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After you get the Ordinary Rock: Exit the first save room and propel yourself up with Magnes. Go as far up as you can and go left, then get a rare chest (with a Fool Ring?).

After you get Ignis: From the last room mentioned above exit left, then hug the wall and cast an Ignis+Ignis Glyph Union. Keep pressing up to draw Cubus.

Wygol Village

As you save the villagers, they'll begin to inhabit the village and ask you to do quests, so you can get more items. There will be a store here as well. For more info see Villagers/Quests.

There is a save point and a heart refiller (press down). You can break the barrels and there are three simple chests. One is all the way to the right, the other all the way to the left and the last in the half-floor of the house all the way to the right.

Minera Prison Island

After you get the Ordinary Rock: Entering the stage from the left, keep going to the right till the first vertical room, exir right from the top floor, cross the room, exit right and go to the bottom, go through the single room to the right and go up. You should be in the middle of the map in a room with Winged Guards. Go to the top by double-jumping and get a Tower Ring, that has a no-kickback effect.

Tymeo Mountains

Go to the left and then start climbing the ledges. Apart from the Winged Guards coming at you, there are crows on the ropes of the bridges. If you need it there's a save room on the top, otherwise go to the left. You'll encounter some Rock Knights, who are not named after Elvis. You can either jump over the boulders they throw at you or smash them with a weapon. Macir makes short work of the knights. There's a chest further to the left and a Nightmare that you can reach with a melee glyph by crouching on the rock when hitting. Walk close to the stalactites so they fall, taking care not to touch their sprite before they are on the floor. Jump from one to another and go up when you reach a wall.

This vertical room has Skull Spiders that are fast and love poisoning you. Use long-range glyphs to soften them up and hit them with Macir. Hit the wall that is next to the mushroom to break it an Empress Ring. When you return to the room, you can pick off the two confused Skull Spiders with Vol Fulgur until you get the Fidelis Aranea R-glyph that summons (gasp!) a spider, which is useful against big, slow enemies. Climb until you leave the room and use the magnets to go through the next room. Cross the corridor.

You're in another room with ledges, bridges and Winged Guards. Get the chest and climb, dispatching the Rock Knight from a lower ledge. The right exit leads to a villager named Laura; draw her glyph as usual. When you return to the room and start climbing again, you will notice some ledges to the right are broken. Shrug and exit left.

There are several Skull Spiders in this room, so soften them up from afar before they reach you. If you use Vol Fulgur frantically from the moment you enter, any spider that reaches you will need just a whack on its head. Follow the tunnel, sliding where the ceiling is lower (down+B), to get an MP Max Up and destroy a statue to get the Fides Fio glyph. Try not to get caught by the spider in the small room formed by the lower ceilings. Return and exit to the left.

After you get the Ordinary Rock: Enter from the upper entrance, go right and then jump to the right. Double jump as you're on the edge and you should clear the distance. Go to the right and go under the mountain, sliding, to get a chest. Return back and go over it, encountering a scarecrow along the way. Note that you can climb on the branches and you can roast crows with long-range glyphs. Go right, and go down, killing the knight and then down to a new screen. Go all the way down and exit to the right.

Cross the small room, then dispatch two Nightmares. Let the Fire Demon attack you and draw the Ignis glyph. At last, a fire spell! To the right is a teleporting room; use it if you want then go up. To the left use Magnes to reach the second magnet, then aim diagonally to the right (the actual angle should be between 45 diagonally and straight vertically), let fly and grab the upper magnet. Press slightly the left button so you get thrown to the right edge of the platform, then press up to absorb Pneuma just before you are ready to fall. Patience is a virtue and despite its description, the Tower Ring isn't worth a straw here. Return to the previous room and exit right. More Fire Demons and a chest for you. Go right and start climbing for an MP Max Up. Exit left and cross the corridor.

Climb up till you reach the first room to the left, that happens to be a save room. Keep going upwards. If you want to leave, exit right and save Marcel. Otherwise go left. There's a Cave Troll here, an annoying enemy (and 1/3 of a mini-boss in Portrait of Ruin's Nest of Evil). Follow the rocky passage underground for two chests. Go left and under the passage there's a Hearts Max Up this time for you. Following the upper path to the left is a Crimson Mask. You can leave for now.

Misty Mountain Road

Time to change glyphs. It's best to account for the Grave Diggers and Specters, so a combo of Secare and Luminatio works well. Bitterflies are relatively weak. The first action of a digger is to try to impale you, so go close to him and duck. His kick can throw you to another screen, but you can jump over him.

Go to the left and when a Black Fomor attacks you draw Umbra. Go to the left and get Vol Macir, an upgrade of your Macir. Grab the chest as well and use the magnet above you to reach a sage. You can get the Arma Chiroptera from the Werebat, your first transformation glyph. Go left.

You are in a long corridor of ice with an Enkidu that brandishes a tower with a White Dragon attached. If you use melee glyphs, allow the skeleton neck to extend to attack you and hit him if you use melee glyphs. Feel free to use glyph unions on the lumbering monster. Exit the corridor and grab the chest. You can't go right as of now, so exit left and reach the end of the following room. Hitting the Werebats using the full reach of Vol Macir not only harm them, but also kill the bats they summon, allowing you to kill them without losing a single HP. Go left again and leave the stage.

Skeleton Cave

In this stage you'll sometimes face wave of enemies, so equip glyphs that can dispatch them with a hit of each e.g. Vol Macir and Luminatio. Go left.Kill the enemies, pass under a chest (you will get it when you return) and kill the Bone Pillars that block your way. Remember that you can jump over their flames or hit them when you just see them at the edge of the screen, so they won't counterattack. Exit left.

More Friskies (meow) to kill and another stack of Bone Pillars. You can get Vol Confodere from the Dullahan here. Left from the Dullahan is a chest. Get it, then leave the room from below (down+B to fall down the ledge). You will encounter Skeleton Heroes, which haven't yet learnt how to attack ducking enemies. Go down from the platform and ignore the exit to the left for now, unless you want to level up. Go to the right and fall down to the next room.

Reach the floor and take care moving to the right as you will encounter a Skeleton Rex. Use a Glyph Union on it and kill the White Dragon to refill your hearts. Go right, then down. Move immediately to the left so that the first Pillars don't shoot at you, then destroy them with ranged, multi-hit glyphs. Get the two chests, one of which is an MP Max Up. To the left there are two Skeleton Rexes; sometimes they try to jump at you and you can slide under them. Go left and use the save room. It's Boss time.

After beating the Boss, Maneater, go left to find your old friend Albus again. When he leaves, get the Ordinary Rock, which allows you to double-jump rather stylishly, and then free George. Now you can reach a few more places. You can also jump on top of stacks of bone pillars and over Skeleton Rexes. Return to the left exit that you ignored before and go inside. There are plenty of Friskies (that's why I advised you to have a combo that could kill them in two hits) and two Skeleton heroes. Pushing X and Y successively for Luminatio and Vol Macir did the trick for me. Go left and kill the White Dragon with a Glyph Union and get a simple chest and a rare one. On your way to the exit of the stage pick a Hearts Max Up from the chest in the second room that is above you.

With your new double jump you can revisit the Monastery, Minera Prison Island and Tymeo Mountains before continuing to Somnus Reef.

Somnus Reef

Go right, then right again. Most of the enemies can be dealt with with a Vol Confodere + Vol Fulgur combo, other than the Decaratias (the big stars), which go down with Ignis. The worm enemies can be cut in half and many enemies poison you. To the right, out of the sea, is a teleporter. Visit the room, then dive back and go down. There are Sea Demons in this room -a sprakling chest as well-, but you are significantly stronger now, and a sack with money on the sea floor. Exit right.

Go forward for a simple chest at the bottom, then go down. Swim straight forward for a simple chest and let yourself sink. Break the statue for Vol Arcus, a diagonally-firing bow glyph. In the middle of the room Fishheads (Ignis/Vol Macir) guard a rare chest with an MP Max Up. Have Ignis ready and go left. Killing the stars from below, leave from the upper left exit. To your left you'll find two simple chests and one rare. Return to the previous vertical room and leave from the lower left exit.

Cross the room with the Lorelei, then drop down. The Elmos can be dealt with with glyphs that hit twice (e.g. Vol Fulgur) or with Luminatio. To your left is a teleporter room (you need to slide to leave the water). Sink to the bottom and go right, getting a simple chest and a Hearts Max Up. Exit right, go through the corridor and defeat the Boss.

After you beat the Boss, Rusalka, go thrice right. Get a simple chest at the bottom and a second one to the right. Exit right for a rare chest, then return and go up. Get the simple chest in front of you, swim up and exit left. Go through the room, get the chest and exit up. You finally reached the surface. Go to the small room to the left to rescue Villager Serge, a kid that convinces you he can go home on his own. Go back to the sea room, exit right and smash a statue on the sea floor to get the Vol Ascia glyph. Go twice right to leave.

Giant's Dwelling

Go through the first room. Ectoplasms suck your MP, which makes them more dangerous than the previous games, as all your attacks depend on MP. Ignis is effective against every enemy in this stage and you'll only be using Vol Macir to dispatch the Skeleton Beast in front of you. If you jump when you use Ignis, he'll get hit thrice. Switch Vol Macir to a slashing weapon (like vol ascis) and exit right. Kill the Ladycat (what a name, sigh) and cross the small room. The big rooms in this stage can get a bit panicky, so it's better to pick your enemies off a few at a time.

As you enter the first big room you'll be assaulted by a Ladycat, a small robot and an Ectoplasm is hovering around. Jump to the left ledge, kill the Ectoplasm, then fall down -if you want- and kill the robot and the Ladycat with fire. When you climb on the wide sculpted blocks you'll be attacked by an enemy called Miss Murder. Stand and when the portal materializes duck to dodge her -she always goes for the head and leaves the Vol Falcis glyph behind. On a platform above your head is a rare chest and to the left is a Save Room. To the upper left is Villager Daniela. Exit from the lower left and kill or run from a Cursed Diva that can absorb your MP. Exit the house to the right, then go through two screens with graves, lambasting enemies with Ignis.

In the first room of the second house is a small robot. Cross the room and enter a new big room beating divas, cats and various enemies. If you get cursed leave the room instead of trying to avoid all these enemies at once. Exit right and kill a second Skeleton Beast, then go right again. The first exit to the right leads to a small room with a statue hiding Vol Secare. Go back, then reach the top of the room, killing Ladycats from below and climb to the left. There's a room full with Ectoplasms here and after crossing it you're above a room you've already visited. With your lack though, it's the one with the Cursed Divas. Go to the left, go up and then right. There's a Save point here.

There's a Boss here, Goliath, and you're probably shocked (!) to learn that it's a giant. Goliath was never a lucky name, so dispatch it and go right to meet your old friend, Albus. Get Dominus Hatred and go right until you exit the stage. You can now return to the Ecclesia for a brief chat.

Tristis Pass

The slashing weapon + Ignis combo still does well here. Cross the first room. Baloon is an enemy that you either kill or run from as he fills the air with annoying damage-dealing things. It also explodes with them when it dies. Arachne can poison you and also explodes in a poisonous gas and tiny spiders when it dies. Slide over the spiders to get them all. As usual, follow the passage to get a reward (a simple chest this time) then climb the hill and exit left to a ridge. To the left is a teleporter.

Drop down to find your first Lizardman. His charge is annoying and he can block, but lambasting him with Ignis doesn't let him react. Get Vol Scutum and go a level down. To the right is a Save Room, Go two levels down and exit left, killing or running from the two Baloons. Proceed through the small room to an icy corridor with what used to be a Boss, back when you where weak and insignificant. Jump and fire Ignis, hit him with your slashing weapon and he's gone. Further to the left is a Mimic, an enemy with no strengths or weaknesses that's disguised as a chest and is rather aggressive and hard. Kill it once to complete your list, but should you want to avoid it, either jump over it and lure the second Giant Skeleton to the left or double-jump over it as it comes to you. Exit left.

There's a frozen waterfall here. Climb the ledges and jump left, hug the wall and press up as you're sliding down to draw the Vol Grando glyph. Jump down the waterfall and keep to the left for a rare chest, an Amanita (destroy the wall there to rescue Villager Irina) and a simple chest. Fall down and go left to a room with spikes. To avoid the bats aim Magnes up/left and use R when you're about to fall.

Go up and kill the Altered Armored Beast and go left where there's a White Dragon guarding a rare chest with an MP Max Up. Return to the room with the beast and go right. Destroy the wall to the right on the second solid ice platform you see to get an Onyx, then go all the way up -notice the Ectoplasms- and exit left. There's another ridge with a Lizardman, a ridge, and a weak enemy called Altair lunging periodically. To the left is a Save Room; use it if you want then climb all the way up.

To the right is a teleporter. Go to the left. Under the passage there's a simple and a sparkling chest. The owls leave behind them the Fidelis Noctua R-glyph, that is a relatively rare drop. Exit left and draw the Fulgur glyph from a Thunder Demon (let it attack, then press up). It's weakness is Luminatio, by the way. Destroy a statue for the Vol Asta glyph. Down the passage lie two simple chests and a rare one with the quite strong Chariot Ring.

Exit left to a foggy room. Two Arachnes guard two simple chests under the hill, then go over the hill beating Owls and Thunder demons along the way. In the next room the fog has been lifted. Follow the passage and beat two Lizardmen to reach a statue holding the Inire Pecuniae glyph. Money, at last! Proceed to beat two more Lizardmen for a simple chest and a rare chest with an MP Max Up. Return to the entrance of the room and climb up the branches for a rare chest. Exit to the left, cross the next room and leave the stage.