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Name: The name of the piece of equipment
Def: Its defense value
Description: Any added effects of the equipment will be shown here
Found: Indicates the easiest ways to find the item, if any
Mec Effects: Shows the changes made to a Mec's stats upon equipping

NameDefDescriptionFoundMec Effects
BloodChalice1Defends against Faint, Psy+5Manhattan (Shop)HP+5
BoltCrystal1Use in battle to create a Bolt BarrierMagic Kingdom (Shop); Drop (CrystalTree, Thundragon)HP+5
BrokenBumper1Scrap (Junk Shop)HP+5, Vit+1
Bumper3T260's scenario only - received from Uncle TacoHP+15, Vit+3
EMES Tag5Defends against PetrifyTrinity Base (Chest, Emelia only)HP+50, Vit+10
FangAmulet1Str+5Kyo (Shop)HP+5
FeatherCharm1Cha+5Drop (Axebeak, Wyvern)HP+5
FireCrystal1Use in battle to create a Fire BarrierManhattan (Shop)HP+5
FlowerAmulet1Psy+5, Cha+5Kyo (Shop)HP+5
HarmoniumEarring1Defends against Sonic AttacksManhattan (Shop); Shingrow - Ruins (Chest)HP+50, Int+10
IceCrystal1Use in battle to create an Ice BarrierManhattan (Shop)HP+5
KrisKnife3Owmi - Lord Manor (Chest); Drop (Dancer)HP+25, Psy+5
Magatama1Use in battle to cast Sacred SongShrike - Sei's Tomb (Chest)HP+5
PearlHeart2Defends against Water AttacksManhattan (Shop)HP+5
PurpleEye4Defends against Gaze, Psy+7, Use in battle to cast Phantasm ShotManhattan (Shop)HP+50, Wil+10
SandVessel2Defends against Petrify, Use in battle to cast QuickSandFacinaturu (Shop)HP+5
Sea Stone3Psy+7, Vit+7, Defends against Water Attacks, Can cast Maelstrom if the user has all the Mystic AttacksOwmi - Lord Manor (receive from Mesarthim if you have a mystic in your party); Drop (Kraken)HP+5
Sleet Coin1Drop (IceCrystal, Snowfolk)HP+5
Sol Grail1Drop (FireCrystal)HP+5
SteelAmulet1Vit+5Kyo (Shop)HP+25, Str+5, Qui+5, Vit+5
Tao-TiehPattern3Defends against PsychoutFacinaturu (Shop)HP+50, Psy+10
Thunder Charm1Drop (Gelatin)HP+5
UnicornTear1Psy+1, Defends against PosionMagic Kingdom - Furdo's Workspace (Chest); Drop (Unicorn)Psy+1
WindShell5Qui+5, Wil+5Drop (Abyssbat)HP+5
WingAmulet1Qui+5Kyo (Shop)HP+5