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New Game+

Obtained after beating the game with the Good Ending (save all villagers and beat Dracula).

Choose any file that you have beat and press right to move the cursor to the "Clear" bat sign. You will start the game from the beginning, losing the Serpent Scale and the Ordinary Rock relics, as well as some glyphs that are allow area exploration (Magnes, Paries, Volaticus, Redire, the Custos glyphs) as well as the Dominus glyphs. You will also need to rescue the Villagers again.

You retain your levels, your HP, MP and Hearts, your items, equipment, attributes, gold, Jacob's shop inventory and the percentage of map completion (maps will appear grayed out, but visible). You also retain Rapidus Fio, so the second playthrough is a lot faster.

The game remains for all intents and purposes the same, meaning you can get Acerbatus from Albus if you missed it, you can win the Boss medals (an easier proposition with your endgame arsenal + Death Ring) or you can raise your character's stats, levels and HP/MP/Hearts.

Albus Mode

Obtained after beating the game with the Good Ending (save all villagers and beat Dracula).

Lets you play as Albus through the game. However, there is no story and Albus can't use any items. But, he can use the Max Increase items, so make sure to grab those!

X - Optical Shot: Balls of light and dark circle into a shot, which is then fired in an odd arc. Uses a little MP surprisingly.
Y - Regular Shot: Does surprisingly decent damage and can rapid-fire. Though there is a light lag when you rapid-fire, so it's hard to evade quickly. Uses up a little MP per shot.
A - Quad Ignis: Albus does his little flaming kick. Good damage, but horrible range. Uses up Hearts.
L - Torpor: Acts like the Torpor glyph. Throws a pellet that erupts in an icy crystal. Doesn't do good damage. Uses a little MP.
R - Backdash - Performs a backdash. Albus is (supposedly) invincible during this.
Up + Y - Max Shot: Shoots an Acerbatus shot. A rather big ball hits the enemy and may also cause Curse. Its two attributes (lightning and dark) are certainly a plus, however the cooldown is significant. On the upside, it's rather hard to miss. Uses up a lot of MP at the beginning.
Up + L - Super Jump: Just like the many Belmonts and others who use it, Albus can super jump. He shoots up into the air with each press. Pretty spammable, and only uses a little MP per use.
Touch Screen - Warp: Touch the screen to have Albus warp to it. Very useful in boss fights and getting through stages quickly. Also used to get past a certain frozen waterfall. Is spammable, but will quickly eat up MP.
Albus can also double jump and swim from the beginning, though you still can't sequence break (if you take the right exit from Tymeo Mountains, Somnus Reef won't be available until you beat Maneater in Skeleton Cave.

Boss Rush

Standard boss rush that's timed on how fast you can get through it. There's two stages to choose from. These stages have you start at Lv. 50. Obtained after beating the game with the Good Ending (save all villagers and beat Dracula).

1st Stage: Contains most of the first several bosses up to Albus.
2nd Stage: Contains most of the bosses in Dracula's castle. (Every boss but Wallman.)

Prizes include: Arrow Helm, Axe Helm, Hammer Helm, Lance Helm, Knife helm, Rapier Helm, Shield Helm, Sickle Helm, Sword Helm (for time over 4:00), which allow you to use the respective Glyph Union.

Beating the 1st stage under 4:00 nets you the R. Eye of Devil (slows the game down to half speed) and doing the same for the 2nd stage nets you the L. Eye of God (shows remaining HP of the enemy instead of damage dealt).

If you get all the prizes, you will receive a Potion.

Sound Test

Obtained after beating the game with the Good Ending (save all villagers and beat Dracula). Allows you to listen to all the music and the sounds of the characters (from the final narration to Shanoa's battle screams) in English and Japanese. Also has a surround option.

Hard Mode

Obtained after beating the game with the Good Ending (save all villagers and beat Dracula).

When you begin a new game, either as Shanoa or Albus, you can choose to play with Hard difficulty. Enemies will deal more damage and you can choose one of the two available caps (maximums), at level 50 and at level 1. Win either to win the Queen of Hearts (cuts heart usage to half) and win the game with a level 1 cap to unlock the Lv. 255 mode. The upcoming game, Castlevania: Judgement, is said to serve the same function.