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We need the following information:

Each weapon for each character. Stats of weapons when they level up.

Location of components. Sell price of components. Experience value of components when used on a weapon.

Statistics of accessories, locations and values of accessories

Should probably find out how much xp each weapon needs for maximum stats. Preferred components for a weapon?


Lightning: Gunblades

Note: Lightning's ultimate weapon is the Omega Weapon, this name is the same for all final upgrades. Final upgrades to the Omega Weapon require Trapezohedrons, this is the same regardless of base weapon.

Name Weapon Ability Base Level/Stats Max Level/Stats Catalyst New Weapon Base Level/Stats Max Level/Stats Catalyst New Weapon Base Level/Stats Max Level/Stats
Blazefire Saber Balanced Stats L1: +15/+15 L26: +115/+115 Perovskite Flamberge Level 10: +68/+68 Level 61: +323/+323 Trapezohedron Omega Weapon Level 47: +302/+302 Level 100: +620/+620
Gladius High Str L1: +25/+13 L26: +175/+88 Uraninite Helter-skelter L19: +154/+64 Level 41: +448/+190 Trapezohedron Omega Weapon Level 42: +317/+94 Level 100: +723/+210
Edged Carbine High Mag L1: +8/+20 L26: +83/+170 Perovskite Razor Carbine L13: +46/+112 L61: +190/+448
Lifesaber Improved Raise L1: +8/+8 L21: +88/+88 Scarletite Peacemaker L??: +?/+? L41: +225/+225
Lionheart May Instantly Stagger Enemy L1: +8/+8 L21: +68/+68 Scarletite Ultima Weapon L??: +?/+? L41: +213/+213
Hauteclaire Stagger Lock L1: +13/+13 L26: +138/+138 Uraninite Durandal L??: +?/+? L61: +378/+378
Organyx Good Stats, ATB speed Down L1: +37/+37 L26: +187/+187 Cobaltite Apocalypse L??: +?/+? L62: +410/+410
Axis Blade Gain ATB when attacking enemy L1: +8/+8 L21: +48/+48 Adamantite Enkindler L??: +?/+? L41: +133/+133

Snow: Emblems

Name Weapon Ability Starting Stats Max Level and Stats Catalyst New Weapon Level and Stats New Item Max Level and Stats
Wild Bear Balanced Stats L1: +15/+15 L26: +140/+140 Perovskite Feral Pride L10: +77/+77 L??: +?/+?
Paladin Sentinel Guard Ability Up L1: +8/+8 L??: +?/+? Scarletite Winged Saint L??: +?/+? L??: +?/+?
Rebel Heart Power Up when Low on HP L1: +5/+10 L??: +?/+? Uraninite Warrior's Emblem L??: +?/+? L??: +?/+?
Power Circle High Str L1: +23/+13 L??: +?/+? Scarletite Battle Standard L??: +?/+? L??: +?/+?
Feymark High Mag, no STR L1: +0/+30 L??: +?/+? Uraninite Soul Blazer L??: +?/+? L??: +?/+?
Unsetting Sun Stagger Lock L1: +18/+3 L26: +168/+53 Perovskite Midnight Sun L??: +?/+? L??: +?/+?
Umbra Improves Sentinel Ward L1: +13/+20 L??: +?/+? Adamantite Solaris L??: +?/+? L??: +?/+?

Sazh: Dual Pistols

Name Weapon Ability Starting Stats Max Level and Stats Catalyst New Weapon Level and Stats New Item Max Level and Stats
Vega 42s Balanced Stats L1: +12/+14 L26: +137/+139 Perovskite Altairs Level 10: +74/+84 Level ??: +?/+?
Deneb Duellers High Mag L1: +8/+24 L26: +108/+249 Perovskite Canopus AMPs L13: +86/+156 Level 41: +374/+636
Spica Defenders Augemented Maintenance L1: +6/+15 L??: +??/+?? Scarletite Sirius Sidearms Level ??: +??/+?? Level ??: +?/+?
Rigels ?? L1: +10/+15 L26: +160/+165 Uraninite Polaris Specials Level ??: +??/+?? Level ??: +?/+?

Hope: Boomerangs

Vanille: Staves

Fang: Lances


Name Effect Starting Stats Max Level and Stats Catalyst Upgrades to Location Buy Sell
Iron Bangle HP +50-120 Lv1: +50 Lv6: +120 Millerite Silver Bangle The Hanging Edge, Aerorail Trussway/ B&W Outfitters 500 250
Silver Bangle HP +100-180 Lv1: +100 Lv6: +180 Rhodochrosite Tungsten Bangle Lake Bresha, Amid Timebound Waves/B&W Outfitters 800 400
Tungsten Bangle HP +150-230 Lv1: +150 Lv11: +230 Cobaltite Titanium Bangle PalumPolum, Felix Heights/B&W Outfitters 1,500 750
Titanium Bangle HP +200-280 Lv1: +200 Lv11: +280 Perovskite Gold Bangle B&W Outfitters 3,600 1,800
Gold Bangle HP +250-350 Lv1: +250 Lv11: +350 Uraninite Mythril Bangle The Palamecia, Bridge Access/B&W Outfitters 9,000 4,500
Mythril Bangle HP +300-450 Lv1: +300 Lv16: +450 Mnar Stone Platinum Bangle B&W Outfitters 15,000 7,500
Platinum Bangle HP +400-600 Lv1: +400 Lv21: +600 Scarletite Diamond Bangle Sanctum Lab 48,000 24,000
Diamond Bangle HP +500-1,000 Lv1: +500 Lv26: +1,000 Adamantite Adamant Bangle Can't Buy 36,000
Adamant Bangle HP +800-1,500 Lv1: +800 Lv36: +1,500 Dark Matter Wurtzite Bangle Can't Buy 50,000
Wurtzite Bangle HP +1,500-3,000 Lv1: +1,500 Lv51: +3,000 N/A N/A Can't Buy 150,000
Power Wristband Strength +20-60 Lv1: +20 Lv6: +60 Cobaltite Brawler's Wristband The Pulse Vestige, Ambulatory/B&W Outfitters 1,000 500
Magician's Mark Magic+20-60 L1: +20 L6: +60 Cobaltite Shaman's Mark Lake Bresha, Amid Timebound Waves/B&W Outfitters
Clay Ring Resist Earth+20-30% L1: +20% L6: +30% Cobaltite Siltstone Ring The Archylte Steppe
Zephyr Ring Resist Wind+20-30% L1: +20% L6: +30% Cobaltite Gale Ring The Archylte Steppe
Aqua Ring Resist Water+20-30% L1: +20% L6: +30% Cobaltite Riptide Ring The Sunleth Waterscape, Rain Spotted Veil
Ember Ring Resist Fire+20-30% L1: +20% L6: +30% Cobaltite Blaze Fire Ring The Vile Peaks, Devastated Dreams
Spark Ring Resist Lightning+20-30% L1: +20% L6: +30% Cobaltite Fulmen Ring Lake Bresha, Forgotten Commons
Frost Ring Resist Ice+20-30% L1: +20% L6: +30% Cobaltite Icicle Ring 11th Mission
Star Pendant Resist Bio+30-45% L1: +30% L6: +45% Perovskite Starfall Pendant The Gapra Whitewood, Field Trail Range S/B&W Outfitters
Royal Armlet Resist Damage+5-15% L1: +5% L11: +15% Dark Matter Imperial Armlet The Palamecia, The Bridge Access/B&W Outfitters
Rune Bracelet Resist Magic+10-20% L1: +10% L6: +20% Uraninite Witch's Bracelet The Palamecia, The Bridge Access/B&W Outfitters
Black Belt Resist Physical+10-20% L1: +10% L6: +20% Uraninite General's Belt The Vile Peaks, Wrack and Ruin/B&W Outfitters
Glass Buckle Resist Defaith+30-45% L1: +30% L6: +45% Perovskite Tektite Buckle B&W Outfitters
Giant's Glove Resist Debrave+30-45% L1: +30% L6: +45% Perovskite Warlord's Glove B&W Outfitters
White Cape Resist Fog+30-45% L1: +30% L6: +45% Perovskite Effulgent Cape The Palamecia, Rotary Shaft/B&W Outfitters
Hermes Sandals Haste when critical L1: n/a L2: n/a Sprint Shoes Perovskite 34th Mission
Sprint Shoes Auto Haste L1: n/a L2: n/a None None Upgrade from Hermes Sandals

Catalyst Locations

Name Location
Adamantite At the R&D Depot for 220,000 gil
Dark Matter At the R&D Depot for 840,000 gil
Trapezohedron At the R&D Depot for 2,000,000 gil
Cobaltite At the Motherlode for 17,000 gil, 2nd Mission, 13th Mission, 19th Mission, 25th Mission
Millerite At the Motherlode for 3,000 gil, treasure hunting via Chocobo
Perovskite At the Motherlode for 30,000 gil
Uraninite At the Motherlode for 45,000 gil
Mnar Stone At the Motherlode for 60,000 gil, 47th Mission, 60th Mission
Rhodochrosite At the Motherlode for 8,000 gil, 9th Mission