Mother 3

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Developer(s) Nintendo SPD Production Group No.3, HAL Labaratory, Brownie Brown
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Image:25x17_Flag_of_Japan.png Apr 20, 2006
Platforms Game Boy Advance
Shrine creator(s) Community
Shrine maintainer(s) Community

Welcome to the Mother 3 Shrine!

About the Game

Mother 3 is the third game in the Mother series (more commonly known as Earthbound in the US). Originally slated as a Nintendo 64 game, it suffered many delays and setbacks until it was eventually canceled. However, it was revived by Itoi and his team in 2003 to put on the GBA. Mother 3 has yet to be released in other regions besides Japan, though this could be due to questionable content. In 2008, Mother 3 was unofficially translated into English with the help of Tomato and members of Be sure to check out for the patch!