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Welcome to the walkthrough of Order of Ecclesia! This text will lead you through the areas and secrets of the game, giving you tips to prepare for the battles ahead and links to the relevant section in the Bosses page of the wiki. In Order of Ecclesia every time you enter an area you have a chance to find a simple chest replaced by a sparkling green chest with more valuable contents, so don't forget to revisit past areas, as the contents are renewable (not so for rare or Blue chests). The content of a chest is randomly chosen from a number of items, which differ in most areas. These are shown at the start of each area under "Chest contents".

As soon as you get control of Shanoa, jump up the ledges and exit through the top right. The other doors are locked. Follow the instructions on screen for this segment, get the glyph pressing up, equip the glyphs, hit Barlowe thrice and cast a Glyph Union (up + Y or X), kill the two Skeletons and proceed. When he sends you on your way, return left and get a rare chest with Record 5 (use it for old Castlevania music). Use the heart refiller (press down). Go all the way right to the corridor. In front of you is a Save Room (it's a good idea to use them and they double as healing rooms. In the vertical room, go to the left blue ledge and press down to get a hidden Blue Chest with Record 1. Drop down and leave the place.


Chest contents: Anti-Venom, Cotton Thread, Magical Ticket, Meat (simple), Darjeeling Tea, Heart Repair, High Tonic, Lapis Lazuli (sparkling green)

Go twice right and kill the Skeletons, using L to avoid the bones they're throwing. Ignore the next room for the moment and all the way to the right (Zombies respawn infinitely) to the Teleporter. Return to the vertical room you ignored before. Get the simple chest and climb up, taking care of the irregular flying patterns of the bats and killing or ignoring the lone skeleton. Exit right and avoid attacking the Banshees while they wail. Get the Sandals from the rare, chest, equip them and go thrice left, past a room of Skeletons. Draw the Magnes glyph and equip it. Note that the time you keep pressing the button influences the distance you get flung. There is also a Save Room to the right.

Jump, grab & hold (from now on, when you read grab, it will always mean grab & hold), press down till you go as far as you can and let go. Press R again as soon as you're close to the next magnet. Repeat all the way up and aim up-left to get a rare chest with a Cotton Hat. Stylish! Go left, ignore the chest (the Ghosts will never cease coming) and drop down. Stand behind the pillar and slide (down + B) to get the White Cat. Slide then and get a rare chest with a HP Max Up. To the left you can get the more useful Secare glyph, dropped by the Bone Scimitar, which is rather tougher and then return to the vertical room with the magnets and use the upper right exit. Kill the Zombies and break a statue to get the Culter glyph. Exit right.

More Ghosts and a Banshee. Get the Book of Spirits Relic from a golden chest, get the simple chest in the upper right part of the room, then hit thrice the upper left wall of the room, to break it down (called breaking or smashing the wall from now on) and get a rare chest with a Hearts Max Up. Return to the previous room and go right. Two Banshees and a Bone Scimitar and go up, getting a simple chest and a bag with 500g. Bat galore. Don't forget to break the right part of the platform where the chest is for some Red Drops. U se them. To the right room is a simple chest, two Banshees and a Scimitar. Cross the long room to the left, killing Zombies and getting the simple chest and exit left. Use the Save Room to the left, get the rare chest with an MP Max Up and go up. To the left is a Teleporter (use to transport to the other Teleporter if you need it). Go left and beat the Boss, Arthroverta, as described in the link. Go right to meet Albus and leave.

After you get the Ordinary Rock: Exit the first save room and propel yourself up with Magnes. Go as far up as you can and go left, then get a rare chest (with a Fool Ring).

After you get Ignis: From the last room mentioned above exit left, then hug the wall and cast an Ignis+Ignis Glyph Union. Keep pressing up to draw Cubus. You can also use two glyph unions quick (jump, use Ascia and use it again when you fall for instance). If you keep on destroying the falling blocks for a long time (it can be mind-numbing) they will finally stop falling and you will get a Blue Chest with a Justice Ring. Best done with double Globus.

Wygol Village

Chest contents: Coffee, Milk, Meat.

Draw Torpor to save Villager Nikolai.As you save the villagers, they'll begin to inhabit the village and ask you to do quests, so you can get more items. There will be a store here as well (buy equipment as it appears; you won't be finding a lot in the stages). For more info see Villagers/Quests.

There is a save point (Save Room) and a heart refiller (press down) there. You can break the barrels and there are three simple chests. One is all the way to the right, the other all the way to the left and the last in the half-floor of the house all the way to the right. You exit by pressing up while standing in front of the gate in the middle of the village.

Ruvas Forest

Chest contents: Same as in Monastery

This place is just two entrances/exits and three long screens. Just don't the Nominos grab you. Get Macir from the statue in the first long screen. Here is where I begin giving you the weaknesses of enemies, so you know what weapons to bear. Check the attributes of your glyphs from the Glyph Guide menu. For now, Macir has Strike, the rest Slash. Bone Scimitars and Skeletons are weak against Srike, while Nominon, Une and Zombies are weak against Strike. The Necromancer is neither, but when he casts his spell and a red glyph appears, press up to draw the Fidelis Caries glyph. Get two simple chests in the next room and fight an Axe Knight (Strike). Duck and jump respectively to avoid their axes. You can get Ascia from them, too. The last room is packed with enemies, so try to kill them fast. Leave right.

Kalidus Channel

Chest contents: Cotton Thread, Iron Ore, Lapis Lazuli (simple), Gold Ring (note:chek the Items section, Resist Ring, Rubber Suit, Silk Thread (sparkling green)

Go right. Using the barrels, continue right (you can break the Needles if you want to go by sea). Go right again, killing Mermans (weak against slashing weapons) and get off the sea, as your slashing weapons can't get the Sea Stingers yet. Go right, save Villager Jacob to open up the store in Wygol Village and get the Magical Ticket. Go right, through the Save Room and the corridor, past three rooms with Mermans and Sea Stingers and go right to leave Kalidus, for now.

After you get the Serpent Scale: Enter from the upper left entrance. Go right and dive in. You can press B multiple times to swim. Get the Killer Fish (weak against Slash, Lightning) and get a rare chest with a Hearts Max Up. Go right for a rare chest with a Chamomile, right for a simple chest, then get out of the water and go right till you can dive again. Get an MP Max Up and go twice right for another rare chest with a HP Max Up. Leave the area like the first time.

This time enter from the lower left entrance. Go left, jump into the water and go left past the Killer Fish. Go forward (there are Mermen on the sea floor) and get a rare chest with a Potion in the bottom left of the screen. Exit top left, past the small room, kill the Dark Octopus (Slash, Lightning) if you care and exit top left, beating Killer Fish. In the new room kill the Fish and drop down, taking care of the Needles. Rare chest with Hearts Max Up. Swim up and go forward and dive to the new ridge for a simple chest and two Octopi. Keep to the floor for a rare chest with an Anti-Venom. To the right is a Teleporter. Swim up (use Slash and Light on the Fishheads) and exit top right.

Get a Sapphire past the Fishhead column, use Slash & Lightning on the ever-spawning Gelsos and exit left when you see the three Fishheads. More Fishheads and a Sea Demon. Draw Grando when he casts it and bring him down with Lightning/light. Rare chest with a HP Max Up for your trouble, go back and exit to the upper left. Go past the room with the four Octopi (great spot for farming) and exit top right in the vertical room. In the room with Gelsos take care not to hit the barrel (daw them apart from it) and jump into it to move it as far right as you can. Destroy it to connect the room to the top and destroy the right wall for three rare chests with MP Max Up, a Super Potion and Hearts Max Up. Christmas time! Back to the vertical room, drop down, get a simple chest and go left.

Forneus is weak against Slash and Lightning. Get a simple chest and go left. Slide down, use the Save Room and go left. Go top left for a simple chest and Mermen. Return and use the bottom left exit. Luminatio the Fishheads from safety and break a statue for the Fortis Fio glyph. Use it and go left. Kill the needles and move the barrel to the top to detonate it (slide under it first) and get a new exit. There's a Teleporter left. Go two room back, to the vertical room and drop down. Go to the bottom of the new room and get the Scutum glyph from a statue. Exit left. This is a good room to farm Forneus later on and you can get a simple chest guarded by Fishheads. Exit left, past the small room.

Go can go all left if you are eager to leave, but drop down and go right for some treasure hunting. Kill the Octopi (a more convenient farming spot) and go right. Swim right, past the Killer Fish, and leave the water. In the ship get a sack with 1000g first, kill the two Mermen and get a second sack with 1000g. Drop down for a rare chest with MP Max Up,a third 1000g sack and a rare chest with an Emerald. The Skull Spider is quick and poisonous (Strike, Light), so kill her from above. She drops Fidelis Aranea, too. Get the three simple chests (it's probable one will be sparkling green) and go left. Press down when standing between the two chests to get a Blue Chest with the Magician Ring. Go right to rescue Villager Monica and go three rooms back. Kill or go past the two Sea Demons, get the rare chest with Iron Ore and leave the place to the left. Go to the Tymeo Mountains.

Minera Prison Island

Chest contents: Chamomile, Cotton Thread, Magical Ticket, Sage (simple), Iron Ore, Lapis Lazuli, Military Wear, Protect Ring (sparkling green)

Go right, past the Teleporter and beat the Mini-Boss, Giant Skeleton. Go right. You will be seeing many Spear Guards (they leave behind the Hasta glyph), so have Macir handy. Duck if they throw their spear. If you get caught by the spotlight, you will draw an Evil Head, so try to time your movement or jump over the spotlights. If you fail, jump and hit the Head and withdraw, ad nauseam until it dies. The first spotlight room has an Axe Troll to accompany the Spear Guards, the second a Bone Archer (weak against Strike and drops Arcus). Go right. Get the simple chest and use the Save Room to the right.

Head down, get the sack with 500g and go right. As you enter, jump from your ledge to the higher platform and go right, killing the Guards and Archer. You get a rare chest with a Cabriolet, a simple chest and a rare chest with an MP Max Up when you fall down. Go back and exit the vertical room to the upper right. Jump likewise on the platform for a simple chest and exit right. Fall down a level in the vertical room and smash the wall behind the torch for a rare chest with the Priestess Ring. Go down for a simple chest and exit right, past the corridor. Climb the ledges and get a rare chest with... Anti-Venom and return.

Drop all the way down, killing or dodging the enemies and exit left. Kill the Spear Guard and do likewise with the tougher Invisible Man (Slash). You can see his trembling outline, so fire off with your Arcus, hit and run, or just run if you'd rather. Get the HP Max Up and go down (press down + B). There is a Teleporter to the left. Go right past the Guard and the Archers, jumping over or dashing under the guillotines. Meet Albus again and get the Dominus Hatred glyph. Don't use it (each use removes 1/6 of your HP) and go right, if you have the health. You will find The Creature next time you return in the Albus room, a powered-down boss from the previous installment. If you have to, use your Glyph Unions. In the next room, when the swinging chestswings back jump over the Iron Maiden (insta-death), over the returning axe, and over the second Maiden.

Get 500g for your effort and pass right. Save the obnoxious Villager Abram, return and climb up. Kill the Invisible Man, get the simple chest and go left past The Creature. You have more room here, so it should be easier. Arcus -in volleys- is your friend. When your MP are depleted, don't press the buttons every time they are full for one shot; wait longer. Kill the Bone Archers in the vertical room, get the simple chest and go right past the corridor. Heading up, to the right is a Save Room. Jump and grab the magnet. Fall enough times to smash the top right ledge for a Konami Man and get the rare chest opposite with a Hearts Max Up. Leave right.

If you jump up the platform, you can get a Brown Cat and there's a simple chest on the lower level. Many Spear Guards though and a Demon (use Slash). Exit right and drop mid-level. To the left is a Teleporter. Drop down and get the Falcis glyph from a statue. Go left and jump over the the high-damage current (the sparks) till you reach a small platform under a glyph. Stand there and draw Vol Fulgur. The current will cease. Go back and use the sole exit right. Kill the Demons and don't get caught in the spotlight yet or a Tin Man (256 HP, weak against Strike and Lightning), a very dangerous enemy will appear. You will probably need to return later and use Glyph Unions, but a Blue Chest will appear for your troubles, containing the Strength Ring. Go right, get the Golden Chest with the Glyph Sleeve Relic and leave.

After you get the Ordinary Rock: Entering the stage from the left, keep going to the right till the first vertical room, exir right from the top floor, cross the room, exit right and go to the bottom, go through the single room to the right and go up. You should be in the middle of the map in a room with Winged Guards. Go to the top by double-jumping and get a rare chest with the Tower Ring, that has a no-kickback effect (it's mistranslated). Free Villager Aeon.


Go right, using Magnes to cross the spikes, and go through the door to beat the Boss, Brachyura. Take the elevator up, right after you come down, go right or left, use Mages, go left or right respectively and draw Luminatio. Leave from the other side and take the elevator down. Go down, rescue Villager Eugen, go left and get the golden chest with the Serpent Scale Relic. Exit left.

Revisit Kalidus Channel

Tymeo Mountains

Chest contents: Chamomile, Iron Ore, Lapis Lazuli, Rue (simple), Archer Ring, Chrysoberyl, Ruby, Silver Ore (sparkling green).

Stand between the torches and press down for a Blue Chest with Blue Drops. Go to the left and then start climbing the ledges. Apart from the Winged Guards coming at you, there are crows on the ropes of the bridges. If you need it there's a Save Room on the top, otherwise go to the left. You'll encounter some Rock Knights, who are not named after Elvis. You can either jump over the boulders they throw at you or smash them with a weapon. Macir makes short work of the knights. There's a simple chest further to the left and a Nightmare that you can reach with a melee glyph by crouching on the rock when hitting. Walk close to the stalactites so they fall, taking care not to touch their sprite before they are on the floor. Jump from one to another and go up when you reach a wall.

This vertical room has Skull Spiders that are fast and love poisoning you. Use long-range glyphs to soften them up and hit them with Macir. Hit the wall that is next to the mushroom to break it an Empress Ring. When you return to the room, you can pick off the two confused Skull Spiders with Vol Fulgur until you get the Fidelis Aranea R-glyph that summons (gasp!) a spider, which is useful against big, slow enemies. Climb until you leave the room and use the magnets to go through the next room. Cross the corridor.

You're in another room with ledges, bridges and Winged Guards. Get the simple chest and climb, dispatching the Rock Knight from a lower ledge. The right exit leads to a Villager named Laura; draw her glyph as usual. When you return to the room and start climbing again, you will notice some ledges to the right are broken. Shrug and exit left.

There are several Skull Spiders in this room, so soften them up from afar before they reach you. If you use Vol Fulgur frantically from the moment you enter, any spider that reaches you will need just a whack on its head. Follow the tunnel, sliding where the ceiling is lower (down+B), to get a rare chest with an MP Max Up and destroy a statue to get the Fides Fio glyph. Try not to get caught by the spider in the small room formed by the lower ceilings. Return and exit to the left.

After you get the Ordinary Rock: Enter from the upper entrance, go right and then jump to the right. Double jump as you're on the edge and you should clear the distance. Go to the right and go under the mountain, sliding, to get a simple chest. Return back and go over it, encountering a scarecrow along the way. Note that you can climb on the branches and you can roast crows with long-range glyphs. Go right, and go down, killing the knight and then down to a new screen. Go all the way down and exit to the right.

Cross the small room, then dispatch two Nightmares. Let the Fire Demon attack you and draw the Ignis glyph. At last, a fire spell! See the Monastery section. To the right is a Teleporter; use it if you want then go up. In the left room use Magnes to reach the second magnet, then aim diagonally to the right (the actual angle should be between 45 diagonally and straight vertically), let fly and grab the upper magnet. Press slightly the left button so you get thrown to the right edge of the platform, then press up to absorb Pneuma just before you are ready to fall. Patience is a virtue and despite its description, the Tower Ring isn't worth a straw here. Return to the previous room and exit right. More Fire Demons and when you go right a simple chest for you. Beware the spiders and start climbing for a rare chest with a HP Max Up. Break the wall next to the chest for a Ruby. Exit left and cross the corridor.

Climb up till you reach the first room to the left, that happens to be a Save Room. Keep going upwards. If you want to leave, exit right and save Villager Marcel. Otherwise go left. There's a Cave Troll (slash, fire) here, an annoying enemy (and 1/3 of a mini-boss in Portrait of Ruin's Nest of Evil). Follow the rocky passage underground for two simple chests. Go to the highest point of the passage (in the room map: mid row and right) and press down for a hidden Blue Chest with an Emperors Ring. Go left and under the passage; there's a Hearts Max Up this time for you. Following the upper path to the left is rare chest with a Crimson Mask. You can leave for now.

After you get Paries: From the right Teleporter go all the way to the left, start climbing (past the Yeti) when you hit the wall and exit left the first time you can in a room with a rare chest you already have got. Use Paries ang go up-left through the wall to a room with Moonwalkers and left from the spot you entered the wall for a Devil Ring.

Misty Mountain Road

Chest contents: Lapis Lazuli, Sage, Silk thread, Uncurse Potion (simple), Blow Ring, Cashmere Thread, Silver Ore (sparkling green)

Time to change glyphs. It's best to account for the Grave Diggers and Specters, so a combo of Secare and Luminatio works well. Bitterflies are relatively weak. The first action of a digger is to try to impale you, so go close to him and duck. His kick can throw you to another screen, but you can jump over him.

Go to the left and when a Black Fomor attacks you draw Umbra. Go to the left and get Vol Macir, an upgrade of your Macir. Grab the simple chest as well and use the magnet above you to reach a Sage. You can get the Arma Chiroptera from the Werebat, your first transformation glyph. Go left.

You are in a long corridor of ice with an Enkidu that brandishes a tower with a White Dragon attached. If you use melee glyphs, allow the skeleton neck to extend to attack you and hit him. Feel free to use glyph unions on the lumbering monster. Exit the corridor and grab the simple chest. You can't go right as of now, so exit left and reach the end of the following room. Hitting the Werebats using the full reach of Vol Macir not only harms them, but also kills the bats they summon, allowing you to kill them without losing a single HP. Go left again and leave the stage.

After you get the Ordinary Rock/Rapidus Fio/Volaticus: Enter the stage from the left and keep going forward until you reach a wall emanating light. Double jump and kick a Specter, double jump with Rapidus Fio or use Volaticus from the top right to go top left and get a Rue.

After you get Paries: Enter the stage from the left and keep going forward until you reach a wall emanating light. Use Paries and go forward into it. You may notice a dark purple smudge moving through the wall; that's you. Move a bit up to reach the height of the light to the right, then press forward to leave the wall. Exit right. The statue here contains Melio Arcus, an auto-targeting bow. There are five lizardmen here (slash, fire); after you kill the first try to draw them to the left so you can counterattack. To the right is a rare chest with a Hierophant Ring, which augments EXP earned. Break the wall there for some White Drops.

Skeleton Cave

Chest contents: Same as in Misty Mountain Road

In this stage you'll sometimes face wave of enemies, so equip glyphs that can dispatch them with a hit of each e.g. Vol Macir and Luminatio. Go left.Kill the enemies, pass under a rare chest (you will get it when you return) and kill the Bone Pillars that block your way. Remember that you can jump over their flames or hit them when you just see them at the edge of the screen, so they won't counterattack. Exit left.

More Friskies (meow) to kill and another stack of Bone Pillars. You can get Vol Confodere from the Dullahan here. Left from the Dullahan is a simple chest. Get it, then leave the room from below (down+B to fall down the ledge). You will encounter Skeleton Heroes, which haven't yet learnt how to attack ducking enemies. Go down from the platform and ignore the exit to the left for now, unless you want to level up. Go to the right and fall down to the next room.

Reach the floor, get the simple chest and take care moving to the right as you will encounter a Skeleton Rex. Use a Glyph Union on it and kill the White Dragon to refill your hearts. Go right, then down. Move immediately to the left so that the first Pillars don't shoot at you, then destroy them with ranged, multi-hit glyphs. Get the simple chest and the rare chest with an MP Max Up. Remember to smash the left edge of the big bone platform to get the Black Drops. To the left there are two Skeleton Rexes; sometimes they try to jump at you and you can slide under them. Go left and use the Save Room. It's Boss time.

After beating the Boss, Maneater, go left to find your old friend Albus again. When he leaves, get the Ordinary Rock, which allows you to double-jump rather stylishly, and then free Villager George. Now you can reach a few more places. You can also jump on top of stacks of bone pillars and over Skeleton Rexes. Return to the left exit that you ignored before and go inside. There are plenty of Friskies (that's why I advised you to have a combo that could kill them in two hits) and two Skeleton heroes. Pushing X and Y successively for Luminatio and Vol Macir did the trick for me. Go left and kill the White Dragon with a Glyph Union and get a simple chest and a rare one with HP Max Up. On your way to the exit of the stage pick a Hearts Max Up from the rare chest in the second room that is above you. Go to Wygol Village.

With your new double jump you can revisit the Monastery, Minera Prison Island and Tymeo Mountains before continuing to Somnus Reef.

Somnus Reef

Chest contents: Chamomile, Silk Thread, Silver Ore (simple), Chrysoberyl, Sapphire, Tasty Meat, Wind Ring (sparkling green).

Go right, then right again. Most of the enemies can be dealt with with a Vol Confodere + Vol Fulgur combo, other than the Decaratias (the big stars), which go down with Ignis. The worm enemies can be cut in half and many enemies poison you. To the right, out of the sea, is a Teleporter. Visit the room, then dive back and go down. There are Sea Demons in this room and a simple chest, but you are significantly stronger now, and a sack with money on the sea floor. Exit right.

Go forward for a simple chest at the bottom, then go down. Swim straight forward for a simple chest and let yourself sink. Break the statue for Vol Arcus, a diagonally-firing bow glyph. In the middle of the room Fishheads (Ignis/Vol Macir) guard a rare chest with an MP Max Up. Have Ignis ready and go left. Killing the stars from below, leave from the upper left exit. Swim straightforward and destroy the wall to rescue Villager Anna and her purplish cat, Tom. In the room you were you will also find two simple chests, one rare with a HP Max Up and a rare chest with a Reinforced Suit with a HP Max Up. Return to the previous vertical room and leave from the lower left exit.

Cross the room with the Lorelei, then drop down. The Elmos can be dealt with with glyphs that hit twice (e.g. Vol Fulgur) or with Luminatio. To your left is a Teleporter (you need to slide to leave the water). Sink to the bottom and go right, getting a simple chest and a rare chest with Hearts Max Up. Exit right, go through the corridor and defeat the Boss.

After you beat the Boss, Rusalka, go thrice right. Get a simple chest at the bottom and a second one to the right. Exit right for a rare chest, then return and go up. Get the simple chest in front of you, swim up and exit left. Go through the room, get the chest and exit up. You finally reached the surface. Go to the small room to the left to rescue Villager Serge, a kid that convinces you he can go home on his own. Right. Destroy the top right wall for a Vic Viper. Go back to the sea room, exit right and smash a statue on the sea floor to get the Vol Ascia glyph. Go twice right to leave.

Giant's Dwelling

Go through the first room. Ectoplasms suck your MP, which makes them more dangerous than the previous games, as all your attacks depend on MP. Ignis is effective against every enemy in this stage and you'll only be using Vol Macir to dispatch the Skeleton Beast in front of you. If you jump when you use Ignis, he'll get hit thrice. Switch Vol Macir to a slashing weapon (like vol ascis) and exit right. Kill the Ladycat (what a name, sigh), destroy the upper left block for a Temperance Ring and cross the small room. The big rooms in this stage can get a bit panicky, so it's better to pick your enemies off a few at a time.

As you enter the first big room you'll be assaulted by a Ladycat, an AutomatonZX26 and an Ectoplasm is hovering around. Jump to the left ledge, kill the Ectoplasm, then fall down -if you want- and kill the robot and the Ladycat with fire. When you climb on the wide sculpted blocks you'll be attacked by an enemy called Miss Murder. Stand and when the portal materializes duck to dodge her -she always goes for the head and leaves the Vol Falcis glyph behind. On a platform above your head is a rare chest with a Caprine and to the left is a Save Room. To the upper left is Villager Daniela. Exit from the lower left and kill or run from a Cursed Diva that can absorb your MP. Exit the house to the right, then go through two screens with graves, lambasting enemies with Ignis. Before entering the house, double jump to the small balcony and press down for a Blue Chest with Black Drops.

In the first room of the second house is a small robot. Cross the room and enter a new big room beating divas, cats and various enemies. If you get cursed leave the room instead of trying to avoid all these enemies at once. Exit right and kill a second Skeleton Beast, then go right again. The first exit to the right leads to a small room with a statue hiding Vol Secare. Go back, then reach the top of the room, killing Ladycats from below and climb to the left. There's a room full with Ectoplasms here and after crossing it you're above a room you've already visited. With your lack though, it's the one with the Cursed Divas. Go to the left, go up and then right. There's a Save point (Save Room) here.

Meet the Boss, Goliath; you're probably shocked (!) to learn that it's a giant. Goliath was never a lucky name, so dispatch it and go right to meet your old friend, Albus. Get Dominus Anger and go right until you exit the stage. You can now return to the Ecclesia for a brief chat.

Tristis Pass

Chest contents: Rue, Silver Ore, Tonic, Zircon (simple), Diamons, Emerald, Ruby, traveler's Hat (sparkling green).

The slashing weapon + Ignis combo still does well here. Cross the first room. Baloon is an enemy that you either kill or run from as he fills the air with annoying damage-dealing things. It also explodes with them when it dies. Arachne can poison you and explodes in a cloud of gas (doesn't hurt you) and tiny spiders when it dies. Slide over the spiders to get them all. As usual, follow the passage to get a reward (a simple chest this time) then climb the hill and exit left to a ridge. To the left is a Teleporter.

Drop down to find your first Lizardman. His charge is annoying and he can block, but lambasting him with Ignis doesn't let him react. Get Vol Scutum and go a level down. To the right is a Save Room, Go two levels down and exit left, killing or running from the two Baloons. Proceed through the small room to an icy corridor with what used to be a Boss, back when you were weak and insignificant. Jump and fire Ignis, hit him with your slashing weapon and he's gone. Further to the left is a Mimic, an enemy with no strengths or weaknesses that's disguised as a chest and is rather aggressive and hard. Kill it once to complete your list, but should you want to avoid it, just don't press up. Exit left.

There's a frozen waterfall here. Climb the ledges and jump left, hug the wall and press up as you're sliding down to draw the Vol Grando glyph. Use the magnet if you don't succeed and press up. Jump down the waterfall and keep to the left, double-jumping as soon as you can for a rare chest with a Hearts Max Up, an Amanita (destroy the wall there to rescue Villager Irina. WARNING: She is the last Villager, so do not save her if you want a chance to see the bad ending. You can save her and get the good ending afterwards) and a simple chest. If you don't make it, go to the small gap between the ledge and the waterfall, jump and at the maximum height of your jump double jump and press right to reach the ledge. It's doable. Get a hidden Blue Chest in the middle of the waterfall (press down) and go left to a room with spikes. To avoid the bats aim Magnes up/left and use R when you're about to fall.

Go up and kill the Altered Armored Beast and go left where there's a White Dragon guarding a rare chest with a HP Max Up. Return to the room with the beast and go right. Destroy the wall to the right on the second solid ice platform (the first candlestick) you see to get an Onyx, then go all the way up -notice the Ectoplasms- and exit left to get a simple chest. There's another ridge with a Lizardman, a ridge, and a weak enemy called Altair lunging periodically. To the left is a Save Room; use it if you want, then climb all the way up.

To the right is a Teleporter. Go to the left. Under the passage are two simple chests. The owls leave behind them the Fidelis Noctua R-glyph, that is a relatively rare drop. Exit left and draw the Fulgur glyph from a Thunder Demon (let it attack, then press up). It's weakness is Luminatio, by the way. Destroy a statue for the Vol Hasta glyph. Down the passage lie two simple chests and a rare one with the quite strong Chariot Ring.

Exit left to a foggy room. Two Arachnes guard two simple chests under the hill, then go over the hill beating Owls and Thunder demons along the way. In the next room the fog has been lifted. Follow the passage and beat two Lizardmen to reach a statue holding the Inire Pecuniae glyph. Money, at last! Proceed to beat two more Lizardmen for a simple chest and a rare chest with an MP Max Up. Return to the entrance of the room and climb up the branches for a rare chest with a Body Suit. Exit to the left, cross the next room and leave the stage.

Oblivion Ridge

Cross the first room. The next room has plenty of enemies, but familiar ones: Lizardman, Altair and Flea Man, Skeleton Beast, Werewolf (has fire kicks and an energy frisbee). Dispatch them and go left. You can get early the Sapiens Fio (+INT) glyph from a statue on the left ledge here. Double jump and kick on an Altair or Flea Man when he jumps and after the kick double jump again to reach the ledge. At the bottom right is a Save Room.

To the left is a Boss, Gravedorcus. After you kill him, return to your previous glyph configuration, exit his room, kill the Werewolf, double jump and kick the Stone Rose (duck when it spits) to reach the upper right ledge for a Chamomile. Turn heel and destroy the left wall in this room to get a Diamond. Exit from the upper left and have more fun with even more enemies: An Armored beast, Werewolves, and a Lizardman. Go left to meet Albus again. After he leaves go all the way to the left and smash the wall for a Hermit Ring. Return to the Ecclesia (if you want to avoid extra confrontation, jump over the enemies).

Argila Swamp

Chest contents: Rue, Silver Ore, Tonic, Zircon (simple), Diamond, Emerald, Ruby, Traveller's hat (sparkling green).

Go to the left. There's a new enemy here, the Jersey Devil, that is weak against your configuration and doesn't do well with Ice either. If you have Fidelis Noctua, keep the owl summoned all the time, as you want an ally with greater mobility in this stage. Another enemy is a Chosen Une, that leaves Unes behind. Consider killing them a revenge for than pun. Also, try not to fight in the swamp areas that hinder your mobility and double-jump to avoid enemy attack when you're there. Go left.

You will find Mandragoras that scream and self-explode when they see you (weak against Strike) and Owl Knights that are weak against Strike and Lightning and carry a tougher owl on their shoulders. Make a second glyph configuration, Vol Macir + (Vol) Fulgur) +Fidelis Noctua, to fight them when they're around. Get the -only- simple chest and go left. There are plenty of Stone Roses and Owl Knights, so you will be doing some glyph switching (remember, press A and L/R to swap your configuration). Go left, cross the next room and leave.

Mystery Manor

Go left, as usual. Your first move is to draw Vol Luminatio when the White Fomor casts it and equip it, next to your slashing weapon. The glyph has some homing ability, so you can jump around in the air and cast it, waiting for your enemies to get killed. There's your first Butcher here, but do not worry too much about them. Go left through the first room of the manor and reach the first big room.

There's a Mimic and Butchers, but you can just fire Vol Luminatio at them and kill them without getting hit once, as long as you're standing on a different level (on the floor, on the sculptures etc.). To the upper right is a room with a 2000g sack. Exit from the upper left. There's an Evil Force here, that you can kill considerably easier since the last time you met one, and a White Fomor. Proceed. Rescue the blue/grey cat (Ink) from the top ledge in the middle of the room. To the upper left you can get another 2000g and smash the wall above the small table for a Schnitzel. Follow the room to the right for a rare chest with a Gold Ore, then return to the big room you were in and fall down the floor (down+B). Go right to a room with two White Fomors and refill your health in the Save Room.

Go back through the room with the Fomors and exit left to a dark room with saws. DON'T PANIC. Only move by sliding (down+B), till you find yourself blocked. If so, jump forward and continue sliding. You will soon reach a point where a vertical and a horizontal saw don't leave you time to jump through; that is unless you double-jump, which you'll do. Go on, doing a second double-jump for ease and slide till you see a glyph with a single saw beneath. Jump to an invisible ledge just before the saw and draw Vol Umbra. Darkness lifts and all you have to do is to return to the Save Room. Keep in mind that you can slash once the White Fomors in the next room to get them out of your way if you are critically injured. The Boss in the next room is Albus.

BAD ENDING: Kill Albus without having saved all the Villagers. Equip all three Dominus glyphs and press up + Y/X to cast their Glyph Union.

After you have saved all the Villagers: Kill Albus and the Dominus Agony glyph. You can resume playing, so go to the Ecclesia and fight the Boss, Barlowe. The place is yours now.

After you get Arma Machina: Turn into a robot and touch the spikes to destroy them. Switch into human form and stand on platforms high enough to intercept the various spikes. Get a Blue Chest with a Fortune Ring when you destroy them all.

Dracula's Castle

Dracula's Castle is a single stage with multiple areas. I will describe how to reach each area and create a new headline for each one for easier navigation.

Chest contents: Emeral, Ruby, Sapphire, Silver Ore (simple), Gold Ore, Miser Ring, Onyx, Thief Ring.

Castle Entrance

Go right through the Teleporter room into the castle. This area is subtitled Nightmare Gate. Hm, let's see. Go twice right. There's a Peeping Eye here and undying Blood Skeletons. There's also a Gargoyle (gets crushed by Strike weapons just like the Eye). Ready a slashing weapon and fire and enter the next room with the weird architecture. I'll be calling these gaudi rooms, for ease of reference. There are Flea men here and Black Panthers (not such an inspired name), that are weak against the glyphs I advised you to prepare. There's a Save Room to the right; go, return to the gaudi room to kill the Black Panthers, go back and repeat until you get the Arma Felix glyph.

Arma Felix turns you into a big cat. You can lunge forward with Y (keep pressing it for multiple hits), press Y after a double jump for extra reach, press X for a quick multiple attack that shreds many enemies later on to pieces and, best of all, any Black Panthers in a room follow you and deal damage to enemies (giving you the EXP of course). Climb and grab a rare chest with a Hearts Max Up in the upper left corner of the room and leave to the upper right. Just get a "running" start and double jump when you're on the edge of the elevated ground. In the new room destroy the right platform over the second skeleton for a Tasty Meat. To the right is a dead end for now (see the Barracks past the Save Room. You can still get a rare chest with the Valkyrie Greaves though.

Go left thus. To the left wall is a scarcely visible simple chest and some Black Panthers guarding it. Jump to the upper right chest and press down to reveal a hidden Blue Chest with White Drops. Doing the next segment using Arma Felix and their X attack can be more effective here. Leave from the upper left exit, smashing through a room with Ghouls (your transformation is broken if you get poisoned) and Black Panthers and exit left to another gaudi room. Exit to the upper right killing Peeping Eyes and Ghouls and go through the door. Silence. Welcome to the Library.

After you get Paries - To the Underground Labyrinth: Go outside the Save Room, exit to the upper right, climb and exit to the right by double jumping. Go through the pillar with Paries, get the rare chest with a HP Max UP and go right. In the gaudi room there's a simple chest to the right on the first floor. Get back to ground level and fall down the floor (down+B close to the right wall). Smash Ghouls and go left. There's a gaudi room with Peeping Eyes and on the bottom there's a door leading to the Underground Labyrinth.


Bloody Tomes. Say what you will about Dracula, he's an educated guy. Use Arma Felix, as you get turned back to your normal form when you go to a different area of the castle, and start climbing the book ledges. Climb as high as you can and exit left. There are Ghouls and a Black Panther here; exit this room to find a Draculina. Poor bat and its pet bat suffer from the X attack of Arma or slash, fire and light if you are still a biped. Climb to get a rare chest with a HP Max Up and exit right to a room with Black Panthers and a statue. Go up, then up again. There's an annoying Tin man here that is too tough for your claws. Either smash it like a woman or jump over it. Go up to be greeted by a White Fomor.

To your right is a Save Room and to your left a Teleporter. Climb to see a Draculina guarding a rare chest with an MP Max Up and go right. Kill the Boss, Wallman. Equip the Paries glyph that you just drew from him and go through the wall. Get Melio Confodere from the statue.

Go right to a room with a Tin Man and skip right to a big room. There's an exit up high, but you can't reach it yet. Go down, then right and fall all the way down. to a room with a Draculina. There is a left/right junction here and we are going left to explore. To the kitchens then!

Cross the room and go all the way to the left, breaking the wall to reach a secret room with a statue containing the Reflecto glyph and a rare chest with a Hanged Man Ring. Go to the floor of the previous room, taking care of the Butchers by jumping over them when they charge at you and using your X feline attack. Go down and jump to the ledge on the right and cast Luminatio to kill these annoying Tin Men. Turn back into a cat and go down to a room with two Draculinas. Go right, then to the bottom of the room and right into a room with two Tin Men. Either turn back and fight or double jump + Y over them. Exit right and break the block over the Mad Butcher for a Cream Puff. Go to the bottom and all the way to the left to find the main meal. It's the Dextro Custos glyph.

Exit the kitchens back to the left/right junction mentioned above and go to the right. Fall down; to the left is a Teleporter, to the right a door leading to the Forsaken Cloister. You are done here for now. Use the Teleporter and go to the Underground Labyrinth following the "after you get Paries" segment.

Underground Labyrinth

Flirting with shadows. Start going down. There are new enemies here: You can draw Nitesco from Nova Skeleton, who is weak against Strike, Fire, Light. I incidentally mention that Nitesco's attributes are Fire and Light and it's the best combination to use in both slots. From this point on forget the Arma Felix glyph. It is implicitly assumed throughout the rest of the walkthrough that a double Nitesco + Sapiens Fio devastates your enemies, unless explicitly mentioned otherwise. You will also encounter Polkir, weak against slash, fire and which leaves behind the Fidelis Polkir R-glyph. Skip the left door and go down.

Grab a simple chest and go left killing Gurkha Masters (weak against Slash, lightning). These rooms with the shadows look great. Exit left. This is a good area to farm Polkirs if you want to get their glyph. In this vertical corridor you have two choices. Go left in a room with pillars of fire. You can walk over them when they don't extend and you can return later with the Mercury Boots to make things easier. Go to the wall and jump over it when the right fire first and then the wall have stopped. Drop a step forward. Go to the end of the room and get Vol Ignis. The fires cease blowing.

Back in the vertical corridor drop all the way down and exit right. Cross the room with Gurkha Masters. Go right and beat a Gurkha and the Gashidas. They are weak against strike weapons and have a petrifying breath that you can duck. Go up, jumping on a ledge, and claim the Mercury Boots from a rare chest. Their faster walking speed makes them an instant winner. Go back through the previous room and drop down. Get an MP Max Up from a rare chest, beat the Gurkha Masters and the Polkir and go right. In the vertical corridor with two Nova Skeletons and a Polkir there's a Teleporter to the left and further down is a Save Room. On the level between them there's an exit to the right. Go there and into the next room.

After you've beat the Boss, Blackmore, exit right, then right again. Climb a bit and make a detour to the right. Beat the Nova Skeletons and the Polkir. In the vertical room with many Nova Skeletons go up and exit right. Stand on the doorstep to kill the Red Smasher (weak against Strike, Lightning) without getting hit and get the rare chest with a Hearts Max Up. He may leave the Vol Culter glyph behind. Return to the room where you made the detour and go to the left room a level above.

Kill a Gashuda and use Paries. Go to the left and after a rock falls go under the ledge (down+B), press down to reveal a hidden Blue Chest with a Star Ring and enter the wall by pressing left. Go up and leave the wall to the right. If there's a boulder coming, jump to the gap above your head. Enter the right wall and go up, exit left and go up again, duck in the hole if you need it and go straight up to draw Lapiste. The stones roll no more. Return to the vertical room you've already left twice. This time reach the top and exit right.

Go to the bottom and smash the left wall for some White Drops. Go up and left to fight some Hammer Shakers (weak against Strike, Lightning). They can also drop Melio Macir. Go left. Go down the ledge and push the upper block to the water, then climb again and push the first block to the water. Swim to the left and exit left. Another Hammer Shaker and exit left again. Navigate the vertical room with the five Polkirs and open the door to the right to enter the Barracks.

Secret exit of Dracula's Castle to unlock Training Hall and Large Cavern: From the Teleporter go five times right, passing through Blackmore's room in the process, to a vertical room. Go right, cross the corridor and in the bottom of the new vertical room (lowermost right room of the Underground Labyrinth) use Pneuma or any floor-hitting glyph to break the floor. This is the only spot in the game where you need to break a floor.

Go left for a rare chest with a Super Potion and break the right wall. Use Paries and go right (up, right, down, right, to be precise). Break the statue and get Felicem Fio. Jump and smash the right wall. Use Paries and move right, down, right. Go up, kill the enemies and exit right. Get Rapidus Fio and go all the way right until you exit the castle.


Distant Memory. Destroy the statue in front of you to get the Melio Hasta glyph and start climbing. There's a Save Room to the right. Exit to the upper right in a room with Tin Men. It's a good idea not to get mano a mano with them; hit them from a distance, especially since they can't change levels. Go right in the open air, climb the ledge and press down to reveal a hidden Blue Chest with Green Drops and kill a Blade Master (Strike, Fire, Light) and a Hammer Shaker for a sack of 2000 gold and a simple chest. Return to the previous room. The upper left exit opens a portcullis to the Castle Entrance and a rare chest with MP Max Up if you didn't get it before. Go up.

There's a Nova Skeleton here and after you beat a poor Devil (weak against slashing weapons and light), go left for a rare chest with a Hearts Max Up and then exit right in another open room. There's a red Smasher here and a Blade Master. Get the two sacks of 2000 gold each and go through the next room, beating the Lizardman Blade. Go all the way to the right and destroy the wall for a HP Max Up. Destroy the rightmost part of the ledge with a cannon (the lower one) for the Green Drops. Dispose of the Nova Skeletons and exit down. More Lizardmen Blade here and a rare chest with an MP Max Up to the bottom left.

Go right to another open space. Kill the Lizardman Blade and the Blade Masters, get the simple chest and exit right. Go through another Lizman, climb again on the small ledge above you and press down to reveal a hidden Blue Chest with some Red Drops and go into a new room with a Gurkha Master. Haven't seeen one in a while. Go right into a vertical room with Bugbears (weak against light) to the left is a Teleporter. Reach the bottom and go right for a rare chest with a Valkyrie Mail.

Return to the room with the Gurkha Master and go up. Another Gurkha and a Nova Skeleton here. An Imp (weak against light) makes its first appearance and none too soon. These annoying creatures "hold down" the directional button you are pressing when they attack you, so keep your distance. Crush the upper left wall for a rare chest with a Moon Ring, you, creature of the night, and go to the right past a Lizardman Blade into a door leading to the Mechanical Tower.

Mechanical Tower

Styx Passage. Go through the Imps, a Gurkha Master and a Hammer Shaker to the right and move to the right of the new room, past two Lizardmen Blade and claim the Vis Fio glyph from a statue. If you climb the fallen pillars and exit to the upper right you will find a Save Room. We will do things according to the level of difficulty, so first we will beat Death. Exit left.

In the vertical room use the magnets without pressing the button too long, double jump and exit right. Right again, kill the imps and the automaton and exit right to a room with Medusas. Killing a Gorgon Head (the white ones) gets you Fidelis Medusa. Exit left and go as high as you can with Magnes, then walk left (still in the same room). When you see a grandfather's clock fall down and double jump to the left to grab the magnet. Aim up-left to get a rare chest with a Valkyrie Mask. Aim the same magnet to the left and let go and use the next magnet to go to the upper left ledge.

You will find yourself in a vertical room. If you want to go back to more hospitable areas of the castle through the Forsaken Cloister, go down and exit left. You will get the Refectio healing R-glyph and find the door to the Cloister.

From the vertical room you were in in the beginning of the last paragraph, go climb up and exit right. Use the magnets to go right, then propel yourself up-right with a magnet to a room with Medusas. Destroy the rightmost wall to get a HP Max Up, go up-right with Magnes and use the moving magnet to go left and get a rare chest with a Heart Cuirass. Use the same magnet to go up. You have two options here: Take the right path to a Medusa room. Exit left to a room with three Bugbears and destroy the left wall for a rare chest with a Death Ring that almost doubles your stats but kills you in one hit or two if you're wearing the Heart Cuirass. Return to the place where you took the right path and go left.

Use the magnets to go up right and up left, taking care that you don't get petrified by the Medusas and exit right. Don't move and Nitesco the Rebuild to pieces, then go right. To the right there's a Teleporter, grab the magnets to go up and double jump to the next. To the right is a Save Room and to the left the Boss, Death. Go left to get the Sinestro Custos glyph when you kill him.

Go all the way back to big room next to the first Save Room in the Mechanical Tower area. Exit right. Go down and to the left with Magnes or fall and double jump to avoid the spikes. Go left. Go to the left of the room with Magnes and fall. Remember this room and go right. Grab the magnet on the cog to go right, kill the Automaton and the Red Smasher and exit left. In the room with the two machines equip Fulgur in both arms, double jump and cast the first one at the machine on the top and the second on the bottom as you're falling. Get the Morbus glyph and return to the room I told you to remember. Exit left.

Fall, use the magnet to get a simple chest and go right. Exit right and go through a room a Lizardman Blade, an Imp and a Bugbear. Cross the next room with a Gurkha Master and a Red Smasher and go left twice. There's a Lizardman Blade here, fall down and kill another one through the wall, go up with magnes and get a simple chest and go right. In the next room exit right. There's a Lizardman Blade, a Hammer Shaker and a Bugbear here; exit to the lower left and dispose of the enemies here. Go through the next room to the Arms Depot.

Arms Depot

Cry in the night. This is a relatively small area. Go left. Kill the Gurkha Master and the Hammer Shaker and go left. Another Hammer Shaker and a rare chest with an HP Max Up. Return to the first room, descend killing Bugbears and go right. Kill the Spectral Sword and get the Melio Scutum from a statue. Go right and kill the Mad Snatcher and get a simple chest. Go two rooms back and exit left. Kill a Red Smasher, a Gurkha Master and a Hammer Shaker and destroy a statue to get the Melio Culter glyph. Go left. Destroy the rebuild and exit left.

There is a Great Knight here and a statue with the Melio Falcis glyph. Kill the King Skeleton and exit left. Kill the Snatcher and go to the bottom. There's a Teleporter to the left. Go right through a Great Knight and a Skeleton King and go right to a room with two Spectral Swords. Go right, kill the Mad Snatchers and drop to the bottom. Destroy the mid-ledge for a Mint Sundae, visit the Save Room to the Left and go right to kill the Boss, Eligor. Climb its corpse to the right to get the Arma Custos glyph.

Forsaken Cloister

This small area mainly serves as the gateway to the Final Approach. Supposing you enter from the Mechanical Tower (left entrance), cross the corridor. There's a Nova Skeleton and a Blade Master here; go left to a Cave Troll and a Blade Master and press the switch. Go left to the Cerberus room. You can go to the left through Nova Skeletons, Cave Trolls and Bugbears to go back to the Library. The right entrance to to the Forsaken Cloister is all the way to the right from the second Teleporter in the Library).

Once you are in the room with the big statue of Cerberus, equip all the three Custos glyphs you got from the last two bosses and the kitchens in the Library and use them (press Y,X,R in the room). Go up into Hell, which is apparently a room with Medusa heads and Winged Guards. Smash the top left ledge for an Eisbein. There's a Save Room to the left, go right through the door and the short corridor to enter the Final Approach.

Final Approach

Dust to Dust.In the first room is a Demon, Imps and a Lizardman Blade. Climb and exit right. Kill the Lizardmen Blade and the imps and go right to a room with Bugbears to get a simple chest. Climb and exit left. There is a corridor with two Spectral Swords at your height that is a good place to farm them. Go left through the room with the portrait of Dracula. There is a room with many Cave Trolls and two exits.

Go left through a room with a Lilith -a rare enemy in this game-, kill the two Final Knights and go left. Drop down for a rare chest with an MP Max Up and go to the left of the room to draw Volaticus, the glyph of flight. There is a simple chest to the left of the room and you can get the Fidelis Alate glyph from the Winged Skeletons. Equip Volaticus and fly up to find a Bugbear nest that contains rare chests with a Sun Ring, Blue Drops, an MP Max Up and a Hearts Max Up. You just robbed Dracula blind. Back to the previous room, exit to the upper left using Volaticus and press the switch to connect the Final Approach to the Library. Go left through the door and through the following gallery and kill the Demon and the Great Knight to find yourself back in the Library room with the exit you couldn't reach. Return to the room with the Cave Trolls and the two exits (and one entrance) and use the upper right.

Go through the room with a Demon and a portrait of Death. Kill the two Final Knights here and exit right. This room has two Bugbears, Liliths, an Automaton and Demons. Climb and exit left. First, climb on the small ledge above your head and smash the wall to the right for a Judgement Ring. There are plenty of enemies here: Bugbears, Lizardmen Blade, Blade Masters, a Demon. Destroy the middle of the ceiling over the gap (the only destructible ceiling in the game) with a glyph like Globus or an Ascia and fly up with Volaticus to a room with four Blade Masters and four rare chests with a Gold Ore, a Diamond, an Onyx and a World Ring and go to the previous room. To the left is a rare chest with a a Hearts Max Up and to the upper right a Teleporter. Exit to the upper left and go through the empty room. Fall down and use Paries on the left and right walls, going around the gaps, to get a rare chest with a Super Potion and an MP Max Up, respectively. Use Volaticus to reach the left end of the destroyed stairway and use the Save Room.

This is a prime time to visit the Training Hall and the Large Cavern, to complete the Villager Quests, explore any areas you might have missed, get any missing glyphs and items and brush up on your equipment. Once you have done all that, kill the Final Boss, Dracula. Good job!

Training Hall

Chest constents: Diamond, Gold Ore, High potion, Onyx (simple), Alexandrite, Robe Decollete, Super Potion, Super Tonic (sparkling green).

See the Underground Labyrinth section if you don't know how to unlock this area. You will need three glyph combos here: Rapidus Fio, Magnes and Double Nitesco + Sapiens Fio. You can't use Volaticus here. Use Rapidus Fio and go twice left. When the upper scythe is to the right, pass under it and jump between the two scythes to escape unharmed. Do this thrice and exit left. Go to the left of the room, climb the moving platform, jump to the platform right and once again and then to the left platform. You can either do this with Rapidus Fio or wait for the platforms to move to a favourable position for you (doesn't take many periods). Ready Magnes, make sure it's working, and when the flame stops and you are relatively close jump to the magnet, double jump if you haven't got the desired height and grab it with R. Throw yourself up and double jump to grab the magnet, then exit right.

Ignore the Double Hammers and their 2000 HP and follow the platform. Equip the Sapiens Fio + Nitesco combo, jump on the wall, back to the platform and duck, then fall right and kill the fire-throwing heads. Pass through the spot where they used to be, slide, get on the ledge over the Nova Skeleton and double jump to the platfrom or wait for it to come again if you weren't that fast. When you see the exit go through it. In the room with the heads of flame, going right and sliding will bring you to the beginning without any reward. No, no, no.

When there's an opening between the flames, double jump and grab & hold the magnet. When there's an opening up-left slightly press down-right (there will also be an opening there, but don't take long) and reach and hold the magnet. Go to the next magnet and exit left. Propel yourself up with the first magnets, reach the platforms, slide under it and hold R. When you let go, press left immediately and double jump to reach the next magnet. Repeat the same trick and fall down the thin shaft. Grab the magnet, aim up, and when the flame retreats let go, press right, grab the new magnet and press down. Let the flame erupt, let yourself go and exit left.

Climb the platform, jump to the next, double jump left to the platform with the small movement range (you may need to wait a couple of turns) and wait for the magnet in the cog to appear. A full gyre roughly occurs every three times the pillar erupts. Grab the magnet and quickly propel yourself up. If the magnet is in the lower part of the cog, you may need to double jump to grab the magnet. Go to the platform and negotiate the next ones by (double) jumping when the fires disappear. When you reach the magnet, press left -you won't get burnt- and when the first of the three pillars disappears, let go and exit right. The new room is easy. Kill the robot, grab the magnet, fling yourself right and double jump when you see the magnet to grab it. Aim up-right and let go, double jumping to the right when you pass below the height of the wall obstructing you, to reach the plaform. Double jump to the top, pass through the flames with Magnes or Rapidus Fio, grab the magnet and throw yourself to the platform when the flames cease, grab the new magnet and exit left.

Here you have to reach the top of the room. Climb on the platform, duck, jump to the right (double jump if your position is compromised), duck, jump to the new platform to the left taking care not to jump to high and get burnt, duck, and when the platform reaches top height, reach the safe, still platform and exit right. Use Rapidus and go right when the flame stops. Ditto for the next strecht, only double jumping to reach the new platform. Switch to your Magnes configuration and when the flames stop, go to the middle and jump & grab the magnet. When the top pillar goes out, let go and go to the next safe platform to the right. Grab the magnet and when you see the pillar ready to go out (there's a small lag when you release the R button), let go, slide and double jump when you are at the top height of your first jump. This is a bad place to panic, what with the three pillars next to you.

Reap your rewards now. Get the four simple chests. Hold the magnets so you can see where the spikes are and not fall on them. Get Redire, that magnetises your blades (press R and use Redire) and keep going down. At the height of the second 2x3 room grab the magnet and press up to avoid the spikes. The sparkling chest contains either a Super Potion, a Super Tonic, an Alexandrite or a Robe Decollete. The "Super" rewards aren't that exciting, but on the upside, once you've gone through the place once, it's easier to repeat, so feel free to do the Training Hall again to get the other rewards too.

Large Cavern

Chest contents: Diamond, Gold Ore, High Potion, Onyx (simple), Alexandrite, Minerva Greaves, Minerva Mail, Minerva Mask (sparkling green).

Once again, see the Underground Labyrinth section if you don't know how to unlock this area. While the Training Hall was a platforming challenge, the Large Cavern is a gauntlet. Keep in mind that the doors open after roughly 2 minutes, so you can just hover around with Volaticus near the ceiling. We'll be doing things faster though. By the way, if you're using Volaticus and get thrown to the ground double jump and press R to regain your height quicker. There is only one route here so go straight through. Go through the first two rooms.

Basement 1, Room 1: There are two Cave Trolls here and plenty of Tin Men. You can equip Rapidus Fio and double Nitesco, hit the Tin men as they are coming, jump over them to the other side and finish them off. Then you can kill the lone trolls with ease. The optimal strategy is to use Volaticus and double Globus, fly to the ceiling as soon as you enter and cast Globus continually. As soon as the Cave Troll near you jumps, fly mid-height to avoid his tongue. The Tin Men will be dead by now, so drop down and kill the Trolls with Nitesco + Sapiens Fio.

Basement 1, Room 2: There are two Demon Lords (tough against dark, weak against light) here. If you missed Globus from Barlowe, here is your chance to draw it. Keep to the left, so that you don't draw the second Demon Lord into the fight and use double Vol Luminatio + Sapiens Fio or double Nitesco in its place, while dodging him (slide under him if he's close). If you make him chase you, he won't be casting Globus, and if he does, jump between the two energy balls. Using Volaticus for the same reason isn't recommended as you don't have enough space if you don't want to fight both Demon Lords together. Kill the second Demon Lord and leave, grabbing the simple chest (rewards: Diamon, Onyx, Gold Ore).

Basement 2, Room 1: The Double Hammer has 2000 HP and dislikes Strike and Lightning weapons. We won't be getting close to him, so that is a moot point. You can hit him, jump over him (either with Rapidus Fio equipped or kicking down on him after the double jump to make sure you won't touch him) and when he returns, repeat. You can cast Globus all the time, not even looking at him and he will still die. Using Volaticus and hovering back and forth makes things even easier, but you'll be seeing plenty of this.

Basement 2, Room 2: The Weapon Master has 3000 HP and the same weaknesses as the Double Hammer. He will first throw his returning blades at you. Jump over him (with Rapidus, for ease), spam Globus against him till he turns and then get off screen. He will start throwing spears above your height while you kill him from afar with Globus. You may need to get a bit closer to him if he doesn't respond. In case you need it, if he somersaults in the air whirling his hammers, slide under him. Get another chest on the way down.

Basement 3, Room 1: Two Double Hammers. You can jump and kick over them and hit them both with long range weapons like Nitesco or Globus, but that is too much work. Enter the room flying with Volaticus and fly back and forth horizontally at the top of the screen casting Globus. You can see when they'll try to do acrobatics to hit you in the air, so it should be easy to dodge them. Next room.

Basement 3, Room 2: Two Weapon Masters. When you enter they will throw their returning blades at you. Double jump and press R for Volaticus, fly over their heads (and a bit to the other side where you came from) and use Globus like crazy. It's probably that they won't do the same attack next, but one of them will probably do the somersault, so fly away from them so they are off screen. They will start throwing spears, so find the sweet spot next to the place where their diagonal spears hit the ceiling, stay safely there and use Globus till they die. Get another chest going down.

Basement 4, Room 1: Enter flying and spam Globus against the Tin men until they are a bunch of scraps. You can can now play flying tag with the Demon Lord to the right while hitting him all the time or you can use the same tactics you employed in Basement 1, Room 2.

Basement 4, Room 2: This is where it gets interesting, with two Weapon Masters and a Double Hammer. Volaticus is a lifesaver here. Assume that you are pressing the Globus buttons as often as your MP allow during the whole following explanation. You know the Weapon Masters' initiall attack by now, so fly high behind them and hit them. The Double Hammer pursues you more fervently, so fly back and forth past him while the Masters are occupied hitting the place where you entered and receive your hits. When they stop fly away so they are off screen. The spears won't reach you high, so all you need to worry about is the Double Hammer. Generally fly above his head and leave when he begins the animation to attack high, continue spamming Globus, return over his head and so on. When he dies kill the still off screen Weapon Masters. Get a new chest when you exit.

Beat the Mini-Boss, Jiang Shi and get the simple chest and the sparkling chest. Slide down and use the Teleporter to exit the Cavern. That was certainly shorter than the Nest of Evil in Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin.