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Rare Item Drops

The following items each have a 3% chance to be dropped by the noted monsters. Which may not seem like a lot, but just be thankful that it isn't 1-in-128.

Name Dropped By Location Notes
Mystical Stick Heftyhead Cave to Chupichupoyoi Temple
Mystical Gloves Monkalrus Tanetane Island May also drop Luxury Bananas.
Thud Charm Hippo Launcher Empire Porky Building, Hippo Pool The ones on land are easier to beat than the ones in water.
Goddess Ribbon Love Walker Empire Porky Building, Construction Site
Horus Bandana Upgraded Robot Empire Porky Building, Labs
Awesome Cape Pigmask Colonel Empire Porky Building, Labs The one you fight prior to the fight with the Masked Man may drop it too, if you're lucky.

Optional Bosses

Lord Passion

When you begin Chapter 5, backtrack to Osohe Castle. (Though you may want to proceed just far enough into the cave ahead to buy some fresh equipment. Don't bother buying a weapon for Duster.) Once you get to the castle, return to the room where you fought Mr. Passion.

Lord Passion isn't terribly hard, though he does have a lot of HP. Have Duster use a Smoke Bomb on him, then go to town. If you win, you get the Mystical Shoes for Duster, a very good weapon.

Lil' Miss Marshmallow

King P's robotic maid was "maid" to order. Haw hee haw hee haw. She was also "maid" to tear your party multiple new ones. Fighting her is easy enough; simply attempt to take the yo-yo in the display case in King P's room in Thunder Tower. (In America.)

Winning, however, is another matter. She is HARD. Have Lucas Shield up the party first thing, and from then on you'll want him kept mainly on healing duty. Have Kumatora and/or Duster drop her offense a bit, then have Kumatora use PK Thunder and Boney use any Saltwater Guns you may have, followed by whatever else you have on you that goes boom. Remember that you can buy Pencil Rockets from the nearby vending machine. About halfway through the fight, she gets ticked off at you and her attacks get a lot nastier. Persevere! Your reward is the trusty Friend's Yo-yo, a weapon for anyone. Since Duster will probably have the aforementioned Mystical Shoes, give it to Lucas for now.

King Statue

The king is dead, long live the king! ...statue! After you defeat Miracle Fassad in New Pork City, if you examine the statue of His Highness a few times, it will attack you. You could try and fight it properly...if you have a death with. It has something to the tune of a million HP, and is stronger than you could ever hope to be. However, on the next screen down is an explosive-peddling Pigmask. Buy a New Year's Eve Bomb from him, and have your fastest party member (probably Boney) use it on the Statue. Kaboom.

For beating it, you get a not insignificant chunk of EXP, and if you talk to the man nearby, he'll give you Trivia Card 4.

Hot Spring Eggs

When you get to the ropeway to Club Titiboo, go as far west as you can. Do your best to avoid the enemies, especially the Ostrelephants. You'll find a chicken and a hot spring. If you talk to the chicken, she'll give you a Fresh Egg. If you've played Earthbound, you know what they do. If you haven't played Earthbound...shame on you! For the unenlightened, a Fresh Egg will hatch into a Chick, which will subsequently mature into a Chicken, which can be sold for 200 DP. Sweet.

However, if you heal up in the nearby Hot Spring, it becomes a Hot Spring Egg, which can be eaten for 100 HP and doesn't turn into anything. And if you don't have a Fresh Egg in your inventory, the chicken will give you another! Lather, rinse and repeat until you have all the healing items you'll need for some time.

I recommend that you come back here when Chapter 5 begins and get yourself a healthy supply of these.

Black Beanlings

This enemy is rarely encountered in Sunshine Forest from Chapter 4 onward, in the clearing immediately before Lighter and Fuel's house. If you find one, chase it! These are the Metal Slimes of Mother 3, worth lots of EXP. Less annoying than Metal Slimes, though.

Follow it persistently! If it burrows into the ground, don't fret; it'l reappear somewhere else in the area. Just be careful not to dash into it; unless you encounter it really early in Chapter 4, odds are you'll just crush it, meaning no EXP for you.


Open the start menu, hold the L and R buttons, and select Status to see a number of interesting notes on various things. As one of them says, these were not publicly viewable in the original ROM, but they were made so by the translation team. Thanks, guys!

Hard Mode

When you're naming yourself (that is to say, you the player), naming yourself HARD MODE will unlock exactly that. In this mode, the enemies are a lot tougher. If you desire a challenge, give it a spin.

Once again, this is a feature that was added by the translation team. Thanks again!

Mr. Saturn Pork Bean

If you return to the highway area after returning from Tanetane Island, you'll find a Pork Bean shaped like a Mr. Saturn. This doesn't do anything useful, but it is rather fun to ride around in, and unlike a regular Pork Bean, it doesn't need to be charged. Boing!