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This is a list of the different types of magic you can use. The way magic works in this game is that magic itself are panels. By adding a panel to your board, you'll get one charge of magic for that spell. These panels can also be put in containers that up the total number of charges for that panel, or increases the level of it. The max level for any spell is 5. Ethers and Elixirs restore magic charges.

Name Description Rating
Fire Shoots a ball of fire that homes on enemies.

Very useful against fast-moving enemies. May set enemy on fire.

Fira Shoots a large ball of fire forward that does heavy damage.

No homing capability. Goes through enemies. May set enemy on fire.

Firaga Shoots a large ball of fire forward in an arc that does heavy damage.

Good vs. groups. Not so much vs. single targets. May set enemy on fire.

Blizzard Shoots a small ball of ice that "homes" in on the enemy. Shot will

change direction 3 times before disappearing. May freeze the enemy.

Blizzara Shoots a bigger ball of ice that arcs a distance and explodes upon hitting the ground.

Resulting frosty air can still damage or freeze enemies. May freeze the enemy.

Blizzaga Shoots a small ball of ice upwards that hangs in place until an enemy touches it or

time goes on. Upon touching or set amount of time, the ball will explode into a massive ice burst. May freeze the enemy.

Thunder Unleashes a cascade of lighting bolts that move forward in a straight line. Can deal good damage

if set up correctly. May paralyze/charge enemy.

Thundara Unleashes a barrage of lightning bolts for several seconds in a wide area. (Think like how Thunder normally works in KH, just much longer.)

Enemies may or may not take damage in the storm. Good vs. groups. May paralyze/charge enemy.

Thundaga Unleashes a massive lightning bolt dealing heavy damage to a single enemy. May paralyze/charge enemy. ****
Cure Heals HP. Doesn't heal much unless Cure is at a high level. Potions are generally more useful. **
Cura Heals HP at regular intervals. Gives you a regen-like effect, and you recover HP over time. Very useful. *****
Curaga Basically Cura, but with group properties. Creates a "healing circle" and anyone standing inside is healed

every few seconds. Great for multiplayer.

Aero Shoots a ball of air. If it hits an enemy, they may get "Floated" up into the air. ***
Aerora ***
Aeroga ***