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Making your life easier:

Note that you can press start to leave a dialogue.


Advanced Tricks

The following are efficient tricks once you've acquired the necessary equipment or glyphs. Some of them are too efficient and come close to breaking the game, so decide how often you want to use them.

Damage dealing

If you want to cause the maximum amount of damage (say, against a Boss), equip a Death Ring, a Heart Cuirass in case you receive a stray hit, a Judgement Ring, Dominus Agony or Sapiens Fio and equip Vol Umbra and Vol Luminatio. You can press up + B as many times as you can afford to, with almost no cooldown, for massive damage. Refill hearts and repeat if you want.

Double Nitesco plus Sapiens Fio is the best combo, once you get it. You may notice the Moon Ring is quite good and you won't get the Sun Ring till the endgame, so if you want to use it but it's daytime, change the clock of your DS -and then change it back-.

Money Making

Equip two Gold Rings (they raise the money you get; the item description is bunk), easier acquired from sparkling green chests in the sunken ship of Kalidus Channel, and the Inire pecuniae glyph and go to one of the open vertical rooms (ridges) in Tymeo mountains. Find one of the torches positioned on a top of a room, double jump to it and press down and B to kick it. You get 1000g, leave the screen and gravity pull you back for another kick and another 1000g. Keep the down button pressed and hit B as fast as you can (nevermind what Shanoa does on screen) and you will have more money than you can use.

Experience earning

The best way in the long term is to always -except for Bosses, perhaps- keep the Hierophant Ring equipped. The extra levels you gain will make up for its lower stats. It's best to combine EXP gaining with farming. Equip the Death Ring and the Heart Cuirass (lets you get one hit, in case you get distracted) and kill continually the two Final Knights or the two Great Knights in the corridors of the Final Approach for some good late-game EXP. The room with the two Demons in Final Approach is also good and if you're trying a Lv. 255 game, the Large Cavern should be your favorite hangout.

Attribute rising

Do all the Villager Quests, equip the Master Ring and go to the Skeleton Cave in the room with the many friskies, right of the 1x1 room with a White Dragon. Alternatively, go to any room in Dracula's Castle with Nova Skeletons (say, in the Underground Labyrinth), go between them and absorb glyphs continually.


How to get these rare items for the quests and the Master Ring? The Fortune Ring gives you +1 Luck for every hour of play. You can leave your DS open in Wygol Village for some hours, return to it, save and your luck will have risen. Goes up to +99. Otherwise (or additionally), equip a Ribbon, Thief Rings (or Fool Rings if you don't have them) and Felicem Fio for extra luck or Rapidus Fio for more kills/sec. The Treasure Hat swaps the rarity of two drops in enemies that can actually drop two items. Don't wear it if the enemy you're farming has only one drop and if you use it to get a rarer drop faster, unequip it to get the more common drop. The Gold Ring's description is a mistranslation and the item doesn't do anything for your Luck. Don't use it. See also the Enemies page.


Equip the Emperor's Ring, use your healing items and then equip your old rings. Potions aren't a good option, so do the quests for the Chef to get not only good and cheap healing items, but also many types of them (i.e. more items in total).


Use the Lovers Ring and the Heart Earrings and voila. Kill the White Dragons (the flame-spitting long-necked enemy) or find an enemy that casts glyphs against you (Nova Skeletons, Sea Demons, Fomors etc.) and absorb them.

Do you keep getting killed?

If there is a place you can't negotiate, check the Healing and Money Making Sections and use healing items and Heart refills (and Glyph Unions if enemies plague you) liberally. If you are stuck in a Boss it's easier to read up on its pattern, as they often deal massive damage.