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The following is a list of the major bosses you may fight in the game. This may change accordingly depending on which route you take towards the end of the game. Obviously, there may be spoliers in here, so read at your own risk. Don't say I didn't warn you.



HP: 202 MP: 44 Lv.17
Weak vs. Fire, Repel Ice

The first actual hard fight you'll be thrust into. It can be a bit tricky, since you won't have a wide variety of demons before facing off with him. However, he can be beaten fairly easily by ganging up on him and using Agi to hit his weakness. He can hit pretty hard, and may use Bufu and Ice Dance.


HP: ??? Lv. 30
Null vs. All

The first major story boss in the game. You fight him at the end of Day 3. He's not too hard if you're prepared properly, but due to his Immortal ability, only the Hero can hurt him with the Devil's Fuge. Recommended to have Kishin Nalagiri for double attack and something with Evil Wave or Chaos Wave for long distance attack.

Beldr himself is pretty strong, and his physical attacks can Stone someone. His Lost Flame attack can hit everyone for heavy Fire damage, and he'll occasionally use Vampire Mist hitting everyone on the field for Mystic damage and recovering HP from the attack. It's a good idea to take care of the enemy demons first and then engage Beldr. However, partly into the fight, Beldr will resummon the demons that were defeated. It's important in particular to take out the Cait Sith teams since they'll try to heal Beldr with Media. Upon defeating Beldr, the remaining enemies will disappear and the mission will end.


HP: 2850 Lv.55
Weak vs. Ice, Null Fire, Strong vs. Phys, Elec, Force, Mystic

Fought at the end of Day 6. A little trickier than Beldr. Anyone can hurt him as opposed to Beldr, but Belial is very strong. It's hard to resist his attacks due to him having Piece, so anything short of Repel won't work. Maragidyne will hurt, as will his physical attacks. Add in the Dragon's Eye ability giving three turns in battle, and things get hairy. Every so many turns, Belial will use Fire of Sinai hurting everyone on the field for some heavy Fire damage. Somewhat recommended to have something for double attack and something with Evil Wave or Chaos Wave for long distance attack. Also make sure to have Bufudyne or Ice Dance along with Ice Rise if possible.

As for taking care of the enemy demons, it's completely up to you. After engaging with Belial, he'll summon more demons after taking some damage. Upon defeating Belial, the remaining enemies will disappear and the mission will end. However, you can still lose the mission if Haru dies.


HP: ~3000? MP: 1850 Lv. 59
Repel Ice, Null Mystic, Strong vs. Elec, Fire

Fought on Last Day depending on route taken. A bit easier than Belial, since you can resist Jezebel's attacks. Jezebel will attack primarily with Judgement, having your HP (Null Mystic blocks it.), and Maragidyne. It won't move at all, but has an attack range of 3, and has three attacks per turn. For best results, use Wind and Phys attacks. Jezebel doesn't have any weaknesses, and you don't need it getting an Extra Turn.



HP: 1800 Lv.65
Weak vs. Wind, Null Mystic, Strong vs. Phys, Fire, Ice, Drain Elec

The last of the Bel bosses. Unfortunately, getting to him is the tricky part. In order to get to him, you'll have to active two levers to control the lifts that were deactivated. However, you can also get to Belberith by using Flight or Phantasma by moving across the gap.

Lucky for you that Belberith doesn't have a lot of HP, however, he recovers 25% of his health after a fight, and is pretty resistant to a lot of stuff. Add in him being attack twice in one turn, and infinite attack range, and you have trouble. If you have some Wind attacks, those will work wonders in this fight. Belberith likes to hit hard with Physical and Elec attacks.


HP: 3130 Lv.65
Strong vs. All, Null Mystic

The Final Boss...A giant head connected to a tower. Make sure you're fully prepared before going into this fight, since there will be no turning back once the fight begins. Depending on the route you've picked, this mission may change slightly.

Anyways, you'll have to contend with enemy demons before making your way to Babel, and more will be summoned when they're defeated. On Gin's route, you'll also have to protect Haru while fighting.

Babel itself isn't too hard, but it does resist everything due to its Anti-All skill. (Make sure to crack it!) It's only got an attack range of 3, and uses Phys and Almighty attacks on you.

Babel Pt.2

HP: ???? Lv.70

This continues from the previous fight with Babel, so you can't change your team/skills out. What happens in this fight depends on the the route you've picked.

For Naoya's Route, you have to fight through the previous Bels you've fought before. Same strategies apply for each boss. For Gin's Route, you'll be without your Demons. It's just you out there.

Finally, Babel will open up for you to attack. Its resistances change when its turn comes around, leaving it weak to one element and Repelling or Strong against the other elements. Babel is mostly focused with Phys attacks (Attack All), has infinite attack range, and can occasionally get a repeat attack with Dual Shadow.


HP: ???? Lv. 99
Strong vs. All, Null Mystic - 1st Form

Special Optional Boss that's only seen on a New Game+. He'll show up before fighting Belberith, with a special mission. You'll want to level to at least Level 80 to have a remote chance of winning. Lucifer is extremely powerful and can easily annihilate you quickly. Also, he's got that silly infinite attack range. Quite simply, he's the hardest boss in the game.

It starts out with just your team vs. him, but shortly into the fight, enemy demons will pop up (about Lv.70-80). Great place to level since you can escape any you want.

Lucifer himself has three different forms that require a different strategy for each to take down.