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In general, it's better using glyphs against which the Boss you're fighting is weak. You can use a weapon that has neither a weakness nor a strength, but is far better than the rest of your arsenal, but do not use glyphs that the Boss is strong against. Just don't.


Arthroverta (Monastery)

HP:700 EXP: 300
Strong against Strike, weak against Slash, Fire.

This armadillo-like creature shouldn't trouble you. Just stand under the magnet and whack him. If it tries to attack you, hang to the magnet using R (remember to equip Magnes). If he throws a net, tries to grab you or rolls up into a ball, pressing back while on the magnet gives you enough range to evade its attacks. Remember to use your Glyph Unions.

Giant Skeleton (Minera Prison Island)

HP: 800 EXP: 350
Strong against Ice, Wind, weak against Strike, Fire, Light.

The main attacks of the Giant Skeleton are a kick at you (he lifts his leg just before he attacks) that leaves him exposed for a few easy hits and a lunge at you. Once he gets too close for comfort, use the magnets (with R and the Magnes glyph, remember?) to fly over him by pressing down and the opposite direction to him and letting go. When you get behind his back in this way, he'll bend behind and come to you quickly. If you can sneak in a hit fine, otherwise return to your original position to the left of the room. Note that if you return too quickly, he'll still be close enough to you. He can also hold his hands high while you're jumping over him, but if time it right, he can't reach you.

Your only long-range weapon at this point is the knife, which is a secure way to kill him without taking a hit (hit from afar, fly over him, return, repeat), but takes an absurdly long time. Use your hardest-hitting weapon, hit him and run or use L, take advantage of the pause after the skeleton kicks you, don't push too hard when he tries to grab you and don't risk hits behind its back. Time your Glyph Unions, so that the skeleton is on screen when they go off.

Brachyura (Lighthouse)

HP: 1800 EXP: 1800
Strong against Fire, weak against Strike, Lightning

It may give you trouble initially, but once you get its pattern down, you'll be having delicious crab soup in no time. The beast is weak against striking weapons and lightning, so equip Macir & Vol Fulgur or double Macir. First jump up the ledges and go to the upper left platform, so that you don't get hit. Once the crab settles down beneath the two lower ledges, the battle begins. Stay in the lower left ledge. The crag will reach to the upper left with its pincer and you can either hit it standing or use your Glyph Unionscombos (better keep them for its later stages). There's a a slight lull you can use to hit with Vol Fulgur while he retracts his claw, but duck while doing so. The crab will miss you; keep hitting while crouching. Next it'll move its head toward you and spit bubbles at you. The bubbles are destructible, but if you move from the lower left platform to the upper right, you won't be hit. After that return to the lower left and repeat the pattern.

Next the crab will go red. Before that happens, it'll slowly move its pincer to the lower left platform, so jump to evade. Resume your position to the lower left and hack at him, ducking. He'll hit the roof with his pincers , but won't harm you. Next he'll throw bubbles again; same deal as before. Once you deal enough damage, he'll smash the roof with his third pincer hit.

Start climbing, using the magnets to propel yourself up (R, press down and release, holding R once you're close to the next magnet to grab it). You'll reach four ledges; stand on the upper left and repeat the same pattern. The only difference is that you'll have to use the magnet to switch sides once the monster begins shooting bubbles at you. You needn't throw yourself at the right ledge, just grab the magnet with R once it starts spitting bubbles and press right (>). The crab will become red again -keep the same tactics till he busts the roof once more.

Propel Shanoa up using the magnets as before; only this time there are just two ledges. You go to the upper one. The song (almost) remains the same. When the crab spits bubbles, you obviously can't fling yourself to the right, so your only option is to grab the magnet and keep pressing the right button on the directional cross, as recommended before. When the bubbles disappear, release R and you'll find yourself on your beloved lower left platform. The crab has a new last-ditch attack that targets the lower left platform. It'll form a circle with its pincers before doing so, but you can clearly see it coming and have enough time to jump to the ledge above. This stage is a good time to use your Glyph Unions if you still have them. If you use Macir & Vol Fulgur remember to hit while the crab attacks the upper ledge so you won't waste your hearts. The double Arcus combo doesn't require any aiming to hit.

Brachyura destroys yet another roof. Go up using the ledges and you'll find yourself under an elevator. Go on it using one of the man-sized holes left and right, go to the middle and press the down button. The elevator will smash that annoying crab for good. Don't forget to use the elevator again to collect the Luminatio glyph.

Maneater (Skeleton Cave)

HP: 2500, EXP: 1500
Weak against Slash, Fire, Light

After Brachyura, that guy is cake. Worms will come out of his head and he has a nasty attack where he shoots rings at you; duck to avoid them. He also throws a bunch of bones that bounces around the screen in clear arcs and usually far away from you. If he has a tentacle/worm facing you at your height, mash it hard and when it retracts take the punishment to the skull. Glyph Unions hit both the appendages and the skull, Lumination always gets multiple hits and before you have time to admire his ring attack more than once, Maneater dies. Well, Maneater, Shanoa is a woman. If all the rings hit you, use a healing item.

Rusalka (Somnus Reef)

HP: 2800 EXP: 2000
Strong against Strike,Ice weak against Slash, Lightning.

Rusalka can throw at you a wave of water that looks like Pneuma -jump over it-, tries to crush you with small, destructible towers falling from the ceiling -walk away when you see their edges protruding-, it can sprinkle you with water -just walk away-, she hits you with her hair -duck or go away- and, most catastrophically, hits you with a maelstrom that hurts.

A way to beat her easily is to first hit her with Glyph Unions (Vol Confodere + Vol Fulgur delivers many hits) and then go close enough to her that you can hit her using the full reach of Vol Confodere. Rusalka will attack you with her hair continually. Duck to avoid getting hit, have Vol Confodere in both arms and spam her with Y,X,Y,X etc. successions. She shouldn't even have time to use Maelstrom.

Goliath (Giant's Dwelling)

HP: 4200 EXP: 2500
Strong against Lightning, weak against Slash.

Goliath has plenty of offensive moves. When you see him swinging his fist to hit the ground, go away from him (a bit less than a screen) or you'll get hard by the material protruding from the floor. When he tries to jump on you, walk under him to the opposite side or double slide if you didn't time it right. Don't stay close to him or you'll get blasted by the shockwave when he lands. When he hits the ceiling and causes part of it to collapse either go away or smash the falling debris, perhaps with an overhead weapon. He can unleash a flurry of fists that is the end of you if you get caught in a corner (that's why you should allow him to jump over you if he's close). He can crouch and suddenly extend his arms to catch you, but you needn't fear with a long reach weapon. Finally, he will walk across the room with long strides; when he places his foot stand next to it and duck. If he gets too close to the wall, he sometimes retreats (he won't hit you then). Quite a mouthful, eh?

You may lack a slingshot, but there are other ways he can die. You could try jumping and hitting him with all three fireballs of Ignis for full damage, but that will reduce the number of hits you can land. Using Vol Ascis in both hands may not give you the best Glyph Unions (e.g. Ignis + Vol Ascis is better) but will allow you to give more hits when it matters. Taking care to dodge his attacks as mentioned in the paragraph before, slip in one or two hits when he's just standing, as soon as he passes over you hit his back once before standing a bit apart and returning to slash him more while he turn. This is also the best time to use Glyph Unions, especially multiple-hit ones. Slash him when he crouches, slash him when he retreats and when he stomps across the room, as soon as you've ducked next to his leg, spam Y,X etc. This is the best time to get easy hits. The basic trait in this battle is patience. You can't knock him out with a couple of hits like Rusalka, but he won't be able to hit you either once you get into the rhythm.