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|Victory Cry
|Victory Cry
|Battle end: HP/MP up<br>
|Battle end: 25% HP & 10% MP healed<br>
|Normal||Ma 16, Ag 16
|Normal||Ma 16, Ag 16
|Attacks ignore resistances.<br>
|Attacks ignore resistances.<br>
Ineffective vs. Repel, Drain
Ineffective vs. Repel
|Normal||St 15
|Normal||St 15
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|Full Might
|Full Might
|Start: Critical 1x: All <br>
|Start: Critical attack 1x (All) <br>
(Phys only)
(Phys only)
|10||Def||St 21
|Ban Phys
|Ban Phys
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|Ban Ice
|Ban Ice
|All: Null 1st Ice atk
|All: Null 1st Ice atk
|8||Ice||Ma 9, Vi 9
|Ban Elec
|Ban Elec
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|Phantasma|| Genma
|Phantasma|| Genma
|Ignore obstacles
|Ignore obstacles, Move Cost 1/2

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Skills come in three varieties: Command, Passive, and Auto. You obtain skills for your human characters by Skill Cracking. Simply mark the enemy with the desired skill before a mission starts and make sure to kill it with that character's team. Upon defeat, they'll crack the skill you marked and have it available for use. However, before your character can equip a skill, they must meet the stat requirements for that particular skill. If they don't, they can't equip it. Only one skill can be on any one human character at a time (i.e. You can't have two human leaders with Dia).

Human characters can also transfer skills to demons via Magnetite power, which accumulates during battle (you can't really see it). When you get enough Magnetite power, a notice will pop up allowing you to select a demon to transfer a skill to. You can transfer any command skill you've cracked.

For HP/MP Cost. Magic uses MP at a flat rate, while Physical attacks use a percentage (%) of Max HP.
HP Dependant Dmg: Damage depends on amount of HP user has. (Ex. Deathbound doing more dmg at 999 HP than 200 HP.) Almighty attacks: Attacks can not be resisted and bypasses barriers. Can also not be reflected.


Status Effects

Status effects are always nasty, and you're bound to be hit by them eventually. The majority of these ailments can be cured either through skills or waiting a few turns. Mystic resistance can help prevent ailments, since most skills that attempt to inflict ailments are Mystic-based.

Mute: Unable to use MP consuming skills.
Sleep: Put to sleep. Can't act until hit.
Poison: Take damage after you perform actions. Can't kill you outright.
Paralyze: Slows you down and may be unable to act.
Stone: Petrifies target, rendering them unable to act. Target may be instantly killed if hit by an attack.
Curse: Curses target so that can't heal HP or MP.
Seal: Seals off all skills, rending you only to attack or guard.
Freeze: Freezes foe, rendering them unable to act. Physical attacks hit for critical damage.
Wears off after a fight.
Shock: Shocks foe, rendering them unable to act. Physical attacks hit for critical damage.
Wears off after a fight.


Name Description HP/MP Cost Element Required Stats
Agi Low Fire Dmg: 1 foe 4 Fire None
Agidyne High Fire Dmg: 1 foe 13Fire Ma 18
Maragi Low Fire Dmg: All 20 Fire Ma 10, Ag 8
Maragidyne High Fire Dmg: All 42Fire Ma 17, Ag 15
Bufu Low Ice Dmg: 1 foe

Effect: Freeze

4 IceNone
Bufudyne High Ice Dmg: 1 foe

Effect: Freeze

13IceMa 18
Mabufu Low Ice Dmg: All

Effect: Freeze

20 IceMa 10, Ag 8
Mabufudyne High Ice Dmg: All

Effect: Freeze

42IceMa 17, Ag 15
Zio Low Elec Dmg: 1 foe

Effect: Shock

4 ElecNone
Ziodyne High Elec Dmg: 1 foe

Effect: Shock

13ElecMa 18
Mazio Low Elec Dmg: All

Effect: Shock

20 ElecMa 10, Ag 8
Maziodyne High Elec Dmg: All

Effect: Shock

42ElecMa 17, Ag 15
Zan Low Force Dmg: 1 foe

Effect: Stone

4 ForceNone
Zandyne High Force Dmg: 1 foe

Effect: Stone

13ForceMa 18
Mazan Low Force Dmg: All

Effect: Stone

20 ForceMa 10, Ag 8
Mazandyne High Force Dmg: All

Effect: Stone

42ForceMa 17, Ag 15
Megido Almighty dmg: All
50AlmightySt 10, Ma 18
Megidolaon High Almighty dmg: All
75AlmightySt 10, Ma 20
Fire Dance Deals Fire Dmg to random enemies.

May hit 2-5 times.

23FireMa 8, Ag 6
Ice Dance Deals Ice Dmg to random enemies.

May hit 2-5 times.

23IceMa 8, Ag 6
Elec Dance Deals Elec Dmg to random enemies.

May hit 2-5 times.

23ElecMa 8, Ag 6
Force Dance Deals Force Dmg to random enemies.

May hit 2-5 times.

23ForceMa 8, Ag 6
Holy Dance Deals Holy Dmg to random enemies.

May hit 2-5 times.

45AlmightySt 8, Ma 10
Judgment Halves foe HP: All
35MysticMa 18, Vi 15
Anger Hit Critical Dmg: 1 foe

50% chance to hit.

5%PhysSt 5
Mighty Hit Critical Dmg: 1 foe
15%PhysAg 11
Power Hit High phys. attack
8%PhysSt 10, Vi 9
Brutal Hit HP-dependant dmg: 1
10%PhysVi 11
Hassohappa HP-dependant dmg: All
Berserk Random HP-dependant dmg

Hits random targets 2-5 times.

13%PhysSt 11, Ag 9
Deathbound Random HP-dependant dmg

Hits all targets 1-2 times.

20%PhysSt 17, Ag 12
Dia Some HP up: 1 ally
Diarahan Full HP up: 1 ally
20HealMa 15
Media Some HP up: Team
20HealMa 12
Mediarahan Full HP up: Team
45HealMa 18
Prayer Fully heals HP and ailments: All
55HealMa 22
Drain Drain HP & MP: 1 foe
2AlmightyMa 11
Recarm Revive Ally: Low HP

Works anywhere on field.

20HealMa 13
Samarecarm Revive Ally: Full HP
35HealMa 21
Amrita Cures all ailments
9HealMa 6
Tetrakarn Reflect 1 Phys atk: All
23DefMa 12, Vi 14
Makarakarn Reflect 1 magic atk: All
23DefMa 14, Ag 12
Shield All Nullify any dmg once.

Good for one attack.

25DefMa 15, Vi 15
Taunt Attracts dmg, def up
10DefVi 7
Might Call Gives team a crit buff. Good for 1 attack.

Works for physical attacks only.

8DefSt 14
Diajama Makes one foe unable to heal.
10MysticMa 10, Ag 14
Gigajama High Seal chance: 1 foe
20AlmightyMa 10, Ag 15
Petra Eyes Mid Stone chance: All
22MysticMa 9, Ag 11
Paral Eyes Mid Paralyze chance: All
15MysticMa 7, Ag 9
Mute Eyes Mid Mute chance: All
15MysticMa 5, Ag 7
Makajamaon High Mute chance: All
25MysticMa 15
Death Call Instant Kill Mute/Par. foes
26MysticAg 19
Weak Kill Deals high damage to 1 foe

with status ailment.

10%PhysSt 12, Ma 8


Name Description Element Required Stats
Life Bonus Max HP up 10%. NormalSt 4, Vi 4
Mana Bonus Max MP up 10%. NormalMa 4, Ag 4
Life Surge Max HP up 30%. NormalSt 7, Vi 7
Mana Surge Max MP up 40%. NormalMa 7, Ag 7
Hero Aid Critical Rate up 25% NormalSt 4
Ares Aid Critical Rate up 50% NormalSt 14
Drain Hit Recover 25% dmg from

using physical attacks.

NormalSt 4
Attack All Normal attack hits all
NormalSt 16, Ag 17
Counter Low chance of counter. (Phys only)
NormalSt 8, Ag 7
Revenge Mid chance of counter. (Phys only)
NormalSt 11, Ag 12
Payback High chance of counter. (Phys only)
NormalSt 15, Ag 18
+Mute Attacks may Mute.
MysticMa 9, Ag 7
+Poison Attacks may Poison.
MysticSt 7, Ag 5
+Paralyze Attacks may Paralyze.
MysticSt 10, Ag 8
+Stone Attacks may Stone.
MysticVi 12, Ag 10
Fire Rise Fire dmg up 1.2x
FireSt 7, Ma 7
Ice Rise Ice dmg up 1.2x
IceMa 7, Vi 7
Elec Rise Elec dmg up 1.2x
ElecMa 7, Ag 7
Force Rise Force dmg up 1.2x
ForceVi 7, Ag 7
Phys Rise Phys dmg up 1.2x
PhysSt 6, Vi 9
Fire Jump Fire dmg up 1.5x
FireSt 13, Ma 14
Ice Jump Ice dmg up 1.5x
IceMa 14, Vi 13
Elec Jump Elec dmg up 1.5x
ElecMa 14, Ag 13
Force Jump Force dmg up 1.5x
ForceVi 13, Ag 14
Phys Jump Phys dmg up 1.5x
PhysSt 13, Vi 16
Anti-Phys Phys dmg taken -50%
PhysSt 8, Vi 8
Anti-Fire Fire dmg taken -50%
FireSt 6, Ma 6
Anti-Ice Ice dmg taken -50%
IceMa 6, Vi 6
Anti-Elec Elec dmg taken -50%
ElecMa 6, Ag 6
Anti-Force Force dmg taken -50%
ForceVi 6, Ag 6
Anti-Mystic Mystic dmg taken -50%

+Ailment Def

MysticMa 9
Anti-Most All dmg taken -50% except Phys
NormalMa 15, Vi 15
Anti-All All dmg taken -50%
NormalMa 16, Vi 16
Null Phys Nullify Phys attacks
PhysSt 13, Vi 13
Null Fire Nullify Fire attacks
FireSt 11, Ma 11
Null Ice Nullify Ice attacks
IceMa 11, Vi 11
Null Elec Nullify Elec attacks
ElecMa 11, Ag 11
Null Force Nullify Force attacks
ForceVi 11, Ag 11
Null Mystic Nullify Mystic attacks

Immune to most ailments

MysticMa 14
Phys Repel Reflect Phys attacks
PhysSt 16, Vi 16
Fire Repel Reflect Fire attacks
FireSt 15, Vi 15
Ice Repel Reflect Ice attacks
IceMa 15, Vi 15
Elec Repel Reflect Elec attacks
ElecMa 15, Ag 15
Force Repel Reflect Force attacks
ForceVi 15, Ag 15
Phys Drain Drain Phys attacks
PhysSt 17, Vi 17
Fire Drain Drain Fire attacks
FireSt 16, Vi 16
Ice Drain Drain Ice attacks
IceMa 16, Vi 16
Elec Drain Drain Elec attacks
ElecMa 16, Ag 16
Force Drain Drain Force attacks
ForceVi 16, Ag 16
Watchful Inactive: Gain 75% EXP
NormalMa 12, Ag 13
Endure Withstand death once
NormalVi 6
Life Aid Battle end: 10% HP healed
NormalVi 13, Ag 12
Life Lift Battle end: 30% HP healed
NormalVi 15, Ag 14
Mana Aid Battle end: 10% MP healed
NormalMa 15, Ag 14
Victory Cry Battle end: 25% HP & 10% MP healed
NormalMa 16, Ag 16
Pierce Attacks ignore resistances.

Ineffective vs. Repel

NormalSt 15
Race-O Same Race: Dmg up 50%
NormalSt 7
Race-D Same Race: Def up 50%
NormalVi 7
Dual Shadow Chance to repeat attack.

Skills will still consume HP/MP.

NormalAg 16
Extra One 100% Extra Turn

Does not work with Chaos Wave.

NormalAg 14
Leader Soul Leader may take dmg for ally if an attack

may kill it. Won't work if Leader lacks HP.

NormalVi 6


Likely the hardest skills to get. Auto skills are mostly found on humans, and they don't show up too often. Auto skills also consume MP every time they activate.

Name Description MP Cost Element Required Stats
Blitzkrieg Start: Atk/Mag up 25% 4 DefSt 8, Ma 9
Hustle Start: Hit/Evd up 25% 3 DefAg 8
Fortify Start: Def up 25% 5DefMa 7, Vi 8
Barrier Start: Magic Reflect 1x 16DefMa 17, Ag 15
Wall Start: Phys Reflect 1x 15DefMa 15, Vi 17
Full Might Start: Critical attack 1x (All)

(Phys only)

10DefSt 21
Ban Phys All: Null 1st Phys atk 15PhysSt 15, Vi 15
Ban Fire All: Null 1st Fire atk 8FireSt 8, Ma 8
Ban Ice All: Null 1st Ice atk 8IceMa 9, Vi 9
Ban Elec All: Null 1st Elec atk 8ElecMa 9, Ag 9
Ban Force All: Null 1st Force atk 8ForceVi 8, Ag 8
Ban Mystic All: Null 1st Mystic atk 6MysticMa 12
Rage Soul 2x Dmg, however, you can only

attack (no command skills).

6DefVi 17
Grace Start: Fully cures team 25DefMa 21
Marksman Start: Foe evade down 2DefAg 7
Tailwind Start: Team Agi. up 0DefAg 4
Magic Yin Magic Dmg 1.5x, MP Cost up 2x 16DefMa 20
Magic Yang MP Cost -50% (All) 0DefMa 14
Battle Aura Nullifies dmg > 50 10DefMa 10, Vi 11
Revive Start: Cast Recarm 25HealMa 18
Healing Start: Cast Media 12HealMa 12
Alter Pain Restore MP when damaged 0HealSt 12, Ma 12

Racial Skills

Basically, Auto skills for demons. The demon's race determines the skill. These cannot be changed, nor can leaders equip them.

Name Race Description HP/MP Cost
Affection Megami Heals/Cures a team. Range: 3
Awakening Deity MP skills dmg up 1.5x
Chaos Wave Vile Attack Range up 3x, Move -1, Enemy engage cost up 2x

No Extra Turns

Contrict Snake Foes near team: Bound (Move = 1), gain Engage priority Passive
Evil Wave Dragon Attack Range up 2x, Engage cost up, No Extra Turns Passive
Blood Wine Divine Converts HP to MP; how much is dependent on level.
Flight Avian Ignore obstacles; Move +1 Passive
Sacrifice Fallen Gain HP/MP when an enemy is killed. Passive
Switch Avatar Switch position with ally. Range: 6
Animal Leg Beast Move after attacking Passive
Devil Speed Wilder Move = 7 after use; Engage priority
Phantasma Genma Ignore obstacles, Move Cost 1/2 Passive
Charm Fairy Recovers HP for team; may have random effects. Range: 3
Tyranny Tyrant Restores MP based on damage done; Foe's turn delayed Passive
Double Up Kishin Allows you to attack twice in one turn. Passive
Aggravate Touki Guarantees critical after use.
Bind Jaki Binds enemy; Move = 1. Range: 3
Devotion Femme Recovers HP for team. Range: 3