouge sends Princess Lion after you. If you found the GreenSage, easy, well, good for you! If you found it to be anything BUT easy, though, then Princess Lion will slap you around and call you Susan. get your HP up to the 400 range with everyone, and then make sure that as far as equipment goes, you have good weapons (30-40 attack power range), good shields (ExcelShields) and your defense rating is 40+, although it's quite possible that you already had equipment that meets this criterion. If not, you should go back to the Junk Shop in Scrap and see if you can get the high tier equipment. As for skill preparation, sword-users should have Deflect and Kasumi. If you're using any Mystics, try to have the spell MirrorShade ready. Anyways, once you think you're ready, go seek out Princess Lion.

Boss Fight: LionPrincess -- Boy, this one's a doozy. Our princess here can use ThunderBolt, FireBreath, and ArcticBreath, as well as sword techs like HardSlash, Smash, WheelSlash, and even Kasumi. There's no point in detailing which attacks are noteworthy - they all hit for about the same damage, and that is to say, a whole fucking lot. As if that wasn't enough, she's pretty damn good at blocking physical and magic attacks. Be healing pretty constantly - priority should go to any two people doing a powerful combo attack. Be sure to have a shield for everyone, and anyone who has any sort of counterattack technique is GREAT for this fight. If you have MirrorShade with anyone, use it; it will stop a lot of LionPrincess's attacks dead in their tracks. If you're still having a lot of trouble, bring everyone to the 500+ HP range, although this fight is definitely doable at 400+.

After the fight, when you seek out the next assassin, you find Ildon. He tells you that Ciato's coming after you next.

I'm coming for you! Round 4 - Ciato.

This is such a misplaced boss - if you can beat Princess Lion, it's damn near impossible to lose to Ciato. Go find him.

Boss Fight: HunterKnight -- So, this guy does a lot of single target attacks that won't kill you in one hit (PhantasmShot might come close). The only thing that this guy does that's dangerous at all is that he sometimes casts Fascination. If he does, then stop healing that person so they can hopefully die faster. That's really the ONLY trouble that this fight has to offer. There's nothing more I can say - you're already more than strong enough to beat Ciato.

Welcome to Damnation - The best damn nation there is!

Initiate the next assassination attempt...but, oh wait?

Orlouge sends you to a place called the Dark Labyrinth. According to White Rose, no one leaves here without making a sacrifice. Anyways. Here's how to get out.

On the first screen, go through the green door in the upper right part of the screen. On the second screen, there is a green door being led to by a staircase just outside the place where you entered. Go through that door. On the third screen, go through the green door in the upper left. On this screen, there's a Turnip monster - talk to it, and he'll tell you that one of the doors is the exit. Finally, go through the red door in the center.

Upon getting out, you'll find out that you sacrificed something - White Rose. After Asellus mourns her loss...for a very, very long time...that Turnip will join you, and oddly enough, Zozma will come to join you.

You might have noticed something once you can move again - you don't have your homies. To find them, go to the top of the shrine in Devin where Princess Rei is. Speaking of which, if you talk to Princess Rei now, you can get her to join you, provided you visited Rei's tomb with just White Rose at the beginning of the game.

Preparation - I couldn't think of anything funny, Part 2 (Optional)

You pretty much have nothing except for the last dungeon.

- If you were using White Rose in your main party, you will want to get a substitute for her. I suggest Zozma or Rei...probably Zozma, as he won't have much catching up to do (Rei starts with low HP and WP).

- If you have any mystics in your final party, I would reccomend getting Light Magic for them.

- Get your party to about 700 HP.

- Buy the best equipment you can get your hands on, as well as an absurd amount of SnakeOils. Some MaxCures wouldn't hurt, either.

- If you haven't completed the Arcane quest, I would REALLY suggest you do it. It's not mandatory, but the last boss has a lot of potential to be a pain in the ass without the spell 'Grail'.

Whenever you're ready...

Now YOU'RE coming for ME!

Your final goal is to go back to Facinaturu. Go to the port in Owmi and you'll find that one guy that helped you escape; he'll bring you back.

Once you're back in Rootville, go to the Tailor's shop, and the dude there will tell you that Gina was kidnapped. Ugh. Anyways, head to the Chateau. As an aside, if you visit any of the tombs now, you'll get neat little snippets of dialogue. Also, there's a room in Asellus's tower with a SilverMoon, HarmoniumEarring, LightRifle, and PowerBelt. You couldn't take them before, but you can now.

Now, anyways...Go to the dungeon just to the right of Asellus's tower.

This dungeon is really straightfoward - there's only two possible forks - one of them leads to an immediate dead end, and the second one leads you to a dead end where you can fully recover your party. Almost immediately after that fork is a boss. If you fight this boss and defeat it, you can enter the room behind it and save Gina...

Whether or not you save Gina is the second variable that determines your ending. Here's the breakdown:

Human Ending - Don't use your Mystic abilities AT ALL, and save Gina Full-Mystic Ending - Develop all your Mystic abilities (Sword, Glove, Boots) - in other words, absorb a monster into all three of them, and don't save Gina. Half-Mystic Ending - Any different combination of using Mystic Abilties and Saving/Not Saving Gina will get you the Half-Mystic ending.

So yeah. You can walk around the boss, or fight it...

Boss Fight: Giant -- This fight is very similar to the fight against Princess Lion. While the Giant doesn't necesarily hit as hard, it can sometimes attack twice in a turn, and it is incredibly good at blocking physical and magic attacks. Therefore, I reccomend you be at 600 HP when you fight it. My advice for the fight would be similar to that of the boss fight versus LionPrincess.

Now, Gina isn't saved just yet - check out the window behind where the Giant was standing. You'll open it; now, go back to the previous room, and there will be a passage where there originally was none. Go in, and fight THIS boss to save Gina once and for all.

Boss Fight: Griffin -- I honestly couldn't tell you anything about this fight that would help you - it's hands down, the EASIEST boss fight in SaGa Frontier. If you were strong enough to beat the Giant, you will decimate this guy. I fought him a million times, and all he seems to do are easy-to-block single-target physical attacks for high damage. In the several times I fought him to make sure that I wasn't cheating you out of some important information, he once used TailHit, an area-of-effect attack that does decent damage and causes Stun, but it's nothing to pee your pants about. I've zoned out a couple of times fighting him. In fact, I forgot all about this fight from the previous time I played through Asellus's scenario - THAT'S how braindead easy this boss fight is; I forgot all about it!

Anyways, when you win that boss fight, Gina is now saved!

When you're done with all that (or if you decided against it), continue up and you'll reach a door - it'll take you to the room in the beginning of the game where you got stabbed. If you want to go back for any reason, you'll have to use the teleporter in the next room to go back - and unfortunately, it only works one way, so you'll have to go through the dungeon again. When you're ready to fight the next bosses, enter the room on the right.

Approach Ciato, and a boss fight will ensue.

Boss Fight: BatKnight, SonicBat x2 -- You can probably beat this fight without having to do any of the reccomended preparations I gave (I know, because I checked). This guy is constantly supported by two SonicBats, which use Sonic attacks for pretty high damage. BatKnight himself doesn't do much worth noting, except PsyNet - an area of effect attack which causes Palsy, and EctoPlasnet, which causes instant death to one character. As you kill the bats, they come back at fixed intervals. Get rid of the bats! Having to deal with THEM is what's going to kill you. Having strong magic attacks, like VermillionSand or MegaWindBlast, really helps ease that up. He should go down pretty fast.

Now, continue up the stairs. Your next battle is a reprise of Princess Lion.

Boss Fight: LionPrincess -- The attacks might be different, but the strategy is pretty much the exact same thing as before. The only thing worth noting now is that she has a magic attack called Crystalizer, which is an area of effect attack that can cause petrify. You should be at about 600-650ish HP to stand up to this boss. Upon victory, you'll recieve the GoldenLion - the strongest sword in the game (75 attack power!).

Now, walk up the stairs. Depending on whether or not you've saved Gina, you'll have to fight Rastaban. If you haven't, he'll just give you a PlutoArmor. Otherwise, you'll have to BEAT it out of him!

(NOTE: This is the point of no return as far as endings go. Once you've beaten Rastaban, you're commited to whatever ending you've currently fulfilled the criterion for. For example, if you've never used your Mystic abilities, but haven't saved Gina, if you go back and save Gina after talking to Rastaban, you'll still get the Half Mystic ending.)

Boss Fight: BlackKnight -- I sound like a broken record saying this, but...if you were able to beat the LionPrincess and the Giant, you probably shouldn't lose this fight. Granted, it's not ridiculously easier, like when you fought Ciato the first time, or that damn Griffin...but, if you could beat those fights, you're strong enough to brute force your way through just about any boss that doesn't employ status effects. I suppose I'll tell you some things, though...BlackKnight hits pretty hard. He can attack up to three times in a turn for heavy damage, and he can use TitasWave, an area-of-effect attack for very heavy (450+!) damage, which can potentially hit the entire party. Other than that, he occasionally tries to use unthreatening status effects, like Blind or Poison. Just run through this guy with your strongest stuff, and heal when someone gets knocked out, and you should be fine.

Whew! Now that that's all over, head into the next room. As you try and enter the door, Ildon will stop you, and ask you if you're ready. Once you say yes, you enter the room. Follow the path to the end, and talk to Orlouge. He'll go back into the other room and wait. Go back and approach him for the finale.

Boss Fight: Orlouge -- Heh heh. This is probably the most random final boss in the game.

Here's how this fight works: Orlouge has three spirits and three portraits at his command. At the beggining of a turn, he'll summon one of the spirits at random, and it'll attack for the turn.

- The spirit on the right uses some wind-based attacks, but most importantly, it can use Tornado (450+HP!)

- The middle spirit uses Fascination and PhantasmShot. The only thing to watch out for is that PhantasmShot can randomly instant kill or petrify your characters.

- The one on the left uses a variety of powerful Thunder and Fire-based attacks, as well as being able to use SuperSonic twice in a turn! This is pretty much where all the heavy damage comes from.

About 1/4th of the way through, Orlouge starts using the portraits in the background to cast stat buffs on the spirit. Some things worth nothing:

- When Orlouge uses the portrait on the right, the spirit will get two or three attacks that turn.

- When Orlouge uses the center portrait, that spirit will use an attack that hits all characters; this is the most fucked up shit ever, because the spirit on the right can use WindBlast (300-350ish) OR MagneticStorm (500+HP!) , the center spirit uses PhantasmShot on all allies (can be a pain in the ass, depending on the status effect), and the left spirit uses Oscillation (400+) and Ignis - fire damage for 500-600ish HP!

- Also, at around this time, Orlouge will start ending turns with Selection, a spell that randomly petrifies one character. Orlouge starts using this with greater frequency as the fight drags on.

Finally, about halfway through the fight, Orlouge stops using the portraits for stat buffs, and calls out all three spirits. At this point, Orlogue will either attack with 3Mistresses, which hits all allies for heavy damage, or he'll have each spirit attack once. Orlouge will still randomly use Selection at this time.

Whew. That enough basic info? Needless to say, the entire first half of this battle is a total crapshoot - you could make it to the second half without taking ANY damage, or you could get random pwned before you even get to the second half. It's very uncommon for Orlouge to use Selection until the second half, but it's entirely possible. If you have a rough first half, don't worry - it's very possible that it'll go completely differently the next time you fight him (if you have to fight him again). As for the second half, Orlouge almost always starts with 3Mistresses (in fact, you can expect him to do it twice in a row), and things can get really troublesome here, especially if you don't have any way of curing petrify (See why I said you should have Grail?)

So, here's what I do; first of all, to prepare:

- Any random thing you have the guards against Sonic attacks or Faint is nice. - Make sure any Light Magic users have StartlightHeal; make sure any Arcane Magic users have Grail. - Any character without Grail should carry one SnakeOil and one MaxCure; any character with Grail should hold two MaxCures. - For that matter, remove any extraneous equipment you can in order to hold MaxCures and SnakOils.

Now, since the first half of the fight is completely random, I say to do absolutely as much damage as you possibly can; the only time I stop attacking is to cure petrify (in the horrible scenario that it occurs this early), or when someone falls below about 350 HP, so to make sure that if all three spirits come out at any point, that everyone will survive 3Mistresses.

Now, when the second half happens, I always take this exact measure; after the first time Orlouge uses 3Mistresses, I make sure everyone takes the MaxCure in their hands and heals themself, so that they survive the SECOND one. After that, have Asellus (or whoever carries the Backpack) concetrate on healing characters in critical condition. If necessary, use Starlight Heal with anyone who has Light Magic. Priority should go to using MaxCures on characters who've fallen, or using SnakeOils on anyone who gets petrified. The trick is to always make sure that everyone is alive (no matter how badly beaten at the end of a turn), and that the majority of the party is always attacking. If you lose the momentum, it can get very hard to get it back. ALWAYS cure petrify immediately! I guarantee you that things will go wrong if you don't fix petrified characters right away.

That's about the best I can do for you. Good luck!