Final Fantasy XIII

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Welcome to the Final Fantasy XIII shrine prototype!

Please create a login and contribute to our wiki-shrine! The forums are an excellent place to discuss FFXIII and how this is, in a way, participatory action research!

Right now, we need to create several subsections for the relevant portions of the game:

[[We need a character section detailing the following information:]]

Character crystarium grids, cost of each upgrade per level. A schema would be nice.


[[We need an equipment and components section detailing the following information:]] Each weapon for each character. Stats of weapons when they level up.

Location of components. Sell price of components. Experience value of components when used on a weapon. Extra bonus stats given to equipment.

Statistics of accessories, locations and values of accessories.

Equipment and Components

[[We need an abilities section detailing the following information:]] What class the ability is found in. Who has access to this ability, when, at what cost. Effect of each ability


[[We need a techniques section detailing the following information:]]

Name of the technique Effect of the technique Cost of the technique How the technique is unlocked


We need an [[enemies section]] with information on drops, weaknesses, strengths and useful strategies.


We need a[[ walkthrough]] (stop laughing, the game gets out of the corridor eventually).