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Blue Glyphs are equipped to the Y and X buttons and most of them offer you some sort of attack, with extra defense and better mobility also being options, while the Red Glyphs may transform you, boost your stats, expand your mobility or summon creatures to help you. Press up to absorb glyphs.

Glyphs with the Slash and Strike attribute (even spells) are governed by the STR stat while glyphs with elemental attributes are influenced by the INT stat.


Blue Glyphs

The weapon glyphs serve as a substitute for the weapons in past Castlevanias (no whips though). They follow a pattern of [glyph], Vol [glyph], Melio [glyph], with the latter ones being stronger.


Rapiers, as you would expect, attack straight out, which means you have to maneuver more than usual to hit things above you. However, they are the fastest melee weapon in the game and have decent reach.

Attack: 6 MP: 5
Attribute: Slash
Found in Ecclesia at the beginning of the game.

Vol Confodere
Attack: 11 MP: 10
Attribute: Slash
Dropped by enemy no.41, Dullahan, in Skeleton Cave.

Melio Confodere
Attack: 15 MP: 15
Attribute: Slash
In a statue in Library, next room after Wallman.


Swords are the middle of the road weapons. Just like radio music, some days they won't get out of your head, but then they will probably be forgotten.

Attack: 8 MP: 5
Attribute: Slash
Dropped by enemy no. 6, Bone Scimitar, in Monastery, Ruvas Forest.

Vol Secare
Attack: 14 MP: 10
Attribute: Slash
In a statue in Giant's Dwelling.

Melio Secare
Attack: 20 MP: 15
Attribute: Slash
Dropped by enemy no. 95, Spectral Sword, in Arms Depot, Final Approach.


Like rapiers, lances don't arc, and they attack slowly, but they have good damage output and excellent reach.

Attack: 9 MP: 5
Attribute: Slash
Dropped by enemy no. 14, Spear Guard, in Minera Prison Island.

Vol Hasta
Attack: 16 MP: 10
Attribute: Slash
Statue in Tristis Pass, left part of the map.

Melio Hasta
Attack: 23 MP: 15
Attribute: Slash
In a statue in the Barracks, first room.


The hammers have the advantage of being the only Strike weapon you'll be seeing for a long time. They hit overhead, are very strong and have good reach, but are also quite slow. Be prepared to get a lot of use out of these, as a lot of enemies are weak to Strike.

Attack: 10 MP: 5
Attribute: Strike
In a statue in Monastery.

Vol Macir
Attack: 18 MP: 10
Attribute: Strike
In a statue in Misty Forest Road.

Melio Macir
Attack: 25 MP: 15
Attribute: Strike
Dropped by enemy no. 91, Hammer Shaker, in Underground Labyrinth, Arms Depot and Mechanical Tower.


The bows are weak, but have virtually unlimited reach. While Arcus is somewhat useful at the time, the more advanced versions are quite weak by the time you get them, and you'll have much options for ranged attacks.

Attack: 6 MP: 15
Attribute: Slash
Dropped by enemy no. 13, Bone Archer, in Minera Prison Island. Its arrows go straight ahead.

Vol Arcus
Attack: 9 MP: 15
Attribute: Slash
In a statue in Somnus Reef. Its arrows go diagonally up.

Melio Arcus
Attack: 9 MP: 25
Attribute: Slash
In a statue in Misty Forest Road, after you get Paries. Its arrows are auto-aimed (some enemies can still dodge them), however you will have already seen that trick and the attack is too low.


The axes are thrown in diagonal arc, so they can possibly hit big enemies more than once and can hit places other weapons can't reach (cf. Melio Ascia and Eligor). The MP cost is rather high, though. Give yourself time to recharge.

Attack: 8 MP: 15
Attribute: Slash
Dropped by enemy no. 9, Axe Knight, in Ruvas Forest and Minera Prison Island.

Vol Ascia
Attack: 12 MP: 30
Attribute: Slash
In a statue in Somnus Reef.

Melio Ascia
Attack: 16 MP: 45
Attribute: Slash
Dropped by enemy no. 100, Great Knight, in Arms Depot, Library (after you get Volaticus).


Sickles are very strong, hit overhead and have good reach, but they're also one of the slowest weapons in the game.

Attack: 11 MP: 5
Attribute: Slash
In a statue in Minera Prison Island.

Vol Falcis
Attack: 19 MP: 10
Attribute: Slash
Dropped by enemy no. 52, Miss Murder. Easy drop.

Melio Falcis
Attack: 28 MP: 15
Attribute: Slash
In a statue in Arms Depot.


Let's say Shanoa wasn't meant to be a ninja-assassin. Virtually unlimited reach, low attack, high MP cost and you find the upgrades rather late. A knife-only game makes for great restricted play though. And the visual effect of Melio Culter is nice.

Attack: 3 MP: 8
Attribute: Slash
In a statue in Monastery.

Vol Culter
Attack: 3 MP: 16
Attribute: Slash
Dropped by enemy no. 86, Red Smasher, in Underground Labyrinth, Arms Depot, Mechanical Tower and Arms Depot. Shanoa throws two knifes.

Melio Culter
Attack: 3 MP: 24
Attribute: Slash
Statue in Arms Depot. Shanoa throws three knifes.


Keep Y, X pressed to have the shield appear and remain (your MP don't get drained continually; it's one-off). Shields block some attacks and raise CON (>DEF) and MND, causing you to take less damage from both physical and elemental attacks. The more advanced the shield, the bigger the raise.

Attack: 0 MP: 5
Attribute: -
In a statue in Kalidus Channel. Appears overhead.

Vol Scutum
Attack: 0 MP: 5
Attribute: -
Dropped by enemy no. 57, Lizardman, in Tristis Pass. Appears in front of Shanoa.

Melio Scutum
Attack: 0 MP: 5
Attribute: -
In a statue in Arms Depot. Appears in front of Shanoa.


Attack: 4 MP: 10
Attribute: Slash
In a statue after completing Training Hall. Redire has low Attack, but can be spammed. If you keep R pressed when you have Magnes equipped, you get attached to it and can use it like a magnet. Funny when you do it, but you obsolete when you get Volatics (remember, Redire is supposed to be in a bonus area).

Attack: 5 MP: 20
Status effect: Petrify
In the blocks room in Monastery. Can hit up to 8 times a non-mobile enemy. Each Cubus equipped allows 4 cubes on screen simultaneously. May petrify an enemy. Mostly useless except against enemies weak to petrification.

Attack: 10 MP: 20
Attribute: Ice
In Wygol Village to free Nikolai. Shanoa throws a pellet that erupts in an icy crystal. For some reason, it isn't considered an Ice glyph when used in Glyph Unions. Not very useful.

Attack: 17 MP: 20
Attribute: Strike
In the room with the falling rocks in Underground Labyrinth. A stone hand appears to hit the enemy. Weaker than hammers, but much faster.

Attack: 14 MP: 25
Attribute: Slash
Found in the room with the strong winds in Tymeo Mountains. A gust moves downward until it hits the ground, then goes forward a bit. The range is unsatisfactory, as well as the height (can't hit and jump for instance). You can improve the range with Wind Rings and pressing both X and Y together casts two gusts together with two hits but a significantly larger area of attack. Quite useful.

Attack: 9 MP: 25
Attribute: Flame
Draw from enemy no. 31, Fire Demon, in Tymeo Mountains. Flames erupting in three directions (one straight and two diagonally) can hit thrice per attack. Combine with a weapon for best results. You will be using this one.

Vol Ignis
Attack: 7 MP: 40
Attribute: Flame
In the room with the fire pillars in Underground Labyrinth. A pillar of fire that can hit 6 times per casting. If you jump too high and cast, the spell doesn't take effect. The cooldown can also be problematic. Vol Ignis isn't the super fire spell you were probably expecting, however it's a good choice against Blackmore or when you want to block a wave of projectiles.

Attack: 8 MP: 25
Attribute: Ice
Draw from enemy no. 27, Sea Demon in Kalidus Channel and Somnus Reef. An icicle that goes straight forward. Not particularly good, even against enemies weak to ice.

Vol Grando
Attack: 27 MP: 40
Attribute: Ice
On the frozen waterfall in Tristis Pass; you can't miss it. Vol Grando casts a large crystal of ice. If you jump too high when casting it, it won't materialize and this is certainly a spell you can't spam, however it's paramount against Gravedorcus.

Attack: 5 MP: 25
Attribute: Lightning
Drawn from enemy no. 60, Thunder Demon, in Tristis Pass. A large lightning ball that can hit five times per use. It's a bit slow, but that shouldn't be a problem against large enemies.

Vol Fulgur
Attack: 3 MP: 40
Attribute: Lightning
In the room with the sparks in Minera Prison Island. An auto-aiming lightning bolt that can hit 3 times. The MP cost is a bit steep when you get it and the auto-aim has a small learning curve, however its early acquisition guarantees its use. Good for picking off enemies from afar.

Attack: 8 MP: 25
Attribute: Light
On top of the Lighthouse. Use the elevator, go left/right and exit to the upper right/left, respectively. Can hit up to 6 times. Two whirling balls, each can get a hit during each of the three circles it does. Don't really count on it though. Good for destroying static enemies like Fishbones, big ones like Maneater or when enemies get close to you. It's a bit slow, though. Get used to it, as there's quite a few enemies weak to light.

Vol Luminatio
Attack: 20 MP: 40
Attribute: Light
Drawn from enemy no. 70, White Fomor, in Mystery Manor and Library. A homing ball that deals good damage. If the auto-aiming function misses a ball, it will do a circle and try to hit it again, but you won't be able to use it again until then. With a little bit of correct positioning this is a quite useful spell. Especially when you want to beat enemies from a safe spot without repercussions (Butchers in Mystery Manor, Tin Men in Library). If you get it to hit enemies without circling, its speed won't matter too much.

Attack: 13 MP: 25
Attribute: Dark
Drawn from enemy no. 36, Black Fomor, in Misty Forest Road. A slow-ish twisting beam that can hit large enemies up to 3 times. Not too useful.

Vol Umbra
Attack: 23 MP: 40
Attribute: Dark
In the dark room in Mystery Manor, bottom left. It can hit up to 3 times if the enemy is stationary. It complements a weapon well and it's strong enough when you get it to kill most enemies (can be used as Vol Umbra x2, too), so that its cooldown doesn't register.

Attack: 12 MP: 25
Status Effect: Curse
In the room with the twom machines that need electricity in Mechanical Tower. Morbus looks good, but doesn't deliver. It's weak when you get it and there aren't that many enemies that can be hit by its go forward and up (exponential) curve. Causes curse. Morbus is considered a Dark glyph for Glyph Union purposes.

Attack: 9 MP: 20
Attributes: Flame, Light
Drawn from enemy no. 82, Nova Skeleton in Underground Labyrinth, Barracks, Arms Depot and Forsaken Cloister. Its beam can hit 3 times, two beams can hit 6 times and the low damage won't even register because enemies will be dropping like flies. When you cast the spell you stop moving for a second, so jump while casting if you want to prevent this. Nitesco can be spammed, it has a long range, and the beam lasts long enough to jump and hit an enemy with a weak high spot and have enough time to jump again and hit it before the beam goes out. Oh, and it has two attributes. Nitesco is possibly the best glyph in the game and can get you through the rest of Dracula's Castle (with glyph swaps for certain rooms) till the ending. Right for you, right for Castlevania.

Attack: 22 MP: 44
Attributes: Lightning, Dark Causes Status Effect: Curse
Drawn from enemy no. 115, Albus in Mystery manor. Make sure you get it; if you miss it, it's lost forever. A rather big ball hits the enemy and may also cause Curse. Very strong, but has a high cost and a long cooldown time. Very good against enemies weak to dark. Is considered a dark glyph for the purpose of unions.

Attack: 8 MP: 50
Attribute: Strike
Drawn from enemy no. 116, Barlowe, in Ecclesia or enemy no. 105, Demon Lord in Large Cavern. Globus is a great spell in small rooms, as it casts two balls that bound against the wall multiple times and hit more times than you can count. Especially combined with Volaticus, it is a great glyph. The more (and bigger) enemies the merrier and it's the best way to traverse the Large Cavern and destroy the blocks in Monastery without getting (too) frustrated. Each glyph can cast two set of balls and they have the cherished Strike attribute. Considered a Dark glyph for Glyph Union purposes.

Dextro Custos
Attack: 18 MP: 16
Attribute: Slash
In the Library, in the depths of the kitchens. A head of Cerberus appears to bite an enemy. Looks cool, but not very powerful. Used to unlock the Cerberus room in the Forsaken Cloister and reach the Final Approach. Considered a Dark glyph for Glyph Union purposes.

Sinestro Custos
Attack: 18 MP: 16
Attribute: Slash
In Mechanical Tower after you kill Death. A head of Cerberus appears to bite an enemy. Identical to its brother for all intents and purposes. Used to unlock the Cerberus room in the Forsaken Cloister and reach the Final Approach. Considered a Dark glyph for Glyph Union purposes.

Dominus Hatred
Attack: 66 MP: 66
Attribute: Dark
Minera Prison Island from Albus. Shanoa fires a beam up and then six beams fall down for strong damage. Each use depletes 1/6 of your HP, killing you or possibly with a few remaining after the sixth use. You don't use glyphs that cause you more damage than enemies can.

Dominus Anger
Attack: 66 MP: 66
Attribute: Dark
Giant's Dwelling from Albus. Up to 2 great balls of fire fly from Shanoa and wreck hell to their and Shanoa's health. Each use depletes 1/6 of your HP, killing you or possibly with a few remaining after the sixth use. You don't use glyphs that cause you more damage than enemies can. Admit it, anyway: This one needs a cape to pull it off.

Red Glyphs


Attack: 10 MP: 5
Attribute: Light
In Monastery, you can't miss it. Press R near a magnet (or using Redire) to grab it and then press a directional button to fly to the opposite direction. The longer you press, the farther you go. For some reason, this glyph has an attack value. Just ignore it.

MP: 5
Drawn by enemy no. 117, Wallman, in Library. It's the only way to beat him. Paries lets you go into walls at certain spots where they are emanating light and move inside them. Check the relevant sections in the Walkthrough.

MP: 20
In the Final Approach. Volaticus isn't so useful because it allows you to go places, but because it lets you fly away from enemies and kill them with Globus and auto-aiming glyphs or swoop down and kill them. Precious in the Large Cavern.


Rapidus Fio
Attack: 3 MP: 80
Attribute: Slash
Found in Underground Labyrinth, on the way to the secret exit. Rapidus Fio gives you some serious speed. By moving into an enemy you attack him. Useful for "clutter" enemies like Medusas, Death's sickles and older enemies like Spikes, Bitterflies, Ghosts and enemies you vastly overpower e.g. Skeletons if you are backtracking. Great for farming enemies. It also ruffles the fur of cats and creates disturbs the surface of still water.

Vis Fio
MP: 80
In a statue in Mechanical Tower. Raises STR, useful when using glyphs with Slash or Strike.

Fortis Fio
MP: 80
In a statue in Kalidus Chanel. Raises CON, thus indirectly DEF (for physical attacks).

Sapiens Fio
MP: 80
In a statue in Oblivion Ridge before the Gravedorcus, by double jumping and kicking an enemy to reach the left ledge. This is another great glyph, as it raises your INT and the attack of most spell glyphs. Equip when you want some serious damage.

Fides Fio
MP: 80
In a statue in Tymeo Mountains. Raises MND, lowers damage from spells.

Felicem Fio
MP: 80
In a statue in Underground Labyrinth. Raises LCK, so it helps when farming enemies.

Inire Pecunia
MP: 80
In a statue in Tristis Pass. Gives you more money from all the types of candlesticks or when enemies drop money. Combine it with Gold Rings for the money making trick.

MP: 80
In a statue in Library. Recovers a HP per second. Not fast enough to make up for hits in a fight, but you can leave your DS when Shanoa is in a safe spot and you lack healing items, to fill your health. The Emperor Rings boosts the healing rate.

Arma Custos
MP: 80
Found after you beat Eligor. The lower your health, the higher the STR bonus you receive. One of the three glyphs used to unlock the Cerberus room in the Forsaken Cloister. Used to unlock the Cerberus room in the Forsaken Cloister and reach the Final Approach.

Dominus Agony
MP: 66
Raises stats by 66, but drains 66 HP per second. Though not for normal use, this Dominus glyph is great when you want to boost the strength of your Glyph Unions. See also.


Arma Felix
MP: 80
Dropped by enemy no. 77, Black Panther, in Castle Entrance and Final Approach. This one transforms you to a cat and gives you a hefty Attack boost. With Y you dash forward and scratch an enemy for 12 MP, Slash (multiple times if you keep pressing Y for 2 additional MP) and heal 1 HP. Works also with candlesticks. The X attack can hit up to 4 times an enemy in a flurry of scratches (12 MP) and is devastating to enemies weak against Slash. Great glyph to use in the Castle Entrance and Library. Ladycats and Black Panthers will (try to) follow you and hit enemies -you get the EXP. You can talk to the cats you've saved in the village, and if you press the stylus on screen you can make them chase a fake mouse. Cute. You can crouch, backdash and double jump. Your walking speed suffers a bit.

Arma Chiroptera
MP: 80
Dropped by enemy no. 35, Werebat, in Misty Forest Road. You turn into a Werebat and get a small Attack boost. Send (with a small lag) up to 5 bats to attack with Y (10 MP, Strike), Press X for a good kick (Slash, 15MP) and to heal 1 HP. Also works against candlesticks. You can double jump and backdash.

Arma Machina
MP: 80
Dropped by enemy no. 96, Automaton ZX27, in Mechanical Tower and Final Approach. Turns you into a small, slow robot, allowing you to double jump (severely nerfed) and backdash. No attacks and you don't regenerate MP in that form. All Slash and Strike Attacks deplete your MP instead of HP, disrupting the transformation once you are out of MP. You can destroy spikes, namely in the dark room in Mystery Manor, where you get Vol Umbra, for a Fortune Ring. Robots won't attack you, but this isn't nearly as useful as Arma Felix.


Summoned creatures attack any enemies within reach. The strength of the familiar depends on Shanoa's stats when she summons it. So, equipping the Death Ring, summoning and de-equipping will land you a much stronger familiar. Let your familiars kill enemies (soften them up) or draw more of their type of glyph (easier) to level them up. Maximum level is 3. Draw 15 glyphs of the kind to raise them to lv. 2 and 30 to raise them to lv. 3.

Fidelis Caries
Attack: 2 MP: 80
Attribute: Strike
Drawn from enemy no. 12, Necromancer, in Ruvas Forest. Zombies slowly walk to hit enemies. Each level up raises speed and adds an extra zombie. Not that good.

Fidelis Alate
Attack: 3 MP: 80
Attribute: Slash
Dropped by enemy no. 102 Winged Skeleton. Winged Skeletons fly round Shanoa and attack enemies on screen. Touch the screen to send him somewhere, though it's hit or miss. Each level up adds a Skeleton and makes them attack more. You get this too late to make any difference and it's roughly as good as Fidelis Noctua.

Fidelis Polkir
Attack: 4 MP: 80
Attribute: Flame
Dropped by enemy no. 81, Polkir, in Underground Labyrinth. A Polkir flies around you and attacks enemies with Fire beams. Leveling up makes it attack more often. The visual is good, however if you want some extra punch you will have already got many Fio glyphs that are more worthwhile.

Fidelis Noctua
Attack: 3 MP: 80
Attribute: Slash
Dropped by enemy no. 61, Owl, in Tristis Pass. Summons an Owl that flies around and swoops in to hurt enemies. It flies on fixed lines (may be unable to hit some enemies), but if it misses it takes some time to retry. It's fast however and level ups make it even faster (and add an Owl each). You can make owlfights if you use it versus Owl Knights. You can direct the Owl with the touch screen. It's a good glyph for a short while if you don't want to bother being guarded from aerial enemies.

Fidelis Medusa
Attack: 1 MP: 80
Status Effect: Petrify
Dropped by enemy no. 98, Gorgon Head, in Mechanical Tower and Forgotten Cloister. A Medusa head circles you, petrifying enemies and destroying small projectiles like Death's sickles. Each level adds two extra heads. The drop rate is ridiculously high and it's one of the few summons with a use. A late acquisition.

Fidelis Aranea
Attack: 2 MP: 80
Attribute: Slash Status Effect: Poison
Dropped by enemy no. 25, Skull Spider, in Kalidus Channel and Tymeo Mountains. A Skull Spider follows Shanoa and goes up walls and ceilings poisoning enemies. Needs leveling up if you intend to use it, as it's too slow initially. You still need to judge if poisoning an enemy is the best use of your R-slot.

Fidelis Mortus
Attack: 5 MP: 80
Attribute: Strike Status Effect: Curse
Drawn from enemy no. 104, Jiang Shi, in Large Cavern. Weird mummies jump all over the place hitting your enemies and using curse. Level ups raise jumping distance and add an extra mummy. At the endgame, you probably still don't care about summons, but you need to try this at least once for the visuals. Try playing parts of New Game+ with mummies for your bodyguards; it's priceless.

Glyph Unions

Glyph Union is a method of combining the powers of two glyphs on Shanoa's left and right arms to create a third, more powerful glyph. Press Up + Y (X) to use it. This technique consumes hearts.

For Glyph Union purposes, all glyphs of a certain type (Rapier, Bow etc.) or spell attribute (Flame, Dark) are indistinguishable. Torpor isn't considered an Ice spell nor Dominus a Dark one. Acerbatus, Globus and Custos are considered Dark spells. Glyph Unions that only consist of weapons are affected by STR and Glyph Unions that consist of spells or a spell and a weapon are affected by INT. Random combinations seem to be affected by both, though why bother?

Glyphs in the sections 1.1 to 1.8 are considered Weapons

Rapier + Rapier, 15 hearts, Slash
A sword with rose petals hits up to 3 times straight ahead. Very fast, okay damage.

Sword + Sword, 15 hearts, Slash
A large sword hits half the screen. Small lag before it hits in front of Shanoa, good damage.

Lance + Lance, 15 hearts, Slash
A larger lance with normal-lance reach hits 2x for okay damage. Nothing too impressive.

Hammer + Hammer, 15 hearts, Strike
A large hammer covers half the screen. Same problems as sword + sword, good damage.

Bow + Bow, 30 hearts, Slash
A bunch of arrows fly up (a la Dominus) and rain down separately hitting enemies at least up to 8x each for a good chunk of damage.

Axe + Axe, 15 hearts, Slash
A large axe hits half the screen. Same problems as sword + sword, good damage.

Sickle + Sickle, 15 hearts, Slash
See above, only with a large, stylish sickle.

Knife + Knife, 30 hearts, Slash
A flurry of knives. Pretty effective if you can ensure all of them will find aim even though it's not as devastating as in the previous game of the series.

Shield + Shield, 20 hearts
A shield appears in front of Shanoa for a very short time and gives her invincibility in case you want to go through an enemy or a Boss while they're attacking. Combination of any two Shield Glyphs. Shanoa becomes completely invulnerable

Lapiste + Lapiste, 20 hearts, Strike
Two large rock fists bump each other, hitting for good damage. Shanoa can move immediately after casting.

Lapiste + Weapon, 15 hearts, Strike
A swinging hammer with short reach that deals good damage.

Pneuma + Pneuma, 20 hearts, Slash
Pillars of wind move upwards. Very close range, up to 6 hits, good damage. Unaffected by the Wind Rings.

Pneuma + Weapon, 15 hearts, Slash
Sonic Boom lite. Shanoa yells “Tearing Slash!” and casts four -extremely- short-range wind attacks that do okay damage.

Flame + Flame, 20 hearts, Flame
Shanoa shoots two pillars of damage up and down. She's immobile for the duration of the casting but the range is good and the damage (4x hits) great.

Flame + Weapon, 15 hearts, Flame
A large swinging flame sword that deals good damage.

Ice + Ice, 20 hearts, Ice
Hail revolves around Shanoa going upwards, hitting up to 8 times for good damage.

Ice + Weapon, 15 hearts, Ice
A large swinging ice sword that deals good damage.

Flame + Ice, 20 hearts, Flame, Ice attributes
A “ball” of ice and fire goes forward while fire and ice circle around it (two sinus functions with a phase difference). Megaman-like, okay damage.

Lightning + Lightning, 20 hearts, Lightning
A lighting hits Shanoa and a Fulgur-like ball proceeds to cast lighting at enemies for up to 7 double hits. Shanoa can move around meanwhile, good damage if enemies are on screen for the duration of the Union.

Lightning + Weapon, 15 hearts, Lightning
A fast, short-range spear hit enemies up to four times for good times.

Light + Light, 20 hearts, Light
A circle of light expands from Shanoa and a light ball appears around enemies on screen for okay damage.

Light + Weapon, 12 hearts, Light
A gleaming swinging sword that deals good damage.

Dark + Dark, 20 hearts, Dark
Same as Light + Light, only with dark instead of light.

Dark + Weapon, 15 hearts, Dark
An infernal swinging sword that deals good damage.

Light + Dark, 50 hearts, Light, Dark attributes
All enemies stop moving and a light deals great damage to all enemies. Almost negligible reload time (keep pressing up +Y(X) until you're out of hearts). Possibly the best Glyph Union in the game.

Nitesco + Nitesco, 20 hearts, Flame, Light attributes
A larger version of Nitesco that seems to deal a bit less than double the damage of Nitesco. You get longer range and width and a quicker discharge though you use up hearts. It can be handy during Boss fights when dealing damage fast can be crucial.

Nitesco + Weapon, 15 hearts, Flame, Light attributes
A swinging lightsaber that covers half the screen and deals good damage.

Dominus Anger + Dominus Hatred + Dominus Agony
If you cast this before the end of the game, everyone dies.

Random combination, 5 hearts, no attribute
Any other combination will result in a weak white blast with short range.