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Name: The name of the piece of equipment
Def: Its defense value
Description: Any added effects of the equipment will be shown here
Found: Indicates the easiest ways to find the item, if any
Mec Effects: Shows the changes made to a Mec's stats upon equipping

NameDefDescriptionFoundMec Effects
AngelArmor27Qui+10, FloatingKoorong - Natural Cave (Chest); Drop (SwordValkyrie, SpearValkyrie)HP+100, Qui+20, Vit+20
ArmorVest18BulletproofKoorong (Shop)HP+65, Vit+5
Beast Leather6Drop (Razorback, SonicBat)HP+5, Vit+1
BlueElf20Defends against Water AttacksDrop (Frillneck); Default Equipment (Mesarthim)HP+100, Int+15, Psy+15
BoneBreast13Drop (DeadKnight)HP+25, Vit+5
CelestialLeather24Drop (Manticore, Basilisk)HP+50, Vit+15
DarkRobe8Psy+5, BulletproofLuminous - Omble (Shop)HP+20
ElectroArmor25Shuzer Base (Chest, Red only); Scrap (Junk Shop)HP+75, Qui+15, Vit+15
FiberVest8Koorong (Shop)HP+35, Vit+7
FireLeather16Drop (Hellhound, MiniDragon, Suzaku)HP+40, Vit+8
GlowRobe18Int+7, Wil+7, Defends against PetrifyMagic Kingdom - Furdo's Workspace (Shop); Drop (Sunflower)HP+20
GoldenFleece28Defends against SleepDrop (RedDragon)HP+50, Psy+10, Cha+10
HardLeather12Scrap (Junk Shop)HP+50, Vit+5
HarmoniumArmor24Defends against Sonic AttacksShingrow - Ruins (Chest); Drop (CrystalTree)HP+75, Qui+15, Vit+15
HyperScale30Shingrow - Ancient Ship (Chest); Drop (IceWorm, ZeroWorm)HP+75, Vit+15
LivingArmor26Drop (LivingArmor)HP+65, Psy+13, Vit+13
MasterRobe10Psy+5Default Equipment (Blue, Rouge)HP+20, Vit+4
MoonlightRobe17Psy+8, Cha+8, Defends against SleepLuminous - Luminous Labyrinth (Chest);HP+20
MysticMail23Cannot be removed from MysticsCan't be obtained - Default Mystic Equipment
PlutoArmor35Defends against FaintFacinaturu (Chest, Asellus only); Drop (Dullahan)HP+150, Psy+20, Vit+20
Protector10Manhattan (C.T.C Building, Red only); Drop (Armorpilla, IronHopper)HP+25, Vit+5
ShadeRobe9Wil+9, Restores non-Mech's HPFacinaturu (Shop); Drop (Shrieker, Treant)HP+20
StardustRobe16Wil+5, Cha+5, Psy+5, Defends against FaintKoorong - Natural Cave (Chest)HP+20
WarlordArmor32Nelson (Shop)HP+100, Str+20, Vit+20