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General Information

Most bosses aren't too hard as long as you know what you're doing. It's important to raise your stats and lower the enemies' stats and shield up if you need to. It'll make boss fights a lot smoother.

Chapter 1

Reconstructed Caribou

HP: 512

What is this? Your first boss fight! Luckily, it's not too hard. Have Flint buff up and attack, and Duster use his Wall Staples to keep the Caribou from attacking. Heal if necessary.


HP: 724

Time to avenge Hinawa! Use the Drago Fang on your first turn so you can actually damage it. Buff up and start wailing on the Mecha-Drago. Heal when you're low on health. When you finally beat it, it'll use a final attack against you (that can kill you if your HP is very low), so end the fight quickly afterwards.

Chapter 2

Mr. Passion

HP: 630

He's not terribly hard. Make him cry with a Smoke Bomb, and lower his stats. Keep wailing on him and heal when necessary. Shouldn't be too bad, since Mr. Passion will likely miss a lot due to crying.


He hits hard, but there's not much to this fight. Make him cry with a Smoke Bomb and cut loose. If you're smart, you grabbed a couple of Thunder Bombs before you left town. Use them.


Give Duster most of your healing items before you grab the Egg of Light.

Have Duster throw any Thunder Bombs and such you have left, then attack and heal as needed. Kumatora uses PK Thunder. You probably picked up some Magic Gelatin before the battle, don't hesitate to use it. Wess does his own thing, as always. Heal and defend when it lowers its head.

Chapter 3

Cactus Wolf

HP: 478

A wolf with a cactus on his head. Odd, isn't it? This really isn't much of a boss fight. Have Salsa use all the bombs you managed to pick up, then Monkey Mimic and heal when you're low on health. Fassad should be doing most of the damage here, so just concentrate on staying alive.

Pork Tank

Before the battle, while you're delivering the Happy Boxes, have Salsa get a crapload of Thunder Bombs from the box behind Wess's house. Use 'em all during this battle, then have the monkey defend and heal or, if you're feeling lucky, Monkey Mimic. Kumatora, of course, should use PK Thunder.

Chapter 4

Jealous Bass and Co.

HP: 978 (Jealous Bass)

The only boss in Ch. 4. Make sure you come fully healed and stocked with a few bombs and rockets. The Jealous Bass comes with some enemies, and if they're not taken care of, the three of them can do a viscous combo attack. Use PK Love* and any bombs and rockets to take care of the minions. Shouldn't be too rough after that.

Chapter 5

Lord Passion

HP: 2897

When you begin Chapter 5, backtrack to Osohe Castle. (Though you may want to proceed just far enough into the cave ahead to buy some fresh equipment. Don't bother buying a weapon for Duster.) Once you get to the castle, return to the room where you fought Mr. Passion.

Lord Passion isn't terribly hard, though he does have a lot of HP. Have Duster use a Smoke Bomb on him, then go to town. If you win, you get the Mystical Shoes for Duster, a very good weapon.

Fierce Pork Trooper (1)

HP: 1758

Remember him at the DCMC show? He's pretty rough, but you have any DCMC stuff on you, use it on him, and he'll be distracted for a few turns. Lower his stats, and go to town on him. Have Kumatora use PK Fire. If he starts attacking again, use the DCMC stuff. Shouldn't be too bad.

Forlorn Junk Heap

HP: 1818

What a pile of junk...put some Shields up if necessary and lower his stats. Just attack and have Kumatora use PK Fire. Try and make him cry if you can.

Fierce Pork Trooper (2)

HP: 2064

Guess who? Yep, he's back and bigger and badder than before. With armor to boot. But, he's still weak to DCMC stuff, so it's pretty much the same fight as before.

Li'l Miss Marshmallow

HP: 2300

King P's robotic maid was "maid" to order. Haw hee haw hee haw. She was also "maid" to tear your party multiple new ones. Fighting her is easy enough; simply attempt to take the yo-yo in the display case in King P's room in Thunder Tower. (In America.)

Winning, however, is another matter. She is HARD. Have Lucas Shield up the party first thing, and from then on you'll want him kept mainly on healing duty. Have Kumatora and/or Duster drop her offense a bit, then have Kumatora use PK Thunder and Boney use any Saltwater Guns you may have, followed by whatever else you have on you that goes boom. Remember that you can buy Pencil Rockets from the nearby vending machine. About halfway through the fight, she gets ticked off at you and her attacks get a lot nastier. Persevere! Your reward is the trusty Friend's Yo-yo, a weapon for anyone.

Mr. Generator

HP: 3333

If you've got the money to spare, buy Rubber Capes for Lucas, Kumatora and Duster to take the edge off of Mr. Generator's attacks. If you can't do so, you're in for a tough fight.

If Kumatora doesn't have PK Freeze Beta yet, level up until she learns it, and buy a few Pencil Rockets for Boney. The vending machine in King P's room has them.

When hit with a physical attack, Mr. Generator will counter. Keep Lucas on healing duty - you'll need it if you couldn't afford a full set of Rubber Capes - and have Kumatora spam PK Freeze. Let Duster weaken him a bit with Scary Mask and Boney use any attack items you may have, then defend.

When Mr. Generator starts charging up, he's about to do something nasty, so get your HP full. After using his strong attack, he shuts down for a few turns. During this time, he will no longer counterattack, so have Lucas, Duster and Boney wail on him during this time.

Chapter 7

Almost Mecha-Lion

Steel Mechorilla

New Fassad

Master Eddy

Eerie Smile/Zombieshroom

Barrier Trio

HP: 4000

A deadly trio that likes to pose. A lot. Time to bring them down to size. They only use PSI attacks, so you don't have to worry about physical attacks from them. Have Lucas set up PSI Shield Ω if he has it. When they change poses, they change weaknesses. Have Boney sniff out their weakness, then have Kumatora use it. Eventually, they'll use PK Starstorm. This means they're low on health, and you just need to keep yourself healed and the fight will be finished soon.

Alternatively, use Defense Down and Tickle Stick to lower their defense as far as it will go(three shots of it). They'll use Defense Up instead of attacking as long as you keep lowering it. This method takes some time, but it's relatively safe.

Masked Man (1)

HP: 5000

About time we get to fight this dude! Note that he has a Shield on, so take care of that first if you're gonna attack. Have Lucas set up Counter Ω if he has it, and let Kumatora and Duster lower his stats. Have Boney use the Shield Killer. The Masked Man will mostly use physical attacks, and they hurt if you're not buffed. He also uses a full-party version of the Shield Killer, so make sure to buff back up if you lose your shields. Also, he usually gets two actions per turn. Mainly, just have everyone attack, and let Kumatora blast on him with PK Thunder.

Chapter 8

Miracle Fassad

HP: 5489

It's a miracle he's even still around. As usual, buff up and lower his stats. Have Lucas heal, and Kumatora use her best PK Thunder. Duster and Boney can attack. After you've broken some of Fassad's horns, he'll start using PSI attacks (like PK Freeze). So have Lucas put up PSI Shield/Counters. After a bit, he'll be gone...for good hopefully.

King Statue

HP: 100,000,000,000 (Note: That's not a typo!)

The king is dead, long live the king! ...statue! After you defeat Miracle Fassad in New Pork City, if you examine the statue of His Highness a few times, it will attack you. You could try and fight it properly...if you have a death wish. It has simply WAY too much HP, and is stronger than you could ever hope to be. However, on the next screen down is an explosive-peddling Pigmask. Buy a New Year's Eve Bomb from him, and have your fastest party member (probably Boney) use it on the Statue. Kaboom. Wasn't that easy?

For beating it, you get a not insignificant chunk of EXP, and if you talk to the man nearby, he'll give you Trivia Card 4.

Natural Killer Cyborg

HP: 7548

Looks like a real Natural Killer doesn't it? Whatever it is, it's in the way. Definitely lower its stats immediately, because the N.K. Cyborg hits hard. Have Lucas set up Counters and buff up. The N.K. Cyborg will discharge lightning (may numb), and use physical assaults against your party. It also likes to use status ailments; it'll spray poison to everyone, and its attacks may cause forgetfulness. It's not weak to much, so have Kumatora use PK Thunder (or PK Ground if you have it). Don't be afraid to go all out on it (PK Love Omega and PK Starstorm). Hopefully, you'll finish the fight, and the N.K. Cyborg will be out of your way.

Porky Bots

HP: 865 (per bot)

What's this? It's Porky! Or is it? Sure enough, it blows up and you get attacked by a gang of Porky bots. Put on some shields, and just attack them (they don't have much HP). If you decide to use PSI attacks on them, it'll get reflected by their shields, so take care of that first. The major problem comes in defeating one of Porky bots, as they explode when they die, doing around 80-90 damage to everyone. Make sure to heal, Lifeup Omega is your friend here. After you defeat five Porky bots, more join the fray. Porky 06 and 07 can summon enemies to join them, but they're easily taken care of. After that, three more bots jump in, but the DCMC come in to help and finish the battle for you!


HP: 6569

Finally face to face with the Pig King himself. Even though he's old and wrinkly, that doesn't make him any less dangerous. Time to get rid of him once and for all! For general purposes, this the last major boss fight, so go all out for this one. Put up Shields/Counters, lower Porky's stats, and go to town on him. Also make sure to get rid of Porky's shield before you attack with PSI (unless you use highest level PK Thunder or PK Ground). Some of his attacks (like his "inexplicable" attacks) can rack up some damage, so buffing is recommended. Make sure to heal up when needed. Have Kumatora use PK Ground if she has it yet (works wonders for this fight), or PK Freeze/Thunder.

Eventually, Porky will call upon the Absolutely Safe Capsule. He says absolutely nothing can hurt it. When he finally gets in there, you can't do any damage, but neither can it's a stalemate?

Masked Man (2)

The last fight...there isn't much to this fight, as you're fighting alone with Lucas. Defend and heal from the Masked Man's attacks. You won't be able to attack for a while. Essentially, this fight is mainly about staying alive. Defending keeps the HP counter rolling slower than usual. Watch the events that unfold, and prepare to pull the final needle...