Gothic I

Gothic I
US Box Art
Developer(s) Piranha Bytes
Publisher(s) Egmont Interactive
Xicat Interactive
CD Projekt
Release March 15, 2001
Platforms PC
Shrine creator(s) AntonioDuara
Shrine maintainer(s) AntonioDuara

Shrine Content

Welcome to the Gothic I shrine! This is a unique real-time action RPG from Germany with a great replay value. Feel free to browse around and contribute!

King Rhobar has defeated every enemy to cross his sword, asserting himself as the only ruler of the land. Ruling with an iron fist, he quickly asserts his power and control over the people. However, one enemy remains, and this enemy will prove to be the greatest challenge Rhobar has ever faced; The Orcs.

Everyday Rhobar receives reports of more land and men lost to the seemingly endless Orc onslaught. He needs weapons and armor, but regular steel is not very strong compared to the thick hides of the Orc invaders. After consulting with the highest Mages in the kingdom, he comes to a radical, some say desperate, decision...

Summoning the twelve High Mages to the ore mines of Khorinis, Rhobar orders them to erect a barrier; imprisoning the slaves and convicts within a magical sphere. However, things go terribly wrong; something within the Prison Colony cause the Magicians spell to expand, trapping the entire valley within the magic. In that split second of distraction, the prisoners revolt; killing and maiming the King's soldiers.

Now the prisoners are in control, Rhobar has no choice. He must make a deal with these convicts if he wants any hope of stopping the Orcs. Sending messengers to the border, he negotiates the terms. He will supply the food, wine, and woman for the Ore Barons, as long as they keep the ore flowing out of the mines.

Some time later, they bring an unknown convict from the city to serve his time in the Prison Colony. Little does anyone know, he will change everything that has come to pass. This convict will rock the very foundations of the Prison Colony, and the whole island of Khorinis.

Welcome the the world of Gothic...